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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 15, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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the state of new year's live from berlin it's been a roller coaster ride but today south africa has a new president and thank you all for this great opportunity that i didn't give him and i will try to work very hard not to disappoint the people of south africa thank you very much. so what can south africa and the rest of the world expect from presidents from the pros and also on the program. the moment they suspected florida high school gunman was apprehended and arrested by police nineteen year old nicholas cruz has been charged with seventeen counts of murder president trump is to address the nation in the next few minutes. because.
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the international film festival begins with a bad movie saving with an animated feature set in the future we'll bring you the latest from the building ali a reaction to the may to campaign. hard for gail welcome to the program south africa has a new president several rather person as election comes a day after jacob zuma stepped down after his party and say ordered him to resign or face a parliamentary no confidence vote a short while ago from a post that was sworn in by chief justice but when. i. hear he was met with a standing ovation and dancing and pollard's the country's legislative a capital character on the.
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country's new president has addressed the legislature. that and many of you have spoken about unity you're spoken about for sure tism you've spoken largely about how we can all work together to improve the lives of five people that has a great deal of resonance with i believe in and what it tends to do. well they w a correspondent christine has been following this story a force welcome christine so not even describe the four hours has gone by and the country has a new president just bring us up to speed then with that the sequence of events all right so now that it is official i imagine some of us is going over a lengthy speech right now because tomorrow he is going to deliver the match anticipated state of the nation address this is when he talks to the south african public also talks to to the world watching we understand that leaders from across
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the continent it is around the world will be listening into that speech he's made a lot of promises about some of the things that he's going to say in that speech and so there is eager anticipation as to exactly what he will say tomorrow ok so a day into the job and he gets to write the state of the nation speech who is cyril ramaphosa take a look. he's made it a whole month of his campaign rallies we could do this live that's. why he called up here eighteen solo. also was. i'm steve from who are. on two just this. was not good enough you're going to want. some of because new president cyril ramaphosa had hoped this would set him apart from his former boss jacob zuma but after nine years on the zuma scandal ridden reign as south africa's new leader he faces many challenges
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ahead with a political coup. responding more than four decades from oppose it was a close ally of nelson mandela played a major role in the country's post apartheid democratic transition more than two decades have now passed since the end of the racist regime but inequalities remain firmly entrenched south africa is rich in resources but many lives without electricity all running water health care and schooling remains rudimentary eight out of ten nine year olds are classified as a literate unemployment levels of sky high more than two thirds of young people are jobless economic growth is being pretty much stagnant and to zuma run oppose it will be hoping to cash in on foreign investment since seumas resignation sent the rounds soaring high that could also help generate more needed jobs elected as soon as vice president in two thousand and fourteen rahm opposed it was never a lapdog he's criticized zuma in the past but will have to rebuild
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a lot of trust for a population that's fed up of seemingly endless stories of the a.n.c. is corruption for many young people this is a far more present issue than the party's post apartheid legacy that we're going to go to planet he manages his first most important task uniting his ruling party for the two thousand and nineteen elections. his election as a.n.c. leader in december was labeled as a turning point for south africa and now he's also the country's new leader. christine singing and dancing in parliament everybody well lots of people very happy when should remember though that the pows only just begun his challenge it to become a.n.c. president so can he unite his fractured party and that is the big question it's going to be a difficult balancing act to do that and i'll tell you why he pretty much has a mandate from the southwest and to tackle corruption the first test of that will
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be when he assembles his cabinet is he going to appoint suman loyalists onto his cabinet in the party that would be seen as heaving the divisions but in the face of the public that is not attacking corruption because a lot of zuma picks so to say are people associated with corruption and so he is a very difficult balancing act in terms of managing expectations of the public sphere but also maintaining divisions within the party they are similar royalists who say we now give you our backing surely you can shine us. on corruption is a big years in this it is a big one and that is one of the most immediate challenges that he has and he has alluded to that in he's address off to being elected officially in the parliament let's hear it from the man himself. issues that have to do with corruption issues of how we can straighten out our state owned enterprises and how we do with state kept its issues that
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are on our radar screen those are issues that we're going to be addressing and to morrow we will also have an opportunity to outline some of the steps that we are going to be taking. ok so that's the new president looking forward what happens to the old presidents now jacob zuma well we wait to see just how the law will take its course we know from hearing from opposition parties from civil rights groups out within the south african society they have made it clear that they will be pushed suing courts to have them go off to prison jacob zuma of course we have talked about a president whose time in office has really been clouded by corruption allegations we know that a lot of those charges are going to stick phil that he would have to see his day in court so he is looking at not a peaceful retirement so to say but a lot of court appointments potentially coming up and we can see that justice is
