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tv   Europe in Concert - Emeli Sande Britain  Deutsche Welle  April 15, 2018 7:15am-8:01am CEST

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montoyo bizarre where it's like hide your identity. be a mystery standing in the freezer to fight for the fight against over bangladesh what is the true face of the country to look like freedom independence a separation of state and church that used to be important but for decades political infighting here has hindered progress and is one less to extremists are gaining more. democracy and the rule of law on shaky ground with good love that should be. very afraid. and often. bangladesh the dawn of islam as a and exclusive d.w. report starting april twenty first.
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found. was. so good.
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long. long. long. lug the big.
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league. long. the bad. luck.
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oh heaven was a way to do what it. all. the way we would and. you say to. the.
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blah blah blah. blah. panama mahmoud. you live you come. from. the. punjab. it's
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a manner you. want . to. move. your stuff. to follow you look all. up. and outs rebels you oh well here we are. and. love. the
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love lives in the woods. love you love love love. love love love love told. me to. leave a little. league . the b. . to keep. the live. play.
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legal and illegal but. legal observers believe. the bible. league. players. play a. mum. leave
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. well. and. probably. and. mowbray's. thank you.
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all. you want.
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to. really hold when. you are no no. when i'm. home links that we were. all. dreaming big. big. deal. where you. need.
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so me. all trying.
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thank . you. when you're late. when you dig a little. bit. it. will be.
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when you. hear back. to. him. no one loves moving into your room will. probably think you'll. never lets. me know. because the.
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public. view. we're. going. to need another.
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example again we get a little annoyed. been told leave. no never. come. up. with. a little love. that. would.
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live. with what you. love.
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very much.
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good. to be alone.
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for a moment you old big deal you believe that the banks love you cause you could use child abuse comment on the family tragedy your heart goes. out. the back of the limo. and all. your heart. goes. well oh.
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good book.
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thank. you anyway the moon. you know.
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you know when we were. there for you now i'm going through. and.
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i'm. your. this way if it was my. money was. of a please have some of. them when. you
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see me you could. but there's no way i'm going to.
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be. this morning. million. illegal. you can thank. thank.
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you. the thing. running to me. the problem. of the brain implant old. man and him next to me.
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is to be. happy to see. the money. to be. the good. and the question. or not i mean a big thank goodness in loving our money to nominate him to meet a. woman who. makes me. believe. next. goal. line to come on.
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building slowly. always. ready to move. when he. makes stood. next to. you in line to find him. to meet. her next. to me. makes me. feel.
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you've. gone to the most playing field laming. muslim. woman.
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to. remain. in the. u.s. . thank
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you. thank. you love to sing my songs and i. read on the backswing. who. would you hire a nords if springs who left her kids. say something. you know. how we're going to home. and
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you will. lose be sued maybe we were different there's no way. you can't. handle stuff i. see. a. way they feel you don't. you don't look. oh oh oh.
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oh oh oh oh oh. if the food. comes. lol lol lol let's get. on with.
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a long. pole. so when did. you. find a t.v. family hot boys. home who
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beat you see. is a. bowl. full . of. pull. the. plug. plug. plug. plug player
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play. the be. played. all bad.
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thank you. thank. you fine living. where the hottest chick. fil a visit to. the last ten. largest family in the world in absurdistan.
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india is crazy. here i'm. following in casanova's footsteps. musical souls instruments with the sound of. cleaning up making reverse christianity with high pressure water spray and. your robes thirty minutes of d w. lying dormant shell to like take a pic of your favorite scene sleep got all the best goals we've got all the action w. is the home of judgment but all shared experience everybody. in this league of every weekend here on t.v. told you. we make up over three quarters of the
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under budget we are the seven seven percent. being one to shape the continent's future fifty to be part of it enjoying african youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges. the seventy seven percent. platform for africa is furious. united states ambassador nikki haley warned that western allies are quote locked and loaded to launch more missile strikes against syria she spoke at an emergency meeting of the united nations security council. where russia lost a motion to condemn the u.s. france and britain for bombing syrian military facilities in brussels nato members
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including germany expressed their full support for the strikes which came in response to the suspected poison gas attack by president bashar al assad's.


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