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part of. this is due to every news live from british american relations under strain u.s. president donald trump lashes out at the u.k. government plan trump's visit to britain gets up to a rocky start after he says the british government's roadmap to exit the e.u. would probably make the free trade deal with the united states impossible. also coming up syrian government troops recapture an opposition stronghold the syrian flag is raised about the city of toronto for mass protests in two thousand and
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eleven led to an uprising against the regime. and the defying iran's headscarf long news meets in the iranian women who were facing trial for not wearing his job in public. i'm sumi so much good to have you with us at the start of this four day visit to the u.k. the us president was invited to a dinner hosted by the british prime minister but at that very moment an interview with donald trump was published in which he blamed theresa may for quote wrecking breaks it trump said may's plans for a business friendly exit from the e.u. would leave it too close to the bloc he also questioned whether there could be a special u.s. britain trade deal in the wake of a so-called soft in the interview she also said quote i would have done it much differently i actually told to resume a how to do. but she didn't listen to me that was comments come after
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a several tomatoes days from a two senior ministers resigned in protest over her plans for trade with the e.u. after the u.k. leaves the bloc next march well let's talk all about all of this with our correspondent standing by for us in london hi burdett has there been any reaction from the british prime minister yet well yes well first of all i want to show you this piece may has wrecked wreck city u.s. steel his office what donald trump has said and the really multi-page interview with the newspaper the tabloid newspaper the sun so we have now is statement from to reserve me and she says she's very happy to sit down with donald trump and explain to rick sid white paper hinting at the complexities of negotiations with the e.u. a dollar trump in these interviews makes everything seem very easy and of course she's very critical of to reason may like you said. that she's going to stay too close to the european union but of course the reason may has been involved in these
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negotiations now for years and is eluding that she might like to share the complexities of these negotiations with him and burkett you know he also went further he didn't just weigh in on teresa mayes briggs's strategy he also had a tip for who her successor might be let's take a look at the interview the u.s. president praised the former foreign secretary boris johnson saying quote i think he would be a great the prime minister i think he's got what it takes he also said he had a lot of respect for johnson and was sad that he had stepped down so what can we expect from the trump talks after all of this. that will be really interesting i mean series i may now has had nice to digest it all but of course it's a major humiliation and goes jones in particular has been one of a number says and she knows that trump has does have these close contacts with the british brick city yes that's that's a known fact they've always been in touch she's also quite close to niger for oss
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he had my as boris johnson and he's always warned about staying too close to the european union out reason may would have hoped that with this visit that there is more substance that she can extract out of donald trump regarding a u.s. trade deal because that of course was one of the was always one of the arguments that if britain does leave the e.u. then it would be more nimble and would be more easy to forge new ties with other trading nations and the u.s. would have been of course a big prize now donald trump probably has some sort of tactic and i could imagine that he's been in touch also with the british press it is who told him now the true reason may has outlined her new strategy for leaving the you in the white paper and she wants to go fairly close to the e.u. but the brics it is want her to make a holiday card and i think that they probably would have been in touch with donald trump about this so he's really actively trying to steer the negotiations in
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a certain direction and tell us about the huge protests it's expected to take place today. exactly huge protests wherever he goes not just in london also in other cities across the u.k. even in windsor why he's going to have tea with the queen later and then in scotland where he's traveling later today everywhere you speak he'll be followed by protesters just here in the parliament square where we are just you see behind me people are setting up. a giant trump baby balloon a so-called baby blimp so it's going to be donald trump in nappies they. also want to share million eight to show him as as childish and that's going to go up in a little while and we'll of course bring you more about these protests and what's going on throughout the day all right our correspondent reporting for us from london thank you very good. and i will have more on what prompted
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a donald trump to accuse theresa may have being too soft on drugs that's coming up with monica in business a little later now and some other stories making headlines around the world several dozen migrants have been allowed to disembark from an italian coast guard ship in sicily they were initially held on the ship over suspicions that some had been involved in the attempted mutiny a number reportedly tried to take over fearing they would be returned to libya the incident comes amid heightened tensions in europe on the issue of migration. at least ten people have been killed in landslides in afghanistan north of the capital kabul it happened in the early hours of thursday morning local time destroying hundreds of houses authorities said at least ten villages have been affected more flooding is expected in the coming days. and chilean police have arrested former catholic priest oscar munoz in january when years admitted to having sexually abused children this is the first arrest to be made since authorities launched a major investigation into abuse cases in the church earlier this year prosecutors
