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tv   Doc Film - New Job for Child Soldiers  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2018 8:15pm-8:59pm CET

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they ones that fall. all at all let off well have been wrong all this time the stadium has been shut down for the past six years all the supporters are good people who love football and love the club have been. returning to the stadium to down three while they beat sammy inside green buffaloes for nail proving this no place like home. and you're watching to devin is thanks again for joining us more coming up at the top of the hour. climate change. waste. pollution. and isn't it time for good. eco africa people and projects that are changing the current for the better it's up to us to make a difference he could go. on t.w.
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. we will maintain the finest fighting force of the world has ever known the world has ever done is ever going. to get would most real i just don't like the image that it comes up in most people's book. like any other thing in the global finance it's just the military trade. contractors don't like her talk are going. to go. missing young company expects that iraq could and was considered a good deal. i've been the
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article you on the. school great. we have a mismatch between the way we thought magic more and the reality of the twenty first century. and can we do any more could we find someone to do it for boardroom don't you get what you mean from. b.b.c. world service and you have to keep it wrong. and it continues to maintain a high prices in the country with the knowledge of us and to seem to want the situation in the british job the central are crucial for the national gun control which the afghan forces feature just attrition through each critical country.
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says without american oxford gonna stop by my own stuff in iraq. this is a chat as usual commanders as he will. they not done so right now down there tonight need to supplement the full of us museums in was one area we miss out my mom. so how many are sending out that you should be your child soldiers and the nikon seven i got down. there again. that i'm never gotten a summit on resorted to use uganda because of the ideas being that people who come here isn't what you're telling them this would be to be honest on the english.
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gun to shoot those who can find the gun one. u.s. companies risk on common contract as we sometime on onto them. or example have been given a some would and. the private military industry is a part of how the country is in fights wars to end. u.s.
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government doesn't track the number of contractors it uses in places iraq or afghanistan we know it's a lot we don't really know exactly how many. i spent several years working within the industry i have a military background and one of the differences between being a soldier i found and being a private military contractor is that when you work for the u.s. military or any military you take a sacred oath that you're going to serve and fight for your country and necessary die to protect a way of life one that you believe in the loyalty of these companies and these businessmen's change the padding on market forces this industry is not just what you see is what you get. when you see a comp. i mean you don't know exactly who's working for them they hire and they
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sometimes create what we call subs sub contractors. there's been commanders in afghanistan who just simply say we don't know who the subs of the subs of the subs are so you have all these a good layer of a contract. the united states army and the military in general is so reliant on the private sector i would call it a dependency but we don't know who's the on the ground presence of these companies overseas we just don't know. just so do all in somalia and i couldn't make it up because there was no job i
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didn't. and my friend called me he told me that and. derisive ican see there we're recruiting guys so-called so it's also iraq that you just use weapons and who we are well trained in it come. comply on. was. that the very thing my compliant batting for example i don't know what. memories come back from the past i think we've seen a stand up to know when i'm seeing this when i'm thinking. most of them are now. going to pass.
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do it not conform iraq. with narcan from iraq you set out the need to. they want to show you fight that. not one night you know who will move basic weapon which is only people that become qualified to between iraq. and young government perspective the iraqi crude and was considered a quite good deal in the sense that they could actually take no clue troublemakers something the way to react for a couple of years and then turning them after two years with money and from that overseas deployment this concern to stabilize security. was really crazy in iraq because since the feds the i step my fits in iraq every
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day there was a bombing they bombed a village there is a rockets. and we have rockets fired. every day i had gunshots every day a bombing in common in comment on my good. if you know what suits and it's damage four of our guts four of the civil union guys well trained guys. soon i say original rock i called my mom and say mom i'm in iraq she said oh. i said i'm in iraq no no you're kidding i said no moment i'm in iraq i said mom just watch the number what's the number and she watched the number. she was she was just she was yelling oh daddy yeah i said no more no problem here we'll see if we are not using a weapon we are you here as does our i convinced my mom i said we are doing just
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domestic walk in iraq she told all the neighbors their own son my son he's in iraq you know he's doing. cooking go nuts knowing that with. the same young and what has been for mainly by young combatants. looking for young men to perform military jobs the chances are quite good that they have also been child soldiers. or you ever came in and things like that actually. i was it just thirteen. it took my father a time when putting on the flag. as a nice man what i would grant i would raise my brother.
