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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 12, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm CEST

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this is you don't use life from berlin donald trump declares nato a fine chewed machine after a contentious two day summit in brussels the us president bush sort of waving big spending increases from allies and then flew to britain where he had stirred controversy earlier by suggesting the british people might not get the bricks that they voted for also coming up. a moral and legal battle over digital data in a landmark judgement of german court rules facebook must grant a grieving mother access to her just seized daughter's account. also
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a major victory for syria's president assad state television shows the national flag being raised over the town where protests sparked the civil war seven years ago. plus a thrilling and historic win for croatia in the second semifinal of the world cup striker mario meant you could share scored the winning goal against england in extra time is teens two one victory was followed by an endless night of celebration . and opening a window on the world will find out how gun the business woman or a mushroom is helping women and girls gain access to total technology.
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it's great to have you along everyone. one of nato's most to mulch a summits in a long time has ended u.s. president donald trump made a number of strident and highly critical remarks same to specially add germany but before leaving the summit trump reaffirmed his commitment to nato and said that the allies had all agreed to increase their budget contributions. nato's general secretary may have the hammer but it's donald trump who set the agenda before the summit he repeated his demand to members of the alliance to spend more on defense after a special meeting at trump's request the u.s. president presented himself as the one who would gain the upper hand. they have substantially up there. and now we're very happy to have a very very powerful very very strong nato much stronger than it was two days ago has the u.s. president successfully put pressure on the others french president emmanuelle
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mcconnell says trump has not threatened to withdraw from the alliance the german chancellor minced her words. i can only summarize this result in light of the changing security conditions all nato members are prepared to make their own contributions. in. germany aims to boost defense spending levels to around one point five percent of g.d.p. by twenty twenty four whether this figure will rise further is unclear. by the discussion of many european allies here and not just the us we must continue to ask how we can contribute rather than fight to trump is visiting britain then he heads to helsinki to meet russian president vladimir putin nato partners will be watching closely to see what unfolds. while a defense spending was a hot button issue out this a nato summit where president trump going after germany in particular for not
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contributing enough to the budget catherine martin is caught up with young to how of the german marshall fund she began by asking him whether president trump's criticism was justified. well i think you know this is the one point where president trump really you know his his critique is justified to a large degree it's always a bit of a question as to how you do it how you say it what words you're using and whether you want to revert to personal insult but it's clear that germany has underperformed it's something that we've been you know that we've known for so many years and this is the president who has chosen to make that you know one of his you know pet peeves one of his things that gets i'm going this is an unusual situation for the germans and so we you know when the government announces that more defense spending is forthcoming but it's still not meeting two percent you know that's not going to keep the u.s. president comes or yes there is stairs lots of ammunition in this and will stay in there for a while how realistic is it that germany meets the two percent requested by two
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thousand and twenty four or even before it still seems rather unrealistic i don't think that there's very much political capital in the german political scene that really wants to go there and wants to spend this much but you know twenty twenty four is also still six years away six years in political terms is an eternity and we have seen how much as possible you know if the political pressures become very urgent and if you know the the outside and inside pressures you know become more visible you know then all of a sudden stuff can happen but at this current point in twenty eighteen my feeling is that you know there's very little willingness on behalf of politicians to go all the way and also when you actually ask the people you know when you ask the voters you know they you know at a very very large majority are against going up and so you know a tremendously you know difficult situation a bind almost a dilemma that germany finds itself in. to how she m.-f. speaking to catherine martin's there in brussels well another item on the agenda of
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the nato summit was gonna stand or increasing numbers of women are joining the army about nine hundred are now serving and they often face opposition from their male colleagues or from their own families but the contribution that women can make so national security especially once nato soldiers leave is increasingly being recognized by the government in kabul ha scene is exhausted after more than three hours of field training it's hot and dusty in the mountains around kabul here young women female soldiers in the afghan army are being trained for combat. just staying at home with your parents or with your husband that's easy to follow but i want to experience something different something that challenges me that won't be lacking in the army combat training two hours earlier women in the army of a country where it's only men who are in charge in which the word of the tribal leaders applies and in combat units there are several reasons for this firstly
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the group as they are not allowed to take women as prisoners they cannot even touch them that's forbidden in our traditions and in such cases the army needs women not that i should be going to the one i made on weapons training many men become deserted is because the family at home in the village is having problems or the head of the tribe is calling for them women are needed to fill in the gaps. the second reason. is that i'm personally i have no problem with the army and no problem with not being in a unit with men others may see this differently and criticize the. benefits of oklahoma but then. there's plenty of criticism of the women who leave their tribe and join the army but often there are tangible economic problems behind it. the home in civilian life women have always had a difficult time finding work even in public administration or in the government
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the army which was always considered particularly conservative gives women a chance it's a pioneer and we are quite proud of that. move and. the armed forces are undergoing an unstoppable revolution that is still far from civilian afghanistan patriarchal structures are breaking up because the pressure is high and the situation simply requires it. behold that is also what we have a daunting task here in afghanistan namely to bring about peace. we need everyone who is willing to help very clued in women it was a level muslim putting us at some point the nato soldiers will leave then the afghan army will be expected to guarantee the security of the country kabul will be glad of anyone willing to continue the fight against the taliban whether they're men or women. now from brussels the u.s.
