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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 25, 2017 8:00am-8:15am CET

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join the discussion on t.w. dot com and on facebook. prospects for a return of. w maybe. this is the news live from pope francis appeals to the world's conscience this christmas at midnight mass in rome he says faith calls upon the faithful to give immigrants a generous well because the pontiff also companions the plight of today's migrants to the biblical figures of mary and joseph who also struggled themselves to find shelter and joining me also on this program. in bethlehem pope francis
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representative in the holy land calls jerusalem a city of peace and inclusion this is tension seumas over the controversial u.s. decision to recognize the city as israel's capital. and russian opposition leader alexei enough has held rallies across russia to back his bid to run in next year's election he's considered the strongest potential challenger to president putin but a cold conviction may bought him from running. hello and welcome on ems crews to his brigade thanks for joining us in rome pope francis has used his christmas eve mass to issue a strong defense of immigrants saying that religious faith obliges believe is to welcome my currents addressing
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a huge audience at some pages basilica he described the desperation felt by those who flee that homeland and compared their plight to that of the biblical figures of mary and joseph. was already known as an outspoken reformer the pope had a clear message he compared mary and joseph journey to bethlehem with the mass migration seen today. the holy couple had arrived he said at a place where there was no room for them to stay. many other foot steps ahead in the steps of joseph and mary. we see the tracks of entire families forced to set out in our own day. we see the tracks of millions and you do not choose to go away. driven from their land to leave behind that dia warned us yes but i received a zero coyote. faith said the pope demands that foreigners be
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welcomed. some ten thousand worshippers joined the midnight mass amid the splenda of st peter's basilica. many more followed the service from the square outside where security had been stepped up the eighty one year old pontiff message went down well among the faithful i think that the pope signifies a lot of hope for a lot of people and he has the power to bring a lot of people together. to religion and through faith and i hope that. people would be more forgiving. the words one another whatever their religion is more accepting. so that we would all live in harmony. the pope support for refugees has already put him at
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odds with politicians later on christmas day francis will deliver his blessing to the city of rome and the world to be at all be. in the meantime there were somewhat subdued christmas eve celebrations this year in bethlehem the palestinian west bank town where christians believe jesus was born the top roman catholic cleric in the holy land archbishop yet but the stuff led the christmas service in bethlehem's church of the nativity the festivities were held against a backdrop of simmering anger in the region after u.s. president on the trunk decided to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital as in previous years palestinian president mahmoud abbas also attended the service. not and during that his father peter touched only briefly on the subject of jerusalem stages he did however have a forceful message for the world's politicians today even more than ever we need
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from you from all those that can take decisions on real policy serious policy and despite the many disappointments of the past and of the present days we that i'm a nation do not abandon having a vision but on the contrary even more than before let yourself be provoked by the cry of the poor in the flick to. time now for some of the other stories making the news around the world the president to guatemala jimmy morrall it says this country will be following the u.s. example and moving its embassy in israel to jerusalem you got to mall it was one of only eight nations to side with the u.s. in a united nations general assembly vote last week that rejected president donald trump's decision. in peru supporters have been celebrating a medical pardon granted to the country's former leader alberto fujimori he was serving a twenty five year sentence for human rights abuses fujimori held an iron grip on
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power in peru throughout the one nine hundred ninety s. it was best known for defeating the so-called shining path guerrilla movement. spain's king philippe has used his christmas address to call in catalonia his newly elected parliament to avoid further moves toward secession to a cattle landscape process which as parties and other slim majority in the regional assembly back in october the king drew criticism after he condemned what he called unacceptable disloyalty for the separatists. people in the philippines are clearing up the devastation left by tropical storm tembin the storm killed at least two hundred thirty people in displaced tens of thousands tembin has now strengthen to a thai food over the south china sea it is now heading for vietnam. now just months ago the iraqi city of mosul was a stronghold holds of forces belonging to so-called islamic state when i asked
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overran the city many residents fled to escape the violence of the extremists now with driven out many a coming back including mosul christians on sunday hundreds of them attended the first christmas since the city was liberated. i. christmas mass in mosul. a year ago it would have been unthinkable back then the city was under the firm grip of the so-called islamic state. but since the militants were driven out in july more and more christians have been returning home. it was said are met with without peace there is no life after update tree over islamic state messages that we missed old cold the peace the first in our hearts until it can be reflected on the outside. it's been six months since the iraqi army drove by as out of
