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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 13, 2018 1:00pm-1:30pm CET

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this is t w news live from berlin an attempted assassination and britain's using a nerve agent developed during brush off soviet era london sets a midnight deadline for answers the british prime minister says it was highly likely the kremlin was behind the poison attack against a former russian spy. also coming up the u.n. denounces what it calls the world's most monstrous indifference and seriously. this is a story now of accountability and responsibility oh look we're going to open some
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acts of relief in these dozens of sick and injured leave under a deal with russia and more medical evacuations are expected today. and the u.s. government kills an attempt to take over a major semiconductor maker of qualcomm the trumpet ministrations site national security concerns and washing the twenty one billion dollars hostile bid from a single port based rival broadcom. and sumi so misconduct good to have you with us britain has issued a midnight deadline for russia to explain why a deadly nerve agent developed by the soviet era military was used in an assassination attempt from here in germany a conservative ally of chancellor merkel says if russia doesn't provide answers there should be a quote joint western response the former russian spy circus cripple and his daughter remain in critical condition more than
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a week after being found unconscious in the city of salzburg. this is where as the prime minister puts it somebody attacked the u.k. authorities say the nerve agent was made in russia the question is who deployed it a rogue element for the russian state. mr speaker this attempted murder using a weapons grade nerve agent in a british town was not just a crime against the script calls it was an indiscriminate and reckless act against the united kingdom putting the lives of innocent civilians at risk officially moscow says it has nothing to do with the incident a russian foreign ministry spokeswoman said made a statement was a circus show put on for parliament russian state t.v. went even further if the problem was crushing if you think about it the only ones who would benefit from the poisoning other british in order to defeat the russophobia that so are you all saw for the. people in salzburg who are near where
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the attack took place have been told to wash their clothes the russian ambassador will be summoned to say whether his government was responsible refuse answer fails to allay suspicions that the kremlin was behind the attack we must theresa may has promised a robust response although she did not say what that would be. like it was more in the story now with our correspondents we have forest whiting with us here in our studios and over in moscow we have our correspondent emily sure win with the latest good to have you both with us alice let's start with you about how can tourism a government be really so sure here that moscow is behind this poisoning well government scientists porton down the trees which are actually carried out government test carried out tests on this particular nerve agent called novacek and they have to terminate it was developed in the seventy's and eighty's by the soviet military as part of that cold war strategy it's never never been use. before
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however they you know surprised and i think pretty shocked that this is what was discovered in this attack. as i say the scientists are concerned about that and although russia has denied any particular involvement in this a two reason may has said it was either in use used intentionally by russia or if not had lost control of this nerve agent which was very concerning and that's why she's asking for answers by midnight why she set a deadline because she wanted to give time i think for the allies not just in the u.k. but also across the world to come together and to support the u.k. so she's already heard from france she's heard from the e.u. also from nato and in particular from the u.s. a u.s. from the u.s. state secretary there who has said that we stand in solidarity with our allies in
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the u.k. and that those responsible should face appropriately serious consequences so very strong words from him and i think that after this attack on the former k.g.b. agent in london in two thousand and six litvinenko the u.k. was accused of not being strong and often against russia i think that reason may who used to be the home secretary in the u.k. wants to prove that she is protecting the u.k. and that she will do everything in her power to make sure that those who are culpable are brought to account ok so the pressure is mounting on moscow left brings us to us really this morning russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov once again denied any connection and he actually accused the u.k. of being uncooperative let's listen to exactly what he had to say. those of us yes it's. we immediately made an official request to gain access to the substance so that our experts could carry out an analysis in line with the chemical
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weapons convention. and we also asked for access to all the facts associated with the investigation given that one of the victims is you yes chris all russian citizen. but in response to these completely legal requests that come from the chemical weapons convention we have received that in comprehensible response which broadly comes down to the fact that these legal requests are refused. ok so emily there he's saying that the u.k. has refused his requests to have access to this evidence is this is an answer to teresa mayes ultimatum. i think that may be the russian answer for today it certainly seems like. his issuing his own sort of ultimatum to the u.k. they're demanding samples of the nerve agent that is believed to have been used he
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is saying that russia is willing to cooperate in the investigation if it has full access to this nerve agent and also to all the facts he also as we just heard pointed out that one of the people involved one of the victims is actually a russian citizen so that is another argument for russia being involved in the investigation going forward and in a way this is love of kind of putting putting the ball back in the u.k.'s court and this may was hoping for some kind of an admission or a concession i think that she is unlikely to get that tonight by midnight when the ultimatum runs out and instead we'll have to wait and see whether there is any response to this word and the response when it comes to the investigation because i think that's kind of all we're going to get from the russian side today you know just comes at a time russia is just ahead of a presidential election months away from hosting the world cup the soccer world cup what does this all mean for the kremlin. well that
