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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2018 10:00pm-10:30pm CEST

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this is due to every news coming to blind from birth and president trump takes t.v. with the queen he and first lady of the law neo welcome to windsor council near london by the ninety two year old monarch trump has been mostly avoiding the british capital for tens of thousands of people protested his visit and also coming up pakistan's former prime minister not want sharif and his daughter rusted within minutes of arriving back in the country on his flight home his message supporters i'm making a sacrifice for the future of pakistan bring you an update from islamabad. plus
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controversy over an alleged former bodyguard of the late al qaeda leader osama bin ladin the first he was deported to germany excuse me from germany to tunisia and now a german court is saying he needs to be brought back. and will be watching it had to saturday's mini final of the world cup belgium take on england with both sides hoping to be crowned the world's third best team. in the. book with a show my name sara harmon it's good to have you with. us president donald trump has gone from direct that controversy it's of pomp and pageantry on the second day of his visit to the u.k. trump got the world treatment at windsor castle where he was owner with the u.s. anthem being played by military bands. followed by t.
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with queen elizabeth. head of the queen for a second pair a minor breach of protocol but other was the meeting appeared to pass like. a trumpet earlier fanned the flames of sets divisions by criticising prime minister trees amaze proposals for leaving the european union but any differences between the pair were glossed over and they later gave a joint news conference. hundred hand with the u.k. prime minister u.s. president donald trump presented a picture of unity. after talks with to resume a at her country residence he said he'd back what have a breakfast at trade policy hunt government wants to pursue you. give our relationship terms of great the highest level of special so once the brics a process is concluded. and perhaps the u.k. has left the e.u. i don't know what they're going to do but whatever you do is ok with me that's your
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decision whatever you're going to do is ok with us just make sure we can trade together that's all that matters. and with that the president completely backtracked on comments published just hours earlier and a u.k. tabloid in an explosive interview trump trashed the prime minister's backset plan. much different. but she did a group she did me. unfortunately in a negative way. the interview in which trump also criticised to reason made by praising her rival the former foreign secretary boris johnson added fuel to the fire. in response to the u.s. president's visit tens of thousands marched in london to protest his presence on u.k. soil. i just find really it really. barassi i think over the last kind of couple of
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weeks you had a big sense of national pride and trees and ice just lately returning and holding out of it again budget by crisis to predict the change is a fake. but the president's trip has been choreographed so that he largely avoids coming face to face with protesters and that balloon depicting him as a giant baby. today's barbara faisal is in london for us barbara you're standing there trafalgar square where some one hundred thousand protesters gather on friday one of the i've been telling you about trump's visit. they have really opposed to every aspect of from politics that was quite clear here everybody has now gone home because a sudden dahlan four of rain sort of ended the festivities because it did have this sense of a carnival of protests as people wanted to call it because there will there was
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also a lot of fun there was music there was a bit of dancing lots of posters that made fun of trump like the big trump baby that one had seen earlier in the day and the main message london is to wanted to send to trump was we say no to you say no to racism and homophobia and islamophobia and the way he treats women and the way he educates against migrants all of that is something that many londoners today really totally reject it so the main message really was no was that mr president no to mr trump also no state dinner for trump there in britain. there was a there was a state dinner for him that was not really planned because basically this was supposed to be a working visit only but then to reason may have thought it was smart to sort of pander to trump's ego and to really give him the full honors of his military music
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and and the queen's guards and just the the full works but trump sort of really didn't pay her back well because he sort of was very volatile he praised her on one hand and the on the other hand he said that she did he didn't like her breasts and plans and that probably the u.s. couldn't trade was written after breakfast if it stayed too close to the e.u. so it was completely contradictory and which. reason may must have had to horrible days really because she had to keep smiling throughout and if she goes home tonight i'm sure she's going to need a very stiff drink artist if drink meanwhile trump is set to meet russian president vladimir putin on monday or european leaders concerned about that. european leaders have been concerned about that for weeks because as soon as it became clear that he was going to cebu tonight right after he had been to nato when
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he gave just this incredible performance rating everybody had sort of read the land besting his allies and almost pulling back from nato and then three minutes later saying no i never said that nobody really knew where they stood at the end then he goes to putin and then again nobody knows what could be the worst that trump could do in l sinky will he offer in the peace deal will be unilaterally go off from sanctions against russia anything is possible and they know that even his closest aides can control the president because that had been tried of nato and has failed miserably so yes that's another wild card everybody after he has left the will of still stands will say he was silent for relief ok and we know that trump is going to be spending the weekend playing golf in scotland tell us more about. that is another are known because the basic kidney we would think that if he plays
