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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm CEST

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this is news live from berlin protests in london against u.s. president donald trump's visit to britain a giant balloon depicting trump as a baby is when he stood above the parliament building in the british capital this after trump blasts. policy and warns a possible free trade deal with the united states and also coming up. pro-democracy campaigners gather in hong kong to mark the first anniversary of the death of the chinese dissident and nobel laureate new job oh. and
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a former bodyguard of the deceased al qaeda leader osama bin ladin is deported from germany to tunisia. plus defying iran strict as far we need the iranian women who are facing trial for not wearing the head job in public. the former bodyguard of the deceased al qaeda leader osama bin laden is deported from germany to tunisia. and welcome to the program at the start of his four day visit to the united kingdom the us president was invited to a dinner hosted by the british prime minister but at that very moment an interview of his was published in it he blamed trees in maine for quote wrecking brags that trump said maes plans for a business friendly exit from the european union. would leave it to close to the
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block he also questioned whether there could be a special u.s. britain trade deal in the wake of a so-called soft brags it in the interview he said quote i would have done it much differently i actually told to resign me how to do it but she didn't listen to me his comments come after several tamal to his days for may two senior ministers resigned in protest over her plans for trade with the e.u. after the u.k. leaves next march. now some of the other stories making news around the world several dozen migrants have been allowed to disembark from an italian coast guard ship in sicily they were initially held on the ship over suspicions that some had been involved in an attempt to me a number reportedly tried to take over fearing they would be returned to libya the incident comes amid heightened tensions in europe on the issue of migration. the pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif and his daughter mariam are due to return
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to their country thousands of police have been deployed along to control crowds both have been sentenced to jail terms over the family's finances but are back to galvanize their political party at a vis months the general election. an explosion at a chemical plant in china has killed nineteen people and injured twelve according to state media the blast happened in an industrial park several hours south east of the capital of the southwestern sichuan province it's not yet clear what caused the explosion. and i will return to our top story regarding president trump's visit to the u.k. well now bring in correspondent moss who is standing by in london what has the fallout from this interview that he's done criticizing me been there where you are . well there. reaction from british
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politicians were. really from all parties even from the conservative prime minister's reasoning's party that very critical reaction. to consul the invitation for donald trump is supposed to be have to do with the queen this afternoon several labor politicians have said this cannot be the case. of humiliation of the british drive in this. so even conservative commentators that made might normally be quite close to going to trump up very critical of his well very brash stock of diplomacy that he is sharing your love that's of all. the u.s. president didn't just weigh in on treason maze brags its strategy he also had a suggestion for who would make a great prime minister. an interview with the sun newspaper the u.s. president praised the former foreign secretary boris johnson saying quote i think
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he would be a great prime minister i think he's got what it takes you also said he had a lot of respect for johnson and was very saddened that he had to step down. all the atmosphere appear to be like after these comments that he's made when he meets with me later. well boris johnson of poses one of the biggest opponents of trees and that sets the tone really for this meeting today that i don't know trauma's reason why i'm going to have him check us in the countryside a little later on so another just another sign of really deliberately wrecking any hopes i would say that's reason they might have caught for this visit she of course wanted to be closer to donna trump she wants to establish a close trading relationship but well now the reason may it seems that she's trying to stay close to the year when britain leaves and still trying to go for
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a so frank said he thinks this will basically ruin any hope of trade to be the relationship of a trade agreement with the u.s. so in many ways he's being really destroying any hopes that the reason they might have had for this visit now there are protests against trump in london today we see the baby boom behind you what's going on where you are. what you hear involvement square we've been seeing this baby live joy and triumph believe and not peace and the organizers say that they want approaches against us policies for them it's a creative way of opposition they are opposed to his views on immigration and again in the sun newspaper interview he said love then that the u.k. is suffering from too much immigration and that will change that culture offical. trade with them bring in coming from the united states nation of immigrants so that doesn't go down well with many people here in the u.k.