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swiftly taking place we know that people associated all those who have to because he is so it's a sensation with the president the crypt a family that has close ties with the president of that has been accused of having access to state resources because of the affiliation to prison jacob zuma the law is already camping down on those people and we expect that in no time president jacob zuma him self will have to be on a host of charges to present to retire to spend more time with his lawyers christine thank you. watching the d.w. news live from berlin and in the course of the next few minutes we're expecting to hear from u.s. president donald trump who is to address the nation with regards to the shooting in florida if that happens in the next fifteen minutes or so we'll bring it to you live on the w. had a vow to take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world zimbabwe's
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opposition leader morgan chandra has died of cancer age sixty five is the jogger i found at the movement for democratic change was a fierce critic of president robert mugabe he won almost half the votes in the first round of the two thousand and eight election but boycotted the right of hunting. victory at two the president. the ethiopian the prime minister stepping down seen here in twenty thirty highly disciplined said he said in his resignation letter that he would continue in the row until the transition of power was complete as comes of it's a theo his worst antigovernment protests in a quarter of a century demonstrators have been called for political reform and an end to government corruption. as i mentioned a gunman in the u.s. state of florida has killed seventeen people in the latest school shooting to show the country the suspect is a nineteen year old former student who was expelled last year from the high school north of miami for
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a move now moving on to other matters the charity save the children says more children than ever are living in conflict areas and are at risk of death and violence their report cites syria afghanistan and somalia as the worst countries for young people and goes on to say that more than three hundred fifty million children that's one in six worldwide a living in conflict zones for that so let's get some business news now on a frenzy on south africa's financial markets presumably reacting to the news of jacob zuma departure it's not just a whole lot of south africans on the streets celebrating phil it's also investors who are over the moon that a pro-business reformer has replaced zuma benchmark south african stocks climbing over three and a half percent on thursday on track for their biggest daily gain in nearly three years the country's currency the rand climbing to its highest in three years at over eleven sixty five to the us dollar the broader african footsie jase s e all
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share index which excludes south african shares has been trading over twenty percent up. south africa's economy took a beating under ex president jacob zuma it's four men to recession the country's bonds are rated junk and the political elite is no longer trusted. political mismanagement its second largest city cape town is running out of water fast growth has declined steadily from more than three percent seven years ago to less than two percent in recent years one of the weakest rates for all of sub-saharan africa. is really crushing at the moment stability is very difficult so you just you can just be for the big say the country's hope is resting on this man's shoulder as cyril ram opposes a former union leader who's become a wealthy businessman since he was appointed head of the ruling african national congress in december the country's currency has surged by ten percent against the
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dollar. that's a good sign that investors are banking on a change in south africa for. annual profit said european aviation giant air bus have jumped by about two billion euros but there are clouds on the horizon it recently announced a management shakeup after corruption allegations and there's trouble with some models starting with the ailing a three eighty super jumbo it was almost cancelled due to lack of demand but was given a lifeline last month when you buy based carrier emirates ordered thirty six of them in is the a four hundred military transport which was commissioned in two thousand and three it's been plagued by technical problems still demand for the a three twenty series remains robust than our body jets are of special interest to asian airlines and airbus has just tested a long range transatlantic version well lets you know we bought our financial
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correspondent in frankfurt to talk about this all the us is putting its own spin on today's results trying to look past its plane problems signaling strong future growth how's that flying with analysts. it's flying and the share is flying with it it's going up by about ten percent since huge demand there's a lot of turnover in it as well investors are ready to buy that story the air bus has problems or perhaps over in many of the important cases you mentioned the a three eighty well there's no orders without the military jet the transporter also seems to be heading for a little bit better times in terms of the balance sheet as well and airbus is aiming whether this comes true or not is another story but it's aiming to increase its record deliveries twenty seventeen so never before seven hundred eighteen plea planes being delivered to airlines and this year it's gunning for eight hundred so
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investors are of course seriously hoping to get some mirrored in the profits picture as well and ok to another corporate giant despite so much all of my ization and streamlining the swiss food giant nestlé is disappointing turning into calls to disappoint but i think you could say. that's right and the shareholders are not too happy that shares going down by about two point three two point five percent something like that and this on a day when most other shares are going up not like airbus but most shares are going up and that's lizza constant disappointment totally correct since two thousand and fifteen profits have been going down and the profit went down for twenty seventeen by a whopping fifteen percent and it's not just about cost cutting you can cost cut and you can digitalize but you also have to be able to sell and for example in the north american market sweets and ice cream didn't sell and marchin either the relatively new c.e.o. still he wants to restructure the company to expand in areas like for example pet
