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this is you know we news live from berlin the more carnage in kabul another terrorist attack rocked the afghan capital the latest in a wave of attacks at least eleven soldiers are killed after suicide bombers and gunmen struck a military academy in kabul the so-called islamic state claims responsibility also coming up. a shocking report reveals that german automaker's funded diesel emissions tests exposing people and monkeys to gas found in diesel fumes or raises more disturbing questions about the country's car industry. good. morning users and politics at this year's grammy awards in new york as female
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musicians confront sexual harassment in the recording industry but the night along to bruno mars he took home six grammys. also on the show handball gets new european champions at the final in zagreb spacy off sweden to lift their first ever title in the competition it was in the fifth time looking forward to spaniards. thank you very much for your company we begin in afghanistan where people in the capital kabul are reeling from a string of attacks the latest incident a bloody week killed at least eleven soldiers after suicide bombers and gunmen attacked a military academy so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for the
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attack all part of a wave of violence this month including a powerful car bomb where the talabani used an ambulance as a weapon. there is no escaping the military presence on the streets of kabul for the third time within days attack is have killed victims in the afghan capital this time the target was the army itself militants including suicide bombers stormed a battalion near the marshall for he military academy and began an onslaught afghans are turning their fury on the government is that you've got a modest look at what's happening to this nation you're not able to control the current situation it's better that the security ministers resign what kind of government ministry is this you're not even able to secure the city particularly. the afghan defense ministry says two gunmen were killed in the exchange of fire and two others died often detonating the suicide vests one of the was arrested now
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people want to know how the attacks keep happening in a city already on to tighten security measures. all right and then we can take you to kabul now of where the security situation has been very precarious for some time now but the uptick in violence over the past couple of days is very concerning and journalist to hear contrary is on the line from the capital with the latest tara what is the situation in kabul right now. well the situation in coal everyone is in shock and everyone is terry height and horrifies of the recent serious attacks because it was in the attack. on the attack today we have had a couple of like over the last few days in fact three attacks over the last ten days in kabul and hardly more than two hundred people killed so people are still in or even though the afghan government declared a public holiday today because the indonesian president was coming to afghanistan
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is in afghanistan so that's why but it's still people there are still thinking until morning about the loss of loads of civilians and nobody knows why all right we'll tell you why it's kabul facing such an uptick of attacks right now at this moment what's going on there. well the afghan government killing that at least more than twenty terrorism groups operate in five kabul city the president of afghanistan recently say that call is very speedy but the afghan people here believe that it's not only kabul but the whole afghanistan is under siege and the problem is that he can come in has recently been so much full of the internal politics so therefore god in that period you know a priority for them for example three security ministers appeared in a press conference yesterday three of been people who are accused additionally sit down as soon as possible but they don't so seems like the afghan government as well people here accusing the afghan government of
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a failure but then the afghan government accuses the regional countries some specific countries all of interfering into going to appear in the in the security it is you know a blame game that afghans don't like it here because everyone wants some sort of accountability at this point all right now to hear you're already alluded to the fact that the in the nation president jacoby doto is visiting kabul what does that say about president ash of the need government and the security forces ability to secure kabul the capital. it is not the first time actually when a high profile foreigner or in the town explains so it is very unfortunate even though the afghan government wanted to because there has been an outcry an outburst of prostration by public over the last few days to the afghan government thought to be to declare today as the holidays so that nobody may take to the streets in protest but unlike that you know unlike season two the expectation of the afghan
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government today another took place so it was very unfortunate and even did an afghan government didn't expect it and i'm sure it wasn't a very good welcoming to the indonesian president but it is not the first time with such attacks take place when high profile people come to afghanistan so does wind down for quite complicating then is to become of the a polity of the president or ensuring security to your kaderi in kabul thank you. well so-called islamic state may have claimed responsibility for the latest kabul attack but it's been almost completely defeated on the ground in syria and iraq while that means many of its fighters are returning to their home countries what kind of threat do such battle hardened veterans opposed to their hometowns in places like germany france and britain belgium is the european country with the highest per capita number of foreign fighters our brussels correspondent teri schultz followed their tracks. this park in antwerp was a hotspot for islamist recruiters luring young belgians to battlefields in syria
