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the french are particularly only going by the other words or i don't know where in there to be. part of it find us on facebook and on t w dot com. this is d w news live from berlin history in moscow croatia reaches the world cup finals for the very first time striker mario munch scored the winning goal against england in extra time giving his team a true one that was followed by an endless night of celebration. also coming up trumps tears into his nato allies the u.s. president unleashes
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a barrage of criticism in brussels pressing the leaders of the military alliance for larger stronger spending increases but he did sign a joint statement reaffirming existing commitments so what does it all mean for nato's future a look at the latest from brussels. and a new nazi goes to jail for life without a chief was found guilty on ten counts of murder in germany most of them racially motivated the evidence presented in the five year long trial shocked the nation. i'm sorry so much going to get to have you with us the football world cup in russia has delivered another thriller croatia beat england in the semifinal and is now heading to its first ever world cup final striker mario muncher kitchen scored the winning goal in extra time giving his team a two one win and fans in the proration capital zagreb they went wild waving nash.
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flags lighting flairs and they celebrated late into the night the country will face france in the final on sunday. let's get more on the world cup with all of our movie he's standing by for us in moscow with the latest all over if you can see if you can hear us rather there you are i take us to that at the really game last night yeah it was a really tense much right through to the very end of extra time it was a game where both teams dominated in different stages but i think over the course of the game of the four hundred twenty minutes croatia did have the upper hand more than england did so and the final score of course reflected that too let's take a look now at the highlights and see exactly how that panned out. in england croatia and the pressure from the get go forcing a foul on delhi early and giving in their first chance on goal here in chippy and with a perfectly timed free kick one for the three lions in the fifteen minutes. it
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took croatian to the sixty eight to break anyones defense even parazit far more determined to get the ball than car was one overall. and despite multiple chances there were no more goals in the regular ninety minutes the game heading into actual time. in the one hundred ninth minute marmande you catch with a decided i score a parasitic term provider and you wouldn't pick foot in the goal was without a chance. this young three lions team's dream dashed in the most painful way while croatia celebrate reaching their first world cup final. ali what did you think of the performances we saw from both teams. well you know croatia didn't really look that impressive early on the england very much dominated the opening exchanges and of course took advantage of that to some extent with the
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opening goal but really they just made the rest of gracious performance all the more impressive the fact that they managed to fight back through the second half and really sort of take the game by the scruff of the neck and then through extra time maintain the upper hand as well and you got to remember gratian had played extra time in their previous two rounds so a lot of people i certainly was expecting them to struggle as the game went on for england to have a physical advantage as the game went on in fact quite the opposite half of the question players look fresher going into extra time and i think the two goals showcased as well both came really from croatia players reacting more quickly than england defenders did so very impressive in croatia and it bodes well for them going into the final what was it like in the stadium last night. well you know in the stands it was a bit like it was out on the pitch as well as the england fans were really in great voice early on in the game really getting behind that same and it did feel like for
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a while that the game might just get away from croatia with england dominating play and the atmosphere really getting behind england as well but obviously things did change through the game create a fighting back and their fans of course found their voice too and there was a really nice moment at the end of the game where the gracious players went over to celebrate in front of the main stands where the croatian fans had been sitting and standing so a great moment there for the fans who had made the journey to russia what is england take away from this year they came so close how disappointed will they be after such a great run. of course it's hugely disappointing and i think a lot of thing the fans would have been expecting them the team with the dominance to get a second goal and really put the game to bed but this has been a hugely positive tournament for england the narrative surrounding the national team has changed completely gareth southgate is a huge amount of credit for changing the attitude around the team in the atmosphere that the team generates. the it feels
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a little bit like germany back in two thousand and six in fact where the team and the fans suddenly feel much closer than they did previously so although it's a huge disappointment although england fans i'm sure were wishing that they could have made the final i think there's a lot for england to look forward to suggest really a bright future that england moving in the right direction and what about for croatia can they take down france in the final well it's going to be hugely difficult for them france are very accomplished side they've looked very composed in their knockout game so far they haven't perhaps sparkled in attack in the way that you'd expect of a team with so much talent but they've been very good at the back with iran and t.t. the two cents about keeping for clean sheets already at the tournament. so it's a different proposition the final compared to the semifinal against england and pressure as well as i mentioned they played extra time several times already three