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president then that went on to travel to what he called hot spot britain his trip coincides with what is already a difficult week for prime minister to resign may she suffered a number of us ignitions over handling of britain's exit from the e.u. trump adding fuel to the fire by weighing in on the issue doll trump and first lady arrived on air force one to start the four day visit is expected to talk about a possible bilateral trade deal among other topics with prime minister theresa may least expect more than one hundred protests across the nation during his visit. all right let's check in with our correspondent of a so she is in the british capital a london barbara president trunk is spending the night to add the u.s. ambassador's residence so we can guess the reception inside and from the prime minister have been better than what you're hearing outside. then
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knowing syria in the background i doubt that the president tadic copter that is just leaving for the official dinner mysteries that may head around i could sixty industrial leaders heads out the crowd here is really yelling and screaming at painting on pots and making them know he was supposed noise because that's what their protests here and they gave up the embassy president to sit out there was. keep they say night they want to keep this up all throughout the night so that he won't get it steve because they protest against all these stands and every aspect of his policy. and we just caught a glimpse of the chopper leaving behind you know before their meeting the u.s. president has already weighed in on the prime minister teresa mayes difficulties with her country's exit talks from the european union or here he is from earlier
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today suggesting she isn't following what breaks it borders want it. well. you know i've been reading a lot about that over the last couple of days and that seems to be turning a little bit differently where they're getting at least partially back with the european union. barbara how will the trump may talks go will they even discuss perks it. probably i mean he's probably just going to say to raise i'm am we know how technical he can be with talking to female leaders oh to raise our house here for exit going these days because just a few days earlier he said that it had thrown at this government in shambles and then the and american ambassador here in london had to sort of pick up the pieces and say no you really didn't mean it that but that's just one thing i mean brit is largely don't want trump to interfere in bracks it because they say kids their own
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decision and if he gets into the fight and into the war here it's going to make things worse and on the other hand what your reason may once of course is to rekindle the special relationship that she things britain and the us can still have bought we know that she does like series of may but probably not as much as i'm glad merkel but quite a lot he called her a schoolmistress so she is he has problems with female leaders they are not really getting on very well if they talk about a trade deal he has he will give who is certainly some issuances spot we have seen at nato what trumps assurances are worse these days people have probably forgotten as soon as he leaves the country he doesn't use barbara is the were courting a from london thank you. all right now to some of the other stories making news around the world. israel has released a video of its forces attacking syrian military positions in the occupied golan
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heights the country said its forces hit three targets in retaliation after a syrian drone entered israeli air space syrian forces continue to push toward the goal line an area israel seized from syria in one thousand nine hundred. the seven the un still guards it as syrian territory. the former separatist leader of catalonia karla's pretty much could soon be extradited to spain as after german court cleared his extradition on a charge that he misused public funds which more fled spain last year after attempting to declare catalonia independence and he's been in germany since march. all right i'd like to hand you over to daniela you have a story on some rather unusual industrial action in italy that's right but there is a serious reason behind although it is quite unusual what is it a few a chrysler plant in italy will go on strike this month and they have
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a very good reason football football christiane rinaldo has just signed a deal to transfer to you venters to remain for have replaced tag so what's the big deal about this big deal. these because it's an italian fee it chrysler factory are angry the reason news of a costly football transfer christiane i renounce always leaving rail madrid's to join you ventus to in for a total of one hundred million euros it cities and the family and shan's in both fit and eventis employees say the owners should invest the money in them instead that's why they've decided to strike. and that's kept me in fact i guess like a punch in the face for those working here for over forty years we've received little money but for right now though there's money it's a shame it's disgusting. others say the transfer is a marketing move. the costs are huge trees as you know but then yeah the
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family knows how to do their math i mean you'd have to fight it will do more to read and it knows that there's a reward of the same value for the company to put it out the books are going to tell us what you've got. and then there are those who are just happy for that scene . i don't know. that you are that. more industrial action now ryanair pilots are staging a twenty four hour strike today which has forced the airline to council thirty flights out of ireland the irish airline pilots association is protesting over pay and working conditions the strike only affects flights between the u.k. and ireland but other unions are preparing to strike in spain portugal and belgium later this month that could affect routes across the continent today marks the first day of industrial action for ryan essence officially recognizing unions in december the united states has a problem with keeping up receipts of foreign direct investment the amount of money