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and iraq now some of them are headed back making many communities nervous earlier return is trying to reintegrate in society are reluctant to be identified and hurt city councilor he owns there know some of them personally and ask them to share their stories with me nobody was willing to speak with many of them came back with a huge feeling of shame. and they don't want to show that name to refer to be on t.v. to say i went there and i was a fool and they came back there are some exceptions laura persone was all over t.v. in two thousand and sixteen publicizing her book about being an islamic state militants bride in syria she decided to escape when her four year old son was taught to behead a teddy bear as shown in this jihadi propaganda now because so many occasionally visit schools as part of the belgian government's anti radicalization efforts but she declined our multiple requests for an interview some are attorneys have other
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motives for staying in the shadows those are the ones that were there and towards muslim community they don't want to history to see the back and to be obviously don't show any feeling of shame. for straight it's about the fact that. he's losing. but yet here. that's how returning for tree seems to feel set free after receiving a suspended sentence for three also wrote a book and publicly praised islamic state he said his only regret was coming back we couldn't speak with him as he's in prison on unrelated charges sources tell me returning is and their families are urged to keep a low profile by belgian authorities but they're not the only ones i'm told the brother of a belgian fighter gave a television interview a couple of years ago with his i. kennedy disguised but islamic state supporters found him and beat him up very badly
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a warning to others to keep quiet local communities are figuring out how to deal with people who return their border just north of brussels many youths left this suburb to join us mayer has been to has taken a personal interest in them he visits them in prison to make sure they understand their choices he warns them that after their release they will be under constant scrutiny but that's not all he tells them the second thing i said is when you are free you are a free man you have had your punishment and you have the right and you will help you and all the opportunities to do to give you all the opportunities to reintegrate and opposed to. want to gives us an example of how his city supported one return he committed to being a law abiding citizen by being completely transparent about the situation and informant the employer was ready to give him a chance after all the information that we have got trust intro to the employer the
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same thing on the housing side it. that man is still a success story two years later but there are more i guess followers being groomed peter van listing in one of the best known researchers of the belgian jihad movement says he sees no decrease in pro jihad language on social media how strong is their influence well basically. the next that their captains are free however the belgian government appears a bit more optimistic than venomous d.m. it has reduced to the national terror threat level meaning an attack is no longer considered probable but rather unlikely. aren't talking now as some of the other stories making news around the world. observers say at least sixty civilians have been killed in government airstrikes on syria's if the problem is that brings the death toll to some thirty three people since sunday and lip is the only province in syria under the control of opposition forces government troops have been making
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advances in recent weeks. the european union has agreed on a set of guidelines to negotiate a transitional period after the united kingdom leaves the bloc you ministers support a twenty one month long transition period during which the u.k. will keep its e.u. membership but will not have the right to vote britain is set to leave the e.u. in march twenty nineteen. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in moscow for talks with russian president vladimir putin the two are expected to discuss israel's concerns about an expansion of iran's military involvement in syria russia has close ties with both countries. president. of the philippines has visited all of a province where tens of thousands of people have been displaced by the active volcano mount mayon it's been injecting lava and ash for the past two weeks and geologists say there could be a major eruption within the next couple of days. the philippines most active
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volcano is at it again for weeks now mount my own has been spewing a white hot cocktail of gas and volcanic debris down its flanks complicating matters nonstop brain is mixing with the volcanic ash and rock that's resulted in fast moving much flows which have damaged roads and could potentially sweep away entire settlements. more than eighty thousand residents have fled their homes and are living in temporary shelters which are quickly getting overcrowded food and other supplies remain adequate but concerns are growing over health and hygiene conditions. in written form for if people want to help i hope they give us water because it's so hard to get that here and it's not enough we have to wait in line. authorities have cordoned off a nine kilometer danger zone around mt my own but that hasn't stopped defiant
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farmers from tending to crops and livestock that they depend on for their livelihoods. whole villages life at the moment the government is bracing for a possible three month long emergency in the areas around my own more rain is forecast for the coming week. all right we've got so much more to tell you about here's what's coming up. prizes and politics at this year's grammys in new york as female musicians confront sexual harassment in the recording industry on the awards front the night long to bruno mars. and there is a new european handball champion after spain down sweden in a dramatic final in zagreb on sunday. but first her reactions to a shocking report people using words like superb flu is repulsive absurd and in excusable what are we talking about to be so great and it just got really bad it's
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going from one thing to the next and this one is unbelievable some of the reaction later was mentioning that newspaper reports today that the german car giant's finance talk sic emissions testing on humans as well as monkeys the aim was to give diesel a good name and secure valuable tax breaks but the plan backfired. do you like my new car isn't days older moms say in two thousand and fourteen this v.w. commercial set out to prove just how clean diesel was with the help of a white scarf they out clean. around the same time twenty five healthy young people were taking part in a series of tests for several hours a few times a week they had to breathe in the pollutants nitrogen dioxide the tests were commissioned by the european research group on environmental health a body funded by come a kez v.w. dime b.m.w. and pumped supply ambush and the results were a relief nitrogen dioxide the study concluded had no negative effects on people an
