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tv   Europe in Concert - Nek Italy  Deutsche Welle  April 8, 2018 7:15am-8:00am CEST

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of species. worth saving. those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. the protect the climate boost green energy solutions and resource issues. was out of people you cannot protect the forest create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection. using all channels available to inspire people to take action and we're determined to build something here for the next generation global ideas feel environment series of global three thousand.
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play. live.
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lead. thank you thank you thank you
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thank you i thank you. now in the heart of europe. being turned into a cultural wasteland. biodiversity is being replaced by monoculture. love him romania. is responsible and can't be stopped. next. year imax this week's highlights. dancing in the. indoor skydiving is the new trend.
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living without a roof a very special kind. hotel experience. eating in heaven for me cuisine for those who aren't scared of heights. in thirty minutes on d w. i love islamism is bangladesh on the brink of civil war we are steered we are very scared we have to stay. in the field to fight for this fight against it or. torn by domestic power struggles and the influence of islamist extremists. the country's democratic institutions now face a serious threat to the law and we call for the rule of law obvious mom and violence dominates the headlines believe this could you know should come of it should be
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a pretty. bangladesh but this law is all starting april twenty first on t w. forensic experts are working late into the night to investigate the scene of a vehicle attack in the northwestern german city of men. two people were killed and around thirty others were injured when a van plowed into a crowd of people outside a busy restaurant the driver of the van shot and killed himself shortly afterwards .


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