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to leave day to do one little just one time from. you know as he would do with me. give you a poem they felt which was us you know i don't know what this why was he talking about. shall we say you have to keep. right. need to watch the old stuff for you that you have in mind if we talk about this if not about every day. we turn to our q my father you might want out next i get i would get. the six
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little. artifacts. i said no i don't want a tree so i stuck to i could it is that's a used in this stuff in my boat. and i put this on the board and i wanted to know what's for breakfast in the city just because i want to make sure that i would still be a little bit more so i start to. call my house. when i was young. i don't know of things that i've been scindia. a lot of. which is not good for human being. or because.
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i think have you gone down. on high rises people you have to go to bed then you don't go dutch you two have been kids were. in about fifteen countries i've been involved in programs to reintegrate children who are certain armed forces. it's a contradiction in terms on the one hand western countries have pumped large sums of money into the reintegration of former. child soldiers but now we have governments like us supporting these so-called security companies that recruit people and continue their exposure to violence and cement their identities as perpetrators of violence as soldiers but make it impossible to ever reintegrate into civilian life. now i will the. united states. this is ours
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it's i as well as my job. it is weapons. at one time when they don't get came into account to kill a lot of. hours on top of the tower. looking down we had explosion has taken place. i think it will swallow and when people are dying on the street. the explosion is sickening all over the city not anytime had a gunshot had a bottle all watch over exposure on i think about my counter was happens every front. when he brought you back. you faced him for. it actually demonstrates.
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that it took you. full force. should i and i do you remember. what i miss what's happened instead you see. you. know not and. i feel is that you often don't you see this is not a good one to be cost alone. as makes me. go up with. ideas which. may seem like an act of free will it is not young people in syria or iran have no
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jobs they're desperate to feed themselves and their families and result is that it becomes harder and harder to ever find their way back into civilian life and they may plant seeds of violence wherever they go. what we. all know is the number one. why we're so when i when i have a wife one i sure will when you are not in the work it's a work because i'm fully functional. which means. i can do anything with it. you know i spend my life working to do and their rehabilitation in the real gratian of young people and it pains me to see my own government supporting the behavioral
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so called security companies you know we pride ourselves on being a moral people trying to do the right thing what we're doing is we're exploiting people using young people who've been child soldiers deliberately sending them into the jaws of combat and further violence nothing could be worse for these young people nothing could be worse for security. when we think of war and the warrior who fights it we have this image and our mind and of a man and a uniform. and uniform means they're fighting as part of a military serving a nation because if they fight for their force a lot of coal up patriotism and yet when you look at the wars of the twenty first century they don't match those assumptions anymore now we have outsourced a lot of our war fare to private military companies. and one ways makes
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a great deal of business sense you're able to get labor at cheaper rates but what it does is complicates an already complicated situation. so you cut your costs you make more profit and you get the soldier that you want but you also majorly dilute the professionalism in the effectiveness of those so. i find so many parallels between this industry and other industries that offer up a lark. numbers of labor for hire transnational market so there's parallels between engineering and construction very soon i'm going to bring you the best trained people in the world but then actually i'm just going to poland as much cheap labor
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as i can try and get the difference between you know what your pay me and what i'm taking and giving out you know. you are right. on. the idea of. the. third country nationals generally cheaper it's just just like any other thing in the global finance right and having a factory in american or western europe that works but that would have your factory nature in there same with this it's just the military trade. companies self interest is different than national self interest companies are profit maximizing what they do that's natural except here we're not creating you know toys we're producing thing as a result of the war. the
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background of this changing nature of war and fights that dates back to the very start of the private military industry itself as an. approach a company that could field a fool me if this is. just a tiny change had soldiers who were incredibly highly trained and have moved into the private sector with brochures in the school for theo's literally saying is your mission to put your skills. what. executive outcomes is a legend in this business. they formed and south africa as apartheid
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ended. they had a background in some of the special police forces during apartheid these elite units had death squads some of the most controversial units in terms of their human rights records. one on one down because. they work for oil companies they work for governments like angola and certainly own and this became controversial and internationally and he stepped in and said you can't hire and sick about comms. so another company called sandline international out of london sort of ended up taking on some of e.o. those contracts. can you explain what exactly sound fine internationally is and what you do and so i learn.
