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tv   Faith Matters - Franz- Josef Overbeck Germanys Military Bishop  Deutsche Welle  June 3, 2018 1:30pm-2:00pm CEST

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what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how the german soccer made it back to the top three. in our web special on dot com. football made in germany. it's four in the morning consuls of fish of essen and germany's catholic military bishop is on his way to transfer special visit.
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to. bishop is headed for france to join bundeswehr troops attending the annual international military pilgrimage to do it last night he presided over an organisation ceremony in essen after just four hours sleep he now has a twenty hour a day ahead of him. to. the front. of. the reserves of growth for public events are part and parcel of my duties as bishop they include leading prayers and meeting people and of course ordination ceremonies like the one yesterday at s.m. cathedral as well as the military pilgrimage to lord of the three but i feel quite at home in all these. different settings of the house apply enjoy these are there
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and i've learned how to fit them into my schedule while maintaining the strength i need for each of these there for you but with visits. to my safe in one of the bishops personal assistants has taken care of the final arrangements for the trip. because it's on them with me going back and forth to new no longer not to two years ahead i set up a lot of appointments in advance some of these events are invalid and others are farther afield like troop visits and then there are big long shan told events like lured you no longer from first. to the bonus vets pilgrimage has already been underway for several days. one of the highlights of the event is an open air mass.
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conceals it over back has been the catholic military bishop of germany since two thousand and eleven he was appointed by pope benedict the sixteenth. on this nine hundred bundestag personnel are attending the pilgrimage this year many have been here before. and guns housing is required to do a very warm welcome i've been attending this pilgrimage since i was appointed military bishop in one eleven. it's really special for me to celebrate mass here it was to you and your message of fire.
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it became famous as a pilgrimage site in eight hundred fifty eight after a local peasant girls benefits will be will claim to have visions of the virgin mary an estimated six million people visit every year. or. two thousand and eighteen marks the sixtieth anniversary of the international military pilgrimage total it the event is held every year in the month of may and lasts for up to five days this year about fourteen thousand military personnel from all over the world took part. in many pilgrims filled bottles was water from the spring in the caves where the visions are said to have taken place the water is said to have special healing powers. is the theme of this year's pilgrimage his passion in tatters or peace on earth.
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that refers to pope john the twenty third famous one nine hundred sixty three and cyclical. part that calls for the creation of new structures to promote world peace and moral order. and so we must have standards and i would ask you my friends in the bonus to maintain the standards as you carry out your duties those of us who hold positions of responsibility in politics in society and in the church must also maintain them. in the eastenders represent a framework for achieving the peace that all of us longed for. for pilgrims receive the sacrament of contribution and oneness baptized.
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i baptize the in the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit. amen. so let me get that. yes you know i'd like you to put on the baptismal scarf. and vices you don't need to wear a christening robe. look fine without it. if you put on a robe you look just like me. the soldier who is baptized just from france. and i'm an officer candidate and i'm doing my training in germany as part of an exchange program on. the seal with the gift of the holy spirit is. located in my home country i think that it's important for christians to take part in pilgrimages like this one as christ and by his grace and also symbolic you
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here with my german calling. and to be baptized by the german military bishop. with you. but can faith in military service go hand in hand let's read them. there's not necessarily a contradiction between the term. i practice altruism and at the same time be prepared to cower and. turn into. an if your faith helps to make the world a lesser violent place over the long time banister my i don't have a problem reconciling my faith with my military service up there so these are coming.
