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tv   Faith Matters - Monks With a Mission  Deutsche Welle  January 6, 2018 3:30am-4:00am CET

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g. w. africa. thousands of children go missing every kid in china they all sold on the black market. time jingjing is searching for her son all by herself. without any help from the only foreign tax she's courtroom of hope and despair for she fights for a mother's rights. so time changing searches for her son. reporter on d.w. . they're being received as if they were pop stars but these men normally lead a life of quiet and reclusion. the four cistercian monks from austria have come here to bring monastic life back to the tiny town of night seller in the eastern
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german state of brandenburg. here you see the name means new cell it derives from nova tella the cistercian abbey that was founded here in twelve sixty eight. this is the same as it doesn't. exist in the monastery was once a spiritual center in the region. and the monks are here on a mission to revive that catholic tradition. so.
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that it comes. from. the monks pray seven times a day it'll be no different here in north telly even on the day of their arrival. the first prayer in latin is from the liturgy of the hours. oh my. in case.
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the. members of the local parish have prepared a sunday reception in the rectory. father aloysius will be in charge of the monks household he's twenty seven years old and was born in bavaria in southern germany. and his. father fil a mon is thirty seven and from the swabian region of germany. he'll be teaching the religion classes at the elementary school. forty year old father killian is from the german state of hessen he studied it via green a university in the city of frankfurt under order not far from. the leader of the small group the prior to b. is fifty two year old father simeon. originally from germany's rhineland he
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previously held the post of pryor in the mother house highly going crites abbey in austria. before leaving for brandenburg he was the cantor. or. the. whole of over here are the. the. last winter the monks were at the abbey in the vienna woods near the austrian capital preparing for their mission in. the year. monks have been living and working here for nine hundred years.
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heiligenkreuz sammy is the oldest continuously occupied cistercian monastery in the world. prayer is govern the rhythm of daily life. in. the. form of the. one who was asleep. in. the cold the supreme youth the mange man is the crown of creation that has to be said. and it is our job to see that the gospel is brought close to people who have learned more a monastery also has to do missionary work. that means god willing that will also perform pastoral care in the parish ordered me to bring in the part i.
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might say. will be carrying out pastoral work in the parish of noise. for that the diocese will provide salaries which can then go into no it's be. disclosed we'll just have to see if we can manage on that so everything else like making business plans about other things we could do is also part of it maybe we can open a shop in the abbey or something like that but we're still just getting settled so i can't say very much about it yet. you know. it's winter in austria and the monks are starting to prepare for the move. so. the hymn books for the daily prayers are produced by father mine right in the abby's book bindery. it's hundreds
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of years old. the books about and. they're in their wooden cupboards. this is yes we do those in the workshop too. just the page types don't need to be glued in. if you know how many already and if you look you know i think there are ten of them. it's a quite a bit this is for our divine office ordered according to the days of the week for two weeks this is for sunday so you see this somewhat cryptic e.u. . they represent syllables in the second last cycle or i'm a man. so they tell us how to sing the ending of the second half. and this number tells us how the first half of us is to be sung and the one.