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coming into america from overseas plunged thirty two percent to twenty seventeen compared to the year before and the trade route with beijing is making matters worse in a twin attack washington has lashed out of beijing and the world trade organization saying china's trade policies are too big for the w t o to tackle. some countries say china is raking in all the benefits of free trade but preventing its partners from enjoying the benefits to be had from asia's largest economy. and a world trade organization conference the chinese delegation try to convince them otherwise. we have significant no out import tariffs voluntarily and continuous five am to off twenty seventeen import duties on over my hundred ten for mines had to be reduced with the trait weighted average tariff rate forty to two point four percent while china is facing overwhelming
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interest from foreign companies keen to invest fellow w t o member the united states is experiencing less enthusiasm from china's business community that's partly because beijing has put the brakes on big corporate ventures abroad and once the cash to stay at home and donald trump's hostile trade policies have also taken their toll. for years chinese companies pumped increasing amounts of money into the us true foreign direct investments these peaked at more than twenty six billion dollars during the second half of twenty sixteen but increasing tensions between the two countries since trump became president in early twenty seventeen have caused a dramatic drop in such investments. no one knows what the long term consequences may be for what still the world's number one economy china however is certainly
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waiting in the wings. the dreams of global bike sharing startup. of turned into a nightmare it's filed for bankruptcy in singapore and left tens of thousands of bicycles apparently stranded the company says it still wants to continue doing business but problems with its app mean many of the bikes condie to be located in cities around the world to be littered with millions of the bicycles mostly from chinese own thumb thumbs like obama and its rival ofo. now where does your dates go when you die that's what a german court is out to decide it's an issue that many people around the world are grappling with daniela germany's highest court now has ordered facebook to give the parents of a deceased user access to her data the couple had been fighting for years to find out the cause of their fifteen year old daughter's death hoping that her facebook
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account would give them some clues. almost six years ago at teenage girls run over by an underground train in berlin whether it was suicide or a tragic accidental still unknown the parents stayed at threat to get access to a facebook page to find out if the messages provided any clues although they have to log in code for said was blocked as facebook had already memory allies to account after facebook refused to grant them access the parents went to first case and twenty fifteen only for another court to overturn the ruling on the grounds that opening the account would compromise the privacy as to chino's just contacts. in the latest verdict the federal court ruled that the parents can inherit daughter's facebook accounts. so they have an. analogue documents like diaries and personal letters are readily passed on us from an inheritance point of view there's no reason to treat digital content differently the guitar. on us to ponder. until
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now a liar sent activists advise people to make their own arrangements until such time that there was a final ruling catacombs or three if i fundamentally advise people to take care of their estate one way to do that is by issuing a letter of authorisation which can include how digital data is dealt with in case of death. with nothing thank you designate someone you trust and ideally give them power of attorney. to form up to. so it is imparted to take care of one's duty to legacy but not everyone is aware of that and they obviously so we're not going to i haven't thought about what happens to it when i die. or photos are also digital inheritance i now print them off for my daughter and put them into a little money talks on the heels of tennis i will and it's really sort of us old enough to think about it year after so not at all no. really just him it's
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a somewhat different. topic because i'm personally affected right now since someone i know died in the question came up what happens to their facebook account of his book. maybe. two that he did it didn't. have a photo but. the federal court's decision could now said to president for how do you need deals with the ditch to legacy in the future. and well you know our group or from to use the social media desk is here to talk more about this landmark ruling and facebook's policy when it comes to our digital inheritance so well good to see you what happens currently when with our facebook accounts when we pass away well assuming you haven't done anything for yourself i use to live next of kin have some options facebook provides a form that you can see here you can opt to close the account you have the ability
