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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 7, 2018 5:00pm-5:15pm CEST

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watching the news line from berlin rescuers in thailand say they're approaching the best possible conditions to evacuate the boys trapped in the flooded cases dumped officials say a rescue could come within days before monsoon rains makes money worth this as the children and their families have written messages telling them they're ok we'll get the latest from our correspondent. and all about the hopes of a nation at the world cup in russia the hosts take on croatia later placed in the tournament femi finals russia have already surprised by getting this far can they
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keep their rhyme going to bring you all the build up from sochi. and welcome to the program rescue officials in thailand have said they are approaching the best possible conditions for evacuating the twelve children trapped in a flooded cave the stump they're now hoping to extract the group before forecasted monsoon rains caused water levels to rise again we'll talk to our correspondent in thailand in just a moment but first this report on the mounting pressure to get the boys out soon. rescue teams are racing against the clock they have put pumps into action day and night trying to drain the water from the caves so the boys can get out. they also have a plan b.
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and. we're drilling down from above we've already drilled holes in more than one hundred places eighteen of those times we were able to break through the rock. and one of these holes stretches down four hundred meters but still doesn't connect to the boys location. but. meanwhile inside the cave the boys are trapped in an opening that's just ten square meters which means there's a limited supply of oxygen the challenge is to prevent carbon dioxide levels from rising even though rescue workers have been pumping in a steady stream of fresh air. time may be running short everyone is worried about the return of the monsoon if the rains start falling the cave could flood completely. for more on the story we're joined now by d w correspondent florian newish who's following the story from the site florian there are some activity where you are what's happening this hour.
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exactly first of all about five minutes ago it has started raining as you might be able to see so this is what everyone was dreading i mean it was clear that the rains would start sooner or later now they have actually started i don't know if this will turn into a to rental tropical rain shower so far it's just a light drizzle but it's not a good sign the second thing the green fence that you can see behind me that has just been a wrecked it so. we don't know exactly what that means but thai officials have blocked the cage the entrance to the cave off even more than they had done so before so this is definitely some activity that we have seen we don't know exactly what that means one very sad activity or one sad development that i can tell you about is that. for all the mountaineers that have been out on the mountain to find
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alternative shafts and possible entrances to the cave their vehicle has. has left the road has fallen into a ditch three people had only minor injuries but the four people is apparently critically injured so all of that does not bode well for the rescue operation of those twelve thirteen boys the third boy as long as their coach and for the first time they've been able to communicate with their parents many will whom are anxiously waiting outside the cables have a look at that report quickly. two weeks since the ordeal began now letters written by the boys have emerged from the cave delivered to their loved ones by a diver. in one the twenty five year old coach apologizes to the parents to all the parents the kids are still fine i promise to take very good care of them. thank you for all the moral support and i apologize to
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the parents. the boys reassure their families some right light hearted jokes. i'm doing fine the air is a little cold but don't worry and don't forget to prepare for my birthday party. if i get out can you please bring me some group or can vegetables. to my dad mom and sister i love you you don't need to be worried about me i love you all with efforts to install a phone line so far unsuccessful this is the only way for the two sides to communicate directly. floor and there were preparations for a possible evacuation in the coming days but as you just mentioned having downpour it sounds like what are you hearing from officials about the likelihood of
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a refugee now. the problem is that we're not really hearing all that much from the official the last official statement was this morning they said they were where they were basically still pursuing the dive rescue as plan a. and that is the problem that. hard information are hard to come by but one has to say that the authorities here the officials are actually caught between a rock and a hard place so to say so they really have to take a decision to start with the average evacuation process that is just literally a decision about life and death so it is actually quite. comprehensible that they're not sharing information with the media every step of the way so we don't really know if the rescue operation has already started. definitely takes
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many many hours up to eight hours to get one boy out of the cage so even if they might have started a record very rescue operation which we don't know it might be or it will definitely be a few hours before anyone comes out here but we just have to wait and see for any official confirmation if rescue efforts have started but it seems with the activity behind me that something at least as happened. correspondent reporting from thailand thank you very much. to britain our prime minister's here is a man has won the backing of her divided cabinet for her plans to trade with the european union after brags that following hours of closed door talks at her country residence north of london the cabinet agreed to seek a free trade area for export goods but not services london also wants to curb european migration to britain the european commission has welcomed the british