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it is a company that provides military consultancy services for governments. large corporations . at the time the idea was to get very posh english officers on top of these private military companies and tim spicer was an officer in the military the british military. got out and was asked to come help with a company called sandline. what exactly did outcomes row going to be in this we think they're extremely good extruded professional or very good track record there are no. skeletons in their cover that was it made me think that they were very good human rights record. and we would use them. be hires the same people sought after that but now they're legitimate because they're working under contract . to spicer was considered a respectable head of
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a mercenary organization but at first this business affairs didn't go too well he was dogged by failure. of companies not run by tip spies or fold on a couple hundred just against by customs and excise but he's accused of smuggling weapons illegally. when a private firm gets involved in foreign politics for the benefit of a criminal but you have to stop and ask ok this really happened or is this a fictitious you know james bond type story but it was a true story. out everywhere. in papa new guinea sound lile were arrested at the airport shuttle spicer is facing firearms charges linked to his bid to provide south african trade that's reason to put down on local recalled.
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sandline eventually collapsed on the way to back up just the ones that say you know in the short term you can say that with the successful company in terms of delivering an enormous amount of money to a shadow sensible to invest. in which to spice on a career where he was able to found what would then become one of the most significant five machines something in the world. he just. when nine eleven occurred everything.
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the contractor content of the armed forces went up astronomically at this hour american and coalition forces were in the early stages of military operations to disarm iraq. ideologically republicans my party wanted every single public function to be scrutinized analyzed evaluated and if possible privatized general shinseki the head of the us army at the time testified to congress and said if we're going to do iraq it's going to take several hundred thousand u.s. troops and very quickly the rest of the bush administration reacted negatively and he's absurd that's crazy it's not going to require those amount of troops and they actually simply drummed him out of the military it turned out he was right we did deploy several hundred thousand forces it was just through private military.
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so in the early days of iraq it was a gold watch you had companies coming out of nowhere including blackwater it was really a look at how boy it was when nobody had any control anybody doing anything with firearms in this country to say their private military company. was an a.t.m. for these companies. to. lose just from using private military contractors for understandable tasks. using private military
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contractors wholesale in my view took place without much debate and all everybody was a. little. contractors off first some gray area benefits to politicians everybody's concerned like we have a thousand boots on the ground and nobody ever asks how many contractors there is totally current boots on the ground. i'm. not going to be in the. bank than that and leave and not last and you back the chief. looked good not to put take yes you yes you too close you must not tell you on the most known
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stuff and you should because. if you go all the wolf and only you know nothing about it nothing about me did mean. nothing about should do me any. punishment much in an adult film about. too much i mean shouldn't mean bang. bang. so you did do to get skirt shoot for people shot in front of you ready shake his car. this is exactly. the security companies had the sensitivity of something as civilians would often if not always get caught in the crossfire.
