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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 11, 2018 8:00am-8:30am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin the verdict is due today in one of germany's longest and most notorious neil nazi murder trials as achievers the chief suspect in a string of racist murders crimes that shocked a nation still struggling to atone for his dark nazi past chad was the only surviving allegedly member of the neo nazi cell known as the national socialist underground today after a mammoth five year trial she will hear perfect. mission impossible becomes mission accomplished reacts with gratitude exhilaration and relief after the successful
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rescue of a teenage soccer team from a flooded chain it was not a deal that gripped the world. also coming up france are through to the world cup final thanks to a one victory over belgium in the t.g. second half goal sending the blues to the championship game they would play either for a way shot for england the team snatched up from tonight's other and. i'm going to thank you for joining us here in germany a court is set to hand down a verdict in the five year trial of a neo nazi terrorist cell accused of the racially motivated killings of ten people over a decade the only remaining allegedly member of the right wing extremist group known as the national socialist underground faces up to life in prison now the families of the victims feel the trial has. well to answer many questions about the killings
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and the perpetrators their lawyers say the trial also failed to examine the mistakes of the security agencies and the murky role of those agencies informants. abdul karim shem shaq is the son of the first victim he was a child when his father was killed. why did the murderous choose my father i just can't and won't believe it was a coincidence or one. you're over four hundred thirty seven days of negotiations and this important question has not been answered i can't find closure because i don't feel that everything has been investigated. the victims' families feel that the trial for the first series of racist murderous a post-war germany hasn't and search many of their questions.
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first my mother was a suspect then my uncle then everyone around us was under constant investigation that went on for a living years it was as if my father were the perpetrator rather than the victim and that was reflected across the media with its reporting on the so-called combat murders of turkish people or allegations of drug related crime according to the press my father was the guilty one and that's how we felt. we had to check that is the main defendant she is thought to be does sole survivor of a three member nazi terror cell over the years that allegedly killed nine migrants and a police officer without coming under suspicion instead for years and thus to get hers focus on people connected to victims rather than on members of the neo nazi movement but the trial has barely touched on the authorities failings nor has it examined the road of german domestic intelligence which had contacts in the so-called national socialist underground alongside chad forman are also accused of
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helping the end issue but victims' lawyers said they're convinced a group support network was much larger. we for sure will go on that the we could say all of the family they say our questions are exposed and haven't been met we expect from you knew that you use all means that our way to to follow on and to go on to search for the truth after sitting through more than five years of this trial most of the victims' families want to keep on fighting for complete clarification or. or let's bring in david he is frank hoffman he's followed this case for years and he joins us from or from munich where we're expecting a verdict this morning hi frank good to see you what outcome can we expect to see today. good morning here from munich from the courtroom many people are waiting in teeth like we've just seen it in our report well what people expect is expect is
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of course the question whether the main defendants be out of shape or will get a life sentence or not and interesting is also the other four accomplices one of them was the main victimise will he get out here without. that he has to go to prison off of us these are the main questions today in the courtroom but there are many others as we just could have saying in our report that are with the victims' families especially what about all the other speed high and the saints other terrorists helpless that without them this is something that came out here on the sidelines of this year long trial of what all happened there was not possible without proper networks behind what and what is going on with these cases there are nine investigations and so many people expect that we will get more insights even after the verdict here today in the courthouse in munich and frank this is been such a difficult ordeal for the families of the victims as we saw in the report tell us
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more about what they've gone through. i mean we were able to talk very close a try that lee i would say with up to carry him shame shake he's the son of the first victim who came here sometimes every way every single cold day more than four hundred all together and he told us that he's tired that he he he has this feeling that going through this process of almost five years. didn't make it really better for him to find relief and that it's really not over for him. two things i was told already before the states that i buy the victims' relatives what they can remember listening to the main defendant be out to chat is never really really revealed the details about the circumstances of the murders here in germany and that this is something they are highly disappointed about and frank just briefly if you can what