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to prove that the person is dead and that you have the legal ability to act in that person's stead the more common option though is of course to memorialize the account that keeps the account visible for anyone that is facebook friends who already have access to your profile this allows friends and loved ones to leave condolence messages and share memories of that person so your facebook profile becomes something like a digital memorial to you after you're gone but of course memorialization doesn't happen automatically of course you have to inform facebook that the user has died and the thing is just about anyone can make that request that memorialization request and once the profiles are memorialized it can't be logged into and so that's what happened to this girl's the c's girls the parents that's correct the the someone had already made a moral suasion request for the parents to access the account and the parents have the password for the daughter's account because that was their stipulation for letting the daughter have the facebook how in the first place and it still didn't
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matter the account was memorialize. it was locked and they were locked out of the account so it's often memorialized by what facebook calls a legacy contact this is someone that you as the user before you die to make a facebook friend a legacy contact this is sort of like a power of attorney on facebook they can do things like pin a message to your profile respond to friend requests update profile and cover photos and request the accounts removal but the legacy contact can't log into the account so even here access is limited so what's the what's the fallout the implications of this for you know i mean if this is something of a one of a kind first of its kind ruling before this national laws social media platforms have taken rather ad hoc approach to what to do with one's digital inheritance but it's largely a gray zone and we see that we're guarding us where you're using facebook the default setting is of course to keep people from accessing your profile as a security measure we have to remember how important this issue is becoming because
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it's estimated that eight thousand facebook users every day die which means they maybe one day more dead facebook users than a live facebook users so what happens in your digital life is becoming ever more important after your death and this verdict of course only applies here in germany only here i hate injuries or elsewhere you've got to go into your privacy settings and make sure things that are you have got to do it yourself or if you've already died loved ones really have very few other options but to sue for their rights as these parents have done and have won in this instance in germany right away when i grew cross thank you so very much thanks a lot. all right now to austria where the ears interior ministers have been meeting to try and hammer out a common plan to manage migration the ministers are meeting in the austrian city of in spoke said they wanted to strengthen the blocks external borders and combat people smuggling austria's interior minister is pushing for a hard line approach together with his german counterpart and italy's interior minister in the meantime it seems that the arrival of
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a migrant rescue boat in sicily has opened a rift between italy's governing coalition parties. a ship carrying migrants docking in an italian port but this is not a sign of compassion from rome italy's government isn't letting the people aboard disembark it suspects them of threatening abuts kept them and wants them investigated by the police. and other sign of italy's increasingly tough migration policy anyone of runs made to try and stations police take down a migrant camp and round up its inhabitants. they found most had papers but the migrants homes are now gone and where they will go now is unclear. in many parts of europe populist politicians are now pushing increasingly macho migration policies like this summit's house austria's interior minister herbert kiko from the far right freedom party his argument the twenty fifth
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a migration crisis showed up the need for more bras on the border incision goes issue facing them it showed the huge weaknesses in the e.u.'s external borders and its migration system. and many people had the impression we've lost control. you know that feeling hasn't changed since. you began to get here a recent border police exercise on the austrian frontier the country's been trying a new force now that could be extended to the european level because interior ministers have been discussing deploying more european border guards. oso on the agenda holding centers for migrants saved say. ladies have repeatedly said they want they set up in countries like libya but that id has its critics amongst the ministers they worry could deny detainees the human rights. that's of course we
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have to protect our borders but we also have to show solidarity and still accept people. of news it's been three years since the peak of europe's migration crisis and it's just irving images of drowning migrants but even now how to handle the new arrivals still polarizes politicians and voters. and still people are dying in the mediterranean doctors without borders puts the number at two hundred twenty in just a pos wake. you're watching you don't use was still have a lot more to tell you about including. opening a window on the world i've got a business woman or yahoo that is helping women and girls and access to digital technology our current show does cool have all the details. and ok you can always get you don't use on the go just download to our out for google play or from the apple store they'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as
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well as push notifications first any breaking news you can also use that after to send us your photos and videos. will be back right after this. they want silent in syria. and they won't be silent in excess of seven people who fled to europe from the brutal persecution in their homeland are filing criminal charges against the country senior officials. testifying against assad seeking justice for syria. in forty five minutes.