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proposal but says it still needs to assess whether the deal on offer is workable medo is optimistic that an agreement can be reached i've been talking to you repeatedly over the last week and obviously i've been talking to them about the hopes the need for us to increase the pace on both sides of for all the decisions for the future this is a proposal that i believe will be good for the u.k. and good for the e.u. and i look forward to it being received positively now some of the other stories making news around the world in japan of least thirty eight people are dead amidst record flooding in some areas dozens more are reported missing week of heavy downpour has triggered landslides and caused reverse to burst their banks across western parts of the country over a million people have been evacuated and the forecast calls for even more rain. in
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the somali capital mogadishu at least five people were killed when two car bombs exploded near the interior ministry militant then opened fire on security forces about a lasting several hours followed list group al shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack. syrian government forces have recaptured a strategic southern border crossing with jordan this could potentially reopen a gateway for syrian exports to arab countries rebel forces have controlled the nessie crossing since two thousand and fifteen in recent days the government has made big gains in the area with rebels in the province of daraa agreeing to surrender. posts russia have exceeded expectations by reaching the tournament's quarter finals but now they're clear underdogs as they face savvy croatia russian president vladimir putin has hailed the tournament's joyous atmosphere and the home fans are
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dreaming of another unexpected party. the russians have gone football crazy at the home world cup and now finds hope that team composed of another upsets and beat croatia in the quarter finals whatever happens president vladimir putin think his perceptions of russia will have changed because of the tournament. tens of thousands of people came to russia from various countries it's them who are creating this wonderful festival atmosphere in russia and. i'm sure the overwhelming majority of people who came with the best feelings a memory is of our country and will come many times again. because you're. going out of the competition now is the last thing on the minds of days resilient russian team but the game in sochi will be anything but child's play. croatia boast one of the best players in the world and. i'm previously reached the semifinals in
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one nine hundred ninety eight. twenty years have passed and no one has managed to emulate but i believe in this team and i believe we can do better than the ninety eight with a little luck and several other things falling into place i'm certain we can do better than first. croatia staying cool as they plot to end russia's dream. all eyes will be on sochi later when that match is taking place the values for its correspondent all over moody is there to break the game down for us it's another huge day for the host nation a quarter final here in sochi that nobody thought was possible before the tournament and many are still struggling to believe russia in terms of talent are still the underdogs is a very strong side with the likes of luka moderates and even rockets in midfield and talented attackers like even paris. up top but russia has been the underdogs
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throughout and the atmosphere generated here in the host nation has managed to carry the team forward and produce some really brilliant performances from the likes of. and of course the hero goalkeeper in the penalty shootout against spain it's sure to be a fiery encounter here at the fish stadium in sochi and however it turns out the host nation can be proud of the performances of that same. it was a wild night at the world cup on friday which thought powerhouse brazil knocked out of the tournament at the quarter final stage they lost to belgium two one the red devils are through to their first world cup semifinal since one thousand nine hundred sixty. a game that started on the wrong foot for brazil when furnace denio deflected the ball into his own goal the thirteenth minute one nil for the belgians who could now do what they like most breaking on the counter kevin to brian i didn't think twice when he doubled the lead for belgium at the half hour mark. no chance for the keeper allison and now brazil really had an uphill battle to
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fight. ten minutes into the second half in the referee took center stage after gabrielle's zeus' fell in the six yard box the unanimous verdict no penalty. brazil did pull one back though through were not zero a gusto in the seventy six minutes and neymar had his moment too but belgian keeper t.-bo courtois denied the brazilian star deep in injury time. belgium to brazil one and the next footballing superpower crashes out of this world cup. after belgium's win over brazil bilby looking ahead now to their semifinal against france that's out there be two nil there are plenty of fouls in the first half and this one client tanto need so prove costly for why anton these man took the resulting free kick and had to hold a ryall matric defender rafael i doubt that opens oring making french fan simply
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jubilant in the second half resigned himself doubled france's lead when this relatively seen it in after it was on to the net the old wine keeper of her had been flat. out from the world cup in formula one lewis hamilton will start tomorrow's british grand prix on the front row of the grid for the fourth consecutive season elephant snatched pole position from ferrari sebastian fattal by zero point zero four four seconds on his very last lap here i can and in the other for ari is third on the grid followed by hamilton's mercedes team mate paul terry botha's the two red balls light up fifth and sixth. and just a reminder of the top story we're following for you officials in thailand say conditions are improving for evacuating the children trapped in a flooded cave to get the group. soon rain water levels to rise and
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messages to their families say they're doing fine. watching the news more at the top of the hour to get the latest anytime on our web site. and then for lent thanks for joining us. live. up the t.v. who do you think is going to be a little should look at what. the measures. of the eighteen soccer world cup.


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