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both. here and bush you know. starting march thirteenth g.w. . player. plays. business d w musical live from bergland the u.n. warns of a planned apocalypse in syria's civil war the un hoop human rights chief says there is no acceptable justification for the syrian government's brutal assault on eastern ghouta we will go live to geneva more on the u.n. just released and wolf human rights report. also coming up britain and russia trade
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accusations of denials that's a former russian spy fights for his life after being exposed to me the mystery substance we'll go live to moscow for a look at the international fallout plus more white house may have double chunks top economic adviser gary cohen resigns over the president's threat to be ignore the dangers of trade more and impose tariffs on steel and aluminum. plate. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks so much for joining us. the u.n. human rights chief has said that the syrian government is risking the lives of hundreds of thousands to target a few hundred fighters in eastern good and there is no moral or legal justification for at presenting the un's annual human rights report just now he also called
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claims by the syrian regime that it's trying to protect civilians ridiculous with an eight hundred civilians have died in recent fighting in the rebel held. in eastern guta death legs at every corner. the struggle for survival here is ceaseless sustained shelling on the city has led to the u.n. calling this the deadliest week for the syrian town since a cease fire was brokered at the end of last month's time and even after. the. children have been the worst affected. by this camera man stops to rescue a severely injured infant the image too graphic to show. the u.n. children's fund says the situation is desperate. the first two months of the
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here have been especially bloody for children we have received reports of over one thousand should run who were killed and so usually injured in the holes here yeah only since the year began. monday brought some reprieve aid trucks reached the embattled area for the first time since the offensive began. despite the excitement the world food program once it's far from enough. up to four hundred thousand people trapped on the inside of these people are living under siege and by that we mean there are serious shortages medical assistance of food food insecurity is very high the u.n. security council will hold urgent talks later today on the failure of the thirty day cease fire but with no end to the war in sight the people of eastern ghouta remain in agony. and for more we're joined now by un human rights office spokeswoman the sani from geneva thank you so much for joining us this morning we
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have heard from your annual report the description of an apocalypse facing civilians in syria who's to blame the syrian government first and foremost is to blame but the international community shares this thing it's been seven years now since the conflict in syria began and there has been not one step taken by the security council to show that it is resolute and concerted in bringing this conflict to an end and in bringing the perpetrators of these created by the actions of human rights and humanitarian law to account we're looking at pictures of destruction there they you know syrians they have endured violence on a huge scale for years now how would you assess the threats to the population how have they changed over the last year. you know when it when it really struck me about your coverage and here was that you said that images of children in syria
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were too graphic to be shown on television let's think about that for a second when images of children are too graphic to be shown on television that tells you that something is seriously wrong these attacks that the syrian government and its allies are claiming are to root out terrorist groups when you can don't show pictures of children on television these attacks are clearly not getting the targets they are hitting civilians and we know that the u.n. that you have been involved in efforts to broker a cease fire we know that the last u.n. backed cease fire failed to take hold in eastern good to what in your assessment needs to change for any truce to hold going forward well the security council a understand they're holding it urgent meeting today they need to talk about a cease fire that can actually hold the need to put concrete measures into the cease fire for it to bolt and they need to hold all the parties to the conflict to account to ensure that it's there's an urgent need for humanitarian aid to be able
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to go in and as we saw that the convoy that did finally manage to go in not to such an all time only partially succeeded to turn around there needs to be very complete action and and one of the things that we've been calling folk of many years now is for the security council to take action towards accountability when the security council shows that it is so mean up to to push for syria to be reproached to detach them in a court that sends a message to the parties to the conflict that they can carry on with business as usual i want to drill down and talk a little bit more about one of the parties in this conflict. and ask for your assessment on their claims because we know that the un human rights chief also dismissed syrian government claims about its campaign in eastern good to as being ridiculous what is the government saying and where do its claims breakdown in your view. the government is saying that this is. targeted you know