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fake hair and real story. where i come from a lot of women like me you have fake hair sometimes a hairstyle takes up to two days it's a lot of time that needs to be filled so people at the salon talk about what's happening in their lives. i became a journalist to be a storyteller and i always want to find those real authentic stories from everyday people who have something to share. with all the time i spend at the salon i know good quality care when i see ads and and a good story when i hear it. my name is elizabeth and i work at sea that. did brown really love apple fiddler. or did she love the life he provided for her. she was the dictator's
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mistress. only an insignificant concert at his side. or pursuing her own visions. with a woman got some close to. the foreground life and death with a few. starts july twenty first on d w. this is did everybody use that life for a role in the i'm a layla herat this is our main headline this hour. u.s. president donald trump has reaffirmed his commitment to nato at the end of a two day summit also boasted of winning increases in spending from his nato allies trump is now in britain. went to syria or worse state television says government forces have raised the national flag over parts of that are city
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that have previously been rebel hands for years the flag was reportedly raised over the post office which is the only government building in the area but out in the south of the country was the scene of the original anti assad protests that sparked the civil war back in twenty eleven the conquest is a major victory for president bashar al assad. and we can get you the very latest now from correspondent who is in the lebanese capital beirut where she's tracking unfolding developments now the syrian government has raised its flag over that ah what more can you tell us about what happened. well if it is coming out of that meeting back of us just maybe she says but that at least these initiations and the going on in each of the not so the around and i'm betting to lead there will be going to infinity. which is in the new city of the border the
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i think that in this number of ten actually in the richest of them in all of us i just have to be so clashes between these this movement and the machine it's got people we also know that a lot of the mood moved more exhausted to include the majority or have actually thought of contending for i don't know why it is that i was so significant. significant because of the strategic and symbolic importance in the early months of two thousand and eleven just as well. in by many as being abdul even the whole. thing talked to you know to go in july and august block in tunisia it was the doctor by profession just a teenager's alleged plot to get people to and that he knows that this led to huge protests in the streets and i'm not
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a legal scene in the beginning of this long to the end goal because the regime conducted a crackdown and you've seen what's happened since then so that doesn't look like you lost really because jordan has a call to vote in georgia and you know the state withdrew i have to stop the rebel group the best of america that they will not be providing it is simple to those so where what does this mean for the future of syria. about it will not i can be like out of the team groping yet not one last of the day actually that is going to be going to tend not to happen we should be fucking quickly in all likelihood will what is it c.n.n. is today and then it is the show the great i think they want it that and that i. did it because a lot of this all of this family is well who is that they should be sacked that their leaders they got to see what the international community done and they did
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not rush to the top of the tax in a second if anyone was thinking that they were going to do political consideration that may not be in the number of a winning he's got major box office country that had little support of the continuation with the artist on. what had been cleaned up remember that the dayton job is not often enough to make up. the bottom. line is the decision but substantive judea and then because it is a lot about results they have gotten above water they watch it again in the hours and make it in and not up and going and the manage to see it done english an audition and analysis that ok we don't want to be imposed on them as well as the full adult of this blog not that the gist of what how did you learn. expressions in the men's of his blood all the water all novices line including guys
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who do a lot of cycling i ask you just where that will be peaceful all with a clear approachable on trial for our reporting from beirut lebanon thank you so very much. well now to pakistan where the long battle for women's rights will take another step forward in this month's election for the first time some female participation at least will be needed for the results to count because constituencies with a female voter turnout of less than ten percent risk having their results nala fide but how many men will actually allow their wives and daughters to vote in a ballot on july twenty fifth remains to be seen. these women are considering a daring move casting their ballot they've never been allowed to men for morry pour their village in central pakistan banned women from voting almost as soon as the country gained independence in one thousand forty seven things are changing slowly
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for the general election taking place at the end of the month pakistan's election commission has said it will invalidate results from constituencies where female turnout is less than ten percent but it's no guarantee for women to vote safely the new rule runs into old tradition yagi. problem the main problem here is that women are prevented from casting their ballots. the men make it an issue of honor that's why they don't allow their women to cast votes they perhaps think that women are stupid. so many generations of women have been denied a vote here it's become normal not too many say they want to vote but few want to be the first to see a ta they did ignoring the taboo and threats of violence in two thousand and fifteen local elections. all day long is he warning that all the women don't cast their votes in this village because they have no support from their families. why
