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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 8, 2018 10:00am-10:15am CEST

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fifth indeed of the news coming to you live from berlin a risky and complex rescue operation begins in thailand a team of elite diver and start their mission to extract twelve boys and their soccer coach from of gloated cave complex they have to navigate through the narrow submerged passage ways that took the life of a diaper on friday and with more downpours forecast it's a break against time. also on the program russia's world cup fairytale comes to an end the holds nation promise is asian the forty one doctors are always on penalties
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i'm going for bush a joy for her way to be now and to employ. and there they will take england he defeated we two goals to nil to make it to the standings and it's the first time england have made it that far in the tournament since one thousand nine hundred. i'm out of town and good to have you with us it's a race against time and against walter and it's being followed all over the world a team of elite divers have started their mission to free twelve boys and their soccer coach from a flotus cave complex in northern thailand and the plan is for the divers to bring the group one at a time through a twisting and submerged set of tunnels it comes after on successful efforts to bore shoots down through the rock to the group who have been trapped in. for over
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two weeks it's a slow complex and risky process the dangers were underscored by the death of a diver in the cave on friday. of the acting governor in charge of the rescue says that the weather conditions provide a window of opportunity to get the group back and this is before monsoon rains are turned and more water flowed into the underground cave system on the. right now where as ready as we can be it's d. day. at ten am thirteen professional cave java's including five navy seals into the cave to extract the children. being clearly briefed on have to do so. let's bring in correspondent who is on the cave complex in northern thailand can you give us an
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update on the rescue operation at the moment. yes the diet and the day here in northern tip of thailand actually started with the officials moving all the quote non essential people to the rescue mission away from the cave entrance so that's why i'm actually standing here right now in a makeshift parking lot pretty much you can see the mountain behind me this is where the boys have been trapped for over two weeks now so we're about two kilometers away but the official said that they need the space right in front of the cave to establish a first aid rescue. operation system apparently there are ambulances for every single boy that is in the caves there are helicopters parked so officials are prepared for any eventuality when the boys will come out so it's a huge operation and also a dangerous one what do the rescuers have to bear in mind.
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yes it is still a very daunting task and like you said it has been underscored by the death of an experienced navy seal diver so. just to give you an idea for a professional diver this trip that the boys have in front of them takes a professional diver five to six hours so you could imagine that for the boys who most of them couldn't even swim before it is really a daunting task and it's still involves a lot of risks we hear that a lot of water has been pumped from the cave but there are still parts that are flooded especially very narrow pards so the boys will have to dive out they are assisted by two caregivers to two x. birds navy divers there are actually fifteen international divers aided by a few times navy divers and they together they tried to pass the boys through now
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we don't know exactly how this is happening if they will just start with the one boy and wait for him to come all the way out or if they will actually start basically filing them through so but what is confirmed is that before nine o'clock local time so that's about six hours we will not get any official update and this is the earliest that they might actually bring the first boy out. so very frightening experience for the boys and also a nightmare for the families as well involves the rescuers are also working under pressure florian there are new rains coming up and there are reports that the oxygen level in the cave is dropping what more can you tell us about that. well my latest information is that the oxygen level is actually ok it has been they have been able to stab allies that it's not like the level is in. but
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it's actually ok because they have managed to put in an air hose already a few days ago but c o two levels are rising and you could imagine that the situation in that cave also the hygienic conditions in this cave it's they are trapped on a square. ten square metre narrow. area so the conditions there you can imagine were becoming less and less conducive to the health off the boys so this is why authorities said today's d. day the conditions conditions are not getting any better a storm front is about to hit so let's get them out now. and let's not forget that the boys has been there for almost two weeks i mean what kind of shape are they enter the even ok to die right now. what we have heard from the official from the chief of rescue operations this
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morning that an australian doctor has actually checked the physical conditions all three boys and he gave the go ahead he said the boys are in ok enough shape to actually start on this perilous journey back to the. back out of the cave so as i said the conditions are not getting any better so this is why authorities decided to go ahead now. and stephen is far in the cave complex in northern thailand thank you for bringing us up to date. and to some of the other stories making news around the world the death toll from heavy rains and landslides in japan has climbed to more than sixty with dozens of people still missing the downpours of cause flash flooding across central and western parts of the country prompting evacuation orders for over two million people hundreds of anti gun protesters shut down a major expressway in the u.s.