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the open eyes of this particular crisis also criticize his view on climate change and his sexism and really protests will follow donald trump wherever you go you see him in the u.k. not just in love then but also in other cities of the u.k. struggling to scotland later on this going to be approaches that so yes an eventful day ahead of us. correspondent maass from london thank you very much. hundreds of pro-democracy activists have held a memorial ceremony in hong kong to mark the first anniversary of the death of the chinese dissident liu xiaobo he coauthored a petition calling on the beijing authorities to reform china as one party system and went on to win the nobel peace prize he was imprisoned several times for his activities. three zero you remember lucia that's what
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residents of hong kong are doing one year since the human rights activists died in a hospital bed under the watchful eye of chinese state security agents the protesters marched to mainland china's liaison office in the semi-autonomous chinese territory they held photos of lu and tied black ribbons to the perimeter security fence for them it was a chance to highlight the chinese government's assault on human rights. so what we want peace. all these. lawyers and also people fighting for democracy. lou who is bust gazes at passers by on a busy hong kong street began his activism efforts during the pro-democracy tenement square protests in one nine hundred eighty nine in two thousand and ten. the nobel committee awarded him the peace prize for what it called his long and nonviolent struggle for fundamental human rights in china he was never able to accept it in
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person that struggle he won the prize for is also what landed him in prison on multiple occasions his longest sentence would be his last detained in two thousand and eight for subversion the crime taking part in the publication of charter zero eight a human rights manifesto. in may two thousand and seventeen lu was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer he died in chinese custody just two months later his ashes were buried at sea following a hasty funeral process heavily controlled by chinese authorities. now luiz widow lucia has been released from eight years of house arrest with conspicuous timing she landed in berlin on tuesday it's been labeled as a conciliatory gesture but the protesters in hong kong see other motives at play to soften the tension between the west and woke up to get a new role with china and an excuse for the european union to get more close
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to china the chinese government has largely quassia events for lou's death on mainland china making hong kong a rare outlet for political speech. and joined by correspondent florist to chang in hong kong florence the chinese government has warned supporters of lose out well about commemorating the anniversary of his death what's happening in hong kong this hour. when he saw the movies a grievance out of the sea and it just started to rain so strongly that of course that never sub spoke yesterday hong kong. people locked all together bringing in front of the chinese an office which is a play at the beijing authority does the thing on kong and keeping in mind that hong kong is a very unique status within china because they aren't special administrative region any keepers to have a high degree of autonomy to run it for myself so when china sees it won't tolerate
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any protests they don't completely intrude hong kong and explain why we can witness such protest that you would never do you know the parts of china last year that was a very long like twelve code which was also working in silence and holding candles across the street the phone call tools the same place to go on your show people were signing books etc and we and we can expect. that the people. they florence we know the impact that his work has had on people outside of china what is the need for the people living in china. well i guess i shouldn't really comment about china because as i just said you know hong kong quite different and yes in hong kong you shall see sickly being the symbol of the fight for them especially china and of course their school but they look at the ongoing repudiation goes back
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to john chinaman where he's been to nine hundred eighty nine protests you both it's also the with the student and even the bloodshed and a pretty long turning point in china's recent history so when will you help will became famous well the wise noble peace prize you shall build was already a household name in hong kong. model and a view to the fight for democracy. can you tell us more about reaction from people like them gentleman that we saw in the report who say the chinese government did not release his wife's new job for altruistic reasons. yeah one half of one i think the first reaction was any man. who or the many human rights fighters he had was only being off getting that you shot down the china when you might you never know grounds but then on veteran democracy activists bunco call. sir. a few hours ago the chinese government released you shown tuesday then to jay's and
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all the pro-democracy activists the next they and their as the feet of controversy accusing the chinese authorities of preempting the process that would take place today on the day of janitors tree and there's other also if you know the the controversy three elements of hong kong alleged go after the hong kong ethos carried on carry law court freeing all of you share and knocked all humanitarian needs them from the side of the chinese authorities and i mean does your opponent so called beijing go to go for that. thank you florence the chinese from reporting from hong kong to iran our several women and girls have launched protests against the government's compulsory headscarf law some have been removing their jobs and public and waving them in the air calling their movement girls of revolution street head on has cracked down arresting several protesters we
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spoke to two women who are free on bail waiting for their trial. nargus hussein is apologizing to her mother i'm sorry i made you worry she says but you should have known what i was doing. her mother response did you think i didn't mind it almost seems like you enjoy being in prison. today mother and daughter can joke about it but a few months ago it was no laughing matter husseini had demonstrated in public against the obligatory islamic headscarf at home i also protested when my parents tried telling me what i was allowed to wear until two years ago and wear the full body sure i love my family and i didn't want to fight with them it took a long time to persuade them and it was hard work. but in the end i achieved my goal.
