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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin where friends after all donald trump turns on the charm after a bombshell interview you know what it is really whatever you do is ok with me that's your decision those were his comments in a newspaper interview earlier actually goes with a comment he made at a press conference but in a news caught paper interview earlier he said the u.k. strategy would kill any chance of
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a trade deal with the united states will be live in london also coming up. a former bodyguard of the deceased al qaeda leader osama bin laden is deported from germany to tunis yeah. and pro-democracy campaigners rally in hong kong they are marking the first anniversary of the death of a chinese dissident and nobel laureate lu shall both. pakistan's disgraced former prime minister nawaz sharif flies home to face arrest on corruption charges a court last week sentenced him to ten years in prison. and hailed as one of the greatest filmmakers of the twentieth century we look at the work of swedish director ingmar bergman was born hundred years ago.
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come to the program the u.s. u.k. relationship is stronger than ever with the u.s. president says after meeting with british prime minister trees in may at her country retreat the two leaders have just wrapped up a press conference holding hands as they approach the podium the leaders then later rejected earlier reports quoting trump's criticism of his u.k. counterpart especially on bragg's it negotiations just a few moments ago he said that no matter what the u.k. decides after brags that it would be ok with him bamford size the special relationship between the two countries and the billions of pounds worth of military equipment the u.k. is said to buy from the united states. to cover this meeting we have in-depth coverage with me here in studio is our very own alex forrest wedding and standing by in london is a barbara alex let me start with you may focus on the positive elements of the start of that press conference let's have a quick listen to what she had to say don and yet you say this about the wider
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transatlantic relationship. it is all of our responsibility to ensure that transatlantic unity in joules which has been fundamental to the protection and projection of our interests and values for generations alex amid all the uncertainty with trump she seemed very keen to point out the positives yet she had to didn't she because this whole visit taken off to such a bank's start with this interview that he gave to the sun newspaper when he was leaving brussels don't have truncates the sun newspaper so she took the initiative went up there on the podium talked about the deep cooperation between the two countries that they'd visited some military academy earlier today that they'd seen a joint u.s. and u.k. so special forces working together that the u.k. is going to spend twenty four billion pounds on u.s. equipment that the u.k. is going to send four hundred forty extra troops to afghanistan she thanked still no trump for his support over what happened in salzburg with the attack on the
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script pools which is obviously talking about what the u.k. police was a russian attack and that the u.s. expelled sixty russian diplomats and she also got into that that they have agreed that they want a free trade agreement when the u.k. actually leaves the e.u. so she did everything that she could to get this whole meeting back on track and to say this is what i have got for the u.k. there are a lot of elements that she wanted to focus on terms of what was positive for their relationship but there was some contradiction right because before this press conference he made some comments but now he says he'll stand by any decision that she makes let's have a quick listen to that. i also want to thank prime minister may for pursuing fair and reciprocal trade with the united states once the brics that process is concluded and perhaps the u.k. has left the e.u. i don't know what they're going to do but whatever you do is ok with me that's your
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decision whatever you're going to do is ok with us just make sure we can trade together that's all that matters the united states looks forward to finalizing a great bilateral trade agreement with the united kingdom. everything's fine as long as there's a free trade deal what does may now make of this contradiction well obviously she wanted to win trump say about the whole way through and he went off message with this newspaper article and it does contradict what he said because he said in that article when he was talking about theresa may that what she is hoping to get from the european union will probably kill the free trade deal with the us he said i would have done it much differently i actually told to ease the me how to do it but she didn't agree she didn't listen to me and when he was then asked in the press conference by reports you criticized the prime minister she said i absolutely did not criticize the prime minister i think it's pretty clear that he did so he is