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food or baby food and he wants to expand on health products something you knows about coming from german health group physios to nestle. on the ups and downs of some of those european giants thank you for your analysis. now these are not good days to be a pig in china for the burgeoning middle class once it's meat and they want to eat it too especially poll the number of peaks increasing from four hundred to seven hundred million in just a decade the nations turning to factory style farms to meet the surge in demand. it's not exactly hog heaven but this is how a pig's life looks in china a small cage in a metal stall with computer controlled feeding using highly enriched soybeans by the end of the year ten thousand saudis will live here and their piglets will be turned into twenty thousand tonnes of pork it's just one of several mass farms in southwestern china being built this year. large scale farming means profits can
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only go up and margins will be bigger because we have reduced costs and resources. not only the stalls are designed for efficiency so is the breeding in the laboratory next door technicians are working on imported semen to boost productivity for two years now china has spent ten billion dollars on expanding its mass production based on the american model you like to lose heart pigs have always been reared on what we call a pig farm but in fact a modern pig farm is more like a pig factory pig factory until now it's been the traditional farms that have predominated more than half of meat comes from small farms like this one farmer she hung way has thirty eight sow's he's already switched to soya feed to make them grow faster but that's not enough he has neither the money nor the land to dispose of pig manure in an environmentally friendly manner and that's why the government is closing down thousands of small farms like his. boat who are cross spec'd
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for small farmers it's tough to say your house will carry on for another two to three or three to four years and then decide to quit myself i just don't know if. it's also a change for chinese consumers they're often skeptical about mass farming. i do take the animals well being into consideration but we have no way of knowing how the pigs are raised most of china's pork now comes from us production and that's brought stable prices but. the meat cannot show how the pig lived. so he imported semen what's the next question you're talking about. if you were listening. so i could read we'll go to brussels now where nato defense ministers are gathered for a second day of talks but the summit is being overshadowed by the fraying
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relationship between the united states washington are deeply divided over the role of the kurdish rebels the y. p.g. in the fight against the islamic state group the u.s. says the y.p. g.'s a key member in the war against the extremists turkey says they are part of a terrorist organization and have to be expelled from the region well correspondent to teri schultz joins us from nato headquarters in brussels welcome terry u.s. defense secretary has been speaking with his counterpart but what came out about me he said. well yes if you listen to secretary mabus he says that the u.s. and turkey are finding common ground he admits the problems are very complicated in fact the most complicated he's seen in four decades of his military career but if you listen to him he says that there they're going to be able to work it out that they're finding common ground and there's still some uncommon ground now the turks
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are not quite so positive the turks are having none of this u.s. insistence that the wife is not part of the p.k. k. a terrorist organization so while the defense minister has been talking prime minister has also been talking about this issue he's been speaking with the w.c. sister station let's have a listen. the u.s. has decided to work together with terror organizations in syria to fight against my ass. because. we have a problem with the why. if the usa sides with the wife in a war against us then we are also fighting against america. no sign of compromise that. absolutely not in fact the turkish defense minister minister john hinkley says that matt is told him that the
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wife was not only not part of the p.k. k. but the that the wife would fight against the p.k. k. turkish defense minister said that's simply not a rational position so it seems that they have no common ground on that and this is very worrisome here at nato while they say this is a bilateral issue between the u.s. and turkey these are the alliances two largest militaries and the idea that they could be marching toward each other in some kind of eventual direct clash is really really unsettling ok so no solution base nato summit what happens next. that's right know that the two sides left very far apart but u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson will be in turkey tomorrow he's already been warned of the same turkish position that you have to get rid of the wife you cannot support them you need to kick them out of the syrian democratic forces or we simply can't work with you it's unclear what till tillerson will be bringing in his back pocket and then of course our conversations will continue at the munich security
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conference where all the big wigs in the defense world are will be gathered this weekend terry shoals nato headquarters in brussels thank you. the united nations says the number of civilians killed and wounded in afghanistan went down last year i welcome the news for pointed out that it still means that as many as ten thousand men women and children lost their lives in the country last year much of the violence is carried out by the taliban are militants linked to islamic state. for seventeen years the wail of sirens has provided a disturbing soundtrack to afghanistan's suffering often the first response to violent attacks like this one that's a government office last month ninety five people were killed and hundreds were injured when the taliban took aim with a car bomb. was.