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one day she came across a website called the girls of revolution street launched in twenty seventeen it brought together women from across iran who were taking to the streets to protest the compulsory law they stood waving white head scarves tied to sticks this idea of a peaceful protest appealed to her. but i felt that if i was going to do something to further women's rights then i needed to do it right now. and it was such a peaceful protest it wasn't something that felt frightening the main thing i was worried about is whether or not to climb up on top of one of those electric boxes. on january twenty ninth she waved her headscarf into ron's open ear. as. i stood there expecting to be moved along in just five minutes. i was so nervous i was shaking. and i was just waiting for
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a voice to say ok get down from there. i met eventually that's exactly what happened. she was arrested friends rallied in support while she was in detention she was given a preliminary prison sentence which she's now appealing. try as a hashimi where's the hit job because she wanted to even so she doesn't think women like the seine should be thrown in jail she's been campaigning for women's equality for years. for the government thinks the republic of iran will collapse if a new policy is introduced and the compulsory his job law is overturned. but iran is no different from other dynamics societies in a state of flux if the leadership can't adjust to change it will become obsolete. recent statistics show seventy five percent of women in iran oppose the compulsory
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his job law as she may says women should be allowed to decide for themselves if they want to wear it. and if the peaceful protesters are a good thing it's a grassroots movement. they're expressing their opinion without resorting to violence and i support the girls of revolution street if you want to know. the girls of revolution street continue their peaceful protest in their own small way. bit of personal freedom. but whether this freedom has a future is unclear it's one of the end certainties of living in today's iran. former bodyguard of the notorious terrorist leader osama bin laden has been deported from germany back to tunisia the man identified only as sami a had been living in germany since the one nine hundred ninety seven he was arrested at the end of june following an outcry at the fact that he was still in the country some
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of bin laden was the leader of the terrorist group al qaeda was killed by u.s. special forces in may twentieth eleven. joins me now from parliamentary studios their chief political correspondent and a crane melendez good to see you this seems like an open and shut case why has it turned out to be so controversial. you might think at first appearance that it is an open and shut case sami had been considered by the intelligence authorities to be a potential threat and therefore he had also been detained for some weeks and in fact german authorities both local and federal had been seeking his deportation for years now but the case got caught up in the courts because there was no finding by federal authorities or by the local administrative court that would not be subject to torture if he were in fact deported to tunisia and the
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court underlined the fact that absolutely everyone is entitled to the protection of rule of law in germany even if they are considered a potential terrorist threat and that such a finding would have to be made because the protecting people from the risk of torture is a very very high value a high principle under the german legal system so in fact he has now been deported not least because this case did notoriety the german interior minister said that he would personally get involved in trying to ensuring that the deportation did move forward but interestingly enough the deportation seems to have occurred despite a court order that was sent to the federal authorities this morning saying that there was still no assurance he wouldn't be tortured and therefore that the court
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would not allow his deportation at this time so further complications in fact although he is now in tunisia when the what more can you tell us with regard to the legal procedure was it followed or was it simply just an error. that is unclear at this time i did speak to the local administrative court a bit earlier this morning they said they themselves were surprised to hear the deportation had been carried out they had not been informed by the federal office for migration as they should have been according to two rules and customary procedure at this time they could not explain why they weren't informed whether in fact this had been an intentional act by the federal immigration authorities or whether it was simply an administrative error we do not know chief political correspondent melinda crane thank you very much all the players are having a well earned rest after the world cup semifinals this week the fans are out and
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about sightseeing in russia this can't be taken for granted as the country has been notoriously restrictive of tourist movements in the past but this world cup has opened doors and brought changes to everyday life. police patrol it's business as usual in moscow but this world cup has seen plenty of changes gatherings aren't usually allowed here people are celebrating anyway the police keep everyone safe but there is training themselves and getting involved. always prepared to help the tourists. you can see that everyone is in a celebration. but i really enjoying this atmosphere. by russians and foreigners coming together on red square a carnival of nations so to say well the police.