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trying to mend fences as much as doma trump does trying to do that to get it back on track that's just well done in street would be desperate for because this has been a very difficult couple of days so far for two reason may until we see it's now down to the government and the u.k. government as to how they get what they get from e.u. and o.c. from brussels as well as to what they agree where it goes with the u.s. off to that i was been reaction all across the country we're going to turn now to our correspondent barbara visa who's standing by she's interest square a massive protest going on there barbara what more can you tell us. you know there is certainly nobody around here in central london at the moment who has anything good to say about donald trump because this is a huge protest crowds have been coming out for hours and the whole area between portman square we are all the street kilometers up to trafalgar square are just filled with people the protests are so big now that because hardly move so all
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those people are protesting in place and all kinds of people from london have come out to you young folks older people it's across all sorts of organizations opposition parties. yes roots movements everybody really in london who opposes trump and there is a lot of foot position in london against the american president has come out today in the guardian sunshine to protest some of you see a lot of posters that show a lot of creativity build a wall around trump is just one of them a lot more or less insulting so couldn't be exposed to a box there was one that contains probably the most devastating comment here is also a bloody bad goal for so that probably is really a low kick against donald trump what people do oppose is every sing about his politics it's about war it's about racism it's about sixteen a phobia and his treatment of migrants his treatment of women just all around and
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people really are making trouble responsible for all of us all the bad in the world so huge protests and this is supposed to be a carnival of resistance that's how the organizers called it and the mood and the atmosphere is right like at a carnival of protests a massive demonstration barbara before i let you go i do have to ask you trump is meeting with president putin in the coming days in helsinki how concerned are european leaders that trump might speak to putin one on one. there are more or less sort of scared out of so what's a put it bluntly because even for this for the nato meeting turned into this shambolic event that that was in the end everybody said what for heaven's sake is he going to do on monday when he meets putin because he has shown himself to be totally unreliable completely erratic during the nato summit so what might he do one monday what might cross his mind what sudden urge my t.
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have to sort of make you headlines putting american troops out of view of our giving trump some sort of peace deal lifting sanctions against him anything i mean it's any. yes and european countries are really scared about what. it's not. coming to you now this visit isn't over there is twenty more to do what's next on the agenda while donald trump is going flying in his helicopter to windsor castle to have tea with the queen and this will be just what he wants he loves the pageantry yesterday he was a. palace in oxfordshire which is where so winston churchill was born and today he gets to meet the queen and he's already said that's just what his mother would have wanted but i think actually what's more interesting is what happens off to his left when he sent flying to scotland he's flying to temporary hotel which he owns on the
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west coast of scotland and that is then dumped a private affair we do not know who he's meeting who he will be playing golf with won't he will be discussing and i think that is very concerning probably not just for downing street safe for the u.k. but also i imagine for the white house because donald trump can be donald trump and do what he wants to do and that's nice to thank him correspondent alex forrest widing thank you very much for your insights now britain's prime minister doesn't appear to have a lot of economic options there hard. visit shows very clearly tourism is started several conflicting battles and wants ahead of the u.k. exit from the e.u. with different interest groups criticising her briggs's plans for vastly different reasons. some love it some hate it britain's bricks it blue print has triggered mixed reactions across the country's business community the finance industry called the plan a real blow because it doesn't include continued free access to the e.u.
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for u.k. financial service providers for them it could make post breaks it business in the e.u. more difficult we could go on asserting a future type of relationship in financial services we would like or we can engage with reality and put down a proposal which we believe is genuinely negotiate all that will protect the city and that the e.u. will engage with things look brighter for other sectors downing street wants to create a free trade area with the e.u. to secure a continued unrestricted exchange of industrial goods and agra foods however the e.u. used chief breaks it negotiated has already criticised the trade plans as cherry picking from the unions rulebook us president donald trump on the other hand doesn't like the concessions the u.k. is willing to make. but whatever trump says his business is just not as valuable to britain as the e.u. is trade the e.u.