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times now in all of their knock out games essentially to put that into context they played an extra games worth of football compared to france who have won all their matches in ninety minutes so you do have to think that at some point physically this is all going to catch up with croatia but what we've seen from them so far and we saw it again last night is that they just have this great fighting spirit they never give up so france will have to put on a good performance to beat them and to claim the title as favorites. all over a movie for us in moscow good to see you. donald trump has left nato allies reeling with a demand to double their defense spending the first day of the nato summit in brussels saw tense exchanges with the u.s. president accusing members of the military alliance of not pulling their weight but the amount he considers appropriate no less than four percent of g.d.p. came as a shock its way about the target nato members had previously agreed on. trump took
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aim at the german chancellor saying her country wants u.s. protection from russia while cutting energy deals with moscow at the same time germany he charges is a captive of the kremlin. germany will have over seventy percent of the country controlled by russia with actual gas so you tell me is that appropriate i mean really by complaining about this all the time like that h. it never been allowed to happen but germany is totally controlled by russia. merkel was quick to respond with some perspective from her own biography. expect those if i'd like to say that i personally experienced a part of germany when it was controlled by the soviet union. and i'm glad that today we are united in freedom and that we can therefore also say that we determine our policies independently and can make independent decisions it's a pretty good but i said the good side and think on the open discord between
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germany and the us has overshadowed the summit all eyes skyward the only moment where everyone was looking in the same direction harmony is not in trumps nato playbook he'd rather set the agenda including his one on one meeting with nato general secretary young stoltenberg. tranced chief complaint the u.s. pays to much other nato members pay too little for the president which company wants it or use it all of us through the many. years back where they are doing it with. the united states they are there in two thousand and fourteen only britain and greece made the agreed contribution of two percent of g.d.p. for defense spending germany lags behind with one point eighteen percent this year according to nato poland the three baltic countries and romania will all reach the two percent mark germany will spend more but with one point two four percent it
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still falls behind the target berlin can't count on any backing from the nato general secretary even saying to transfer the pressure from washington. we all agree that we do not have fair burden sharing in our alliance today we all agree it but we need more trash in national defense budgets at this point charm offensive appear to leave trump cold his main message is friendships hold up badly when money's involved. let's go right to do that max hoffman here is at nato headquarters in brussels for us hi max after such a confrontational start what are we going to see today. indeed it was a confrontational stars to me on wednesday morning but you know what then it got better incredible but true because if you look at the actual facts the u.s. are carrying the nato communique they supported and they didn't change a thing so donald trump did not want the two percent goal that we just heard about
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in that report from catherine martin's anchored as a binding goal and there remains an aim that the different nato member states are pursuing and so that's good news for nato but with donald trump you never know this should be the easier day but if you look at the tweets from last night he might have another surprise for us if things go as planned then today they're going to meet ukraine and georgia two potential future nato allies although there is nothing immediate in the cards here and they will talk about their mission in afghanistan they have pledged to continue to support afghanistan and the afghan troops with their training mission beyond twenty twenty so that's the plan normally the summit should wrap up around midday but as i said before with the u.s. president you never know and max you know they didn't anchor the two percent in the communique but trump did say he wants allies to double their defense spending to four percent of g.d.p. how realistic is that for most nato members. you know we got that confirmed from
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a number of diplomats who were present at that working session on wednesday he didn't mention it but then he basically got ignored that's what we heard so everybody politely listened but never you know took it and tried to follow up on it just listened and didn't talk about it anymore you can find in the communique so the communique is the roadmap in effect you can say this will probably not have huge consequences here it just seems like he's catering to his home crowd as he always does in the u.s. but what actually happens on the ground in nato is a different thing next you touch on the unpredictability of the u.s. president the subtext we've heard here is pay off or we will not guarantee your protection could we actually see the u.s. leave this alliance. that's not at all the spirit that was communicated by most member states and again if you look at what trump is talking about in nato he's talking about the things he knows the business side the money he doesn't really get
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involved militarily he seems to be leaving that up to the u.s. military because it seems like he doesn't know a lot of things maybe defense is that part that topic he does not want to touch because he doesn't know enough about it unlike trade for example again we don't know but this seems to be what we're hearing or that's what we're hearing from they told the actual work the actual military direction has not changed with trump all right you know he's not tough when reporting for us from nato headquarters in brussels thank you very much max. now to some other stories making news around the world in western japan the government says at least one hundred ninety five people have died after torrential rains caused severe flooding and landslides hundreds of thousands of homes have been destroyed days of intense heat and water shortages in the region are raising fears of disease outbreaks. israel released this footage of its forces attacking syrian military positions near the golan heights the country
