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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 21, 2017 4:00pm-4:16pm CET

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new super three. those those. new coke or your new. this is the deputy news of live from berlin a crucial election today in catalonia the leaders of the main regional parties have cast their ballots in a vote that is testing the region's appetite for independence all seats are up for
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grabs after victory and sacked the government and demanded fresh holds also coming up no evidence of links to terror groups police say that it driver intentionally crashed his car into the data streams in melbourne but his motive for maine's unclear. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us voters in catalonia are casting their ballots in a hotly contested election seen as a gauge of support for independence from spain the poll comes two months after the region declared independence following a referendum opposed by madrid spanish authorities responded to that with a crackdown arresting separatist leaders and calling today's snap election madrid hopes that it will put an end to the political crisis. and correspondent lisa lewis
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has the very latest now from barcelona so lisa as we've just heard a tense backdrop for this election how is the turnout been so far. well the first figures from earlier from early this afternoon saying that of of about a third of the five point five million voters have turned out to the so far this has been a highly divisive election campaign the only exciting topic in this campaign has been independents and catalonia is split in two parts those who are in favor of independence and those who are opposing it i've been speaking to people from both camps. you quote him about his companion for an independent catalonia the pianist and her friends think that madrid stands for spain of the past. and got to say i told. the independence movement in catalonia really wants to change things for the better people in the
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rest of spain don't necessarily agree with that you better not go parliament for example approved a law giving people the right to receive gas and electricity even if they can't afford it but the central government then overturn the law if we don't have a common future with moderate elements. we are not going to do that. but the group has been plastering makeshift posters like these all across catalonia but you didn't expect to get involved in this campaign until a little while ago independence how do you thin an option for oil initially i wanted to very against independence and the referendum after all a united country would have had more means to improve in citizens life but when i saw how the police were breaching voters something inside me broke to pieces i couldn't help but say that he was that busy. the referendum was a turning point for many people here but that doesn't mean that they are any closer
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to agree with each other quite the contrary the catalans are more divided than ever . yama vivus has always apace independents but it wasn't until after october's referendum that he took to the streets for the first time to express that sentiment along with hundreds of thousands of others he finally felt accepted by his home region. laconically a bullet example his our country is based on stigma if we say something that is considered politically incorrect we are socially has to fight because of here in catalonia speaking out in favor of the united spain was for a long time. we didn't dare to be. but the referendum and what happened at the time was so ridiculous that we lost. finally found the courage to speak on lines. of this. talk jamo recently started a satirical you tube channel in one of his videos he proclaims catalonian republic
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from his balcony he wants people to laugh about a topic he thinks is being taken too seriously he's also calling for a consultation not of political or politicians have broken our society but we shouldn't forget the neighbor who's been against the war in favor of independence to notice that our neighbor and nazi more and me that we need to learn to appreciate each other again put into humans even if we don't agree with each other . but gentleman knows reconciliation will take years he intends to keep on making his videos and hopes that one day they will make even independent supporters laugh . and they say i want to talk a little bit more about that reconciliation is that likely to happen through this election how is this election expected to affect that divide between the separatists and the unionists there in catalonia. well it will be very difficult to bring both sides back together they don't seem to be agreeing on anything friends have stopped talking to each other family members have
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stopped talking about politics so it's very difficult to imagine how they will become friends again these two parts of catalonia when it comes to the elections polls are predicting that neither side is likely to get a stable majority there might be one site which will get one of the other side which will get a very slim majority but each side the independent support and those who are against independence they are composed of parties that are actually from different parts of the political spectrum and both sides have difficulties agreeing on a common approach and agreeing on who should be a leader in each case so it will be difficult it's very difficult to see how these elections can produce a stable government and many people here voters but also experts actually expecting a second or even a third round of voting in the near future ok so perhaps we might not have an answer after today it seems there at least what is the e.u.
