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tv   Europe in Concert - Manfred Manns Earth Band Britain  Deutsche Welle  May 18, 2018 9:15pm-10:00pm CEST

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russia's president vladimir putin have been meeting in the black sea side resort of sochi for it is said they'd agreed to look again at options for a multinational peacekeeping mission in eastern ukraine merkel said the next step would be to get a united nations mandate for such a mission. only lock in berlin on behalf of the entire team thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us news continues at the top of the hour i see that. freedom of expression. of value that always has to be defended in new. all over the world arch of freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com or to freedom. in.
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beautiful. thank you you thank . on freedom and whole. world i come from the region is rich in history and i'm telling but so poor in education opportunity and freedom this makes it special difficult for can depend the druggist's i see many of the younger promising who are now making names for themselves all over the. song live the way some might follow some will continue. their experience of freedom from a sense his life experience of the day you can visit your car come back home.
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my name is joseph would i work at the end of it. a blessing. and a curse. or suppose nature and inescapable treat. monsoon the tropical jump first shipment from the book to the symbol of the sun come to. a source of light. comes a female misconstruction. monsoon starting may twenty third d. w. .
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this is you don't need to use light for a lens feel. pitchin windsor just hours ahead of the royal wedding for prince harry and his brother prince william came out to meet well wishers already in place for the big day and future father in law prisoner charles will accompany megan to the altar after her own father was not able to travel for a live in windsor for you also.


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