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is by far the u.k.'s top trading partner accounting for almost half of all british exports the u.s. accounts for just under fifteen percent other countries make up thirty seven percent london has a fine line to navigate it has to redefine relations with two of its most important trade partners and at the same time champion the interests of its own national industry. i was there with trade italy will not ratify sita european union's free trade agreement with canada that's according to the country's deputy prime minister luigi myal that could shatter the biggest for the e.u.'s biggest free trade accord in years the threats to the deal represents a further front to the ongoing global trade conflict failure to deliver seats would be a huge setback for also on brussels who have been trying to ramp up trade amid growing
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u.s. protectionism. now let's bring in the last heart of the end of the week let's have a check on the markets wrap up the week for us. all good it was a pretty rough week a pretty busy week of course dominated much by president donald trump there was of course early in the week part one in which president trump declared trade war in china of course trade war had started a little bit earlier already with the first round of terrorists but now and since monday we have a second round of tears six thousand chinese products among them consumer products exports out of china worth two hundred billion dollars so we have reached a much higher stage and that development here then we had imagined on a wednesday we saw the docks here in frankfurt lose about two hundred points because people are afraid. frankly when they look at that trade war that ongoing
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development here and that was already before we reached chapter three in which of course then president trump went on his european trip visiting nato first and then upping pressure on terrorism may with regards to negotiations making the case for heartbreaks it then it seems pretty clear that the president doesn't really know what's at stake here even a for the u.k. what they stand to lose in terms of their financial services industries or trade in goods and services in general when you listen of course just now to the president to resign may's press conference he says it was a pretty good week i think if you talk to people here in frankfurt they say it's good that the week is over plus those who are in frankfurt thank you very much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world several dozen migrants have been allowed to disembark from an italian coast guard ship in sicily
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they were initially held on the ship over suspicions that some had been involved in an attempted mutiny a number reportedly trying to take over fearing they would be returned to libya the incident comes amid heightened tensions in europe on the issue of migration. he's launched a major investigation into abuse cases in the church earlier this year prosecutors say there are more than five victims. thousands of people in nicaragua capital man i've watched have taken to the streets and fresh protests demanding that president daniel ortega resign opposition activists have planned another two days of demonstrations amid fears of brutal government suppression of these two hundred people have been killed in protests since april. the former bodyguard of the notorious terrorist leader osama bin laden has been deported from germany back to tunisia the man identified only as sami they have been living in germany since one
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thousand nine hundred ninety seven he was arrested at the end of june following an outcry at the fact that he was still in the country sana bin laden was the leader of the terrorist group on qaeda he was killed by u.s. special forces in may two thousand and eleven join me now from parliamentary studios our chief political correspondent and a crane melinda it's good to see you this seems like an open and shut case why has it turned out to be so controversial. you might think at first appearance that it is an open and shut case sami had been considered by the intelligence authorities to be a potential threat and therefore he had also been detained for some weeks and in fact german authorities both local and federal had been seeking his deportation for years now but the case got caught up in the courts because there was no finding by federal authorities or by the local administrative court that sami
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would not be subject to torture if he were in fact deported to tunisia and the court underlined to the fact that absolutely everyone is entitled to the protection of rule of law in germany even if they are considered a potential terrorist threat and that such a finding would have to be made because the protecting people from the risk of torture is a very very high value a high principle under the german legal system so in fact he has now been deported not least because this case did notoriety the german interior minister said that he would personally get involved in trying to ensuring that the deportation did move forward but interestingly enough the deportation seems to have occurred despite a court order that was sent to the federal authorities this morning saying that
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there was still no assurance he wouldn't be tortured and therefore that the court would not allow his deportation at this time so further complications in fact although he is now in tunisia when the what more can you tell us with regard to the legal procedure was it followed or was it simply just an error that is unclear at this time i did speak to the local administrative court a bit early. here this morning they said they themselves were surprised to hear the deportation had been carried out they had not been informed by the federal office for migration as they should have been according to two rules and customary procedure at this time they could not explain why they weren't informed whether in fact this had been an intentional act by the federal immigration authorities or whether it was simply an administrative error we do not know chief political
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correspondent melinda crane thank you very much. croatia will compete in their first ever world cup final on sunday a lake goal in extra time secured victory against england on wednesday and a pitch side photographer from el salvador was unwittingly part of the wild goal celebrations and caught the historic moment right up close. i all eyes were on mary human juke itself three school the winner but when he and his teammates ran to the sidelines to celebrate a photographer found himself at the bottom of the croatian couple ever the professional you recall tez picked up his camera and snapped the score a close up by. arriving back in mexico city cortez is happy to have had the experience. there were four or five in front of me and i was like this just taking photos in front of them more and more of them came to celebrate even from the bench