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mosul replacing the militants flag with the national flag of iraq. but the city landscape has changed a little since the fighting ended large parts of mosul are still in ruins. we had such a nice house not anymore. when we came back everything had been looted even our children's clothes were gone and now it's going to look this used to be a christian often it's before i took it either as a command post is that little good he said. it's a somber service with tribute paid to those killed under i ask. the first christmas mass in four years also brings hope of a peaceful future for mosul. less peaceful in afghanistan
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after at least six people who were killed in a blast in the capital kabul official says suicide bomber blew himself up in a busy square near an office belonging to the national intelligence agency the attack came during the morning rush hour a so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for this month the group's militants also attacked an intelligence agency training center in kabul. to russia now where opposition leader alexei navalny has been holding rallies across russia as he bids to run in next year's presidential election he's hoping the show of support will persuade officials to overturn a ban on his candidacy due to a court conviction of alan is considered the strongest potential challenger to president vladimir putin putin is nevertheless expected to extend his term by another six years as. a show of support for alexei navalny the opposition
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leader needed the endorsement of five hundred people to initiate a presidential bid but far more than that took to the streets on sunday here in new katherine book and in nineteen other cities across russia. russia needs a new president and new economic policies we need to stop fighting and start working together you better watch it at the group i'm going came here because it's important the election is competitive. you know. because our country is stagnating and we need change. in moscow not only was cheered on by over seven hundred supporters in a marquee on the banks of the river must work snowbound he has been banned from running in and actions until twenty twenty eight the election commission says a suspended sentence for food makes him ineligible and valerie says that was politically motivated fierce critic of president vladimir putin who is widely
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expected to win reelection in march. the leading why did it you've lied to me a putin who turned our country into a source of personal enrichment for yourself your family and your friends. well that is why you should not be president any more you are a bad president you know you don't have good policies and you don't know how to run a country we will defy you in these elections and we are ready to win in the new thank you never only files his indorsement papers at the election commission on sunday evening if his bid is rejected he has threatened to call for a boycott of the election. and german soccer the business leader is enjoying a well earned winter break off one of the most compelling first halls of the season in years high profile sacking some spectacular goals and huge controversy over the new video referee system when there's hardly been a dull moment here's
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a look back for you at the season so far. the comeback of the year so your pint gets replaced this cardboard chalabi arm returned for a fourth student as coach of bard munich in october seventy two year old trying to steady the ship and buyer now have an eleven point lead at the top of the bundesliga. brasier dortmund also changed coaches after if. lying start to underpay to a bush dortmund season fell apart as they went eight league games without a win the dutchman was fired in early december and replaced with x. cologne boss. and tossing them if to go back alone in a few days later i'm dortmund coach no would have believed such a story if it happens have happened when the mother used to live in sin it came through the ritz it was a kind of. show that had departed cologne with the side rooted to the bottom of the bundesliga having finished an impressive fifth and reached europe last season after
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top score anthony with dest left for china and wasn't replaced their campaign nosedived with injuries also not helping. the sporting director and coach paid the price and relegation now back. in contrast second place childcare have been one of the positive surprises in the first half of the season thirty two year old coach to many go to tesco has found the perfect mix there's been no magical football just hard work and a huge team spirit as shown by their incredible four all draw at darby rival's dortmund having been down for now. the big talking point this term has been the video review trial rather than limit controversy the system has caused more confusion with the rules over its use unclear referees are in the spotlight more than ever. using video evidence is correct in their view but the way we have implemented it has been a catastrophe both internally and externally and that's what will surely hit the
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buffers and see what you want to feel like everything in football it's important to keep your eye on the ball quite literally minds keeper robin sent no won't be making that mistake again in this league clubs will hope to have a bit more focus for the second half of the season starting on january twelfth. now it's christmas day across the globe so merry christmas to everyone celebrating centron rudolf still very busy at the moment as they enter the final stretch. before they set off on their travels on christmas eve they made a stop in alexandria virginia the end to tiny families on the banks of the potomac river at the annual christmas show that before they set off on their worldwide mission to deliver our presence saint nick in rudolph joined by the group on a jet ski he overcame his grumpy anti holiday spirit to dazzle the spectators.
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now just a quick reminder for you all the top story this hour pope francis has delivered a strong defense of migrants at midnight mass in rome he likened the migration of millions of people fleeing home to the biblical joey and all that mary and joseph to both john and babe and that is your world news update for now more from us as ever at the top of the hour now though time for a musical perspective on christmas here in sara's music that's up next here on t.w. . they make a commitment.


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