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very happy against terrorist groups now we do not deny that there are groups that are extremist and there are there are its roots but if you're talking about a few hundred scientists this is an area that is you who ties an area with possibly four hundred thousand these who have been under siege for many years now they haven't had access to their basic necessities there's been a shortage of food medicine and we now have reports of thousands of injured city and and these injured civilians do not have access to medical care and they have nowhere to go there is no evacuation possible even if they want to leave so these claims that this is you know a targeted attack against terrorist groups as the high commissioner said is ridiculous. shamdasani we would like to thank you this morning for joining us to share that message as we mentioned you are the spokesperson for the u.n. human rights office we appreciate it thank you let's get
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a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world the united states has announced more sanctions on north korea this after washington formally concluded that the country used chemical weapons to assassinate the half brother of leader kim jong il and at qual him for airport last year kim jong nam died after a nerve agent was sprayed in his face. sri lanka has declared a state of emergency after anti muslim violence mobs made up of the majority buddhist population attacked muslim owned shops and homes and at least two people have been killed the government has deployed soldiers to riot areas and impose a curfew. and in germany eight members of a far right group face verdicts today they've been on trial over a series of attacks on refugees and left wing activists federal prosecutors are calling for up to eleven years in prison for the perpetrators and could classify the so-called group as
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a terrorist organization or britain has warned russia of grave consequences if the kremlin was behind this expected poisoning of a former russian spy sergey. and x. russian intelligence officer living in the u.k. was struck down alongside his daughter by a mystery substance the pair were taken critically ill on sunday in the southern city of salisbury observers say that the episode bears the hallmarks of a russian assassination attempt this security camera footage is of keen interest to british counterterror thirty's it could show a couple merely taking a nonchalant stroll but police are investigating anyone who was in the area around the time russian spy sergei scruple and his daughter yulia collapsed near a shopping center on sunday and this corridor connects salisbury's easy restaurant where the couple are reported to have dined and the park bench where they were found unconscious days later large areas remain cordoned off hazmat crews have
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extensively decontaminated several locations including the nearby hospital where they were taken police have moved to reassure the public calling the measures routine get the incident is anything but. it's particularly shocking that incident such as this appears to happened balakot sunday afternoon walk with eagle city. scrupled was a colonel in russia's military intelligence service he was arrested in russia in two thousand and four and convicted of spying for britain two years later in two thousand and ten he was freed as part of a high level spy exchange now a scruple in his thirty three year old daughter yulia are fighting for their lives it's thought yulia was visiting her father from moscow. british foreign secretary boris johnson says the case echoes the death by poisoning of former russian agent alexander litvinenko and he is promising a tough response if investigators indeed find evidence of russian involvement.
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while it would be wrong to prejudge the investigation i can reassure the house that should evidence emerge that implies state responsibility then her majesty's government will respond appropriately robustly and he's not the only one pointing blame at russia. and there are a man with hazmat suits walking around solsbury and the empty terrorist police and so the obvious conclusion or the obvious theory i should say is that this was a russian kremlin organized assassination attempt russia is strongly denying any involvement in the case. and for more let's bring indeed that his very own emily short when who is standing by with the latest from moscow and emily as we just heard there russia stands accused of being behind this is it certain that they are and how has the reaction been there in moscow.
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well the reaction has been a definite denial this morning the the foreign ministry spokeswoman has the heart of a said again that these allegations look designed to worsen u.k. russian relations and she also called this a u.k. anti russian campaign yesterday she also strongly denied any of these accusations and called boris johnson's words why old now you have to understand that here in russia as well well first of all the foreign minister is right in the sense that there haven't been any conclusions from the investigation which the spokeswoman pointed out as well she said that this was you know a bit too early to be making political conclusions and she also you have to understand that this is part of a narrative here in russia that's popular among politicians
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as well as people here on the streets people very much believe that there is a an anti russian western campaign going on which includes the western sanctions as well as these doping accusations and now of course these new accusations. against russia as well but not everyone buys into that story emily and i'd like to just play a sound bite now for our viewers to highlight one of those views we spoke with a bill brower a kremlin critic and author this is what he had to say i want to play it and then get your reaction there after. it has to create these vicious circumstances for traders and they did that with alexander litvinenko the man who was murdered in london with polonium. back ten years ago you know more than ten years ago and and they join up with other people all over the world there this is the this is the for anybody who is a trader. the most harsh punishment and doesn't matter whether they're a foreign country or russia this is the kind of thing that happens to traders.