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and then it was like an avalanche they all knocked me over. despite the shock cortez is glad to have been part of the goal celebration. one moment and there was a nice moment really to share that happiness with them making into the final with. cortez came away unharmed and revealed he was kissed and hugged by the players in the aftermath a sporting gesture that ensures croatia will have one more found supporting them in sunday's final. while the players are having a well earned rest after the world cup semifinals this week the fans are out and about sightseeing in russia this can't be taken for granted as the country has been restrictive of tourist movements in the past but this world cup has opened doors to new visitors. police patrol it's business as usual in moscow but this world cup has seen plenty of changes gatherings are usually allowed here
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people are celebrating anyway the police keep everyone safe but there is training themselves and getting involved. always prepared to help the tourists. you can see everyone is in a celebrate removed fans a savings you see as ticket which i'm really enjoying this atmosphere. by russians and foreigners coming together on red square a carnival of nations so to say well the police look on. the police to spot checks but we don't feel the steps. they very polite i've never experienced anything like this before. as the world cup change russia but will this fairy tale of openness hospitality and enthusiasm for
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the beautiful game come to an abrupt end if you hadn't washed or everyone is coming together that a bullet they're welcoming and friendly to have is a thing for anything and i guess i'm just out there is this a strain yeah well the news has improved but we came here which tourists and we've really enjoyed a symptom that it's quite there's a big difference between moscow and the rural areas moscow has definitely changed his minions. most russians barely recognize their own country they marvel at the changes the country's undergone the foreigners the state media often portrayed as the threats actually quite nice. but of course the kremlin is using the world cup for its own agenda is pushed through unpopular reforms such as increasing the pension age at the same time the government is trying to polish russia's image. this move. you will poison. their use in power sharing that kind of a thought i had said because they want to improve russia's reputation improve on the
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community was victory on seeing any real changes to the system which we see live within the probably in your. previous world cups of the host nations fairytale ends when the final whistle is blown but memories always remain. now you can't campaign linking the world cup with higher rates of domestic violence has gone viral on social media it's based on a study which found that reports of domestic violence increased by thirty eight percent on england last previous world cup matches for more on that we have federica baggio from our social media desk with us federico before we dive into the campaign here tell us a little bit about the issue of domestic violence in england. have be so the message violence is certainly a big issue in england in wales a crime report last year showed that one point nine million adults aged between sixteen and fifty nine experienced domestic violence that's three point four
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percent of the population with the majority of the big victims being women but now during the world cup these numbers seem to get even even bigger and a study by lancaster university who work together with local police showed that they looked at reports of the message violence during previous world cups and those showed that when england lost a game domestic violence rose by thirty eight percent as you mentioned and even when england drew or won it still rose by twenty six percent and we spoke and now there are different episodes different cases some more severe than others we spoke with a blogger. in the u.k. and she told us about her experience with her former boyfriend take a listen. relationship i was in the guy i was with was obsessed with if his team went doing so well he would get really angry he would smash them
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and eventually being a relationship was a much. i would be the one at the end of the. so of course there have been cases of even more severe violence women being beaten up and of course games turning into seriously dangerous situations for some people now there's a social media campaign as we mentioned earlier what's this about so based on the figures from the study by lancaster university some women's rights group groups and domestic abuse centers have launched a campaign to draw attention on the issue and also to warn women that they might be at higher risk during world cups and this campaign went viral and we can take a look at some examples this is an image that was largely shared of the met the message violence victim looking like in the english flag and others shared a green statement no one wants england to win more than women and even police
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stations across the u.k. picked up on this compare and they issued warnings one of these police stations were what was the humberside police station in northern england they say that they have noticed a spike in reports of the mystic violence this year as well and we actually got in touch with them and this is what their chief inspector told it to have noticed in the first ten days of this year's time and an increase of six percent on the number of domestic abuse calls we were attending. but we believe that the heightened emotions that come with following a national team. excessive use of alcohol and other stimulants can have an effect on the number of people who go on to abuse family and friends. now the lancaster university report was obviously a local report but obviously the issue is much wider than what has the response
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been to people who say you can't put all the blame on football or alcohol for the actions of the domestic abusers absolutely i mean this is exactly a point that many critics of this campaign are making they fear that it can paint like this it takes away the responsibility from the aggressor some prominent female activists are also making this point one of them is sandra hurley she runs refused which is a women's aid they're going to is ation in the u.k. which specializes in domestic violence and she sent us a statement which she says football and hold that tends to go with it can be aggravating factors when it comes to domestic violence but they are not the root cause they mean football or our goal absolves the perpetrator of responsibility for his actions women experience by then and abuse at the hands of their partners every day not just when football is on the t.v. correspondent federico baggio thank you so much for walking us through that. you're
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watching the news still to come. l. as one of the greatest filmmakers of the twentieth century swedish director ingmar bergman was born one hundred years ago i have an appreciation of his work with. him back in just a few minutes of our news thanks for joining us. ilene . they want silent in syria. and they won't be silent in exile. seven people who fled to europe from the brutal persecution in their homeland are filing criminal charges against the country senior officials. testifying against assad seeking justice for syria. in forty five minutes.