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do you think germany has learned from this trial. look for weeks on the police investigated for many years in the victim's time of days against attacks to victims' families and off towards went there an excuse for this and i think this is something the public and the investigators police but also the german society will have to learn about that this is not the way people should be treated in this country did abuse frank hoffman outside of the courtroom in munich where we are expecting a verdict today thank you so much frank. now on to some other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump has arrived in brussels ahead of a nato summit and is being accompanied by first lady millennia trying the run up to the nato meeting which will be held on wednesday and thursday has been overshadowed by the president criticizing fellow nato members for not contributing enough money
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to the alliance. the widow what the chinese nobel peace prize laureate has been freed and arrived in berlin on tuesday lucia had been kept under near total house arrest in china with no formal charges since two thousand and ten the german government has been pushing for her release since her husband died in chinese custody a year ago. according to pakistani police a suicide bombing at an election rally in the country's northwest has killed a secular politician and at least twelve others fifty people were also injured in the attack at the awami national party event in peshawar this comes ahead of national polls scheduled for later this month. the pakistani taliban has claimed responsibility. now the medical team treating the twelve boys and their coach in a local hospital say the group is generally in good condition this after they spent eighteen harrowing days underground and went through a rescue operation which many first believe would be mission impossible people
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lined the streets to cheer as an ambulance took the twenty five year old coach to the hospital for all of the boys are also being treated the wild boars soccer team spent nearly three weeks trapped inside a cave after water sealed off their exit route a team of international rescue divers worked to extract them but one man died last week after delivering oxygen to the group all the children and their coach are expected to remain in the hospital hospital for at least seven days. and the good news florian is she's standing by first at the school where many of the boys actually went to florian good to see you so there must be a lot of relief and a lation among their classmates today. definitely and just a few minutes ago this. area where we're standing was thrilling with kids but classes have just resumed so they are not out here anymore but we talked to a few of them we even found one boy who is playing soccer in the c.n.n.
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same team and he told us that he had tried to text a few of his friends that were actually that i'm in the hospital right now he wanted to know how they are but he said he never received any any information back so we can assume that those boys are not having their cell phones with them so they don't know how they are but this is not just talk of the town this is talk in this school they told us that every in every classroom before the lessons could commends they would just talk about what happened yesterday so everyone is just so relieved that this miss. really was accomplished so a lot of relief there florian we can't forget though that one diver did lose his life during the rescue operation on hearing anything now and if you can hear is that house being paid she's i mean i'm not hearing anything now but maybe i can tell you about. we mustn't forget that there is one lie that
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was tragically lost one of the rescue divers and there has already been tribute paid to him at last night's press conference we know that he will receive a public funeral there is a pioneer this is the way it's being done here in thailand there's a pyre a wrecked it for him looks like a miniature. replica of the kings that was cremated a few months ago so thailand is actually paying tribute to this hero there banners all around town professionally made banners with a picture of him praising him as a hero so that was quite interesting to see and what we also learned this morning was that there are aspects involving this rescue mission that are actually hollywood like a few hours after the boys the last boys had been extracted the major
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water pump failed inside the cave so there were still people rescue workers inside the cave and. the water levels apparently were rising very quickly so everyone was was taken out safely but this problem failed and it really seems like hollywood's another aspect is that the father of the australian doctor who was the one that was taking care of the boys he just learned after the successful mission that his father had just passed away so i think this is a story you will see a hollywood movie made made of in the near future probably. because florian is reporting for us from the tile and floor and i don't know if you can hear us but thank you very much. can the wheel in paris after france defeat belgium in the world cup semifinal soccer fans surged up to shine so we say they are ready for sunday's final either
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against croatia or england. and we have only made the talking from didn't use force to tell us more about this match high limit this was a really tight match tell us more about how it went down it was so it was unfortunately not as open as we expected not as many goals as we would have liked especially when you have one golden generation take on another but as you said it was a very tight match and the difference maker was t.t. and of course a set piece and before we go into the match i have to point out that around forty two to forty three percent of all gold at this world cup have come from set pieces and it was a set piece that also saved the day for france let's take a look it wasn't until the twenty second minute it's k.g. city final sprang to life belgians toby and a viral tonight on the turn a stunning sight from hugo to reese front so tight next kilian and back page