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the united nations has been counting the civilian cost of conflict in recent years in two thousand and seventeen you know documented ten thousand four hundred and fifty three civilian casualties and nine percent decrease from two thousand and sixteen. through this reduction is an important step but i must emphasize that two thousand and seventeen was the fourth consecutive year where the mission recorded more than ten thousand civilian casualties much of the violence has been the work of a result didn't taliban and the americans of militants linked to the islamic state earlier this month security officials raided an i.a.s. hideout packed with explosives. of the more than ten thousand victims last year many are so young they have known only a world of war. all right so you're watching
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a d.w.i. news live from the president of the united states donald trump has just taken the podium to talk to america about the school shooting that happened last night let's listen in and evil around two thirty yesterday afternoon the police responded to reports of gunfire at marjorie stoneman douglas high school in parkland florida a great and safe community. there a shooter who is now in custody opened fire on defense of students and teachers. he murdered seventeen people. and badly wounded at least fourteen others our entire nation. with one heavy heart is praying for the victims and their families. to every
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parent teacher and child who is hurting so badly. we are here for you whatever you need whatever we can do to ease your pain. we are all joined together as one american family and your suffering. is our burden also no child no teacher should ever be in danger in an american school. no parent should ever have to fear for their sons and daughters when they kiss them goodbye in the morning. each person who was stolen from us yesterday had a full life ahead of them a life filled with wondrous beauty. and unlimited potential and promise
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each one had dreams to pursue love to given talents to share with the world. and each one had a family to home they meant everything in the world today we mourn for all of those who lost their lives. we comfort the grieving and the wounded. and we hurt for the entire community of parklane florida that is now in shock in pain and searching for answers to law enforcement first responders and teachers who responded so bravely in the face of danger we thank you for your courage. soon after the shooter i spoke with governor scott to convey our deepest sympathies to the people
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of florida and our determination to assist in any way that we can i also spoke with florida attorney general pam bondi and broward county sheriff scott is you i'm making plans to visit parkland to meet with families and local officials and to continue coordinating the federal response in these moments of heartache and darkness we hold on to god's word in scripture i have heard your prayer and senior tears i will heal you we trust in that promise and we hold fast to our fellow americans and their time of sorrow i want to speak now directly to america's children especially those who feel lost alone confused. or even scared i want you to know
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that you are never alone and you never will be. you have people who care about you who love you and who will do anything at all to protect you if you need help to turn to a teacher a family member a local police officer or a faith leader. answer hate with love answer cruelty with kindness we must also work together to create. but only with that i will have more on what president trying to say to the united states and i said at the top of the hour i'm going to. look through.
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the. good shape i use amy like this. or are you seeing me like that. cataracts and macular degeneration could be the reason that common the only problem is among older people we'll talk to an expert about the symptoms and treatment options. to send this quality of life in good shape next on. more intrigued international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week the u.s. and russia threatening to upgrade their nuclear capacity is china is expanding its
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own snowfall and then there's north korea is the world on the brink of a nuclear arms race fine average. sixty minutes on. the scars on the move the peace process to tangible. suffering occurs. god. for cities. they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but they also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something new coming in peace time what needs to happen if tolerance and
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reconciliation are to stand a chance of darkness cities after starting march tenth on t w. welcome to in good shape coming up. fighting headlights painlessly and chemical free. fatty liver dangerous but treatable.


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