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oh. yeah. i just want the ball i. was. thirty three years old. but one of the highlights of the pilgrimage is a meet and greet session with bishop over back anyone can attend both military personnel and official guests it's called the opportunity for. me to be as military bishop i've enjoyed this event for years. it's an opportunity for bishop overbeck to make new acquaintances and meet up with old ones but there are also brief moments when he can pause and reflect if she was truly saddened us
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to this because i can't single out one particular high point at this event there are so many for example meeting the troops and celebrating mass with them. and then hiding wrestling within begin you take all that together it creates a very intense religious experience in a very holy place. and i'm highly good off. the catholic military bishop's office is located in central park on the banks of the river not far from the government district. the bishop provides pastoral care for german military personnel and their families. or an element of a person's identity is conscience this is where we christians stand before god was given for the strong conscience is built on clearly defined ethical standards those
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standards are important because they can be applied to every aspect of daily life. it has to do with loving god and loving your neighbor if you do that you will do all you can to serve people and protect them from harm and as far as soldiers are concerned it means using violence only as a last resort when all else has failed we have to keep in mind that our actions will have an effect on others and that effect can be positive or negative. and in difficult situations we also have to remember that we cannot shape our conscience by ourselves. we have to take others into account and. bishop over back regularly visits german military personnel who are deployed overseas as here in afghanistan in two thousand and eleven. just before. deployment puts a severe strain on many of these people. they are far from home and have been
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placed in situations where they may experience violence or carry out acts of violence themselves. they gives rise to the question and it's a question often asked in german society where's the sense in this. one can only recognize a sense if one has an inner feeling of responsibility that transcends personal concern it's the concept of service as every member of the blunder. the bear has made a choice to serve. overbeck returns to berlin about every two weeks he enjoys a good working relationship with his colleague the lutheran military bishop. it is the way in germany take an ecumenical approach to pastoral care for our military personnel. i collaborate closely with my lutheran counterpart. you get this sequence i think is the lutheran military bishop of germany i think is
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a theologian and has held the post of military bishops since two thousand and fourteen. there's no age gap to overcome bishop over back is fifty three years old while bishop think it's fifty seven. i don't think there's any area i went to great faiths cooperate more closely than in the field of pastoral gaff of the armed forces. and certainly bishop over back and i are in constant contact for example he and i take turns visiting personnel who are deployed overseas. we. have on military bases a catholic and lutheran pastor's offices are often located right next door to each other and who knows. one of the challenges the bishops now face is how best to provide pastoral care for the one thousand seven hundred bundeswehr personnel who
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are muslim. in fact this is not an easy task by. faith teaches that all our soldiers have the right to practice their religion freely. but there are a number of things that have to be coordinated with the. root of threats in the schools don't have it we have supported this kind of work for a long time so we can help muslim soldiers to find any mom who can meet their needs but i'd like to point out that it is not a pastoral care as such. mastro care is a christian term that refers very specifically to charity and love of god in every day life. muslims must decide what they want and then coordinate their wishes with us what your work since bush took from the top. this is the city of essen in the wood region of western
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germany the once thriving coal and steel industries are gone numerous social problems have arisen in their wake. consumers are over the bank has been the bishop of s. and since two thousand and nine. this is an ordination ceremony for candidate priests the only one this year. the shortage of priests remains a problem for the catholic church everywhere not just in germany. the bishop's official residence is located near the cathedral the diocese of s. and was founded in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight. like his three predecessors john sears of over back is known as the were bishop his popularity
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down to earth and has close ties to his family especially his sister. and i come from an old westphalian family that traces its lineage back to the thirteenth century when our catholic faith was a natural part of our lives i experienced this faith in our home and also by education and example of the young one to four. months years of over back was born in one thousand nine hundred sixty four in the town of ma and his father. their own distillery that had been founded in eighty ninety five the bishop has kept a few souvenirs from the now shuttered family business. i thought was really good i wasn't terribly interested in the family farm or the distillery but they were part of my life when i was growing up. i knew very early on that i would pursue a different career of. the
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bishop's appointment schedule is coordinated here in his office he's busy most of the time of those who have been there before the bishops duties have mounted over time. from the outset he chaired they are fading out a don't deny station then he became a military bishop. joined the commission of the german bishops conference and is a member of the e.u. commission of the bishops conference or the list goes on. if you don't come from boredom and i think if we see a phrase to mind my own ordination in rome twenty nine years ago now i have the opportunity to ordain priests every year. to do. this is the church of st ignatius of loyola in rome fancy was a fullback was a change here in nineteen eighty nine by us of cardinal ratzinger who later became
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pope benedict the sixteenth. bishop that travels to rome often mostly for work at the vatican he certainly enjoys these visits. rome is a great city and it has always been for me. i studied in rome from one nine hundred eighty four to one thousand nine hundred and back then the economic political and social climate was very different from what it is now the lives of his with hugo there have always been a lot of friendly people here. it's other stuff because he points to him eventually he studied theology and philosophy at the pontifical gregorian university it was a formative time in his life. i learned a lot about theology it's something that is subject to constant renewal. but people have very different views of theology depending on their personal and cultural
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backgrounds. and considering the world we live in today this is help me to understand people better. to be reserved in my judgment. and to trust people. off this kind of understanding can help bring us together bothers the kind with good minds i'm part of the world and. here bishop overbeck celebrates mass at the vatican he's in rome to attend meetings of the advent of latin american aid organization and the papal commission on latin america the meetings are taking place behind closed doors. right. massett a military base and north rhine-westphalia. ceremonies
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and to welcome troops home from overseas deployment. on average over the back is on the road once a fortnight. today he's preparing for a conference of military chaplains he also delivers a speech on the current state of pastoral care in the military. plans and he difficult to go through don't declare every crazy custom tradition but if you think that every sort of religious procession is a tradition out there. you're simply on the wrong track. these may indeed be fine religious traditions that have been around for centuries and they benefit our lives kind but it's about the one for addition is devotion to the eucharist think of the feast of corpus christi christ's own blessing for the faithful it's a living tradition and doesn't require a bishop walking around wearing
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a miter and holding a crozier on the bridge of which the king would be leaving and considering the times that we live in i provide this as an example of how i distinguish among traditions and customs of. war and i'm not trying to step on anyone's toes here but i think we all have a lot of work to do on this. here the bishop is meeting with pastoral workers from military bases. this is nato's combined air operation center near the town of them in north rhine-westphalia it includes an airspace surveillance facility. it is not as if we can determine the planes arjen flight plan number of passengers call sign an transponder setting on the setting. this is a nato command center in naples italy.