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city of chicago for several hours demonstrators called on the city's leaders to end violence chicago has by far the highest murder rate in the u.s. more than one thousand one hundred choosing in the first half of this year. of peasants of displaced syrians are returning home to the southern province of. brokered a cease fire between the government and rebels the deal was reached after weeks of bombardment by russian backed syrian forces is seen as the cradle of the uprising that sparked syria's seven year civil war the regime offensive has displaced more than three hundred twenty thousand people since the june. time to head home for some villagers from a province more than twenty thousand people have begun returning from the border region near jordan. finally we can go home and we flirt with more than five hundred people from our villages of
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a new survey shows. how little thank you god we will return we are how the. russian backed syrian forces have been bombarding targets and for more than two weeks the goal forcing rebels in the province to surrender. retaking daraa would mark a symbolic victory for the syrian regime but for civilians the fighting meant being compelled to seek shelter elsewhere the violence prompted what's not to be the largest displacement of people since the beginning of syria's civil war as people return much uncertainty remains in the weeks ahead. some will be lacking their houses and basic necessities after weeks of bombing others fear a return of regime control could spell trouble for them and their loved ones. with russia are out of the world after losing to croatia and
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a nailbiting penalty shoes i'm joined in the studio by leave attacking from drug abuse for theft and wire wrote called correspondent all over muti he is in saatchi the venue of that game i want to start off with you a lemur first of all and what i gave it was i mean russia under and underdog playing with the attitude of a champion but at the end creation was just a number too big for them still as you said this was a nail biter why don't we take a look. still to shockley just past the half hour mark. denny's cherrish of smashing home his fourth goal of the tournament's in spectacular style. the lead was short lived however as a dry kraemer it showed at home less than ten minutes later to level the score was . a goal the second half meant extra time and after a short break the croatia took the lead on a rising higher storm
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a corner to one. but russia was done mario finance has made it to wall to send the match into penalties. and after russia missed two of their spot kicks it came down to even rockets hit and the pass along the midfielder kept his cool sending croatia into delirium. for their opponents russia their world cup is now. limited croatia really deserved to and. they just because of their fighting spirit and the sheer quality on this team but they haven't made it easy for themselves this is the second time that they've gone into extra time into a penalty shoot out and i wonder now of all that mental and physical exhaustion if that will play a factor when they face england and the semifinal on wednesday and let's not forget that it was agony of course for russia i'm going to turn over to ali now who standing by for us in at the sides of the crime so to speak and how are the fans
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taking it ali. well obviously it was a bit of a rough night for the russia fans they gave that seemed such incredible support to get my opinion i mean what's the last russia game it was even more intense this time some of the phones were almost hysterical especially when that extra time equaliser went in for about two hours we had this phenomenal noise level it was very very loud and then suddenly it was very quiet but the russian fans took it about as well as could be expected you have to remember the expectations were through the floor before the tournament started so i think rather than being disappointed a lot of fans are really just proud of what their team achieved. and there's still plenty for them to be proud of of course but do you reckon it was just a once off. i mean this russia team let's not forget was the lowest ranked team going into the world cup so i think it would be
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unlikely to see this team go on and repeat this kind of performance in the coming years i think what russia can really gain out of the performance is the russian saying that this tournament is the inspiration of a generation of russian kids the kids growing up watching this tournament will want to be the next eagle rock him for the next dennis cherish. they'll want to be the nation's heroes because everybody's got so swept up in this as a kid you couldn't help want to be those people so i think that's where russia can can really look to gain from this from a football in perspective and they certainly did a great job i mean they kept hoping right to the very end but what about creation croatia now i'm looking forward they go through to the semi waiting for the. up against the three lions against a man who had to have exceeded expectations at this chinaman england took the lead in the after half an hour thanks to if you can get the video out. of that match
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yeah there you go thanks to harry require of all people who rose above the rest inside the box to squash his first ever international goal and get this the three lions have netted poor goals from corners at this world cup that's more than any other team and then we had more of the same in the second half across from jesse lynn got was turned in at the back post by delhi and in and now advance into the world cup semi final for the first time since one thousand nine hundred ninety. absolutely amazing a great for them i wonder are we going to have to listen to a lot of football's coming home. in the coming days and weeks from our colleagues but anyway thank you to look for us here at the studio please an email talking here is to thank you very much on olly moody reporting for us from russia thank you. and just a reminder of the top story that we're following for you. a risky and complex
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rescue operation is underway in thailand to extract twelve boys and their soccer coach from a flooded cave complex a team of international divers plan to bring the great for all of the cave one by one officials say the operation could take up to three days. your update on watching the news will be back again at the top there. and on demand. language courses. video and audio. anytime anywhere. else in germany.


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