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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 17, 2018 2:00am-2:03am CET

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force calculation military or topix don't ask. technological. competition. starting february third. u.s. president trumps former top aide steve benen has been called to testify to a grand jury over alleged contacts with russian officials ahead of the twenty sixteen election that's according to the new york times earlier today lawmakers grilled benon over the trump campaign's potential ties to russia. e.u. leaders have weighed into a new british debate on whether to hold a second brics that for for random addressing parliament in strasbourg european council president and european commission president. both said britain could still
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reverse its decision and stay in the blog should it have a change of heart. danish prosecutors have charged the submarine builder peter mattson with the murder of the swedish journalist. her body was recovered from the baltic sea after matz and submarine sank last august metz and says she died in an accident police later raced to submarine which they believe he scuttled to destroy evidence. a prominent leader of ethnic serbs in kosovo has been gunned down in a city of neutral. reports say oliver ivanna which was pronounced dead after being found lying in a street with gunshot wounds to his chest his killing is likely to inflame tensions between serbia and kosovo.
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citigroup has reported one of the biggest losses in its history the investment bank was forced to take us to three billion euro. autonomous vehicles many factors present their latest creations at the detroit motor show. and hard tennis shoe collectors can't wait to get their hands on added as. top. it's time for business. won't come to the program citi group has reported one of the biggest losses in its history the investment by was forced to take a three billion euro hit in part due to donald trump's new tax bill. corporate tax rate causing a massive write off on tax credits. from the financial crisis. morgan chase a loss of two billion dollars.


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