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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2018 2:00pm-2:30pm CEST

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this is news wire from berlin very very strong that's how u.s. president donald trump characterizes his relationship with britain's prime minister tourism may trumps a visit to britain is marked by controversy after he casts doubt on the u.k. government's plan for leaving the european union in this hour and may are due to hold a press conference there live. also coming up pro-democracy campaigners gather in hong kong to mark the first anniversary of the death of the chinese dissident and
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nobel laureate. the former bodyguard of the deceased. osama bin ladin is deported from germany to. boston fine iran strict as far flaw you need the iranian women who are facing trial for not wearing their job in public. and welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump is holding meetings with british prime minister tourism may at her country retreat this hour at the start of the talks trump insisted their relationship is very good and strong the president's positive remarks come shortly after an interview was published in which he blamed tourism a for quote wrecking let's listen to what he had to say.
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all right we'll head straight now to our correspondent barrett massu standing by in london bear get the comments were that tourism may is wrecking brags that and potentially there won't be a deal with the united states a free trade deal what has the fallout been from this interview well of interview happened here in the sun newspaper it's really a big wreck in ball diplomacy i think is what many many people here in the u.k. have described that the reason may oversee it was have big goal to get something out of donald trump with this visit and this is a trade deal britain is leaving the e.u. you could say it's losing this one ally and it's trying to fight you allies new friends and trying to revive this mythical special relationship dream and which donor trump has indicated was possible but not reason may have more had had been more going towards softer breaks it's staying closer to the european union and done
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a trump did not like it and he made that clear. to get the u.s. president didn't just weigh in on terry's amazing brags that strategy he also had a suggestion for who he thinks would make a great prime minister let's take a listen. to see that he was leaving government and i hope he goes back. because i think he's a very. i think he's a great representative for for your country i was very. surprised and said that he was getting out of government and you know. putting one of those here i'm just saying i think he'd be a great prime minister. i think he's got. what it takes and i think he's got the right attitude to be a great gravitas. he's talking about another person filling turris amazed shoes how tense must these meetings be right now. well indeed
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he's been talking about boris johnson the foreign minister who just left the government and who's always since the reason may took the premiership has be a real foe of really has not been has not been standing close to her side but he's been very openly critical of fabrics of strategy of her dealings with brussels say to praise boris johnson who we know is close to mr trump mr trump and his team are very close to a lot of the brics it is here in the u.k. and bush johnson was one of them but to praise him so openly and talk about how he could be prime minister when we also all know that there's nothing that boris johnson wants more than being prime minister and the talk is all about is he actually about to launch a leadership challenge to terry's amazin is he actually going to do it oh is he just dreaming about it and then for donald trump to come in and talk praise him so openly that really is quite something and many people here in the u.k.
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have noted it and it's been a lot of criticism by m.p.'s from the conservative party also from from labor his general views have been under attack by a lot of m.p.'s since he's come here and it's not just m.p.'s now we know there are protests against trump in london today what more can you tell us about these demonstrations. demonstrations like real demonstrations are now getting on the way people are gathering in central london also and other cities across the u.k. many people are saying we need to stand up to this bully is how he's being described by many people who are saying that they're going to protest and they want to stand up to his views here in london tens of thousands of people are expected to march down to a rally in trafalgar square we've also seen quite a funny approaches this morning with the baby blimp where people here in the near me just behind us in parliament square have put up
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a giant trump baby balloon that has attracted a lot of attention a lot of media attention so people are doing their best also to ridicule him but then a lot of people that are being that approach this thing also think that he is he's dangerous for the world and they want to make themselves heard now don trump has a very busy weekend ahead of him including today of course what's on the agenda. he's going to meet the queen in windsor that's something that's controversial there are some labor m.p.'s who said well the queen should really consul this visit after what donald trump has subjected this country and this government to i don't think that is going to happen it's a working visit but it has all the hallmarks of a state visit with the big reception that the really the big effort that reason may has made in order to make everything nice for donald trump to impress him being in phuket in windsor in windsor casa with the queen that he's going to go on later to scotland she's really going out of her way to have
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a really pompous welcome because she thought he might like it but well we'll see what comes out of this at the end of the say. correspondent barrett moss reporting from london thank you very much. now some of the other stories making news around the world several dozen migrants have been allowed to disembark from an italian coast guard ship in sicily they were initially held on the ship over suspicions that some had been involved in an attempted mutiny a number of portably tried to take over fearing they would be returned to libya the incident comes amid heightened tensions in europe on the issue of migration. out of the pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif and his daughter miriam are due to return to their country thousands of police officers have been deployed in lahore to control crowds both have been sentenced to jail terms over the family's finances are back to galvanize their political party at this month's general election.