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is a good question the timing certainly kind of doesn't really seem to make sense here for russia yes on the one hand politicians here have been saying that this is part of some sort of anti russian campaign that's been going on in the west and that rhetoric is very much being used in the run up to the election as well that russia is strong in the face of adversity from the west but ultimately this timing seems odd at the end of the year the british foreign minister came to russia for his first official visit to russia in five years and it seemed to be the first step towards improving u.k. russian relations and ahead of the world cup as well russia would want to put his best foot forward so it seems like strange timing ok now it's coming back to you you mentioned the u.k. was criticized for its reaction to the two thousand and six case with litvinenko in london and the west seems determined to not let this go this time also easily
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rather what are its options here just briefly if you can well i mean we know that they can expel diplomats they can freeze bank accounts of the can do what they've done before but also there was talk about them consulting allies in nato about invoking five that's the principle of common defense you hurt one of us you hurt all of us and therefore we could see more diplomatic sanctions economic sanctions are at our correspondents alex forrest waiting with us here in our studio to emily sure when in moscow thank you both. to some other stories making news around the world investigators in nepal of retrieve the flight data recorder from an aircraft that crashed at katmandu airport on monday authorities are hoping it might help them identify the cause of the accident the u.s. bungler airlines flight crashed on arrival from dhaka at least forty nine people were killed. an explosion struck the convoy of the palestinian prime minister as he made
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a rare visit to the gaza strip rami hum dollah is understood to be safe and has attended an event scheduled the palestinian presidency has blamed a mosque for the explosion a brawl has a ruptured in turkey's parliament after lawmakers voted to approve controversial changes to the country's electoral laws critics say the amendments could lead to election fraud and help president budget type area to want to further consolidate his hold on power. and turkey's army has surrounded the northern syrian city of a free the move marks a major advance in turkish efforts to oust kurdish fighters it's fused as terrorists seven seven hundred thousand civilians are now trapped enough rain this on verify footage purports to show where roadblock preventing residents from leaving staying with syria and the united nations says the time for hope is over in a new report out today the u.n. human rights council in particular put it to the plight of children caught up in the seven year conflict more than one thousand of them have already been killed and
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injured since this year began here's more of what the u.n. deputy high commissioner for human rights had to say this is a story no longer of hope this is a story of accountability and responsibility in order that hope may once again return to those who at the moment literally under the rubble and ruin the nation that has been caused by this longstanding most shameful most preventable conflict that is in syria. well that comes as around one hundred civilians have managed to leave syria's besieged eastern ghouta under a medical evacuation deal with russia syrian state media showed images of civilians arriving at a crossing manned by the syrian army evacuations come even as the largest rebel group in eastern guta vowed to continue fighting earlier the u.s.
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warned that if needed it would act to end what it called the hote in human suffering in syria more than a thousand civilians have been killed in eastern guta since government forces began a siege in mid february. and let's bring in deed of essential vora she's monitoring developments from beirut in neighboring lebanon. these are the first evacuations that to leave eastern near damascus how significant is this and why has this taken so long for the numbers of very few there are. going to be live. but actually. let's do. it. ok it looks like we're having some trouble with that connection to our correspondent on savor of reporting there rest there for us now from beirut on the first evacuations from eastern kuta in syria. let's move on now you're watching
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a d.-w. news still to come and investigative reporters murder sparks some of the biggest protests of bakiyev has ever seen the government under pressure to clean up corruption in the e.u. investigate if it is up to the task. but first from deal maker to deal breaker donald trump's administration stopping a huge takeover in the tech industry cowhide that's right soon after imposing tariffs on steel and many of us president donald trump has stopped the proposed mega acquisition of us should make a call called by singapore based broadcom again citing national security concerns have been trying to fend off the takeover bid for months now u.s. president trump has stepped in and to draw a definite line on the unsolicited approach. welcome is the words largest producer of mobile phone chips licensing its signal logy which apple for example depends on for its i phones is
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a real cash cow that brought in five billion dollars and twenty seventeen. this makes qualcomm an attractive targets for its competitor broadcom based in singapore to one hundred twenty one billion dollars deal would have been the technology industries most costly takeover of or it would have also created a new semiconductor heavyweight samsung an intel have to largest market share individually welcome as the fifth largest producer of semiconductors and broadcom a key pass to sixth place combined the companies would have had the third largest market share in the semiconductor industry broadcom singapore connections in china as potential future influence over the u.s. chip maker immediately arrest national security concerns when the bid was announced last year broadcom and hope its decision to move its headquarters to the u.s. what dispel those concerns. let's check the markets view on that decision and cross
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over to our financial correspondent con of a business standing by at the frankfurt stock is just on a national security concerns legitimate. well of course this is a protectionist move by donald trump but unlike in the case of the steel trap tariffs trump seems to have a point here both the pentagon and the u.s. treasury department think that national security is in danger here in the united states they think that by one way or another this deal would allow large chinese companies like who are always the chip maker and mobile communications device provider might get a grip on the future of five g. the fifth generation of technology for mobile communications for example because of already existing strong business time ties between broadcom and huawei or broadcom after taking over qualcomm might decide to cut back on r. and d.
