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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 7, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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you're watching the news live from berlin and rescuers in thailand say they're approaching the best possible conditions to evacuate the boys trapped in a flooded cave system officials say a rescue could come within days before monsoon rains make flooding worse this as the children send their families written messages telling them they're ok we'll get the latest from our correspondent. and england fans are celebrating their teams victory over sweden. england are advancing to
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the semifinals of the world cup for the first time in twenty eight years. and they did it by putting two goals past their opponents read for the first coming from defender harry mcguire england will now be either russia or for a shot for a chance to make the world cup final. time out before us and welcome to the program rescue officials in thailand have said they're approaching the best possible conditions for evacuating the twelve children and their coach trapped in a flooded cave system they are now hoping to extract the group before forecasted monsoon rains caused water levels to rise again we'll talk to our correspondent in thailand in just a moment but first this report on the mounting pressure to get the boys out soon.
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rescue teams are racing against the clock they have put pumps into action day and night trying to drain the water from the caves so the boys can get out they also have a plan b. that. we're drilling down from above we've already drilled holes in more than one hundred places eighteen of those times we were able to break through the rock. and one of these holes stretches down four hundred meters but still doesn't connect to the boy's location. but. meanwhile inside the cave the boys are trapped in an opening that's just ten square meters which means there's a limited supply of oxygen the challenge is to prevent carbon dioxide levels from rising even though rescue workers have been pumping in a steady stream of fresh air. time may be running short everyone is worried about the return of the monsoon if the rains start falling the
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cave could flood completely. correspondent florian nearish has been reporting for us from the entrance to the cave earlier i asked him about the latest activity at the site. well for once the rain has started falling as you can see about an hour ago it has been pouring down quite massively now it's just a light drizzle but it doesn't auger well for the rescue effort but it was basically what everyone was expected so the weather forecast was like this and this is why rescue help was trying to rush things now we have seen about an hour ago that they've put out this green and by just behind me this is the entrance to the cave so we don't know exactly what that means but there was some activity after an otherwise quite uneventful day now there is one very unfortunate incident
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that i have i can report about it's four of the mountaineers that were actually on top of the mountain trying to find alternative routes into the caves and potential drilling side on their way back from the mountain their s.u.v.s veered off the road and fell down a few meters into a cliff so apparently three out of those four have been only injured have suffered minor injuries but the fourth one is actually in critical condition so it comes to show once more how difficult this whole rescue mission and how dangerous this rescue mission is. florrie on a dangerous mission a truly daunting task ahead can you speak to the challenges the rescue crews are facing. while the officials who will have to give the final go ahead they're pretty much caught between a rock and a hard place if all these three different scenarios have their own risk so.
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to plan a that which is still being pursued the dive option but that is actually a very challenging route that the boys would have to pretty much make on their own . is really narrow and certain parts and those six. and seasoned rescue cave divers say it's one of the most dangerous places they have ever been and so that bears a whole lot of risk now the drilling operation is actually quite dangerous as well experts are not sure if they actually find an opening once they and they manage to actually drill down if there is not if there is not any additional danger because this place where the boys are trapped and right now this might collapse once they break through with a bore hole so that has its own dangers now the last option just waiting out the monsoon season this is pretty much off the table because they say even if the boys
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manage to stay where they are right now with enough oxygen it could just harm their health it could cause psychological problems being trapped in a dark place for so long so they don't want to wait the earth or it is and we just have to wait and see when any rescue mission will commence. correspondent floria newish reporting from thailand thank you. for the first time the children have been able to communicate with their parents many of whom are waiting anxiously outside the cave let's have a closer look at their messages. hope and desperation it's been two weeks since the ordeal began now letters handwritten by the boys have emerged from the cave delivered to their loved ones by a diver. in one to twenty five year old coach apologizes to the parents to all the parents the kids are still fine i promise to
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take very good care of them. thank you for all the moral support and i apologize to the parents. the boys reassure their families some right light hearted jokes. i'm doing fine the air is a little cold but don't worry and don't forget to prepare for my birthday party. if i get out can you please bring me some group to pose. to my dad mom and sister i love you you don't need to be worried about me i love you all with efforts to install a phone line so far unsuccessful this is the only way for the two sides to communicate directly. now some of the other stories making news around the world north korea has condemned a u.s. delegation for its handling of the latest round of high level denuclearize talks
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between the two countries young and criticize the americans attitude and suggested officials made too many demands hours earlier u.s. secretary of state mike palm pale had hailed what he called progress at the meeting in pyongyang. in japan at least fifty one people are dead and record flooding in some areas dozens more are reported missing a week of heavy downpours has triggered landslides and caused rivers to burst their banks across western parts of the country over a million people have been evacuated and the forecast predicts even more rain. in the somali capital mogadishu at least nine people were killed when two car bombs exploded near the interior ministry militants then opened fire on security forces triggering a battle that lasted several hours the islamist group al-shabaab has claimed
