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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 9, 2018 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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the fresher if you call it. the i don't know where really gets me. find us on facebook. dot com. this is the news coming to you live from berlin a massive rescue operation is underway in thailand to see if teenage boys and their football coach trapped in a cave those who've already been rescued a floating to hospital while divers in the vast flooded keeps has to try to bring those in stock to safety we'll go live to our correspondent at the scene of the
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operation also coming up. the u.k.'s top grades it then goes into david davis resigns after a scathing attack on the prime minister won't does his departure mean just nine months ahead of the brakes a deadline we talked to our correspondents in london and in brussels. and china as prime minister lands in germany to talk business he's looking to strengthen ties with bolland in the face of u.s. tariffs. hello and welcome i'm. in thailand which is the say for more boys have been pulled out from the flooded cave where they were trapped bringing the total number of rescue took eight for others and the football coach are still on the ground on the trigger and are being rushed to hospital after spending more than two weeks trapped on the. john a spokesperson for the mission says the risk you boys
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a hungry but in good health and that they have been kept away from their families to avoid infections is taking about six hours for divers to guide the children along the dangerous full kilometer coast to duck and narrow passageways. correspondent for a new she is near the cave complex in northern thailand and has been monitoring the situation from the florian formal boys have reportedly been pulled out of the cave what more can you tell us. well what seemed so on likely only a few days ago now seems to go like clockwork by the looks of it so what we're not getting is any official confirmation what we are getting reports from colleagues that i'm not just here at this press center but a little bit further up the road at the entrance to the cave journalists are not
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allowed to go any further and they have been reporting ambulances coming out i've actually seen quite a few ambulances myself we have seen helicopters just flying towards chiang rai chiang rai the provincial capital so by the looks we really have another four boys out apparently. that's what we're hearing is not confirmed already at the hospital one will come out shortly we might even see him come by we don't know yet but this operation really seems to be a huge success that's right and the operation seems to have quickened but out is still concerns of more rain could hamper the rescue work. i mean the rain is always an issue and since it is monsoon season here in thailand you can never really plan for for a drive spell for a wet spell the weather can change any minute i have been rained on today now i
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have a sunburn so it's actually the weather is very unstable but we have to say it has been dry it has been surprisingly dr for the past hours pretty much since daybreak and so this certainly played into the hands of the rescuers and this is also part of the explanation why this whole rescue operation comes along more quickly than originally expected. children what can you tell us about the boys who've been risking huge and taken to hospital. or do. we have the four boys that were taken out yesterday they are confirmed to be at the hospital it is confirmed that their parents are at the hospital as well so they know that their boys are saved but from what we're hearing they're not supposed to to meet each other yet that is apparently for medical reasons we're not one hundred percent sure what the precautions are but what we're hearing is that the boys
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cannot embrace their parents the parents cannot embrace the boys for another twenty four hours probably they're in some sort of quarantine we don't know exactly what this is for as for the other four boys or the three boys that are apparently at the hospital already the eight boys that will be taken there shortly. we don't know in which condition they are on they are what we can say is that all of them apparently have been transferred to chung right from into the hospital in helicopters now yesterday three of the four boys were transferred in ambulances so we might just take this as a sign that the health condition of those boys that were extracted today is a little bit more critical. but then again this is just speculation. florian thank you very much that was do the obvious florian nourish with the latest on the rescue operation in northern thailand. while there is really for the parents of the boys
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who have been rescued other families are desperately waiting to hear when their sons might be brought out safely along with the rest of the nation they're tracking every step of the ongoing rescue operation and praying for its success. their ordeal has gripped the country the success of sunday's operation has fueled hope for the remaining team members trapped in the cave. those who can't help directly send prayers. i'm watching the news every day. i want to read about them as if they are my own kids. i hope they come out safely. i'm a keeping up to date on their situation from afar i want to send more support and i pray for them all to be safe and to come out as soon as possible. it's an agonizing wait for relatives of the group this family was informed that their boy
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was one of the four rescued on sunday. that i was wondering if he'd be alright i told myself he will be alright i knew but i didn't say it out loud i was worrying too but i kept my feelings quiet has been a while since i've laughed. but authorities refused to publicly confirm the identities of those freed out of respect for the families who sons are still trapped. with the whole world seemingly fixated on the plight of the football team the governor has vowed to shield the boys and their families from the media spotlight. here's a look now at some other stories making news around the wild india supreme court has upheld its death sentence for three men convicted over the gang rape and murder of a woman on a delhi bus in two thousand and twelve the defendants were tried and respect fast
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track court after the woman succumbed to injuries following the brutal assault the case sparked nationwide protests against abuse of women. and a tree are hailing what they're calling a new era of peace and friendship after historic reconciliation talks the two countries' leaders agreed to end the state of war between them their twenty a conflict claimed thousands of lives the two neighbors have already begun restoring telephone and flight connections. to the u.k. now where prime minister is a may has appointed a new brags that minister following the resignation of david davis forty four year old former housing minister dominic robb will now be the most senior official in charge of negotiating the u.k.'s exit from the european union rob is a euro skeptic who campaigned in favor of leaving the u.k. during the u.k. is briggs's a referendum for the e.u.