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how to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany my mother is from the united states of america and so i realized fairly early that it makes sense to explain different realities. and now here at the heart of the european union in brussels we have twenty eight different realities and so i think people are really looking for a new journalist they can trust for them to make sense of this. problem is not tough enough i work at the government. did brown really love apple for hitler. or did she love the life he provided for her. she was the dictator's
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mistress. only an insignificant concert and his song. pursuing her own ambitions. but certainly there's no other woman got some close to. life and death with the. starts july twenty first on d w. i'm back you're watching v.w. news our top story u.s. president trump has backpedaled on his criticism of british prime minister treason a strategy for leaving the european union he had said it would kill any chance of a trade deal with the united states now he says to me whatever you do is ok with me . pakistan's disgraced former prime minister nawaz sharif is due to arrive shortly in lahore to face arrest charges on corruption charges rather last week a pakistani corruption court sentenced him to ten years in prison over the purchase
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of high end properties in london that decision came just weeks ahead of national elections polls that sheriff's party insists are being rigged. lockdown on the streets of lahore pakistan deployed to the thousands of security forces plus former prime minister nawaz sharif prepared to touch down sharif backers say the country's powerful military is colluding with the judiciary to damage his political party ahead of elections. they're prepared to confront of tortillas if challenged. i am ready to give the last drop of my blood. i am ready to face jail i'm ready to die let them do whatever police and their bullies want to do we are here to face that we will not turn back on the island yet. while in office to reach had been
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critical of the military's involvement in civilian affairs he served three times as pakistan's prime minister and was widely viewed as a political survivor. but in twenty seventeen the country's supreme court barred him from office over graft charges a year later the same court banned him from politics for life sharif is gambling that turning himself in will galvanize support for his beleaguered party. but i am making the sacrifice for the future of pakistan. so join me walk with me join hands with me and change the direction of this country. pakistan's army has denied meddling to tip the scales in favor of national security conservative imran khan and his p.t.i. party pledged to ensure a fair and free election on july twenty fifth. joining us on the line now is empty
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house school author and director of center for research and security studies in islam a body mr ball thanks for joining us as prime minister nawaz sharif was sentenced in absentia to ten years in prison why is he making his return to the country now. what i think probably needed to driving more to motivation driving is it done one issue that his body had of elections is that partially fragmented and property would like to bolster the chances of a body that is phased. both the military as well as the judiciary and secondly i doing the most important pattern before him is that to put it in future office gautam i am not a lawyer espousing as a problem that future prime minister following in the footsteps of former prime minister benazir bhutto so i think of these two because tradition is not only the
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back of his mind that made him to decide in favor of it done by knowing that one probably he would then imagine how that would be his not certain problem call for home all along. now many of us supporters are expected to flock to the airport to greet him what kind of support does he still have in the country. look at identical issues ron is pretty good off the property that he and his family own and the other one. is salary that could be dictating from his son and his work it doesn't meant in the u.a.e. that is totally naked his shoe which became the basis for his daughter's disqualification ticket on the second issue is that of it's proper that it dated man's of eighty four. is stronger and is the central focus on which constitutes about six hundred sixty five percent off entire country they say it he and his audience in enjoy competitive with the folk and that's why i think people are
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likely to flock to the to the airport to greet him. to god being the notion of the rule of law the accountability because when i watch it he says the one who said his negative which is that it makes sense as that on the point that although i may have it doesn't that i can. walk you know he didn't give any explanation as to how those prongs on how to fund that to use for purchasing those properties in london where cross over from pockets on right but then defense got emotional a little low on its head by saying that so what mine is that due to cases of the people of august on and this is probably what is driving now the crowds are two to the airport and jass cool director of center for research and security studies in islamabad thank you so much. now to some of the other stories making news around