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say there are more than five victims. and an explosion at a chemical plant in china has killed nineteen people and injured twelve according to state media the blast happened in a park several hours south east of chengdu the capital of the southwestern sichuan province it's not yet clear what caused the explosion. in syria state television reported but government forces have raised the national flag over parts of daraa city that had previously been in rebel hands for years the flag was raised over the post office which is the only government building in the area in the south of the country was the birthplace of the anti assad uprising in two thousand and eleven and is one of the last rebel struggles. to look at the latest with correspondent standing by for us in beirut so do syrian government forces now have control of daraa. well absolutely the syrian government has control of that up a lot of people moved deeper into the territory of closer to the border they share
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with jordan and started returning whole the rebels have agreed to evacuate and soon we see them being bussed out this is being done just as in the local and in with mediation by regimes backers russia so that is firmly back under syrian regime schoolgirl i'm sure we mentioned this was the birthplace of the anti us that pricing tell us how significant this is well this is. very symbolic meaning in march in two thousand and eleven this is where the uprising against bashar al assad begin or so the goal was there were protests in damascus as well but this is where a brazing big base and that happened because a group of teenagers do graffiti on the wall ridge read your turn now dr implying that adam was a lot of energy leader because of the arab spring have been ousted they wanted. to
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go to the bar and then the regime allegedly arrested these teenagers allegedly tortured them that led to thousands of people marching on the streets and now when the regime we calls are going back in a lot of people that we're speaking to a lot of people who had supported the borders against the regime obviously feel very disappointed with the regime and certainly you firmly back in control so it's a huge symbolic victory because this is seen as the cradle sort of see of the uprising and does this mean that the assad regime is then ever closer to a complete military victory. absolutely does and that's been clear ever since they won a level and then they went and now they've gone for. this really being no stopping them as they're now russia has been backing the assad regime the rebels have not to need to see the kind of backing they were hoping for that is for a variety of reasons because a levels and among themselves are by they divided many are extremists many are conservatives those who are see that the moderate. also
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have problems with their backers so there are several issues with the opposition forces themselves but yes assad is certainly firmly back in control of syria except for in the lit and the kurdish controlled areas in the east he's had a curious understanding with the kurds we don't know how that's going to work out but after. that are now going to set his eyes towards where all of the people who didn't want to stay under evacuation well bussed out to our correspondent reporting for us from beirut anshul thank you very much to iran now where several women and girls have launched protests against the government's compulsory headscarf law some have been removing their jobs in public and waving them in the air calling their movement girls of revolution street tehran his crackdown arresting several protesters we spoke to two women who are free on bail waiting for their trial. not against her seanie is apologizing to her mother i'm sorry i need you worry she says
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when you should have known what i was doing her mother responds did you think i didn't mind it almost seems like you enjoy being in prison. today mother and daughter can joke about it the fun thing was no laughing matter of course amy had demonstrated in public against the obligatory islamic headscarf that you have to bow out of this you know to me having to wear the hijab means that other people are deciding what i should and shouldn't do. we've been stripped of so many rights because apparently we women can't make decisions for ourselves but i want to decide for myself i'm from a conservative religious family. at home i also protested when my parents tried telling me what i was allowed to wear until two years ago and wear the full body sure i love my family and i didn't want to fight with them it took a long time to persuade them and it was hard work. but
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in the end i achieved my goal. better. one day she came across a website called the girls of revolution street launched in twenty seventeen it brought together women from across iran who were taking to the streets to protest the compulsory. they stood waving white him scaurus time to sticks this idea of a peaceful protest appeal to him. but i felt that if i was going to do something to further women's rights then i needed to do it right now. and it was such a peaceful protest it wasn't something that felt frightening the main thing i was worried about is whether or not to climb up on top of one of those electric boxes. on january twenty ninth she managed to wave her headscarf in tehran's open air as.