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feeding benjamin providing the thirty eight minutes of fight to stop them cheaper culture this time the breakthrough arrived early in the second tough francais somewhat in t.t. rose highest i'm not home and strong reasons corner in the fifty first minute. nothing could do about that one. from sterno magic to produce one of the game slick his moves shortly after a lucky escape for belgium. the red devils three men forward in the dying moments but left blue held firm under pressure. delirium at the final whistle the first world cup final appearance for france in twelve years probably show england line white heart breaking into the challenge for belgium. the villa from it's. a limbo where you impressed with france's performance in this match i mean i have to say it was a display of stellar defending ferry very impressive and look when you can keep has
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a lot to brian a blue kaku at bay you are doing something right and prances i have to say they don't always pay the most beautiful football just because there's so many gifts that pass on this team but they pragmatics it is really paying off it was a solid performance they stayed compact and belgium really had no solutions whatsoever they ran out of ideas and that's actually i hear what some of the pay as a coach as i think about that performance and i'll move on to i feel so much pride . like we worked a lot for this when we did it together after all for a place like us who like to mock you i scored the goal but the whole team played well much like we did what we had to do to get to the final and i'm very proud of everything you want to do in the mall she felt a few months of being unfortunate but i was the difference is just. that both situational sets playing. the game was as you could imagine very close very
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chary. and he was going to be decided in june maybe the one that he could find a final ditching the boards or we could get a little bit of luck in front of goal to. really do want to ask you know do you think france is now a shoo in to win the title i mean they were favorites from the get go zones the fact that if reached the final doesn't surprise anybody and as what is it i'm teacher just said this has been like this so many different different players contre butin and pulling their weight i mean the they will be a tough act to beat while the world cup is almost over and it's been a fantastic world cup let's bring in our correspondent emily sure women who is standing by for us in moscow hi i'm good to see you so russia are out of the tournament we all know that now but how big is the interest in the world cup going on right now. well there's still a huge interest in the world cup. it's really being shown everywhere here in moscow it's being shown in bars restaurants it's even being shown on metro trains so on
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the subway and people you know obviously have been very emotional throughout this world cup particularly because the russian team got so far you know and you know after they were kicked out people were extremely emotional people kind of hugging and crying but you know it's perhaps indicative of the mood as well that even after the russian team was kicked out there was a huge street party going on here in moscow people came out onto the streets just to celebrate the fact that the world cup is going on in russia and i would say even people who aren't interested in football really are proud to be hosting founds from all over the world what about the other semifinal tonight croatia in england what are local saying about that match. well i'd say there's support on both of the teams perhaps it's surprising to know that there is support for the english team as well you might remember that there was all this drama in the run up to the world cup first of all there were headlines about the fact that there would
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be there could be fights between british and russian hooligans people kind of recalled the dramatic images from euro two thousand and sixteen where those who begins from both countries were kind of fighting and people were warning of a third world war between hooligans and of course there was all the tension between moscow and london as well over the poisoning of russians by screwball but there really has been no problem between the two nations at all in fact just the opposite i think russians really like brits so for that reason there's a lot of support for the the british team as well but there have been fewer british fans here supporting their team and the headlines here in russia now ahead of this game today have been kind of gloating you know more british fans should have come to see our amazing world cup. the russians feel now that the world cup is drawing to a close this weekend. well the people that i've been speaking to here in the capital
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really don't want this world cup to end people have said been saying that it's an amazing atmosphere a festival atmosphere one woman i spoke to said we want really to keep the world cup we want to keep the fans here we don't want them to leave there has been really a huge sense of freedom here in moscow as well kind of the sense of people kind of taking back public spaces which are usually rather tightly controlled by the author already is here and people i think also there's some cynicism among people who just say basically things are going to go back to the way they were after the world cup ends and all we'll have is kind of cheap merchandise cheap souvenirs that are on sale after all the fans leave but i think people here are certainly glad to have shown a different side to russia to the world it's not over yet. your pick for tonight i'd say fifty fifty creativity but we'll have the fresh. talking