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they see if their families permit them they will vote. no they won't. i cast my vote to break this cultural shit action. amenities even though thinking and talking. and all nearly ten million more women have registered to vote for this year's general election than the last one in two thousand and thirteen for them to actually be able to pakistani law will need to overrule patriarchal tradition. now a public transport is something that we take for granted here in europe and all nigeria is doing some catching up daniel asylum is a mammoth project as well africa's foss is growing city has just opened a new light rail network system in nigeria's capital a budget was one of president mohamed biharis key campaign promises but the project also shows how chinese firms a muscling in where europeans and americans have neglected to tread it's hoped that
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the new rail network will ease a boot just notorious traffic a budget was declared nigeria's capital four decades ago and since then the city's record population growth has outstripped infrastructure and the city is regularly in gridlock a budget depends on its airport to link it with the country's economic capital luckless eight hundred kilometers away nigeria's government hopes the trains will make travel in and out of the city easier. it's also limited to the airports so people want to get to the airport so this is really the message to do is reduce travel times. it should also ease the movement of people living in the blue just satellite communities as planned new industrial estates have built. some areas of the city are expanding by as much as thirty percent per year central of boucher's population more than doubles during the day as people flood in looking for work. it
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. might be down to the walk out and easy as it is to walk using this this is the wall. the light rail system was originally supposed to open four years ago the construction contract was awarded to china civil engineering construction corp but the project was delayed because the nigerian government was unable to pay its share of the costs. more on this now why sadrist is following this for us in a why is just how big is this project as far as nigeria infrastructure projects go . this is quite a big project for nigeria because. it cost nigeria two hundred over eight hundred million dollars each square neck thing about ten communities right now is the first time nigeria is had been mitra law and we didn't decide the county
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so much in it's a phased in with africa this is a project that is going to be moving at least for now we have forty five kilometers of direct line that was commissioned to tag it is to have more than the one douglas commission disheartened by the president is going to move at least five hundred people in clinics in tact and communities in the country ok and it looks fantastic sleek and modern of as we've been seeing but the groundbreaking on this rail line was over ten years ago why has it taken so long when is an issue of counterpart funding you know when nigeria's president took over he went to china where he signed by electron agreement was white house project previous government project and then it went to meet its president will
8:41 pm
come and now said this is what he's going to do he will abandon the project for some time so now we have seen where a government is lifting project not starting new was has assisted in seeing the reality and that was the problem why we had to look to release ok china is not only providing the cash but some of the infrastructure itself why is china doing this so they're providing the cash nigerian government so that the nigerian government can buy from chinese firms is it providing a helping hand or taking advantage of major. western are still having. what i think. i think the sport nigeria is taking advantage of what is happening by chinese coming in to provide these but the chinese come in taken over by so many businesses that they you join
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you don't buy the europeans and i doubt countries that is what we are seeing but for nigeria many nigerians this see it as an advantage but for so many economic analysts they don't see it as such this see it as his tuition why buy the chinese are coming in given soft lawn we just signed it kind of kind of deal with the chinese whereby we. come back. into the new one making it much much easier for people to china and with their businesses. and this is just the first phase so we'll have to wait and see what's next but like citing so far it was address reporting from a budget thank you very much for. that i could always highest court has upheld a claim of multibillion dollar damages against the oil giant chevron that's for decades of rain forest damage the court said indigenous people have a right to compensation for oil spills or contaminated groundwater now despite high
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hopes from those affected the ruling is largely symbolic as chevron no longer operates in. your lengthy legal battle royal giant chevron has been ordered to pay nine point five billion dollars in damages for decades of environmental harm. texaco never again of reference to the company chevron took over in two thousand and one the plaintiffs include indigenous tribes from the amazon rain forest who filed a class action lawsuit twenty five years ago now the highest court in ecuador has ruled in their favor. their home was once a dense jungle us oil company texaco arrived in the one nine hundred sixty s. now not much grows here anymore the affected area is four times larger than new york the soil is contaminated there's oil search everywhere and cancer rates are above average. some see the ruling as largely symbolic and say enforcing the
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decision won't be easy the environmental damage relates to oil operations blamed on texaco that took place between one thousand nine hundred sixty four and one nine hundred ninety meaning it ended more than a decade before chevron acquired the firm. or the judgment isn't just against chevron it's against the system of corporate and community rules the entire planet if it's against the global corporate client is difficult to sentences that's a great global priester that entity as people together are capable of accessing justice if you. got a particular one i'll concede chevron has no assets left in ecuador to see if the plaintiffs have tried in vain to sue the company in the united states they want to see oil giants held accountable for the pollution they cause comcast has sweetened its bid for pan-european t.v.