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the former bodyguard of the notorious terrorist leader osama bin laden has been deported from germany back to tunisia the man identified only as sami a has been living in germany since one nine hundred ninety seven he was arrested at the end of june following an outcry at the fact that he was still in the country some of bin laden was the leader of the terrorist group al qaeda he was killed by u.s. special forces in may twenty seventh tour an hour several women and girls have launched protests against the government's compulsory headscarf law some have been removing their jobs and public and waving in the air calling their movement girls of revolution street tehran has cracked down arresting several protesters we spoke to two women who are free on bail waiting for their trial. not guess who's singing is apologizing to her mother i'm sorry i need you worry she says but you should have known what i was doing her mother response did you think i didn't mind it
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almost seems like you enjoyed being in prison. today mother and daughter can joke about it the five months ago there was no laughing matter of course amy had demonstrated in public against the obligatory islamic headscarf. to me having to wear the job means that other people are deciding what i should and shouldn't do we've been stripped of so many rights because apparently we women can't make decisions for ourselves but i want to decide for myself i'm from a conservative religious family. at home i also protested when my parents tried telling me what i was allowed to wear until two years ago and wear the full body should or should i love my family and i didn't want to fight with them it took a long time to persuade them and it was hard work.
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but in the end i achieved my goal. better. than. one day she came across a website called the girls of revolution street launched in twenty seventeen it brought together women from across iran who were taking to the streets to protest the compulsory. they stood waving white him scaurus time to sticks and this idea of a peaceful protest appealed to her singing. but i felt that if i was going to do something to further women's rights then i needed to do it right now. and it was such a peaceful protest it wasn't something that felt frightening the main thing i was worried about is whether or not to climb up on top of one of those electric boxes. on january twenty ninth she managed to wave her headscarf in tehran's open air as. i stood there expecting to be moved along in just five minutes i was so nervous i
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was shaking. and i was just waiting for a voice to say ok get down from there. i met eventually that's exactly what happened. she was arrested friends rallied in support while she was in detention she was given a preliminary prison sentence which she's now appealing. where's the john because she wants to even so she doesn't think women like hosseini should be thrown in jail she's been campaigning for women's equality for years. the government thinks the republic of iran will collapse if a new policy is introduced and the compulsory his job law is overturned. but iran is no different from other dynamic societies in a state of flux if the leadership can't adjust to change it will become obsolete. when in marjah in. recent statistics show seventy five percent of women in iran
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oppose the compulsory head job law as she me says women should be allowed to decide for themselves if they want to wear it. and if the peaceful protesters are a good thing it's a grassroots movement they're expressing their opinion without resorting to violence and i support the girls of revolution street i want to. shop i don't shut down inside it felt the full force of the regime's anger she doesn't want to be forced to wear a headscarf she says iranian women are already forced to me double lives one in public the other can privately we meet her in a cafe in tehran she says she wants to protect her family she has a husband and a ten year old child like marcus mohseni she too has protested in public and up in jail. and i told them that i'm not going to go into that present again without talking to my lawyer then i was be there not badly.