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emily what are we to make of that is it fair to make this in france says well there's a definitely strong words there from bill browder you have to point out of course that there have been some high profile deaths of opponents of the russian government over the years however there are often in most cases hasn't been any direct evidence linking the kremlin to those deaths and russia has always denied denied being linked and in this case bill browder is pointing out the case of takes on that particular. russian spy who died in two thousand and six after his tea was poisoned. and there are a lot of parallels in that case as well russia denies being linked but you have to remember that city hall was actually part of voluntary spy swap that took place in two thousand and ten so russia gave him up voluntarily and also relations with the
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west are already pretty bad between the west and russia and between the u.k. and russia things were just getting better. johnson made his first state visit to russia just a few months ago after five years after relations worsened after this you can yankel case in particular so it wouldn't really be in russia's interest to worsen those relations particularly ahead of the presidential elections and ahead of the world cup that's coming up this year i'm only sure when in moscow thank you. you're watching news still to come on the program a preview of tomorrow's elections in sierra leone a country hit by economic crisis in the aftermath of the a bull outbreak and we will have a special report. but it means time it is turned over within the trumpet ministration over tariffs a lot of teas but in fact it's no laughing matter as helen as about another season
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shouldn't really teehee about it another offer has handed in their resignation at the white house sarah that is gary cohen and donald trump's leading economic advisor and he's become the latest high ranking white house employee to quit his post stepping down as the director of the national economic council now he has been the leading internal opponent trumps plans to impose import tariffs on steel and on a million now it came off that he spent days trying and well failing to persuade president trump to change his mind flayers about the how wall street journal called him an economic policy powerhouse gary cohn was a key architect of trump's tax cut it may have been framed as economic populism but to the former head of investment bank goldman sachs it was common sense but his boss ignored cohen's advice on another key issue we are taxed for as well we will be in imposing tariffs or steel imports in tariffs or
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a little bit of reports you're going to see a lot of good things happening and that was apparently too much for conan who reportedly spent weeks warning the president of protectionist policies would only harm u.s. interests and anger key allies. there is literally nothing to be guy. in the united states at all from imposing i tariff on australian steel exports so that's so we've made a very strong case. and. we're continuing to make your. attention now turns to who will take. place at the podium where the president is denying rumors of a shortage of top flight candidates individuals so many people want to come in i have a choice of anybody i could take any position in the white house and i'll have a choice of the ten top people having to do with that position everybody wants to be there and they love this white house because we have energy like rarely before
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the other really as gary cohn prepares to leave the white house markets are once again on edge amid fears the president could now be free to launch a full scale trade war. well as get an idea of how investors all reacting to the resignation of trump's top economic advisor frank stock exchange for us was there was that. well and people are taking this very seriously because. gary coleman was seen as one of the last sensible people on the economic side in the white house at least according to the wishes and the concepts of people here have economic and financial policy and of course there's deep regret and there's worry that someone competent and with enough influence over donald trump to take his place having said that the market in general seems to be quite calm but when you look at the shares of affected companies for example
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a steelmaker that's going down and i'm lauren v.w. the two big car makers here in germany are the two biggest losers in the dax b.m.w. also down so concern is very clearly expressed in this haven't you and also the oil prices going down worries that this will spill over into a trade war not just between germany and europe in the united states but perhaps encompassing others as well as these trade wars tend to spill over into other markets you can't contain them once a spiral gets going and also the dollar is affected it's going down to. you mention the call make that would be talking of calm make it seems that the head of p.s.a. persia's to try and is using patience when it comes to tell us move. yes he's saying that he can't decide on huge investment in ellesmere port without having clarity on the final competitiveness of the u.k. after a brac sets and that's an appeal to the politicians to finally get underway and
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spell out what what this means and there's a lot of stake here ellesmere port there eight hundred eighteen hundred workers there and if it's all the sides and the p.s.a. to zero it's a trend chief not to make huge investments in the future well that hurts the competitive as and probably means a plant closure. we bought for us in front thank you. when you've got to be a brave investment jump on the volatile bitcoin bandwagon central banks commercial banks politicians that will warn you that the cryptocurrency comes with considerable risk but apparently some teenagers in australia not heeding that warning they have grown up with tech and see bitcoin and other digital currencies as an opportunity rather than a threat. for dean is going to injure him it all started when he bought his first bitcoin at age fifteen so. i basically didn't really spend much money in high