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i stood there expecting to be moved along in just five minutes i was so nervous i was shaking. yes and i was just waiting for a voice to say ok get down from there. i met eventually that's exactly what happened. she was arrested friends rallied in support while she was in detention she was given a preliminary prison sentence which she's now appealing. where's the john because she wants to even so she doesn't think women like or seanie should be thrown in jail she's been campaigning for women's equality for years. but. the government thinks the republic of iran will collapse if a new policy is introduced and the compulsory his job law is overturned but iran is no different from other dynamic societies in a state of flux if the leadership can't adjust to change it will become obsolete
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how we run our hope is that when i'm arguing me with. recent statistics show seventy five percent of women in iran oppose the compulsory job law machine he says women should be allowed to decide for themselves if they want to wear it. and if so the peaceful protesters are a good thing it's a grassroots movement. they're expressing their opinion without resorting to violence and i support the girls of revolution street. felt the full force of the regime's anger she doesn't want to be forced to wear a headscarf she says iranian women are already forced to leave double lives one in public the other in private we meet her in a cafe in tehran she says she wants to protect her family she has a husband and a ten year old child like not seanie she too has protested in public and up in jail
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. and i told them that i'm not going to go into that present again without talking to my lawyer then i was not badly. after that they. sent me to a court to the court but didn't didn't ask me about my bruises the judge didn't ask me what happened to your face. she was held in solitary confinement and went on hunger strike her parents did not support her they told her she had acted irresponsibly but then her father came to see her he was crying and he i told you he he kissed that there are the glass. and told me that i'm proud of you and when the. prison guard lady. told him. to come with me to stop the hunger strike my father just told me be strong
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stand up and be strong as you are. shown children was also released on bail and is awaiting sentencing and other girls of revolution street continue their peaceful protest in their own small way grasping a bit of personal freedom but whether this freedom has a future is unclear it's one of the uncertainties of living in today's iran. of the tour de france ireland's dan martin has claimed victory on stage six the team usa emirates rider pulled ahead inside the final kilometer and never will back at the top of the standings belgium's greg van after matt kept hold of the leader's yellow jersey. this one hundred eighty one comin to join from breast free diversity countryside really sprang to life in the closing stages with the peloton splits off
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to somalia breakaways new zealand's jack bauer made his big victory but like those before him his lead was eaten up by the main pack containing yellow jersey man greg from adam out this was a bad day for the other title contenders. on the twenty seven. he lost nearly a minute after getting a puncture with five kilometers to go out from the pace was picking up as the writers made their way out the day's final klein where the pack jostling for position islands down martin pushed forward in a group of the line he held on ahead of him right at piano and spain's day this was the second stage when of monsoon his career. than adam out clung on during the final climb and stayed. in a williams is through to the wimbledon final after a straight sets victory over germany gets the seven time champion cruised past six
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two six four williams will now meet angela kapur in a rematch of the two thousand and sixteen final made quick work of penco winning the match six three six three in just over an hour it's the second time the german has been to the final at wimbledon and what do you do when your country is knocked out of the world cup you can either return home or jump on the midnight express to continue exploring the host nation that's exactly what one fan from mexico did his journey into russian hospitality the night train sets off from st petersburg at two o'clock in the morning it's a long journey to moscow twelve hours in a packed compartment fifty four people fifty in this third class sleeping car one from mexico was at the semifinal inseam petersburg he was surrounded by fans from all over the world. now he's on a train with russians heading to moscow to try to claim.
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i like. to be on the train with some brush and we are talking about what i like about his country and something like that. but now it's time to rest it's late and there's a long way to go. the next morning it's stuffy in the sleeping car. one hardly slept. others have been up for hours. the people next to one are having fish for breakfast one has enjoyed the experience he's managed to have a conversation with nikita despite not speaking russian one hadn't thought about bringing breakfast so his new friends offered him some of theirs he seemed similar hospitality at other world cups he has attended. usually people are kind to each other and helpful. i found that in germany i found that in brazil i know in
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russia. his own country mexico were kicked out of the world cup almost two weeks ago but one is still having fun and he'll remember this journey for a long time. and we have one football item for you shall see of saxon there italian coach antonio country after just two seasons in charge that's according to british media content guided chelsea to the for nearly title in his first year at stamford bridge and won the circe f.a. cup but his future was plunged into doubt after the team failed to qualify for next season's champions league is expected to be replaced by another tally and a former napoli coach. for business monica the reason that that prompted donald trump to make those comments on theresa may into soft on breaks it and of course that has something to do with that famous infamous white paper when you get a prime minister to resign. published that the long awaited paper in which she outlines her blueprint for britain's future relations with the european union and
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the key elements of this paper includes the so-called facilitated customs arrangement designed to avoid a hog border in ireland as well as a free trade area in goods and agra foods but britain might have been its close ties with the e.u. for financial services britain's biggest export industry and that would make it harder for banks to access the european single market. breaks that approach has been harshly criticized but on a trumpet says a softer breaks it with close ties to the e.u. could kill a trade deal with the u.s. clearly getting the best deal for the u.k. with both the e.u. and the u.s. may prove difficult. ahead of trump's arrival in london plans for a softer price of maintaining close e.u. u.k. trade ties had already caused controversy the u.s. is embassador to the u.k. woody johnson warned that that would be a u.s. u.k. trade deal in the works would now be up in the air one deal has to come before the