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all clear for diesel and a snub to the world health organization is research its conclusion was one of the different namely that diesel emissions cause cancer the human tests are a new low point for comic is they follow revelations last week that monkeys were forced to inhale cull fumes in two thousand and fourteen something v.w. has since apologized for in two thousand and fifteen the emissions scandal showed v.w. had spent years manipulating its vehicles nitrogen dioxide output the comic had hoped to leave all that behind it but these latest revelations suggest that that is unlikely any time soon. of a twelfth national correspondent in frankfurt daniel koch don't know what a car shares doing today for was in. well actually with this news you might be thinking that we would see a landslide here happening at the frankfurt stock exchange well actually the opposite is the case shares of volkswagen were at some part of the day even number
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two here right now they are still with a plastic off about zero point two per cent i was talking to an investor a little bit earlier he told me that they're pretty much used by the company to get those negative public reports but on the other hand the company in the last weeks and months has been provide. very strong numbers with the record sales numbers for example in china to investors and also receiving a very positive comment commentary from an analyst today so that's the reason despite the very strong euro that we are also seeing today that the shares are actually doing very well today ben what about the long term though because the supervisory board calling for an inquiry they could well be consequences where do you think this is going to go. well everybody is criticizing heavily at the company we also had a statement a little bit earlier by the german traffic minister and the volkswagen is
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announcing that there might be consequences but what kind of consequences we might see is there going to be a new c.e.o. ed was fired well certainly not i believe we're going to see maybe something similar that we have seen in the past also happening to all of us schmidt remember he was one of the employees involved in the diesel gate scandal in the united states he was then sentenced to seven years in prison and at the end was even fired him so i do believe at the end they're not going to be any consequences at the top level they're most likely only going to be looking for a scapegoat and yeah that's pretty much most likely going to be it let's hope the scapegoats not that monkey thank you daniel cope. now we've got with us in the studio a religious affairs and ethics report it. martin this is a real ethical topic to talk to you about you know how bad the outcry is when lab
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animals a used in skin products for example rabbits and rats and that we're talking about humans and monkeys i mean it really is quite absurd in this day and age there is no ethical dilemma here i mean in the sense and at the limits what emerges when you're not really sure what way to go because you have very strong reasons to do one thing and to the direct opposite here there is no question this is just a bit of an outrage and what he's quite notable it's that this actually did receive the human the human experiment which happened in germany i mean the monkey experiment happening in the u.s. was approved by back in university medical school at the explored how to get past and i think well this is something that we do not understand i mean i read i read the conclusion that the that takes protocol demand which is first i mean first if there is any conflict of interest i think that anybody that's not understand that this research unit that has essentially been set up for the sake of the fending industry. is not itself a reliable source of information in that industry or the products of that industry
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so that is the first question the other issue is that although the monkey story is a lot more detail later because it clearly it's outrageous just to think of these animals defenseless being locked up in a chamber. with exhaust fumes the story with human subjects it's a lot more interesting because it actually suppose that in fact there was that there was consent what we do not know we for these were people that were actually you know financially strained were actually setting themselves essentially to receive harm because of recent study where of course completely extraneous to just their own witnesses who would put their hand up something like this in their in their right mind but often get paid for these sorts of studies on yes indeed you are and this is extremely problematic of course in a situation which you have people with needs is study certainly a problem what does it tell you about the extent to which companies will go just to get. tax break companies quite simply cannot be trusted on matters of the public good i mean for the simple reason not that they are evil but for the simple reason
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that they have conflicting interests with the public good the companies interested in the bottom line the public is interested in the good in cases like this one we see actually that these two interests collapse so the legal issue is really not there it's not an ethical dilemma there is a question of a complete lack of regulation but as was said i mean in the previous episode we basically just cut them loose and let them go on doing their business thank you very much for your insight my pleasure. the stars of the music business were out in force in new york city for the industry's annual grammy awards well the surprise winner of the night was bruno mars who beat tough competition the likes of jay z. and kendrick lamar to take home six awards but music wasn't the only item on the bill following the lead of the golden globes many participants and attendees wore white roses as a visible show of solidarity with the need to end times up movements confronting sexual misconduct in show business.
