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this is coming to you live from berlin real friends after all donald trump turns on the charm after a bombshell interview in a british newspaper i don't know what they're going to do but whatever you do is ok with me that's your decision. in his newspaper interview earlier trump said that you can't strategy would kill any chances of a trade deal with the u.s. also coming up pakistan's former prime minister flies home to face arrest on corruption charges now by serving spottings campaigning in elections due later this
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month but a court last week sentenced him to ten years in prison. i don't have a warm welcome to you i'm on the dock shima the highest level of special that's how president donald trump described relations between the u.s. and the united kingdom he was speaking off the meeting british prime minister to resign me at her country's retreat i did a news conference in the garden the leaders rejected earlier reports of trump's criticism of me especially over briggs that negotiations the us president said that no matter what the u.k. decided after brags that it would be ok with him me emphasize that the special relationship between the two nations was alive and well and spoke of the billions of pounds of lot of military equipment the u.k.
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is about to buy from the us. now for more on this with me to have in the studio alex forrest of white inc and in london correspondent bob a visit is standing by let me start with you barbara thank you on the midst of protests in the heart of london one of people saying to you. people are come out here to protest against trump against every aspect office politics be it racism. militarism appeared in his treatment of migrants or its treatment of women whatever he does people that have come out here today in london there is more than one hundred thousands in the streets here at least we haven't seen yet any official figures but it's a huge crowd all these people comes from as a matter of principle many of them fear that he's going to dismantle democracy and help to the it was the rise of right wing extremists and fascism in the end so it
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is a serious allegations that people are making here against from however this protest has been the mood that the atmosphere of the party in the way many people have come out was instrumental that they're playing in between people are sort of moving and thinking a bit and the mood is joyous in a way because of course the protesters here feel that coming out is their sign their side against the politics of donald trump trying to show him that in their eyes he's not welcome in the u.k. yesterday trump said that he thought many britons really like now nobody in the center of london today is on his side they all really opposed struggled from. extending to you so konovalov protests in the heart of london for more feet so with barbara you know what to resolve this must have been a very very difficult visit for to resume but she was focusing on the positives
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when she addressed. yes she had to focus on the positives because this did not go. off to a good start before donald trump an even landed in the u.k. he given an interview to the sun newspaper in which he criticized theresa may over her break that plan saying that they would probably kill a free trade deal with the u.s. and that he had given her advice and that she hadn't listened so that touch if not go down well with theresa may but she had to play ball here she had to show that she could still get something out of this meeting she talked about the positives the military cooperation shared intelligence and pursuing a very ambitious free trade agreement and this time at checkers don't trump agreed but i also want to thank prime minister may for pursuing fair and reciprocal trade with the united states once the brics a process is concluded. and perhaps the u.k. has left the e.u.
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i don't know what they're going to do but whatever you do is ok with me that's your decision whatever you're going to do is ok with us just make sure we can create together that's all that matters the united states looks forward to formalizing a great bilateral trade agreement with the united kingdom. now donald trump. was asked by reporters why he'd criticize to reason may in that article he tonight criticizing her but i think that downing street at that point don't mind what she said because this was now back on message to reason may have got something positive out of him and that is what she needed and even he was talking about the u.s. u.k. relationship it is indispensable that couldn't have gone better so tourism in the end was satisfied with the us commitment on turn to you again after the nato meeting donald trump criticizes our allies there and again today donald trump it out it is an especially germany over various issues and he brought up his gas pipeline again and russia's jimmie's dependence on russian gas let's was there to
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listen to what he had to say. it is a tragedy i think it's a horrific thing that's being done where you're feeding billions and billions of dollars from germany primarily and other countries but primarily from germany into the coffers of russia when we're trying to do something so that we have peace in the world i think it's a horrible thing that germany has done i think it's a horrible mistake and as much as i like angola i was very open and saying that i think it's a horrible thing that you have a pipeline coming from russia and i believe that germany is going to be getting fifty sixty or even i've heard numbers of seventy percent of their energy coming in from russia and how can you be working for peace and work in from strength when somebody has that kind of power of your country and not a very strong comments that those numbers that he mentioned have been disputed by
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the german foreign office what do you make of these remarks and how why going on there. i mean this is sheer and pure essential donald trump what he does is he repeats a wrong statement over and over again he's done that on the first day of the nato meeting he repeated them on the second day of the nato meeting i'm going to america's there during the nato summit he called she contradicted him and said this is not true and the figures are much lower if germany is getting about twenty percent off its energy from russia if you take gas and oil together but he won't listen because that's not what this is about and it seems that he is really at the moment on the track of anti german propaganda that germany at the moment is his enemy number one no that is very worrying for the government involved in but we can clearly see how he is doing this and what he is doing and in this huge crowd here