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said its forces hit three targets in retaliation after a syrian drone would entered israeli airspace syrian forces are continuing to push towards the golan an area that israel captured from syria in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and italy's interior minister says his country will not consider a migrant to take back deal with germany until the e.u. reinforces its extra no borders and shares the burden of new arrivals his comments came after a meeting with his german counterpart ensberg civil for once to send asylum seekers who first registered in italy back to the country. now it's one of germany's longest and most the tourist neo nazi murder trials and munich court has sentenced a member of a far right terrorist cell to life in prison. but was found guilty for her role in the murder of ten people she belonged to
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a group calling itself the national socialist underground her and su it carried out the racially motivated murders two bombings and a series of robberies over a decade. guilty of ten counts of murder beyond the only survivor of the neo nazi murder cell sentenced to life in prison it was the maximum sentence but it was little consolation for the victims' relatives. to once known to ask them to call the evidence against and in favor of the defendant was considered but the trial didn't address the suffering of the victims' families a trial they want considered in anyway so apparently the court didn't even take note of the impact of these crimes that. our trust in the legal system suffered enormously even before the trial after the verdict it's just the same we have no trust in the system anymore unfortunately. the biggest question throughout the trial was whether biotic shape was an accomplice or merely
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a follower jaipal claimed it was her partner's sin of a burn heart both of whom committed suicide who had murdered ten people she played a background role and never pulled the trigger during the trial cipa maintained she knew nothing about the murders although she lived with the two men for fourteen years as lawyers say she's not a perpetrator they plan to appeal project it will be here as chipper and was convicted as a stand in for something she neither wanted nor did the state has to deal with the fact that the real perpetrators of these horrific crimes cannot be punished anymore . after five years the trial has finally come to an end but many questions remain unanswered where there are no accomplices what role did the intelligence services play and how did police failed to properly investigate the case as a school it's good that there is a clear and unequivocal verdict today what's also very clear is that today's verdict should not put an end to the discussion and it should not put an end to the debate surrounding a resolution which. means our four other men were convicted of being and as you
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accomplices one of them has already completed his sentence and. walked out of court a free man relatives of the victim suspect that there are other people who knew about the crimes and facilitated them they are demanding that investigators stay on the case until they have answered all their questions. and political correspondent nina is following the story for us she joins a studio hi nina tell us more about the reactions that we've seen to this verdict very much depends on which verdict you're looking at because if you look at the verdict against the at the chair the main culprit the main defend and that was generally. reacted to with sense of relief even by the lawyers by the relatives. apart from the turkish president the one who said it's not enough everybody also the general public seem to think that it's fair even though she's tried very much
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to plead not guilty and to not actually answer any of the questions in court and we spoke twice during those five years but if you look at the other verdicts they did cause some controversy for accomplices of the. trial and one of them we had in the report was actually let go he was released to the judge that served his sentence and that did make some relatives cry outside the courtroom and that also caused some demonstrators to chant that this is not ok and there were some scuffles then after the verdict exactly after they started it was announced some new nazis had even made it into the courtroom and they were they were applauding they were tearing and then outside the courtroom the demonstrators said this is not ok that the judge should have done something to stop this from happening that new nazis can actually see inside a courtroom and that he was let go on such an important day they were very much
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against and but you know it was a brief moment of bit of scuffles yes let's talk about some of those on and. questions what about the role that authorities play do we have any more clarity on that well there are a few unanswered questions especially when it comes to the role of germany's many intelligence services of course you have to keep in mind that we are a federal state that means that we've got. intelligence services in each state and federal service as well and sometimes those don't really collaborate they don't really share information that was something that was continually discussed and if you just pick out this one question of this liaison officer from the regional office in the state of hessen he was actually on the ground when the owner of an internet cafe was murdered by the and this you and he was questioned during this trial for thirty years for thirty days and didn't given as to what was his
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role who had sent him that why was he there and then the office actually decided to lock away his files all those five hundred twenty is what about the question of about this broader network that has possibly supported the n.s.u. families of the victims want answers there are going to investigate well this is something that all the relatives and all the lawyers said yesterday this can only be the end of this trial but this can't be the end of the investigation into this mud the street murder spree it happened nationwide there are a lot of unanswered questions why did they get their cars from how did they manage to pick their victims how did they manage to do it so fast and there are a lot of people doubting that only seven people were involved in this and actually the federal prosecution is also looking into nine at least nine. nine names nine cases that we know all of even the judge said the investigation doesn't stop his so maybe we'll see another trial all right our political correspondent nina thank you