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the world at least ten people have been killed in landslides in afghanistan north of the capital kabul it happened in the early hours of thursday morning local time destroying hundreds of homes authorities say at least ten villages have been affected more flooding is expected in the coming days. an explosion at a chemical plant in china has killed nineteen people and injured twelve others according to state media the blast happened in an industrial park several hours south east of chengdu the capital of the southwestern sichuan province it's not yet clear what caused the explosion. yet hundreds of pro-democracy activists held a memorial ceremony in hong kong to mark the first anniversary of the death of the chinese dissident. you coauthored a petition calling on they've beijing to reform china's one party system and went on to win the nobel peace prize he died of liver cancer and chinese custody while
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serving an eleven year sentence for rape if you remember lucia that's what residents of hong kong are doing one year since the human rights activist died in a hospital bed under the watchful eye of chinese state security agents the protesters marched to mainland china as liaison office in the semi-autonomous chinese territory they held photos of lu and tied black ribbons to the perimeter security fence for them it was a chance to highlight the chinese government's assault on human rights. so what we want to use immediately decent all these. no active lawyer and also people fighting for democracy. lou whose bust gazes at passers by on a busy hong kong street began his activism efforts during the pro-democracy tenement square protests in one nine hundred eighty nine and two thousand and ten the nobel committee awarded him the peace prize for what it called his long and nonviolent
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struggle for fundamental human rights in china he was never able to accept it in person that struggle he won the prize for is also what landed him in prison on multiple occasions his longest sentence would be his last detained in two thousand and eight for subversion the crime taking part in the publication of charter zero eight a human rights manifesto. in may two thousand and seventeen lu was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer he died in chinese custody just two months later his ashes were buried at sea following a hasty funeral process heavily controlled by chinese authorities. now luiz widow lucia has been released from eight years of house arrest with conspicuous timing she landed in berlin on tuesday it's been labeled as a conciliatory gesture but the protesters in hong kong see other motives at play to soften the tension between the west and woke up to get
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a new role with china and keep an excuse for the european union to get more close to china the chinese government has largely quassia events for lose death on mainland china making hong kong a rare outlet for political speech. now to iran where several women and girls have launched protests against the government's compulsory headscarf law some have been removing their head jobs and public and waving them in the air calling their movement girls of revolution street to iran has cracked down arresting several protesters we spoke to two women who are free on bail as they await their trial. nagisa sr is apologizing to her mother i'm sorry i made you worry she says but you should have known what i was doing. her mother response did you think i didn't mind it almost seems like you enjoy being in prison. today mother and daughter can joke
4:40 pm
about it but a few months ago it was no laughing matter husseini had demonstrated in public against the obligatory islamic headscarf at home i also protested when my parents tried telling me what i was allowed to wear until two years ago and wear the full body should or should i love my family and i didn't want to fight with them it took a long time to persuade them and it was hard work. but in the end i achieved my goal. better than. one day she came across a website called the girls of revolution street launched in twenty seventeen it brought together women from across iran who are taking to the streets to protest the compulsory huge oblong they stood waving white headscarf tied to. this idea of a peaceful protest appealed to her. but i felt that if i was
4:41 pm
going to do something to further women's rights then i needed to do it right now. and it was such a peaceful protest it wasn't something that felt frightening the main thing i was worried about is whether or not to climb up on top of one of those electric boxes. on january twenty ninth she waved her headscarf into ron's open ear. as. i stood there expecting to be moved along in just five minutes i was so nervous i was shaking. and i was just waiting for a voice to say ok get down from there. on it eventually that's exactly what happened. she was arrested friends rallied in support while she was in detention she was given a preliminary prison sentence which she's now appealing. try as a hashimi where's the hit job because she wants to even so she doesn't think women like the seine should be thrown in jail she's been campaigning for women's equality
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for years. after the government thinks the republic of iran will collapse if a new policy is introduced and the compulsory his job law is overturned. but iran is no different from other dynamic societies in a state of flux if the leadership can't adjust to change it will become obsolete. recent statistics show seventy five percent of women in iran oppose the compulsory his job law hashimi says women should be allowed to decide for themselves if they want to wear it. and if the peaceful protesters are a good thing it's a grassroots movement they're expressing their opinion without resorting to violence and i support the girls of revolution street. round. the girls of revolution street continue their peaceful protest in their own small way