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to real problems for the military so we sell the contractor presence in iraq in particular but afghanistan too was becoming contrary to what the mission was for the armed forces there for their presence was more danger that it was held. the problem was that we had all of these different private military companies running around we outsourced too quickly they weren't quare native both in contract terms but also in on the ground operational terms so what is your answer to a problem of outsourcing. outsource more we outsourced it to a private military company to coordinate the seemed to be ideal for us company was a huge contract it was half a billion dollars or just under that and it was just soon that one of the large big american companies would win it but it didn't work out that way these. kind of
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hidden spies that hit the headlines a few years ago here in the arms to africa affair involving you don't become the sun but kind of spies and now has developed a thriving business in private security and he recently won that monthly million pound contract welkin spies is with me now tim good morning what's your summary of the situation in terms of chaos or lord over i wouldn't advise people to go there. if the measures him put in place for their protection on sunday. he says contract in iraq was to have seats communication and coordination for the private security companies on the ground. in effect it meant that they were the general in charge of all the private
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contracts. at that point the us military was the largest machine presence in iraq but he had to get a hold of the private military contractors spices sixteen charged second watch some for sure. very rapidly it features such a machine. and it made to spy certain extremely healthy not a. majority of americans now think it was a mistake to go to war in iraq. early in the iraq war the president stood before a banner that said mission accomplished three and a half years later the debate is barack over why the u.s. is in a rack in the first place public support for the war is falling more americans want the troops to come home. in
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a brief ceremony on a base on the edge of baghdad the united states took down the flag of its command here to mark the end of the military mission. the u.s. money starting to be pulled out of the iraqi. field operations and the industry had to go through a very complicated reset. those companies had to realize that they weren't going to get that level of money again and so they had to offer a different. deal so that meant they would have to hire cheaper soldiers.
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will. go to war. for what they learn. from their cooking. and. don't want to or so mad. and. then you could outgrow. all the usual. and if you give you a hard one shot just to get it out of it or not and if you. don't have to and if you give you my. doubts if you michel you. know yourself
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in here. also look like one. by one to muslims in. the movie. and. on and. home a lot of goofball. i'd have a muslim to pop out but when we. got on the. up next what to me thinks. we need mission the street could see. it beat long sleep courtsey. got some shots of schmaltz. some people bad news
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to be is. when people will miss you still not like guns because i'm thinking of was my pundit's running from my phone. more than an. act. that i. think will be going to a man you don't want. that money. to be axed. and coach coughlin. good for homs. in a sense if. i drop it's.
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if. it was. more than. used to idea. of what i said when a function if not a. lot of. people. when i was just.
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when we first started into theater we were briefed on peruvian and columbia gorge slim and the natural question you ask is so what if they for these folks that are you know that's a time when i'm playing off memory cells but i'm pretty good at that that was about a thousand to twelve hundred of us and them oh i don't know six months a year ago it became. gondor guards at about eight hundred dollars a month him out on this most recent trip the company the claim form is
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a two hundred fifty dollars a month. well you know i guess rhetorically i don't expect any answer and you know if you can go a little lower could we find someone of slings but it's real. you know who you get what you pay for. private security industry will continue to act for. you're going to see private companies in the tree engaging in warfare. these are companies that are resisting all countries in the companies are thrown out and. these companies that are listed are now stuff just. fundamentally if you're
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a citizen of democracy and your government takes an action that you don't agree with you can vote that government out if a company or from your country is doing something you disagree with there's nothing you can do. people care a lot one or a dead soldier or dead marine shows up in this country and we start to ask yourself why did they die why do what were they fighting for nobody bothers to ask about that contractors. who cares. i mean there's nobody going to die and come home in a body bag get diverted over whatever. every american who
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serves joins an unbroken line of heroes i'm awed by their sacrifice. there's no one going to go out and protest in the streets of a contractors kill. the. the music of the ugandan in the open in iraq i did some missions here we'll end up in the can instead it's really your money it's your tax money. doing it but make sure cultishness don't get in trouble. private military contractors make a decision to go to war a lot easier. as part of ending
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a war responsibly is standing by those who fought it. love. your romance highlights. blood test playing. straight and johnson never has enough last. life style up her
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love the highlights plates cut double shot. w.'s program guide. highlights. dot com highlights. the scars. of the past still tangible. for good. for cities and. they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something . in peace time what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand
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a chance of darkness cities after starting march tenth on g.w. . player . this is c w news live from berlin a passenger plane crashes near moscow officials say all seventy one people on board were killed an investigation is underway to determine the cause of the craft. and south africa's governing african national congress is set to meet on monday to discuss the future of president jacob.
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