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sports and emily short for us in moscow thank you both very much. and we have another piece of soccer news for you portugal forward christiana rinaldo has left three on madrid he has joined your ventus for a reported one hundred million euro transfer fee the thirty three year old signed a four year deal with the italian champions reportedly worth five hundred fifty thousand euro thing but we are not the lifting for champions league and i would lettering nine year spell immigrant becoming the club's all time top scorer in the process the portuguese first joined in a world record deal from manchester united. daniel wynter is with us with business now and the trade dispute daniel continues to escalate there's so many layers to this now it's getting difficult to keep track of it all the next round in the american chinese trade conflict donald trump's
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administration is getting ready to impose tariffs on another two hundred billion dollars in chinese imports the white house says the new levies are in response to china's counter tires which came off to america's first round of import duties while they focused on industrial goods to limit the impact on consumers expanded list of over six thousand products includes everyday items like electric lamps and food stuffs like michael beijing's slams the threat is totally unacceptable and founds to impose countermeasures. donald trump is increasingly targeting agricultural products from europe and his trade was just take spanish which have been on the tariff since november last year the u.s. recently renewed the levies saying all of production is unfairly subsidize as with many other e.u. agricultural products farmers in andalus see it depend on the american market but sales have plummeted. only trees as far as the eye can see in southern
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spain they say no to anything on skate but the economy to trims decision to include spanish olives in his trade has been a pleasure to the people of london you see. a source of heated discussion even during the world cup. libraries are a alongside all the other negative measures trump has decided to implement the g t's on a very harmful to the agriculture of underused including our village. could be and one of the. agro sivia is a co-operative that's been hit especially hard it's spain's biggest only exporter and the us is its biggest market by far. the lives of are very popular products but since trump introduced his import tariffs sales have practically hogged. fifty people who've already lost their jobs are very severe and the remaining workers are
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worried about being hot out there but i hope that we're angry but mostly scared in the air lift up though i'm not sleeping well and i keep wondering what's going to happen to us my family in the mortgage depend on my salary so of course it's a big burden market don't. know if the u.s. has accused spain of dumping selling its products too cheaply in the us and outprice in california olives trump says he's just hoping american farmers. what the u.s. is saying is we will impose tariffs on all products that provide competition to american products and there are simple reasons why we are a competitor we produce more cheaply more healthfully in greater quantities and with more for a righty than californians a little bit more about luckily for me i know. these new measures are threat to the european agricultural policy in general the u.s. government has criticized e.u.
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subsidies of enabling spanish farmers to sell below a fair value french and german agricultural products could also end up in the firing line. so i got up with the attack on the common policy is that attack only cornerstone if the e.u. is looking to play your part with this behavior but. you know i mean that retro. has already threatened countermeasures the trade conflict between the us and europe is entering the next ground. so let's dig deeper on this now you represent a representative from the german farmers association joins us now so trump is right isn't he european farmers are subsidized and that provides e.u. agricultural products an unfair advantage in foreign markets no that's not true our agricultural policy is decoupled from directly trade issues because the fame the payments to the farmers are. just decoupled from the
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production so there's no direct link between production and and support for the farmers so. but what we fear is a major tragedy for jobs for farmers for cons of us just. you tell us tariffs of course what the u.s. would say is that if you make production cheaper inside the e.u. that causes a disadvantage to california and manufacturers so where the u.s. and the e.u. where can they find a compromise here are we talking about dropping subsidies or getting rid of tariffs and top. so basically. we hope at this moment that the. trade dispute between china and us and the trade dispute between the us and. european union will can be settled there is no. circle of
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retaliation that's much more important and then we can settle the other things and what what do you think is the likely outcome of all this will europe put up a fight. well what we see is maybe the start of a trend of tragedy in international trade now and also agricultural trade can be harmed and you know the terrorists are just text to the cons and. for their daily food. somebody has to pay for it the farmers and the condiments and . we try to prevent that's ok but if we do talk about the removal of subsidies which is what donald trump wants within the e.u. are we talking at a cost of hundreds of thousands even millions of farming jobs. well we still say our support system for european farmers is decoupled from
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protection is decoupled from influencing trait and this is accepted by w.t. ole so within w t o s we are fine what we do in your so we cannot just say we change everything we do in europe we want to stay on international markets we are open for it. ok i don't know her i think we should do it in future all right well we'll have to see what happens that thank you very much for that. you're watching news from dublin got more coming up in the next hour or so forget to get all the leads in from the information and news on the album site because well that's.
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