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school i saved it all and. my own my plan was to you know put it all into investments. four years on the university student in australia has a diverse crypto portfolio and helps others to invest although analysts around the world dissuade people and especially youngsters from trading in crypto currencies followed by most banks in australia are even banning their customers from buying big coin with credit cards. we've grown up would take we understand how to use the internet quickly we can really do our own race as quickly mike and line opinions about things via the internet very quickly in spite of all the risks and the recent downturn more and more teenagers investing cryptocurrency they talk about it during recess that's why a brisbane high school decided to host a session for students and parents about safe online crypto trading. groups to be
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fully aware to make informed decisions top tips for future investors do your research take chances and consider the warnings. as i was there and i was very soon sierra leone i'm going to the polls to select the next president yeah in fact there are quite a lot of candidates check this out alan it's sixteen in fact who are vying for the top job with four seen as having a realistic chance including front runners from the incumbent all people's congress and the opposition people's party whoever wins will face the tough task of turning around an economy that has been rocked by recent crises including the devastating a bull outbreak of twenty fourteen now the creation filed this report from mckenzie home of the outgoing president. there's certainly choice in these elections a total of sixteen candidates are vying for the presidency. not that that's any
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comfort for does memorise he's frustrated with his government but also says there's no real alternative. he is the. new would reach so for me. we first met rees four years ago during the outbreak he was working as a volunteer having a red cross burial team. it was a high risk job and a place great stress on his personal lives. up to now had to give. the government promise to recognize reese and his colleagues efforts by granting
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them special payments once the epidemic was over so far though they've received nothing according to the country's auditor general at least fourteen million dollars in aid have simply disappeared an example of corruption corruption is a key theme in the election campaign to. they're so corrupt we've never seen they've created a perfect place to proceed with illegals using every ministry in every contract let me give you an example. it is only in my country that you could spend five kilometer road in the middle of the country in the middle of the main city five kilometers yet spending four with twins you didn't do it but the ruling party's presidential candidate some or a come our is more relaxed on the subject. any country in the world. it depends on the magnitude of corruption but good to understand shows gives corrupt activities that is corrupt presidents. a lot of votes in strengthening the fight against.
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the winds are going to do with. tomorrow was minister for foreign affairs until last year when he was nominated for the presidential race by the country's current leader ernest koroma koroma has ruled for ten years and now has to step down as the governing body a.b.c. is mainly trying to sell its successes in infrastructural projects idea and the home base of the party they enjoy a comfortable majority but in other parts of the country people are not so happy about the situation. including desmond reads like many others he believes the election will be won by the main opposition party or even the governing party itself and either way reece is certain he won't get adequate recognition for all his hard work during the in boulder crisis he does have some hope though that one day more funds will be invested in the country's health system instead of being siphoned off through corruption. announce a sports news and in the champions league last night all three hundred m.
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liverpool sealed their places in the quarter finals liverpool defeated porto five nail on aggregate while vale madrid travel to paris and rome on what they comfortable lead from the first leg they were welcomed by a hostile crowd. how did but christiane over naldo opened the scoring in the fifty second minute to further the visitors advantage at the same cavani equalize for p.s.g. but it wasn't nearly enough real madrid goes through winning on the road to one and five two and i think. a quick reminder of the top stories that we've been following for you here at g.w. the united nations has slammed the syrian government for risking hundreds of thousands of lives to target a few hundred fighters in eastern to talk more than eight hundred civilians have died in recent fighting in the rebel enclave. and donald trump's top economic advisor is resigning. gary cohn is leaving the white house over the president's
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right to ignore the dangers of a trade war and impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. and don't forget you can always get see that the good news on the go just download our app from google fiber from the apple store it will give you access to all the latest views from ground the world and pressure to patients crank breaking news you can use the t.v. to send us photos and videos that you think are newsworthy and you can also watch this program on live stream. i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching i hope to see you can see. the. movie.
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