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research and development which again would give away an edge here a competitive edge trump wants to prevent that the chinese have too much influence on five g. on this important technology. is this decision then no surprise to people where you are. well it is a surprise in that never before a government in washington has intervened in a takeover at such an early stage the usual procedure would have been that the shareholders of the takeover target in this case qualcomm decide then the two companies strike a deal and then it's time for the administration to take a look at this and make sure that all this goes according to competitive lore or security law but quite obviously the biggest deal maker sits in the white house and donald trump wants to make sure that we all never forget that. going to abuse that
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in strength but thank you very much. well that deal maker has import tariffs are quite unpopular with us trading partners around the world and that's obvious surprise but there was one corner of the world where you had nothing but praise for donald trump all u.s. correspondent alex on the phenomena hopped into a japanese rental car and drove three hundred fifty miles from washington to the whole of the u.s. steel industry the state of pennsylvania to find out why people there are cheering the import barriers even though it might hurt other industries. belly steel service center of a family business owned by chris pagani the company sells of the riots still products tailor made for customers in the region products that will soon cost more because presidents from imports are. in the short term and they're going to create higher prices as higher prices of it. transferred down the my
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customers just right down the line. like many others chris is concerned about rising prices and the potential still shot it and still he's convinced president trump made the right decision. i'm happy that it's going to happen you know absolutely it's going to boost domestic production and put people to work in this area. i think two plants already are slated to come back online and that's not bad you know so i'm happy that it happened in the long run chris but again he grew up in this region that used to be the heart of the american steel industry people here still hold that for addition dear he says and in fact one in seven of the nation's steel workers still live in this region. one of them is called storage as the president of the local union don't the united steel workers union in west midlands
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has been calling for tariffs on foreign steel for decades he's dream came true when he was invited to the white house in a show as well you guys are going to be lined up behind a president. i care no way i'm going to be standing behind a president maybe outside of the white house or something but. so they put it together and they put a plan together and it happened then with a sob i was so excited i was in awe you know what i mean what a what a great orator i was so humble scott doesn't believe that the tariffs will necessarily lead to a trade war and eventually harm other industries in the u.s. if you buy a car and you buy an appliance puffed india by and as a consumer knowing that it's going to go up a couple dollars on still pennies apollo and and maybe it'll be up on your dollars talks on a car knowing that it will stimulate the economy is for's in our area you know and create jobs and it stores up positive who could argue that fact so i say it's wall
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street propaganda that's what i say. the steel workers in pennsylvania do not expect miracles but they say they are grateful that at last someone in washington has taken up their concerns and is trying to save their industry. in slovakia public anger over the murder of an investigative journalist is growing swelling so large that it's actually now threatening to topple the government now john krycek and his fiance were shot dead their home near bratislava last month last unfinished story was about the italian mafia and its ties to slovakian politicians the murderous circuit a wave of protests and the pressure is mounting on slovakian prime minister robert feats of on monday his interior minister resigned and ilan makers will be taking up the political crisis. followed an e.u. fact finding mission to slovakia and sent us this report it was in this house that
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john was young chick and his partner martina found. neighbors come every day to light candles they are still shocked by what happened in their quiet village defect finding mission from the european parliament has not arrived to pay their respects this is really the moment where you realize this is what it's about. to to work on the world where things like this don't happen it cannot go without punishment. but how much political will is there to find the murderers and the people who ordered the cold blooded execution of quick check in can the same government that is facing more and more allegations of corruption lead investigation the e.u. parliamentarians brought their questions to prime minister abbott fits all but were evidently not convinced by his response there are so many allegations of corruption and fraud and criminal activity going around i mean there's so much smoke there's
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clearly fire but we can see that a lot of people are also very nervous and the country is clearly divided. a. civil society is taking to the streets this weekend saw the biggest demonstration in the history of the country the protesters shouted out loud was feed so and shame shame the government there was off screen also and so we don't want to accept it anymore. basically changed the situations going on here that put up with these them it's time they crossed the red line. in the newsroom of actuality where you could see it worked many of the journalists are still afraid and don't want to be filmed much interchange a close friend of the week to shares their fears but still wants to speak up we didn't ever expect something like this to happen in year two thousand and eighteen