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after that they. sent me to a court to the court but didn't get it didn't ask me about my bruises the judge didn't ask me what happened to your face nazi she was held in solitary confinement and went on hunger strike her parents did not support her they told her she had acted irresponsibly but then her father came to see her he was crying and he i told you. he kissed that there is the glass and told me that i'm proud to convience me to stop the hunger strike my father just told me be strong stand up and be strong as you are. until recently was also released on bail and is awaiting sentencing and other girls of revolution street continue their peaceful protest in their own small way grasping
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a bit of personal freedom but whether this freedom has a future is unclear it's one of the uncertainties of living in today's iran. the former bodyguard of the notorious terrorist leader osama bin laden has been deported from germany back to tunisia the man identified only as sami and have been living in germany since one thousand nine hundred seventy he was arrested at the end of june following an outcry at the fact he was still in the country some of bin laden was the leader of the terrorist group who was killed by u.s. special forces in may two thousand and eleven. try me now for our parliamentary studios our chief political correspondent and a crane melendez good to see you this seems like an open and shut case why has it turned out to be so controversial. you might think at first appearance that it is an open and shut case sami had been considered by the intelligence authorities to
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be a potential threat and therefore he had also been detained for some weeks and in fact german authorities both local and federal had been seeking his deportation for years now but the case got caught up in the courts because there was no finding by federal authorities or by the local administrative court that sami would not be subject to torture if he were in fact deported to tunisia and the court underlined the fact that absolutely everyone is entitled to the protection of rule of law in germany even if they are considered a potential terrorist threat and that such a finding would have to be made because the protecting people from the risk of torture is a very very high value a high principle under the german legal system so in fact he has now been deported
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not least because this case did taint notoriety the german interior minister said that he would personally get involved in trying to ensuring that the deportation did move forward but interestingly enough the deportation seems to have occurred despite a court order that was sent to the federal authorities this morning saying that there was still no assurance he wouldn't be tortured and therefore that the court would not allow his deportation at this time so further complications in fact although he is now in tunisia when the what more can you tell us with regard to the legal procedure was it followed or was it simply just an error that is unclear at this time i did speak to the local administrative court a bit early. here this morning they said they themselves were surprised to hear the deportation had been carried out they had not been informed by the federal office
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for migration as they should have been according to two rules and customary procedure at this time they could not explain why they weren't informed whether in fact this had been an intentional act by the federal immigration authorities or whether it was simply an administrative error we do not know chief political correspondent melinda crane thank you very much hundreds of pro-democracy activists have held a memorial ceremony in hong kong to mark the first anniversary of the death of the chinese dissident vault you who coauthored a petition calling on the beijing authorities to reform china's one party system and went on to win the nobel peace prize he died of liver cancer and chinese custody while serving an eleven year sentence. if you remember luzhin that's what residents of hong kong are doing one year since the human rights activists died in
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a hospital bed under the watchful eye of chinese state security agents the protesters marched to mainland china as liaison office and a semi-autonomous chinese territory they held photos of lu and tied black ribbons to the perimeter security fence for them it was a chance to highlight the chinese government's assault on human rights. seoul what we want peace immediate release of all peace. no active lawyer and also people fighting for democracy. lou whose bust gazes at passers by on a busy hong kong street began his activism efforts during the pro-democracy tenement square protests in one nine hundred eighty nine in two thousand and ten the nobel committee awarded him the peace prize for what it called his long and nonviolent struggle for fundamental human rights in china he was never able to accept it in person that struggle he won the prize for is also what landed him in prison on multiple occasions his longest sentence would be his last detained in two thousand
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and eight for subversion the crime taking part in the publication of charter zero eight a human rights manifesto. in may two thousand and seventeen lou was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer he died in chinese custody just two months later his ashes were buried at sea following a hasty funeral process heavily controlled by chinese authorities. now lose widow lucia has been released from eight years of house arrest with conspicuous timing she landed in berlin on tuesday it's been labeled as a conciliatory gesture but the protesters in hong kong see other motives at play to soften the tension between the west and woke up to get a new role with china and keep an excuse for the european union to get more close to china the chinese government has largely quassia events for lose death on
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mainland china making hong kong a rare outlet for political speech. joined by tennessee martin yeah author and chairwoman of the independent chinese pen center she was editor of you shall those work and a close family friend thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us as we mentioned earlier it's the one year anniversary of his death what memories do you have what goes through your mind on a day like today. this mixture of feelings. on the one side of course lit up or left this world and or our efforts as not to strain him life lee asked him in truth as his imprisonment but on the other hand three days ago his widow those. left country and arrived to germany this was last will and so we are quite happy as she was released and she did arrive in berlin how she doing she's doing well i met her yesterday and file where we can
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really embrace each other i talk to her in the last eighty years we's of course prick because sometimes she he she has she she was in the beginning in toto isolation just no phone no internet nothing and but in the recent time i can talk to her much frequently she is in quite a good mood but physically she is very weak ok why do you think that the chinese government released her now. well probably we have to say thank you very much mr president trump because as you know there is to trade war between i just say a trade war between us and the rest of the ward especially china is to open inside and i think the chinese government want to assert more aliens
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in the world and this is a quite good timing because mr president no prime minister minister the could she was in germany and i think if you allow me to say there is a present for merkel the chancellor merkel and. countries so that the relationship between china and the european countries will become tighter. is free she's in berlin but her brother was forced to remain in china what more do we know about that situation and potentially that they're going to keep him there to keep her quiet here. right you say that x.x. li just seeing what i'm saying kane and she. left china and the german press and better journey in beijing has accompanied with her order
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journey from beijing to burling and he told her the osha you are totally free but i'm afraid she i understand that she is free but she is still not really free as you said her beloved brother is still in the hand of this regime and she will has to she will know what she can see what she can do and that's why we are war memorial service this is even the she won't be with us she's not coming to the memorial service of course there's a memorial service to this evening in berlin there's also going to be one in hong kong can you tell us more about that yes this evening our time. six o'clock. very. very good organized.