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looking for in this vote would you say because i mean it also has a lot at stake in this election. absolutely the e.u. wants this problem to go away really there are other countries in the e.u. like for example france which have regions that would like to separate possibly like corsica in france and the e.u. doesn't have any interest whatsoever in governing a huge number of states even more states that at the moment so they want the countries to say united for the e.u. to be as strong as possible they just want catalonia to be part of spain is just a spot part of spain lisa lewis with the very latest from barcelona where elections as we mentioned are underway highly contentious elections we thank you so much for bringing us the latest. police said australia have said that they have found no evidence of a terrorist link in a car ramming incident in melbourne at least one thousand people were injured several severely the driver and a second man were taken into custody right after the incident during the city is
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afternoon rush hour. a tragedy in the center of melbourne. a white s.u.v. went through a red light and sped up to hit pedestrians before crashing into a barrier the driver was arrested after a struggle with an off duty police officer starts he say he's a thirty two year old australian citizen of afghan descent with a history of assault and drug use. we understand as i should be still very early days that he is on a mental health plan and receiving treatment for a mental illness at this time we don't have any evidence for intelligence to indicate a connection with terrorism. a second man was also detained he was seen filming the incident and was carrying a bag of knives police now think he wasn't involved more than a dozen people were injured many have been taken to hospital including
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a toddler with serious head injuries. the collision happened at the busy flinders street and elizabeth street junction outside the central train station just after four thirty pm local time the area was packed with commuters and shop was just a few days before christmas melbourne has been on high alert since six people died in january after a man drove a car into a crowd in a nearby spot people are devastated that the city has been targeted yet again. un member states are set to vote on a motion rejecting u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital president donald trump has threatened to cut funding to countries that back the measure now trump's decision to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to israel earlier this month reignited tensions in the region the status of the holy city is one of the most thorny issues of the israeli
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palestinian conflict with both sides claiming it as their capital now ahead of that vote israeli president benjamin netanyahu went on the offensive. into towards israel of many countries on all continents is changing outside the walls of the united nations. and that change will ultimately permeate into the u.n. the house of lies the state of israel totally rejects this vote even before the resolutions approval jerusalem is our capital and we will continue to build there and foreign embassies led by the united states will move to jerusalem write down what i say because it will happen. and for more let's speak with our washington correspondent carsten phenomena so carson we just heard some strong words there from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu we also heard a bit earlier some strong words from the united states what reaction is expected if
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the u.n. doesn't be did vote to reject the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. well first of all i think the optimism of benjamin netanyahu is somewhat misplaced because so far no other major country is even contemplating moving its embassy to jerusalem and in some cases even the opposite might happen just now the ruling party in south africa the a.n.c. announced that it would done great excuse to existing embassy in tel aviv in a sign of protest against the u.s. decision and a sign of solidarity with the palestinians and then secondly i'm not so sure whether it is a smart move by the u.s. and also by israel to make such a big fuss about this general assembly vote because it's a symbolic vote it's non-binding votes nothing concrete will happen. votes
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all it will probably show is that the u.s. is pretty isolated on the world stage with its decision to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem in a short while and just to make this such a big deal is probably doing nothing but irritating a lot of allies of the u.s. so i'm not sure this is a very smart move to make these threats and to say that they will take names of those countries voting against the united states and we have to mention to our viewers you're actually looking at live pictures there perhaps we can bring them back up because we were just looking at the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley there she had some strong words earlier today she said that the united states would be taking names in fact and the president of the united states donald trump also reiterating backing up those claims saying that the u.s. would in fact reduce eight of those countries who voted in favor of this rejecting the u.s.
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moving its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem recognize interesting as the capital carson just tell us briefly is this to be taken seriously these threats from the united states the strong language. a kind of rule that the u.s. not seeing of the few countries to make an example of them and actually reduce it but if you look at most of the countries and have pushed this vote here countries like egypt like turkey like jordan the u.s. is not supporting them because the us is so nice in this regard it's because the united states has strategic interests in supporting these countries militarily and otherwise so once again i'm not sure that this will do a lot but irritating a lot of allies of the united states on the world stage karsten tell us a little bit more about the domestic situation there in the united states and why
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these words might have been uttered i mean is this just trump playing to his domestic audience with this with these statements that he's made. absolutely this is typical trump he's trying to play the strongman he's trying to play to his domestic base with these very strong words and he wants to show that you should not mess with the united states you cannot expect the united states to give money to these countries who then work against them a vote against them in a way that's understandable and that's a sentiment which is quite popular here in the united states i guess but this is not how it works i mean turkey has already said that it cannot be bolts and basically what trump said is working against the pride of of many countries so this is playing to his domestic audience and donald trump doesn't really care if this does any damage to the united states' position on the world stage ok and just
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to remind our viewers live pictures coming in there from the united nations there in new york where delegates and ambassadors are gathering in order to vote on a motion rejecting the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital carson phenomena reporting live from washington with the very latest thank you. a quick reminder now the top stories that have been following for you here in voting is underway in catalonia a special election for a new regional parliament separatist parties hope that the polls will strengthen their bid to break away from spain the election call to after madrid declared october is a vote for independence a legal and arrested catalan leaders you have today. germany is a strong country. we have achieved so much we can do this and if something him to resign we must overcome it in the.


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