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now the resignation of davis comes just two days after tourism is announcement that a government had finally reached a consensus on an exit deal with the e.u. davis has been speaking about the reasons why he decided he could no longer support the prime minister's brigs of plan. now proposing to use the same rule book or the same laws really as the european union not equivalent not similar but the same and that will provide all sorts of problems when it comes to if you want to divert to something different so the return of control to parliament is more illusion is real. and for more on these developments i'm joined by our correspondents biggest mass in london and from brussels barbara visible begin let me start with you what else is david davis saying about his resignation tell us about dominique grab the man who's taking over from him. but i mean they've obviously the former housing minister crucially is also somebody
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who campaigned for brics it actively during the campaign that's of course important if you are leading the negotiations and brussels or helping the prime minister leave the negotiations here is somebody who is a former lawyer and he has been defending to reason. well maybe not such no not compromise but whatever the statement that she came out with after the meeting and check is where the cabinet was supposed to be on board and we unite behind now we see this has happened but he's been defending the prime minister he's willing to see through what she started and david davies interestingly he said that he's things that reason may is a good prime minister he didn't want to destabilize her he said that she deserved support and that was just not up to him to deliver that support might be seen a little bit cynical but the way he presented it he said i can live with myself i'm just not behind it i call and force through this breaks it when i don't really believe in it. barbara in brussels what is being said about this latest drama in
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prime minister today isn't these government. the european union's reaction all that goes for the european commission was decidedly cool around noon a spokesman came out and said that the e.u. commission would not be willing to engage was the emotional level off these talks so there was no disappointment there were no feelings whatsoever but we are here to do a job that means that you commission is ready to take up talks immediately when new bricks and syrian secretary is ready to do so and when ever the british sign has put something on the table now everybody waits whether the white book about the details for the proposal from last friday will appear on thursday and then of course the negotiations he'll pour over it and the question of the skin really be
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a basis for for the talks it's just the one the e.u. where it's a big it just how much of a setback is this for to resolve a could they be more resignations do you think. well that of course is the subject of intense speculation here in london on twitter people are asking themselves where is boris johnson he was supposed to be at the western balkan summit apparently he hasn't turned up there he was supposed to post to be a government high level security meeting the so-called cobra meeting and apparently he wasn't there either so people are asking what is he doing is he plotting his own resignation which would be if that would be the case probably others would follow he has been challenged by the likes of niger for us to imagine for us as well as to the honorable thing and come forward and save breck's it but other people are thinking that well maybe to exchange like a whole new leadership in the whole leadership team just before
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a crucial summit in october in brussels and just before breakfast in march is maybe not such a good idea so a lot is going on at the moment in the conservative party and have strived to get most in london and not a visit in brussels thank you both very much. more news from the you can promise the terrorism he says she's a poor and shocked by the death of a woman exposed to the soviet era poison navi child police have opened a modern investigation into the incident forty four year old dawn sturgis and her boyfriend became ill two weeks ago in southwest england not far from where a former russian spy and his daughter will poison with the same substance earlier this hour london has been moscow for that attack which has been described as the first chemical weapon use in europe since the second world war. in sports let's begin news from formula one and sebastian fettle has taken the tenth race of the
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season the british girl three he got boss to britain's lewis hamilton who actually started the race in pole position. sensation in silverstone right from the green light surpassed in fact it was ferrari flew straight into the lead while a slow start for lewis hamilton was made even worse when kimi right commits ferrari sent him to rearing off the track a time penalty for the finn and a long way back for britain's federal established himself at the front joined by miss avies tried to follow terry protests with the end approaching vettel had dropped down to second behind with hamilton and rocketed instead and fourth vettel pulled off this plucky maneuver to brigade the lead with five laps to go and he had gone to meet crossing the line first the only decision ever time at silverstone hamilton and reichen and rounded off the party of the race and have a great crowd. yeah i think really a race that i enjoyed a lot i think the people enjoyed
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a lot so yeah but it amazing day. that's all now as a cushion of eight points over defending champion lewis hamilton at the top of the driver's stun guns. he was in the oven is coming up ahead china's prime minister. to boost ties with bin laden in the face of u.s. tyrants is coming up in business news. and business news is the dominant answer standing by for you right here. on freedom and the whole. world i come from the region is rich in history. poor in education opportunity and freedom this makes it especially difficult for independent drugs i see many of the younger promising.


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