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you member state. i think it changes the whole way you think about your work. and pretty much everything in life if something like this happens. while the e.u. delegation in brackets love us trying to piece together the story of the murder new allegations of corruption are emerging increasing the pressure on the government president under a key scare has come to help from brussels he has emerged as the main political player to question the prime minister and his allies. if any member of the new family has an issue there are other members which would like to help and i hope that all questions would be answer very clearly and openly. kiska has called for new elections and for the government to resign the interior minister has not been forced to step down and he may not be the last to go the
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president clearly wants more he wants a complete changing of the guards in. the german football association the d.f.e. has fired the national women's coach steffi jones after a string of poor results jones took on the coaching role after the german women won olympic gold in two thousand and sixteen but results under her tenure have failed to live up to the team's high expectations last week term the finished last in the she believes tournament in the us force has been appointed interim coach for next month's two thousand nine hundred world cup qualification matches against the czech republic and slovenia. greece's top football division the super league has been suspended indefinitely the decision comes a following a bizarre incident at a match on sunday for a team owner stormed the pitch armed with a gun. when powell cata last minute winning goal disallowed on sunday even
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sub v.d.'s much stuck to the referee with a holstered gun visible on his hip greek police have since issued a warrant for his arrest. for the greek government this was the last straw after years of trouble with fans and officials because even in this ng. for the past three years the government has been battling to clean up the troubled football sector we have won a lot but much more remains to be done we won't allow all this effort to be wasted and we will not allow the past to repeat itself the recent past includes fans of power and athens rioting at the cup final and much of twenty seventeen just last week power had their game suspended before kick off when fans hit coach with a paper roll when the greek government came to power it vowed to crack down on football violence and corruption.
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as the most important thing is everyone respecting the rules. that is why we have suspended the league of losses in the coming hours i will begin discussions with the federation and the league we are in open communication with them and the league will not start again until there is a new clear framework agreed to by all. with greek football in disarray the prospect of a footballing gregg's that looms unless clubs and all thora t's can find a sustainable solution. the former ivory coast captain didier drogba has announced his retirement from professional football at the ripe old age of forty drugged up most recently played for the us side phoenix rising but he made his name in the french league before moving to english club chelsea there he won numerous trophies including the premier league f.a. cup and champions league juggler also kept in his country netting sixty five international goals which makes him ivory coast's record score. top
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stories that we're following for you. britain says russia has the end of june to explain why a deadly nerve agent produced only in russia was used in an assassination attempt western allies have voiced their support for the british to match moscow's denied allegations that it was involved. and around one hundred civilians have left syria's besieged under a medical evacuation deal with russia the red cross says it expects more today this after the u.s. said it would intervene if needed to help civilians in syria. thank you for watching we'll have more for you at the top of the hour.
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on. a weapon in the fight against strong cobblestones scientists and researchers from all over germany are at work using construction materials to filter out emissions. be there can be clean right at the pollution source. is it a breath of fresh air for choking cities. to do next.
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history up close the odds are land has no shortage of locations where you can revisit the city's turbulent past. not just now but soon as that finishing. up chapnick in solid medicine may continue our series this week. a trip back in time on the road. sixty. dollars. the d w d a center. seat i. find it a camp. of it. discovery. video and audio podcast and language courses. in the d w media center at media center dot w dot com. what does russia choose hope for how is freedom of expression firoozeh. w e for
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shadow travels through russia before the election the needs of the poor and the rich those who support the president sometimes with posing and investigative journalists. our series this week on d w news. well some see tomorrow today coming up the food purifying pay this color red additive could help muck up diesel pollution and for ecology experiments a long term study of them it is bringing some surprises. and feeling.


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