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bruno swept the grammys this year with six wins including record and album of the year for twenty four k. magic and song of the year for that's what i like he gave a heartfelt speech as he accepted his award and you know those songs were written with nothing but joy and one reason and for one reason only and that's love and that's all i wanted to bring with this album hopefully i can feel that again and see everybody dancing and everybody moving but it's mars went into orbit rapper's kendrick lamar and jay z. were left down on earth leaving the hip hop community without a win in the coveted album of the year award the man had to take consolation in just five prices for his album down and single humble but this year music wasn't the only thing sent to stage with sexual misconduct allegations rocking other areas of the entertainment business music industry figures showed solidarity for the times up and me two campaigns by wearing white roses and pop singer catcha who has
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spoken out about being a survivor of sexual abuse herself deliver top powerful ballad praying. the. singer gentleman a gave a rousing speech that pulled no punches silence us we offer you two were it's times . we say times that propel you know quality times up for discrimination time's up for harassment of any cause and time's up for the abuse of power because you see it's not just going on in hollywood it's not just going on in washington it's right here in our industries where these grammys were all about women raising their voices to call time on sexual abuse. and some days one of the actually of a cause and took on minds hoping to solidify their second place spot in the standings they've been one of the surprises this season and here is how they.
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patience was the name of the game for labor peace and coach heiko hellish his side struggled to make any impact in a frustrating fast half of the parents' minds happy to sit back and defend have to captain the bend they went close because the lhari as head was as good as it got for the hosts before the break. maybe accusing needed something special make of it from a familiar source leon bailey curling in from twenty yards out as a goal of the season the jamaican like his team just come stop scoring at the moment bailey said it was so good fellow when the union branch tried a carbon copy but without the same success. no matter because the three points were secured midway through the haas formulate accusing man julio janaki filed the lower rio in the box penalty when doubt that
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the rest from the spot to do it finished they've accused him hold on to second place. i mean time spain have been crowned european champions after defeating sweden it was the fifth time lucky for the span years after losing four previous finals they had to fight heart and dig deep for the title here's what happened. sweet him played a fast paced game just as they had in the semifinal against denmark and they got off to the better start with a strong performance from goalkeeper mikhail apple green and fast counterattacks making it six for i but spain stayed composed changing up their attack and were only two goals behind at half time then the experience spaniards turned the match a round far right dubbed it by their guerin making it twenty fifteen and at the back keeper i pod stab it was hard to beat i the swedes were lacking the strength to stand up to the aggressive spaniards in the second half but their passing errors
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leading to many easy goals for spain the final score twenty nine twenty three sweden went down in defeat. and after losing four previous finals spain were finally the european handball champion. and in tennis sara roger federer has been showing off the latest trophy in his collection the world number one claimed a record twentieth grand slam title at the australian open on sunday getting croatia's marin chill it's a thrilling five setter. at the ripe old age of thirty six victory still taste just a sweet for roger federer when he held this trophy this time last year many thought it was a one off the last hurrah for the sport's greatest this wistar is enjoying a renee songs in the major titles keep on racking up. still a little bit of
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a. bit confused that it's all over and that i was able to do it and reached number twenty number six here i can't believe i was able to defend my title you know after all this after all these years i could do it again that's very special i mean. i don't know maybe this was going to take take longer to sink in i'm not sure fifteen years separate federer is first major title at wimbledon in two thousand and three from his most recent the ponytail may have gone but his hunger for success hasn't wanted to say is a big thank you and. that's it really a lot of people just thank you that moment like this but of course i hope i come back and again that. ephedra keeps playing the way he is he wouldn't bet against seeing him on the same piece of lawn in twenty nineteen. all right so just on our mind you know of our main headlines right now at least eleven algon soldiers have been killed in an attack on
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a military cademy in kabul the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for it was the third major attack in the city in recent days. bob singer bruno mars swept the grammys winning all six awards he was nominated for an all white roses were recurring theme as many stars displays them in a show of solidarity against sexual misconduct. on well mark thank you so much for watching the news continues at the top of the hour. on the most.
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