8:45 pm
group sky to more than thirty four billion dollars. raising its twenty first century fox which upped the stakes just hours earlier. fox already owns parts of sky but hopes to take control of the entire company comcast is also embroiled in a takeover battle with disney fox entertainment assets that are being split off from audits empire. i tell him now and it's not coming home or england going home that night. is really your same heartbreak for england commiserations bear the football world cup in russia has delivered another thrilling clash croatia beat england in the semi final in the country is now heading to its first ever world cup final they recovered from an early goal to england to set up a final showdown with france on sunday. in england crewe asia and the pressure from the get go forcing a foul on delhi ali and giving england their first chance on goal kiran trippier
8:46 pm
with a perfectly timed free kick one new for the three lions in the fifteen minutes. it took courage shoot into the sixty eight minutes of breaking limbs defense even parachutes far more determined to get the ball than car was one all of it and despite multiple chances there were no more goals in the regular ninety minutes the game heading into extra time. in the one hundred ninth minute marmande you catch with the decider of the a valid score a parish it turned provider jordan pickford in the england goal was without a chance. this young three lions team's dream dashed in the most painful way while croatia celebrate reaching their first world cup final. while the players are having a well earned rest after the world cup semifinals this week the fans are out and
8:47 pm
about sightseeing and russia this kept meeting for granted as the country has been notoriously restrictive of tourists movements in the past but this world cup has opened doors and brought changes to everyday life. police patrol it's business as usual in moscow but this world cup has seen plenty of changes gatherings aren't usually allowed here people are celebrating anyway the police keep everyone safe but there is training themselves and getting involved. always prepared to help the tourists. you can see everyone is in a celebrate. fans a savings you see as ticket watching but i'm really enjoying this atmosphere. by russians and foreigners coming together on red square a carnival of nations so to say well the police look on.