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who. the hymn knows have arrived. here one of the rules of st benedict is being read. care must be taken that no monk presume on any ground to defend another monk in the monastery or as it were to take him under his protection even though they've been united by some tie of blood relationship. this is durations are among the strictest catholic monastic order living according to the rule of st benedict. he formulated the precepts in the sixth century when he founded the great monastery of monte cassino near naples every evening a monk reads from the rules. it will be a moving house does involve worldly activities not only do boxes have to be
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transported the monks also have to officially register in their new home. oh ok so you got the first we found the space to pray and now we render unto the state that which is the state's let's stop this in the street. that's not how things going to record label very well we just did what we do in harlingen courts and what the lord has called on us to do we know prayed and between prayer as we did worth it had to be done by the time because it's a two increased. know it so as new residents were invited here by the diocese of gurlitz. lloyd cell is the northernmost point of the church district the bishop himself had contacted this is directions they reviewed the situation and decided to revive the monastery in north cellar the bishop who has his seat here in gurlitz says this is
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the perfect moment for it. of physicists. it's been two hundred years since they were driven out and seven hundred fifty years since they came here for the first time. but today we're seeing a new search for spirituality a quest for quietude. a search for places to renew ourselves. often and so it's my fault. and resettling a monastery like this is a way of supporting that and it's a place you could call a spiritual service station. that's the background i have the sense that there are many people not only christians who feel it would do them good to us. and they see that in highly can be
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to. us people in high stress professions go there and say i need to get away take time out refuel and do something for my soul for my the zeal of a student. in twelve sixty eight the first sister sions came here from outselling the mother abby in saxony and set up the noid cell a monastery the complex belonged to saxony for centuries at its heart is the abbey church it was extended during the baroque period when the clock tower on the west side and the high altar to the east were added. in eight hundred fifteen the territory on the order river was ceded to pressure two years later the monastery was secularized in its property went to the state. one man who has delved into the history of the monastery is the archivist of the diocese then frito player.
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group before there are many records related to the founding of northstar no but there is one written. orse it's not in the files but up in the church tower which unfortunately you can't see it from here in the middle ages it was visible but now it's hidden by the baroque roof so i suggest we had up there were forced on this it's not good. so if it were defined it. usually it's what home. we're now in the clock tower that was set in front of the medieval facade during the baroque period here this is the western wall from the middle ages you can see where the brick it was and then later mounts in a corner this with a latin inscription that it says that there was once a hill as high as this inscription. in. the hill was leveled in
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order to build the abbey. but you know everything but. now we're looking at the medieval roof trusses it's not quite from the time of the founding but it's dated fourteen twelve and the remarkable thing is that the navy is standing free here and it seems the normal roof truss was pushed upwards given supports are not covered on the outside with wood panels. here you can see the order river playing to the east and there the liberals are high it's. ok austrians might not find forty meters much of a rise but for brandenburg it's a lot. less when we do you know how large the abbey grounds were at the beginning and how they spread the complex didn't just consist of the monastery where the monks lived but also gardens and fields and forest. so in contrast to nowadays the monks back then were given property and goods it was an
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endowment by the ruler of the region who also bequeath the religious close to the states but. today the abbey belongs to the state of brandenburg it's administered by a foundation headed by the state culture ministry. the minister martina is heading to noise on business she says the return of monks to the place won't change the status of ownership. but since the establishment of the state of brandenburg the government has invested fifty million euros here it has rebuilt her renovated much of us this church and the abbey belong to the states and it will stay that way but there are a number of occupants on the monks can use space here just like others in the complex it's a big plus for the entire abbey. martina has been brandenburg minister for science research and cultural affairs since two
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thousand and sixteen a doctor and a social democrat she's been involved in educational and cultural policy since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. she is also a catholic and is well equipped to negotiate with the monks this is. the talks take place in the rectory there are many issues to be resolved before the monks confound the nortel or priory. by church law it will be subordinate to the abbot of highly can quite but it will be economically independent so it'll have to generate income it's not even clear yet where the monks will live and crucially how they'll be able to use the cloister section of the complex. originally the church had direct access to the cloister but the door was bricked up during the baroque reconstruction. the cloister was the main common room in the