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when this van military personnel are regularly transferred here often for extended periods many bring their families with them. that has a sun power is a community center that was set up in two thousand and five by the local bundeswehr pastor's office. the center is open to military personnel from all nato member states. in the hands of complex and informed of when i visit a multifaceted facility. like this one or a place where people carry out enormous responsibilities it's clear to me was that we face real challenges in providing pastoral care for personnel and their families . from any of you in. the us or measure military bishop i'm pleased to welcome all of you. at the end of his
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visit bishop bacchus invited to a reception at a private home. and provides his hosts with a special gift from his family's farm or just to larry. thank you to. the german catholic convention in minster restaurant susan overbeck served as auxiliary bishop after his consecration. and i knew that it would lead to a number of new responsibilities that i was consecrated bishop at mr cathedral on september first two thousand and seven and spent two years working in my home diocese. it was very good fun for them here and it was a new world for me. as we have said it was also excellent preparation for my future work as bishop of essence and his military bishop as we did for self and believe. me. the bishops personal assistance from berlin in essence are
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both on hand a clear sign that fancy is attending the catholic convention in minster in both his roles as the bishop of essen and his military bishop he has a schedule packed with religious services meetings lectures and discussions that provide food for thought. i wish obviously a special skill and as a bishop i've learned that emotions can be reasonable. well this comes from them and there are many people who are tane and extremely fine perception of reality through feeling so just it was sort of the difference between emotional and rational perception is not as great as many thinking. oh. i. know the international military pilgrimage inert meanwhile is approaching what's billed officially at least as the
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high point of the event a mass celebrated in this underground basilica it has room for up to twenty five thousand people. but undoubtedly the most popular tradition for the german pilgrims is the get together called bishops beer free beer for everyone. it's now midnight and bishop over back has been on his feet for twenty hours. a celebration is held at the cafe very odd it's a completely different kind of pastoral care and the bishop thoroughly enjoys it. this month i did so it's a time honored tradition i enjoy
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a tremendously because i always meet special people and engage in honest conversations you know in fact the many conversations i have in the evening here are among the most intensive in my work providing pastoral care after we have prayed together. the procession of lights is also an important part of the pilgrimage. consuls it over bank germany's military bishop joins in singing the hymn of a maria. the ceremony is also a candlelight vigil for military personnel who have been wounded or killed in the cause of defending peace. to her. her
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. those are thanks to it's a devastating diagnosis parkinson's disease parkinson's is one of the most frequent neurological diseases in the world more than four million people suffer from it you cannot cure parkinson's disease but you contribute to the slowing down of the climate and teaching assistants. in good shape in thirty minutes on d w. a news on the school committee schmidt's
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the unsub team sounds cold is a call to changes not to discount. side by side. people who put big dreams on the big story. playing in movie magazine on the w. entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful lobby challenging those in power asking tough questions demanding answers. as conflicts intensify i'll be meeting with key players on the ground in the centers of power cutting through the rhetoric holding the talking back the conflicts. conflicts on confronting the powerful gun g.w. .
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humans love interaction and sometimes you don't have a if you're about what provided that's great they're going to replace people in manufacturing they're going to replace doctors and lawyers they're going to replace people and jobs you would think but now if all the work is being done by machines what humans do they try and keep getting better better and take toward more advanced jobs or do they end up doing other things making art and having social interaction with each other. are we going to have enough humanity to make it possible for everyone or some people are going to say i want everything and the rest you guys have to be for a guy that allows individuals to discover their new reality they have to learn a new meaning for life and new things to do that's a social revolution that hopefully we can move through slowly.
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putting it into to. business d w newsline from berlin fresh allegations angle americal knew about the problems at the german refugee agency the german chancellor is under fire after she's accused of failing to react to reports that the agency was struggling to process all cylon claims also coming up. as survivors of the parkland school shooting prepared to cry.


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