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very much for following the story for us. now they had prayed and hoped for weeks that this day would come the parents of the boys rescued from a flooded cave system in thailand finally visited their sons in the hospital for the first time but they were only allowed to see them through a glass window the twelve members of the wild boars football team and their coach are in good shape after their ordeal but doctors say they were immune systems could still be compromised happy and relatively well after a two and a half week all deal in a flooded cave now recovering in hospital the doctors say they'll be under observation for ten days and then resting at home for another month with only water from the caves was to drink the boys are underweight and exhausted they are being kept in quarantine because there's still a danger of infection. the relief is overwhelming
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parents aren't yet allowed to hug their children but they're happy to see them alive. the tiny navy seals have published these astounding images of the rescue and explained in detail how difficult and dramatic this mission really was the boys were taken out of the cave just as the oxygen levels became dangerously low they were sedated in order to prevent them panicking in the narrow underwater passages doctors monitored their condition and regular intervals along the route the tiny baby seals were jubilant that they were able to achieve what many thought was mission impossible side by side with international phil and his. compliments. this unity is not only with chang roy or thailand. it's a global unity. this incident was more than a life saving mission it's gone beyond that and it's the unity or all nationalities
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that. we were taught by. back home their friends eagerly wait for them and want my friend don was in the cave i was so relieved to learn that everyone had been rescued and that they're ok. we were told not to ask them any questions about the case and we should just wait for them to tell us if they feel like it but we're planning a big welcome ceremony when they come back then i hope. it is not just the boy's high school where the spectacular rescue mission is the dominating topic all throughout the village of may side we're seeing banners celebrating the new heroes. at the high school more celebrates rebound as but the boys will have to wait for the celebrations the chief of the mission says it isn't fully over our final mission he said is to send them back
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home. to business now and his confidence in the world's biggest economy waning monica suddenly investment is going down and that's an indicator sumi twenty seventeen wasn't a good year for the u.s. in terms of foreign direct investment the amount of money coming into america from overseas plunged thirty two percent compared to the previous year and that's a second consecutive year of decline in some international firms including foxconn and dima continue to invest but according to the o.e.c.d. many held back on investment decisions as they waited for trump's promised tax overhaul analysts say vestment will likely pick up again once all of those reforms have come into effect foreign direct investment world wide was down eighteen percent last year. the united states is demanding a reckoning over china's membership in the world trade organization the u.s. ambassador to the w t o did his share accuses china of seriously harming members of
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the group by failing to live up to free trade principles a.w.t. a policy review of chinese trade has turned into a new frontline in washington's trade war with beijing. china's compliance with w t o guidelines lies at the heart of the conflict notably over beijing's a legit state support for companies that are ostensibly private w t o rules permits some government support for national industries under specific circumstances in geneva on wednesday china's vice commerce minister one show when you defended china's record. we would like to call all the members to a vessel that found the fundamental principles and the call fairness of the most natural trading system including m.f. and national achievement and special and differential treatment for developing members and two family stand up to chait fully protectionism and the
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unilateralists. washington's main bone of contention is that under the w t o rules china continues to self identify as a developing nation president trump tweeted in april that this allowed china to get advantages especially over the u.s. the u.s. argued that if beijing's behavior went unchecked it would ruin the world trade organization the u.s. has demanded that the w t o address what it called china's failure to embrace the open market policies on which the institution was founded the european ambassador to the w t o admitted there needs to be reform. for the long given of the. multilateral trading system the rules need to be updated in we hope that we would also find china as a constructive partner but trump has already raised the stakes and blocking appointments to the w t o o's appeals chamber to replace judges as their terms
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expire unless he relents the world's trade disputes system will be unable to operate by the end of twenty nineteen or sooner. the united states. could be softening its position on iran previous statements suggested washington aims to reduce the nation's oil exports to zero but secretary of state mike pump a zero says they may grant waivers to a handful of countries importing iranian crude when sanctions are not back native this year u.s. officials have been meeting with saudi energy minister to discuss keeping the oil market well supplied to avoid volatility the trump administration said it wants to deny iran revenue it's used to finance terrorism. and comcast has weakened its bid to a pan european t.v. group's guide to more than thirty four billion dollars the entertainment firm raising its offer to oust rival twenty first century fox which upped the stakes just hours. that's your business all you would use on
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d w thanks for joining us. on the. odd.
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month long china also to. enter the conflict zone with me should sleep on the fist week on conflicts going on in the lives of. the you know second foreign minister who gathered his gloomy among the politicians searching for a common new approach on the question of tigray should know that a compromise has been found is a fair deal for everybody conflicts in sixty minutes on. earth home to millions of species a home worth saving. here much of those are big. changes and most start with small
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