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singer of the m o y be theer had to miller we're being with ian johnson will be with us and of course as good friends there you be with us and we have for years we have. concerts we have. point to reading so it is it will be a very impressive i hope i think it will be a very impressive event now let's just go really quickly back to the human rights situation in china with her release do you feel in any way that the situation in china is improving with regard to human rights or as you mentioned earlier this is simply a political move it is simply a politico gesture from the chinese side exactly on the same day. come out of china another dissident. has been sentenced to thirteen years or or though he has being in prison already turned his three years just think about
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that john martin yeah author and chairwoman of the independent chinese pen center and the former editor of balls work thank you very much for taking the time thank you very much our run out toss it over to monica jones who has an update in business monica. that's right and when it comes to u.s. and u.k. relations it's all about damage control today after donald trump's harsh criticism of london's breck's it strategy his comments of course come up to london released its proposal on future trade relations with the e.u. after a break says the so-called white paper was released on thursday and the key elements here include the so-called facilitated customs arrangement designed to avoid a hard border in ireland as well as a free trade area in goods and but not in financial services however all in all
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london seems keen to maintain close relations with the e.u. after leaving the block and clearly reaching a deal for the u.k. with both the e.u. and the u.s. may prove difficult ahead of trump's arrival in london plans for a softer break that maintaining close e.u. u.k. trade ties had already caused controversy the u.s. is i'm baffled or to the u.k. woody johnson warned that that would be a u.s. u.k. trade deal in the works would now be up in the air. one deal has to come before the other the u.k. count finalized trade packs on its own until after breaks it earlier this year free trade between london and washington seemed more plausible even said a deal would be agreed quickly. the e.u. is the u.k.'s most significant market but the value of u.k. exports the e.u. has stagnated in the last five years while exports the u.s. has steadily risen over the same period london now has
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a very fine line to walk it has to redefine relations with two of its most important trade partners at a time when the e.u. and the u.s. are themselves at loggerheads over tariffs. alone for more on that situation as cross over to last how to financial markets correspondent in a frank last moment trump is talking trade again and his very very unique style and this time he's putting pressure not on china but on britain do you know what his game plan could be here. i think it's just the same game plan the same strategy that he always employs and that's division it's not really much of a tactic but he just enjoys pitting one party against another party and that is exactly what he's doing here pitting the u.k. against the e.u. in and of course already very difficult situation with only nine months to go until it would happen and it's a terrible strategy because i honestly don't think that knows what is really at
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stake here for britain surely does not really understand the details of how the financial services industry in the u.k. would lose out entirely well if it came to a hard rock said he doesn't understand how much britain would really have would really lose in a heart breaks when it comes to regular trade of goods and services so i don't think it has much of a game plan here is just sowing division certainly seems to understand that he cannot negotiate a trade deal with britain for as long as britain is part tied to the e.u. and for some reason he seems more interested in a trade deal with the u.k. rather than with the e.u. which is a bigger market explain that. why i think for him selling goods is just more important than buying goods we know how donald trump thinks about trade he looks at it as a very simple game who wins on which side and when you look at the the american
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trade for the united kingdom they actually run a little bit of a surplus when you look at the u.s. trade to the e.u. they run a little bit of a trade deficit of course and that is a terrible thing to donald trump because he doesn't really understand how this is not a win and lose game trade for him is a very simple matter and he seems to be doing better with his country specifically looking at the u.k. for the u.k. by the way the u.s. of course is the biggest export market all right last in frankfurt for us thank you so much. and we also heard today that italy will not ratify say to the european union's free trade agreement with canada that is according to the country's deputy prime minister luigi de mio well if true then that coup to shatter the biggest free trade accord in years the threat to the deal represents for the front to the ongoing global trade conflict a failure to deliver sita would be
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a huge setback for also and brussels well have been trying to ramp up trade amid growing protectionism well of course the world cup is still up and running and football fans that will have to wait until sunday's world cup final to see whether france or croatia wins and the battle among sports fitness as a ready been decided because i did a speech on germany spain and argentina to carry its brand strew but they've since been sent home nike however has been sponsoring both teams in the final has got the better of its longtime rival.


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