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monastery today it's part of a museum with a visitor information center. here where cistercian monks once strolled through the noise cellar coaster today the monks from austria can learn something about their new home. in the tourist brochure it says. a bohemian oasis in brandenburg more than seven hundred twenty five years ago henry the illustrious margrave of mice and endowed the cistercians with a monastery in north cellar today it's the only completely preserved cistercian abbey in brandenburg and the largest baroque monument in northeastern germany. the four monks have found temporary living quarters in the catholic rectory but to
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be fully functioning the monastery will need at least eight monks along with guest rooms and work areas and this house would be too small one alternative is a building that until two hundred years ago how's the administration. does cons like to avoid is the foundation offered us eighty percent of the building but eighty percent means that twenty percent of it would be occupied by others so. in this case it would be residential parts of the boarding school. we decided against that because we see some potential conflict between the life style of the monks and the life of a boarding school spies them venture wouldn't believe my this into knots the building in question also houses a music school that belongs to a private high school for many years it's been the main tenant in the be complex
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as we all thought. it would be crazy for us to leave the building unless we were offered an acceptable alternative. we're not against monk settling here and i'm just pointing out potential problems. i certainly do not want to reduce what our school has to offer which is so well accepted little to see in one of us would. six hundred pupils from sixteen different countries are taught by an international group of teachers the school administration is skeptical about whether the philosophy of this international secondary school can harmonize with the reclusive lifestyle of the monks. dimentia how. you can that's the intention of the monks to bring their catholic faith to the people so for people who want that it's a wonderful thing. but we're a school with many different outlooks you feel. i'm thinking of our students from
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the islamic world. who might be reluctant to have monks so close to the school. when the concept that we realized here would undergo some changes. in a few of the successful work of our teachers and everything we've achieved here. that's something i wouldn't like to see happen. to us but i'd like to keep it the way it is. because i'm glad if he was just going to hold this. others in no it til i have similar concerns peter marsh i do who runs the shop at the abbey complex says he's glad the monks have come but he worries about what will happen to his business if they set up their own shop. as the monks begin to establish themselves over the next few years in these stock
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missionizing or whatever it was and open a shop and that could result in competition for me. and we'll have to see. some concurrence with the must see. moment. more or less. for the feel i'm on is on his way to work he studied to be a teacher before entering the monastery. now he's giving religious instruction in the catholic elementary school in north cellar. the money he earns will help support the abbey. in the name of the father the son and the holy spirit and men. we can say that together right.
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on this. side. we've traced our foot and now we'll write our names on it nice and clearly like this and now think about what the person whether they're still alive or not we would really like to meet on your own. guns gun like guns like us. to have i'm victoria mass and i'd like to meet my grandma because i only saw her once in my life. i think she smokes so much that she died and i couldn't say goodbye to her. and when was that last year that's last year. we'll be praying for all those who have died. and we'll do that at the end and include everyone i know. you have one of the nicest classrooms when you look out here you look directly at
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my new home that you all know about right the abbey over there. i would really like to meet jesus for a lot of reasons. first because we believe that jesus christ is god. god lived in this world as a person just like you and me. so god who was so far from us. suddenly became human. and if that is really true if it's true that he became a man. then that man can tell us everything because he's god. yes.
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it's a day of pilgrimage in the gurlitz diocese catholics from eastern saxony in southern brandenburg have come to north sell it to the church of the assumption. today there's a larger crowd than usual many have come to see the monks. outside and a warm welcome to abbott maximillian from highly concludes abbey in the vienna woods . i don't think i have to explain why he's here with us today.
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it's the monks first official appearance annoyed they found a new home although the word home may have a wider meaning for people of faith. he. says there's a button on your navigation device that says home. and we can push it and head home . the home address i mean is not here on earth it can only be found with god in the great communion of saints. the catholics collect a pilgrimage contribution from the visitors this year it goes toward preparing the founding of the abbey. after the service this is to take time to chat with the locals. didn't you will you be staying here forever. and not forever
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maybe add more to him until we die. and we have a place to pray and the rest will follow yeah that's the only live in the rectory. yes on the first floor but not yet because it's still being renovated and that's for now long term we hope the lord will cost his that and more will heed the call and the community will grow that's my greatest wish that was. of. honoring. the four monks hold their first prayer of the day at five am the church is then open to everyone. this latin prayer dates back centuries. and if the monks fulfill their mission it may also be heard a noise centuries from now.
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