8:48 pm
the police to spot checks but we don't feel disturbed. it's really ok. they are very polite i've never experienced anything like this before. passed the world cup change russia but will this fairy tale of openness hospitality and enthusiasm for the beautiful game come to an abrupt end and yet the more store everyone is coming together that it will if they're welcoming and friendly to have as a thing for anything and i guess invest out there is this a strain yeah oh well the news has improved but we came here which tourists and we've really enjoyed that simple that's quite that's a big difference between moscow and the rural areas moscow has definitely changed his minions. most russians barely recognize their own country they marvel at the changes the country's undergone the foreigners the state media often portrayed as the threats actually quite nice. but of course the kremlin is using the world cup
8:49 pm
for its own agenda is pushed through unpopular reforms such as increasing the pension age at the same time the government is trying to polish russia's image. we didn't. you will poison. their use in power showing that kind of a thought i had because they want to improve russia's reputation and brewer. is the media was big three on seeing any real changes to the system and here we see leave it on the probably and you know this is no previous world cups of showed that the host nations fairytale ends when the final whistle is blown the memories always remain. hearts and tennis now for you serino williams is through to the wimbledon final after a straight sets victory over germany as the seven time champ a cruise passed just six two six four williams will now neat and angelica kerber in
8:50 pm
a rematch of the twenty sixteen final kerber made quick work of yelena asta penco winning the match six three six three in just over an hour is the second time the german has been to the final at the all england club. time magazine called her one of the world's most influential people afghan software entrepreneur who first got to use a computer at the tender age of sixteen after the fall of the tala bought in her country ball at twenty three she became a one of of ghana stuns only female executives by finding a founding her own a tech company but it wasn't enough to live for her own dream she used her earnings to help start the u. digital with citizens fund teaching young afghan women how to use computers despite death threats from talabani. and david let us from our culture desk is here what an inspiring person or i'm up
8:51 pm
a bit is incredible both as a businesswoman and as a philanthropist her fund is actually taught twelve thousand women and girls how to use computers to make a living even how to start their own companies like she did and she's actually continued to spearhead this project even after death threats from the taliban forced her to flee of ghana stand she moved to new york and twenty fourteen but she says that even though the taliban told her that you know if she continued to educate young women they were going to kill her bad didn't stop her that actually spurred her on to do better work because she says the taliban thrives on keeping people ignorant and she wants to spread information. have not in western afghanistan. here the unknown in computer programming. it's been make possible by the digital citizen fund the organization helps women and girls in developing countries gain access to digital education roy
8:52 pm
a mom who co-founded the nonprofit organization. the woman's and there were there because especially because there is a very alike afghanistan they only know one reality because the real tainted used by their society community fathers and the teacher in the schools but the connected the world they find different realities what their skills as difficult to keep a woman to sit at home from computer basics for beginners to complex programming courses with the digital citizen fund wants to change afghan society to do that the women and girls are also taught financial literacy important for entrepreneurs when i see the girl go live for the first time i see that excitement and that her phrase and that's is important because if woman get the financial independence this is has the power to dramatically can change a society can see into the woman the organization has already brought more than fifty thousand girls between the ages of twelve and eighteen online. vision is to
8:53 pm
raise afghanistan's status as a high tech nation a vision she also passes on to the young women. really and i believe that the me generation is a very powerful tool never. will make certain such an aspiring destructor is that she's providing the opportunity for these girls who are under the taliban or would not even be allowed to go to school and get an education at all and now some of them have their own businesses actually one of her graduates is still a teenager she's not even eighteen yet and she has twenty five implore used. working for her and her start up that sells handicrafts now we do have to remember that not everyone it's not easy for women necessarily to go out into the workforce in afghanistan there are for many of them still social pressures to stay at home and what's fascinating is to hear my talk about how learning these tech skills can
8:54 pm
actually help them strike a kind of compromise. especially i think that the fellowship is a very great tool for the woman concerned right away on especially the muslim community because it's help them to say at home and still they can be quick when a war is to help them to work and then also if they have to be a host life or be i stand on the family and brother and father don't know all their more because of the war while they were a situation they have to stay at home it's in the bank when i think it will end war colline and make money that of course of course here in europe and in the west it's pretty standard for women to go out of the house to work for mother does make the point the earning money within the home already is a step towards independence that gives these women more respect even within their own families and by the way her digital citizen fund is expanding beyond afghanistan they're already working with women and mexico and they're hoping to move into other countries coming so. remember that name she's going to make
8:55 pm
a difference thank you so very much david and another moving a story about two women and technology now for you people all around the world are out dancing and they're posting videos of themselves online take a look like these ones using the hash tag dancing isn't a crime that's because in iran dancing in public is in fact a crime it's been illegal since the islamic revolution a back in nineteen seventy nine that law has sparked a new controversy after the rest of this young woman seventeen year old my dear boy i prefer bernstein hundreds of videos of herself down saying to persian pop songs now as support for her comes in from across the globe there's been widespread criticism within iran of her arrest including for members of iran's parliament all right that brings us to the end of this edition of d.w.
8:56 pm
news on behalf of david and myself thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us brant got. is up next and i'll see you monday.
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this is. from berlin tonight the trump whiplash the u.s. president threatens to leave the alliance hours later he declares nato a fine tuned machine trump boasted today of winning big spending increases from nato members he then flew to britain where more controversy awaits after drum said the british people.


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