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in the center of london where people are carrying thousands of posters against a lot of them refer to that and say is a liar no more fake news from from and this is just one of those cases so no more fake news from trump alex what was then your over or take with this meeting between tourism me and donald trump well look at couldn't have started off worse than it has for two reason maybe but i think that downing street and the u.k. in general have played to his ego he's been presented with pageantry everywhere he's gone from plenum palace to check is later fifteen with the queen he couldn't have asked for more and he loves that so in tesco and for a private weekend nobody's quite sure who he's meeting so this is not yet over i think downing street over the white house keeping an eye on that story closely alex forrest whiting and studious and bob no reason in the heart of london following those anti trump protests thank you both very much for your reporting. let me
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now bring you up to date on some other stories making news around the world several dozen refugees have disembarked from an italian coast guard ship in sicily italian prosecutors are questioning them over reports that some of them had been involved in an attempted mutiny a number allegedly tried to hijack the vessel fearing they would be returned to libya the incident comes amid heightened tensions in europe over refugee policy. an explosion at a chemical plant in china has killed nine hundred people and injured twelve according to state media the blast happened in an industrial park several hours southeast of chengdu the capital of the south western sichuan province it's not yet clear what caused the explosion. at least ten people have been killed in landslides in of ghana stan north of the capital it happened in the early hours of thursday morning local time destroying hundreds of houses authorities said at least ten
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villages have been affected more flooding is expected in the coming days. pakistan's former prime minister nawaz sharif is due to arrive in lahore shortly to face arrest on corruption charges last week a pakistani court sentenced him to ten years in prison over the purchase of luxury properties in london the ruling comes just weeks ahead of national elections. locked down on the streets of lahore pakistan thousands of security forces as former prime minister nawaz sharif prepare to touch down. say the country's powerful military is colluding with the judiciary to damage his political party the head of elections. they're prepared to confront of tortillas if challenged. i am ready to give the last drop of my blood. i'm ready to face jail i'm ready to
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die let them do whatever police and their police want to do we are here to face that we will not turn back. yet. while in office had been critical of the military's involvement in civilian affairs he served three times as pakistan's prime minister and was widely viewed as a political survivor. but in twenty seventeen the country's supreme court barred him from office over graft charges a year later the same court banned him from politics for life sharif is gambling that turning himself in will galvanize support for his beleaguered party. i am making a sacrifice for the future of pakistan. so join me walk with me join hands with me and change the direction of this country. pakistan's army has
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denied meddling to to the scales in favor of national security conservative imran khan and his p.t.i. party pledged to ensure a fair and free election on july twenty fifth. this is spectate former bodyguard of the notorious terrorist leader osama bin laden has been deported from germany back to tunisia despite a court ruling on thursday of blocking the move the court decision reportedly received hearties off to his departure the man identified only as it has been living in germany since one thousand nine hundred ninety seven he was arrested at the end of june following an outcry at the fact that he was still in the country osama bin laden was the leader of the terrorist group al qaida he was killed by u.s. special forces in may two thousand and eleven. crazy as caring up for its first ever was cup final on sunday elise gold in extra time secured victory against
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england on wednesday a pitch side photographer from as salvador was unwittingly part of the wild gold celebrations and caught the historic moment right up close have a look. all eyes were. three school the winner but when he and his teammates ran to the sidelines to celebrate a photographer found himself at the bottom of the croatian couple ever the professional you recall tears picked up his camera and snapped the story a close up. arriving back in mexico city cortez is happy to have had the experience. there were four or five in front of me and i was like this just taking photos in front of them more and more of them came to celebrate him from the bench and then it was like an avalanche they all knocked me over. despite the shock cortez is glad to have been part of the goal celebration.
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there was a nice moment really to share that happiness with them making into the final. cortez came away unharmed and revealed he was kissed and hugged by the players in the aftermath of a sporting gesture that ensures croatia will have one more found supporting them in sunday's final. here watching the d.v.d. and says a recap of the top stories that we're following for you president donald trump has backpedaled honest criticism of british prime minister to use them a strategy for leaving the european union he had said it would kill any chance of a trade with the u.s. now he's told me whatever you do is ok with me. and pakistan's former prime minister nawaz sharif is trying to face arrest on corruption charges a court last week sentenced him to ten years in prison over his purchase of expensive property and. that's it for me i'm going. to have
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more news for you at the top of the hour look forward to seeing you then back. stories the people of the world over information they provide the paintings they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter are up to date and in touch follow us. after.


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