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responsibility for the attack. a word england fans have been long waiting to hear england advances to the semifinal of the world cup they've done it by beating sweden two now i'm joined in the studio by do sports reporter nick mckenna klein nick a momentous day for english soccer fans around the globe as it is a real towards this game as a generation of football fans regardless of who they support who have never seen them reach the semifinal of a tournament that's on the world cup but anything that i say now about this game will not do justice to the pictures you're about seeing as have a look at that match. in the lead after half an hour when harry required rose above the rest of the boats to school his first ever international goal the three lions have scored four goals from corners at this world cup more than any other team. in the second half they made it to with another head when a cross from jesselyn god was turned in at the back posed by top. few england
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fans ever saw their team getting this far but the players continue to exceed expectations this goal a corporation from two young and inexperienced players embodies everything that makes care of southgate site so good. three to four until the final whistle and threaten to get back into the game marcus break came as close as anyone but some stellar stops from jordan pickford ensured that for sweden somalia was the end of the road for england meanwhile an incredible journey continues next stop moscow. nic there had been some concern prior to this match the england could potentially suffer in terms of the fact that they had scored very much an open play but they did get one of those goals today are they deserving of being semifinalists in this world cup absolutely and that has a lot to do with how he's completely turned this nation around meaning than they've been of the team which have been before basically well at the last tournament and he's managed to get his young group of players together who have pace they have
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a plan they know what they're doing and they're working for each other as opposed to being individuals these and he's found their strengths as tom said in a report they've scored eight of their eleven goals from set pieces which is an incredible sat in itself but the team also have confidence in their capabilities they know they can win games they know they don't they don't crumble in the face of defeat and that's really really good but also a massive credit for for jordan could pick for the goalkeeper because it's all here as well he's made fantastic saves not just in this game but also in other games of this tournament and then finally have a goalkeeper who they can trust first of all and they can be really proud of how things are going pretty well is it to early. to even suggest that they could take it all we've reached the point of the tournament where any team can win it's just it comes down to the day it comes out of the performance you deliver on the pitch but my best of the game you told me was france to win they are the semifinals but the way the intent of perform so far the way they have showed that they can they can beat teams when they're in a difficult situation means that they really could go all the way for the first
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time since less than sixty six and they'll be in moscow for wednesday and without the face of russia or croatia and if they win that game they'll be at the same stadium that is the stadium on sunday and then will face of the fall supposin so it's up to these teams to win any time in the deaf we have a very very good chance. reporter nick mechanic line thank you to formula one now lewis hamilton will start sunday's british grand prix on the front row of the grid for the fourth consecutive season hamilton snatched pole position from ferrari sebastian fats all by zero point zero four four seconds on his very last lap can you or i can and in the other ferrari is third on the grid followed by hamilton's mercedes team a voluntary that you ride bulls line up fifth and sixth world famous filmmaker have been venders describes himself as a director and photographer he took thousands of polaroids while making his classic films as just paris texas and the american friend now the director has shared
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a selection of his pictures of raw landscapes film sets and even himself an exhibition here in the german capital berlin. the inventor's was in his late twenty's a young filmmaker when he discovered his love for polaroid photography and his love for america the land of unlimited opportunities the city of new york in the heady seventy's would become his haven is it worth. what i had a bit of money for the first time i lived at the chelsea hotel. but then i ran out . and i ended up living at this hotel. only junkies live there of course i couldn't leave anything in my room especially my camera because they would just disappear the exhibition at seal berlin features polaroids then has got his first camera in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine in the lead up to the road movie alice in the cities which featured a photographer as the main character and polaroids have been inventors life ever
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since when he's not shooting films he takes photos of actors and friends in everyday situations. so a polaroid is valuable because it's one of a kind but it also has a practical value you can hang it on the fridge or stick it anywhere or give it away there was often somebody standing nearby saying oh i'd like to have that. many our time capsules of places that have since disappeared but for vendors a photo is always the beginning of a story. just a reminder of the top story we're following for you officials in thailand say conditions are improving for evacuating the children trapped in a flooded cave they're aiming to get the group out before new monsoon rains cause water levels to rise and messages to their families the boys say they're doing fine . coverage always get the latest on the news after just download the app from google player from the outlet store that'll get you access to all the latest
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news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the app to send us photos and videos. watching the news my colleague humphrey will be with you at the top of the hour with more and i recall often in berlin thanks for joining us. in the coachman's in germany to learn german. emerged in the. why not learn with him online on the mobile and free to chefs from the d.w.p. learning course you can speak. with.


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