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other the u.k. account finalized trade pacts on its own until after breaks it earlier this year free trade between london and washington see more plausible even said a deal would be agreed quickly if the e.u. is the u.k.'s most significant market but the value of u.k. exports the e.u. has stagnated in the last five years while exports the u.s. has steadily risen over the same period. london now has a very fine line to walk it has to redefine relations with two of its most important trade partners at a time when the e.u. and the u.s. are themselves at loggerheads over tariffs. well for more on that i'm joined by callum pickering senior economist at bear bag bank in london i would like to start by asking you that britain needs to negotiate good trade relations with both the e.u. and the united states if you were at the negotiating table what would be your approach
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. well i'd certainly get my priorities straight and realize the u.k. exports five times as much to europe as it does the u.s. given the choice between boosting ten percent of my exports and damaging. fifty percent of my exports i think i'd prioritize limiting the damage on fifty percent and there you are referring damaging the impact on the relationship with europe i assume. exactly yes the u.s. the u.k. house a simple choice to make does it remain oriented towards its biggest market or is it trying to improve its trade ties which is what which is a relatively small export market in the u.k. as we saw over the last two weeks it has decided to maintain good relations with its biggest market this is a good idea that of course nothing is written in stone just yet that white paper has just been released and it offers basically to need to brussels for ways that
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know how but interesting enough it certainly excludes when it comes to closer relations and takes excludes the financial sector why is that you think. well the u.k. will end free movement of people when it leaves the e.u. from the start the e.u. has made absolutely clear financial services is off the table if the u.k. chooses to violate that key component of the single market so it's no surprise in a way the u.k. is simply realize that it cannot have financial services if it ends free movement of people and decide that the ending free movement of people matters more than keeping good access to financial services and they've brussels turns around and says well thank you very much for the proposal unfortunately it won't do will that open the door again for better negotiations with the united states.
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and i think on this case the e.u. case proposal to keep rigorous realize. in groups with some kind of customs arrangement in my opinion it's a customs union in all but name i think you will see that this is the first off the u.k.'s put forward that is a reasonable basis for negotiation so i don't think the e.u. will reject it although they me maybe some suggestions about how the u.k. may need to prove that the technology it aims to use to distinguish between you came in you tirades will work by the time you case ready to leave the e.u. we have about half a minute left and perhaps you could enlighten us do you happen to know what donald trump advised to reset may to do in terms of break said she said she gave her advise and she didn't take it. all i think donald trump's advice would be just try to convince the e.u. that you're completely crazy that's exactly what we see now when we see the us
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negotiating trade deals the question is will that work i doubt very much or cullen pickering their senior economist at bear in bed bank in london thank you so much for your time. and now they're not even experts could have forecast this a dramatic rise in chinese exports to the united states and that despite the current trade conflict in june the chinese export economy announced a record results and beijing surplus with you at nine and states hit an all time high more than twenty nine billion dollars experts say it's due to u.s. businesses preparing for the new terrorists that were introduced in july two weeks ago the u.s. slaps tariffs on chinese imports to the tune of thirty four billion dollars and president on a tramp has more up his sleeve he's threatening to hit a further two hundred billion dollars of goods with him to. and only one month after a federal judge in the united states approved eighty and t.'s eighty five point
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four billion dollars acquisition of time warner the u.s. justice department said it would appeal the decision it's an eighty and earlier because of antitrust concerns saying the deal would harm consumers the federal judge then moved to the merger forward regardless following a lengthy trial president on a trump also opposed the deal. as a reminder of the top story we're following for you. u.s. president donald trump says a free trade deal with the united kingdom is almost impossible if the british government's plan to leave the european union goes ahead. you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin wall coming up at the top of the hour in the meantime don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website at c.w. dot com she is of.
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the beauty. was a simple game twenty two mansions a bull for ninety minutes. the bowling the semifinals me taking place in the can be coming a final cut to make our own challenge and it seems the french croatian.
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more intrigued international. journalists discuss the topic of the week only two dishes among nato allies put on more open display than it this year summit in brussels could produce fire from president trump defeat one of the strongest military alliance of spin. history joining us for this week's cut. quadriga in sixty minutes on. earth. home to millions of species. worth saving. here's what's on those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like news
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that protect the climate to stick green energy solutions and reforestation. they create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and were determined to build something here for the next generation global ideas the multimedia environment series on t.w. . football is a simple game twenty two men chase a ball for ninety minutes and at the end the french croatia will win the world cup two thousand and eighteen. hi and welcome my name is coming i well come to the welcome show number seven it is our last one before the great final of the world cup two thousand and eighteen and russia where croatia hass to you back from best so we have lots to talk about that's true and i'm actually i'm super
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happy that michel is here i had my head in my doll would super have.


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