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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2018 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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if you believe you are true you're the only really one do out there i don't know where everybody can be. hard to find us on facebook and on w dot com. this is due every news coming in from berlin president truong takes to be with the queen and first lady maloney a welcome to windsor council near london by the monarch trump is mostly avoiding the british capital where tens of thousands of people protested against his visit also coming up pakistan's former prime minister now on sharif and those daughter arrested within minutes of arriving back in the country on his flight home his
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message to supporters quote i'm making a sacrifice for the future of pakistan we'll take you live to islamabad plus controversy over an alleged former bodyguard of late al qaeda leader osama bin ladin first he was deported from germany back to tunisia and now a german court has ordered him brought back. from sarah harman welcome to the show u.s. president donald trump has gone from controversy to pomp and pageantry on the second day of his visit to the u.k. trunk got the royal treatment at windsor castle where he was honored with the u.s. anthem being played by military bands followed by tea with queen elizabeth trump walked ahead of the queen of minor breach of protocol but otherwise the meeting appeared to go off smoothly. a trumpet earlier fanned the flames of britain's
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breakfast divisions by criticizing prime minister treason maze proposals for leaving the european union but the differences between the pair were glossed over when they gave a joint news conference. hand in hand with the u.k. prime minister u.s. president donald trump presented a picture of unity. after talks with two reason may at her country residence he said he'd back what have a practice at trade policy hunt government wants to pursue you. give our relationship terms of grade the highest level of special so once the brics a process is concluded. and perhaps the u.k. has left the e.u. i don't know what they're going to do but whatever you do is ok with me that's your decision whatever you're going to do is ok with us just make sure we can trade together that's all that matters. and with that the president completely backtracked on comments published just hours earlier and the u.k.
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tabloid in an explosive interview trump trashed the prime minister's backset plan. i would do that much differently i actually told her recently had to do it but she didn't agree with it she didn't listen to me now but it will definitely have to trade with the united states unfortunately in a negative way. the interview in which trump also criticized two reason may by praising her rival the former foreign secretary boris johnson added fuel to the fire. in response to the u.s. president's visit tens of thousands marched in london to protest his presence on u.k. soil. i just find it really really embarrassing i think over the last kind of couple of weeks you had a big sense of national pride and stories and i just lately reading it out of it again not to buy the rights to. the chase is
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a fake. but the president's trip has been choreographed so that he largely avoids coming face to face with protesters and that balloon depicting him as a giant baby. barbara is always out that here is protests in london we spoke to her earlier and asked what was motivating these demonstrators. the protesters here are pretty unified and that they would. restrict and they don't want anything they totally reject any aspect off trumps politics and you can take whatever you want it says treatment of women his of policies against migrants it says international relations people don't want him to meddle in fact it's a long list it's pretty much everything the american president stands for that the people of london who have come out here today in huge crowds to the center of the city reject and we look at the evening standard that's the london evening paper and
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it says simply no mr president no to insulting our mayor said he can because he's a muslim and trump loves to just lay into him and no two insulting our prime minister and no two insulting the all the people from all nations all over the world who have come to london and who have made it such a special place so it's a pretty universal and very damning judgement that people have come out here to protest directed against trump. all right here's a look now at some other stories that are making news around the world the u.s. justice department says twelve russian spies have been charged with hacking into democratic e-mail accounts ahead of the twenty sixteen presidential election u.s. intelligence agencies have said the interference aimed to help donald trump's campaign and harm his rival a visit with clinton indictments come days before a summit between truong and russian president vladimir. furnish police say they found a small bottle containing nerve agent in the home of charlie wiley is one of two
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brits who fell ill after exposure to the poison last month his partner don sturgis died on sunday wildlife or move them from the capital nairobi to a new national park kenya's wildlife ministry believes the animals died from drinking too much salty water and became dehydrated species is critically endangered and there are just a few thousand of these animals left in the world. and pakistan dozens of people have been killed in two bomb attacks targeting candidates campaigning for the country's elections an explosion in the southwestern town of my storm killed at least one hundred twenty eight people including a candidate earlier at least four people died when a blast at a politician's convoy in the northwestern town of. saying in pakistan the country's former prime minister nor was sharif and his daughter mario have been arrested that within minutes of arriving back in the country the pair were detained on the