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grasping a bit of personal freedom. but whether this freedom has a future is unclear it's one of the uncertainties of living in today's iran. football fans will have to wait until sunday's world cup final to see who will be the new world champions but the battle of the brands has already been decided get hard and that's right the dust and no actually the winner is nike because compared to others have bets on germany spain and argentina to carry its brand through to the final we all know that went nike though can be very pleased both fronts crozier will wear the browns logo in the biggest football match in the world. no matter who wins the world cup nike is claiming victory at least among sports outfitters along with their colors the french players will be bearing the swash as well the croatian
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team the final marks a milestone for the company we've had three of the four teams break the semifinals and then two of our teams made the finals which is a first time for nike we've been in the game of football for over twenty years and it's the first time that we've ever had it all night the final with both teams wearing like the. nike says the kits from both teams are selling like hotcakes but it's not just about the presale spike for nike but the longer term boost to the brand that could prove helpful for the sports apparel maker at a time when it's trying to extend its reach. we see china overall as a tremendous growth opportunity for us as a company that we believe for and the ourselves will help us accelerate our business so one of our biggest opportunities is that you have. your chinese consumers connect with sport in football will play a critical role in that that's less than good news for adidas which has had the
4:45 pm
firmest foothold on the market around football for decades it's rivalry with nike is only going to get more intense and extend long after the world cup is over. when washington's times against china. china retaliated with tariffs on the same day the country's move to impact a slew of us products and industries including soybeans the u.s. exports fourteen billion dollars worth of soybeans to china annually so farmers in the u.s. will feel the impact. oh in vail louisiana is soybean country raymond checks knight a says his crop is coming along well this year. this will really looking at soybean but if the trades battle between the united states and china doesn't tend soon his market is gone check snyder says he could lose more than one hundred fifty thousand dollars thanks to the twenty five percent china slapped on u.s.
4:46 pm
imports in response to trump's tariffs. i don't know if we realize from the start how big of a buyer. you know everybody talk about the imbalance in trade but this was a really big. big big deal. china is louisiana's biggest export market roughly fifteen thousand jobs depend on the states agricultural exports to china meanwhile beijing says the trade conflict will have limited impact on the chinese soybean market and twenty seventeen most imports came from brazil and argentina and in early july china removed tariffs on soybean imports from some asian countries may only way that oh well no one can create without us soybeans we can import soybeans from south america and countries along bills and road routes to meet our needs and to present it to small being reserves are abundant you. meet the requirements of the country at any time to ensure market stability. yeah
4:47 pm
well the city. analysts say the chinese targeted soybeans because the plant is grown in many states that voted for donald trump in twenty sixteen for a large number of u.s. soybean farmers the decisions made by the white house signal bankruptcy. there's been a surprising and dramatic rise in chinese exports to the u.s. despite the current trade conflict the chinese export economy announced record results and beijing surplus for the u.s. it's an all time high in more than twenty nine billion dollars and let's say it's due to u.s. businesses preparing for the new terrace introduced in july two weeks ago the u.s. slapped tariffs on chinese imports so that you know thirty four billion dollars to president obama trump has more up his sleeve he's threatening to hit a further two hundred billion dollars of goods with them too and that's all you
4:48 pm
have business back to. the way. forever his works including the seventh seal ask the big questions about life and death love and a child and the entire generations of filmmakers who are still alive when you're trying to trash hundred years old this weekend. and to mark this anniversary there are two new documentaries taking a look at the men behind the legend david leavitt's from our culture desk is here david before we get to these films what exactly is his legacy it's not car chases as we just saw they're going to really set a new standard for what film could do and you can't really you can't understate his contribution he broke the rules of film even little things like long close ups on
4:49 pm
actors faces he basically invented that language and he made made movies that are both psychological and actually very entertaining now the cannes film festival proclaims him the best filmmaker ever they invented his own award for him and the list of directors he's inspired is almost endless you've got martin scorsese's do even spielberg. good lars from true i'm just naming a couple yeah he also inspired german director mike. she's actually made one of the new documentaries about him what was their relationship well from top to actually started making movies because of him he was something of an idol to her and later on they got to know each other and he claimed to be a fan of hers as well so there was a lot of mutual respect there but they didn't know each other very well so now a decade after his death on top i went on sort of a personal journey to find out who he really was. one of