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the police do spot checks but we don't feel the status. as the world cup change russia will this fairy tale of openness hospitality and enthusiasm for the beautiful game come to an abrupt end grain yeah oh well the news has improved but we came here which tourists and we've really enjoyed. but of course the kremlin is using the world cup for its own agenda is pushed through unpopular reforms such as increasing the pension age at the same time the government is trying to polish russia's image. you will poison. their use in power sharing that can and. they want to improve russia's reputation and. we aren't seeing any real changes to the system which we see live out on a probably and you know it's you know my. previous world cups of show and the host
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nations fairytale ends when the final whistle is blown but memories always remain. i think for monica now on the canada free trade deal faces a new challenge yeah and it's coming from italy. it will not ratify sita the european union's free trade agreement with canada and that is according to the country's deputy prime minister louis jody mio and that could shatter the e.u.'s biggest free trade accord in years the threat to the deal represents a further front to the ongoing global trade conflict a failure to deliver sæter would be a huge setback for auto r. and for brussels who have been trying to ramp up trade amid a growing u.s. protectionists are meanwhile u.k. prime minister to reserve may has published a long awaited white paper in which she outlines her blueprint for britain's future relations with the european union the key elements of this paper include the so-called facilitated customs arrangements decided to avoid a hard border in ireland as well as
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a free trade area in goods and at recruits but britain might abandon its close ties with the e.u. for financial services britain's biggest export industry and that would make it harder for banks to access the european single market amazed that approach has of course been harshly criticized but on a trump who says a softer break said with close ties to the e.u. could kill a trade deal with the u.s. clearly getting the best deal for the u.k. but both the e.u. and the united states may prove difficult. ahead of trump's arrival in london plans for a softer brags of maintaining close e.u. u.k. trade ties had already caused controversy the u.s. is a bastard or two the u.k. woody johnson warned that that would be a u.s. u.k. trade deal in the works would now be up the year. one deal has to come before the other the u.k. can't finalize trade pacts on its own until after brags that earlier this year free trade between london and washington seem more plausible even said
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a deal would be agreed quickly if the e.u. is the u.k.'s most significant market but the value of u.k. exports the e.u. has stagnated in the last five years while exports the u.s. has steadily risen over the same period. london now has a very fine line to walk it has to redefine relations with two of its most important trade partners at a time when the e.u. and the u.s. are themselves that loggerheads over tariffs so britain needs to negotiate a good trade relations with both the e.u. and the us callum pickering senior economist at bear bank in london told us what's at stake. the u.k. house is a simple choice to make does it remain oriented towards its biggest market or is it trying to improve its trade ties which is what which is a relatively small export market for the u.k. as we saw over the last two weeks it has decided to maintain good relations with its biggest market this is a good idea now of course nothing is written in stone just yet that white paper has
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just been released and it offers basically to need to brussels house ways that know how but interesting enough it certainly excludes when it comes to closer relations and it clearly excludes the financial sector why is that you think. well the u.k. will and free movement of people when it leaves the e.u. from the start the e.u. is made absolutely clear financial service is off the table if the u.k. chooses to violate that key component of the single market so it's no surprise in a way the u.k. is simply realize that it cannot have financial services if it ends free movement of people on the side of the ending free movement of people matters more than keeping good access in financial services we have about half a minute left and perhaps you could enlighten us if you happen to know what donald trump advice to reset may to do in terms of break said she said she gave her advise
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and she didn't take it. all i think donald trump's advice would have been just out very much all right kellan pickering their senior economist at bear in bed bank in london thank you so much for your time. and here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you protests mark this is a top u.s. president on a tramp to britain earlier trying to set a british american free trade deal may be impossible if the u.k. government's plan to leave the european union goes ahead. you're watching news coming to you live from berlin more again at the top of the hour here.
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comes. up as collect more chips. but the swiss landscape architect and so and. he displays them the passion in. music. three museums. to make sure. the romance. is a simple game twenty two men chase a ball for ninety minutes. following the semifinals me take a closer look at me i'm coming in finally. become
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a champion. of the french croatia. sixty minutes. brown really love golf hitler. or did she love the life he provided for her. she was the dictator's mistress. only an insignificant concert at his side. or pursuing her own bishop. but certainly as the woman got some close to. brown life
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and death with the film. starts july twenty first on d w. v. welcome to the side today thanks for joining and we have several classes coming up in the next half an hour starting with. braun james bond i mean you see him in the anjan alex honors the welsh most famous secret a. great pentagon we're told off of the good i'm making i'm not i and.


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