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russian charges if their plane landed in the war last week a pakistani court sentenced the three time prime minister to ten years in prison over the purchase of luxury properties in london ruling came ahead of national elections due at the end of the month. with us now is n.p.r.'s goal he's an analyst and director of the center for research and security studies in islam about he joins us now on the line interests why did the former prime minister make the return to his country now he surely knew what was waiting for him upon his return yeah i think of it as the election that is set for july the twenty fifth the prime minister had to return to both of august chances of. winning some seats at least you know against the odds so i think i was and also i think he had to file an appeal against the conviction that he has got from the
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candidate to quote and take me he said he wants to saturday's the political future of his daughter was groomed as the product of. the party so there were a couple of considerations that probably prompted him or sort of forced him to do under bogas doc. but i would as you know i'm that behind the scenes something may have been playing out because their father had been put up a restaurant was which is pretty good as good as. and that i think is triggering speculation that there may have been some behind the scenes negotiations going on why are the middle eastern friends off now why shitty. many of his supporters came out so mr sharif upon arrival what kind of support does he still have and pakistan . know our city for hand is rather have ruled this center and our province for more
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than thirty years to take the lead in to victory and they have a public support base in this program sentence makes. it sixty five percent off and carpark is gone it's crucial to move by august on to lead the party gathers when good blokes good number of feet from punjab think they can also or can magically. get the right to do it and center at the same time it is done about so punjab even larger group they scored a larger deeper and. wanted to see if this can be a win in the general election which opens in parties have as has already been manipulated by the judiciary and the ministry is troubling. elections to at the end of the month what kind of impact do you think its return is going to have on the election. when all this is because of his supporters experience
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the departed he is likely to get a good number of votes however whether the body and enough members from government can bring job. at the center is the main question it but because right now there are other contenders who made that plea get the numbers that are they acquired for forming a government at least and all right that's in townsville joining us on the line from islamabad thank you very much all a man alleged to be a former bodyguard of terrorist leader osama bin ladin has been deported from germany back to his home country of tunisia but now a german court has ruled he must be brought back to germany again the man was flown with homeland despite a court order blocking his removal on the grounds that it raised fundamental principles of the world lol. the chartered plane took off from airport at seven am
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headed to tunis on board a tunisian deportees identified only as sammy. i can confirm that sami a was returned to tunisia and handed over to tunisian authorities he was accompanied by four german police officers on the flight. that. had lived in germany for over twenty years most recently in the city of homs where he was accused of radical islamist preaching the social democrat politicians has been following his case for years. deportation was long overdue he was a dangerous islamised who also served as osama bin laden's bodyguard he's responsible for the radicalization of many youth and the surrounding area so i'm glad the deportation has been carried out. but on thursday night
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a court overturned the deportation order because sami a faces the threat of torture in his native tunisia the ruling reached the authorities too late. his lawyer filed a complaint and now another court has issued its ruling the court decision shows the deportation to be grossly illegal and infringing on basic principles of the rule of law this means some e.a. will be flown back to germany at taxpayers' expense immigration authorities may appeal this new decision. when you're out the world cup and your country has been knocked out of the tournament. or jump on the midnight express to continue exploring a host nation that's exactly what one fan from mexico did here's his journey into russia. the night train sets off from st petersburg. it's a. twelve hours in a packed compartment. fifty four people fit in this third class sleeping car one
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from mexico was at the semifinal in st petersburg he was surrounded by fans from all over the world. now he's on a train with russians heading to moscow. try to claim that. i like. to be on the train with so. we are talking about what i like about his three and something like that. but now it's time to rest it's late and there's a long way to go. the next morning it's stuffy in the sleeping car. one hardly slept. others have been up for hours. the people next to one are having fish for breakfast one has enjoyed the experience he's managed to have a conversation with nikita despite not speaking russian one hadn't thought about bringing breakfast so his new friends offered him some of theirs he's seen similar
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hospitality at other world cups he has attended. usually people are kind to each other and helpful. i found that in germany i found out in brazil and now in russia. his own country mexico were kicked out of the world cup almost two weeks ago but one is still having fun i'm here remember this journey for a long time. our minder of our headlines this hour on. the u.s. president and having tea with the queen on the latest stage of his trip to britain earlier him back pedal as criticism of british prime minister tourism night and her strategy for leaving the european union. and pakistan's former prime minister nawaz sharif and his daughter have been arrested minutes are wanting back in the country called option charges on this flight home sharif told supporters he was making a sacrifice for the future of pakistan. and that's to have one preview at the top
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of the hour in the meantime you can find the latest on our web site that address for you. i'm sorry harmon and glenn thanks for watching us explain. such subjects such. as a lullaby elaborate lipstick on a window to. live every single blow up live like fifty w's.


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