4:50 pm
the world's most distinguished directors paying tribute to another it was in mar bergman who inspired margaret a fan trotter to make films and now she's paying homage to her hero kristen i saw the seventh seal and it was like an explosion a tribute to the old master of cinema and von trier's first documentary at first she was unsure about setting out on this journey in bergman's footsteps. in bergman's films have been constant companions and when i was asked if i would like to make a film about him i hesitated. until i remembered that one of my films had been important for him as well. along the way from trotter meets those who knew the director and no one could have told her more than this woman bergman's great muse liv ullmann that was the beginning because suddenly said would you like to be in the movie with me i said yes. searching for ingmar
4:51 pm
bergman looks at recurring themes in his work like guilt in the dark night of the soul as a director bergman explored his own childhood but when it came to being a father it seemed he might not have always been so present. one of my sisters out here in the sofa. and in most of here and he said he felt sorry for himself and is it by mr actors by mr actors and she went how would it be if he just for one single second said i missed my children or i miss my grandchildren life and he looked at her but i don't look at that as a human portrait of the man and the artist. the actors stands there with their body and their face. there are as
4:52 pm
with their voice they stand there under the spotlight and they absolutely have to be protected well the thing should. be searching for ingmar bergman office fresh insight into the man who's stunning psychological work who sought to explore the human condition. that's one of the documentaries out it's called searching for bergman david the other documentary appears to take more of a critical look at him it does and there's actually a lot to be critical about this documentary the other one bergman year in a life by swedish director james magnussen and this takes a look at bergman the notorious one man eyes are by today's standards people might even say he was a sexual predator it takes a look at one year in his life a time when he was very busy both in his career and having relationships with four women at the same time. this is. the world's most iconic film
4:53 pm
director of the year is nineteen fifty seven and. he's got six gigantic productions. he's only thirty eight years old but has six children with three different women this year he makes his greatest artistic discovery of his films are to be great they have to be. just you know. you know there are a lot of people who don't like but he is a national hero in sweden so to me for a swedish filmmaker to make a critical documentary about him is actually pretty groundbreaking david leavitt's thank you for keeping us updated on the story and there is as always more on the web site on our website that's the d w dot com slash culture david leavitt's from the culture desk thank you very much thank you happy. why do you do when you're at the world cup and your country has been knocked out of the tournament i can either
4:54 pm
go home or jump on the midnight express to continue exploring the host nation and that's exactly what one fan from mexico did here is his journey into russian hospitality the night train sets off from st petersburg at two o'clock in the morning it's a long journey to moscow twelve hours in a packed compartment. fifty four people fit in this third class sleeping car one from mexico was at the semifinal in st petersburg he was surrounded by fans from all over the world. now he's on a train with russians heading to moscow. try to claim. i like. to be on the train with some russian. talking about while i like. to like that. but now it's time to rest it's late and there's a long way to go. the next morning it's stuffy in the sleeping car.
4:55 pm
one hardly slept. others have been up for hours. the people next to one are having fish for breakfast one has enjoyed the experience he's managed to have a conversation with nikita despite not speaking russian one hadn't thought about bringing breakfast so his new friends offered him some of their he's seen similar hospitality at other world cups he has attended. usually people are kind to each other and helpful. i found that in germany i found that in brazil and now in russia. his own country mexico was kicked out of the world cup weeks ago but one is still having fun and he'll remember this journey for a long time. watching the news more coming up at the top of the hour with my colleague. and don't forget you can always get the latest anytime on our web site
4:56 pm
at www dot com. thanks for joining us.
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they weren't silent in syria. and they won't be silent in exile thanks seven people who fly to europe from the brutal persecution in their homeland are filing criminal charges against the country's senior officials. testifying against assad seeking justice for syria. in fifteen minutes on.
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this is did all the news coming to you live from berlin we have friends off to the . donald trump turns on the charm after a bombshell interview in a british newspaper but i don't know what they're going to do but whatever you do is ok with me about your decision. in his newspaper interview earlier trump said that you can't strategy would kill any chances of a trade deal with the u.s. also coming up pakistan's former prime minister flies home to face arrest on corruption charges no by serving.


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