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golf in one of his own courses in scotland he should be quiet and contented and sort of busy himself was the favorite sport but he knew that i can't bring more political embarrassment because there are rumors here in britain that's a reason mays made enemies one is now i just arrived to really help to bring about breakfast and the other is boris johnson her ex foreign minister who had just stepped down last monday over breakfast that they might be invited to scotland and play golf was trump there and what happens then this anybody's guess and a lot going on there at the moment barbara faisal reporting on the streets of london thank you very much. pakistan's former prime minister nawaz sharif and his daughter mario have been arrested within minutes of arriving back in the country the pair were detained on corruption charges of their plane landed in horror last week
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a pakistani court sentenced the three time prime minister to ten years in prison over the purchase of luxury properties in london ruling came ahead of national elections at the end of the month. with us now is gruelling he's an analyst and director of the center for research and security studies in islam about he joins us now on the line inches wide at the former prime minister make the return to his country now he surely knew what was waiting for him upon his return. yeah i think the election that has set for july twenty fifth the prime minister had to return to both parties chances of. winning some seats at least you know against heavy art so i think it was and also i think he had to file an appeal against the conviction that he has got from the accountability code and paid me he wants to salivate the political future of his
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daughter. groomed as the property. of the party so there are a couple of considerations that probably prompted him or sort of forced him to return to pakistan. but i would as you know i'm that behind the scene something may have been playing out because and father had been put up the rest house which is pretty good as good as. and i think is triggering speculation that there may have been some behind the scenes negotiations going on why are the middle eastern friends of now russia. many of his supporters came out so mr sharif upon arrival what kind of support does he still have in pakistan. know our city for him and his brother have ruled this centers and our province for more than two years directly or indirectly and they have
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a public support base in this program sentence makes. sixty five percent off entire pockets on crucial to move by august on to leave the party gathers wins good blokes good number of seats from punjab they can also order magically. get the right to do it and center at the same time it is done about so punjab even if it is larger group days for a larger deeper and his body wanted to see if this can play well in the general election which opens in parties have as has already been manipulated by the just judiciary and the military establishment elections due at the end of the month what kind of impact do you think it's worth trying it's going to have on the election. when all this is because of his supporters experience that the party is likely to get
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a good number of votes however whether the body gathers and not members from government in punjab itself and at the center is remains questionable because right now there are other contenders who may likely get the numbers that are they acquired for forming government at least and all right that's intangible joining us on the line from islamabad thank you very much. here's a look now at some other stories making news around the world the u.s. justice department says twelve russian spies have now been charged with hacking into democratic party e-mail accounts ahead of the touring sixteen presidential election u.s. intelligence agencies have said the interference aimed to help donald trump's campaign and harm his rival hillary clinton indictments come days before a summit between trump and russian president vladimir putin. british police say they have found a small bottle containing not
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a chalk nerve agent in the home of charlie we're only is one of two brits who fell ill after exposure to the poison last month is partner dawn sturgis died on sunday placer investigating how the bottle came to be at least house. spokesman for turkey's president project temporarily want says the country's state of emergency will be lifted on july eighteenth it was introduced back in two thousand and sixteen after a failed coup and it gave the government greater powers to detain suspects among other things in elephant comes after erda one shared his first cabinet meeting since winning elections last month. officials in kenya say eight black rhinos have died after wildlife workers were them from the capital nairobi to a new national park and as wildlife ministry believes the animals died from drinking too much salty water after becoming dehydrated a species is critically endangered and there are just
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a few thousand of these animals left in the wild. while you're watching news live from berlin still to come on the show a former bodyguard of the late al qaeda leader osama bin laden alleged party god we should say he's at the center of a tussle between the german government and enjoyment of court first the government of port of him to tunisia and the court ordered him back to germany we'll find out what's going on. but first another train deal under threat this time the challenge is coming from the heart of daniel that's right so could the multi-billion euro deal between the e.u. and canada collapse well italy's new government says it won't ratify the saeter agreement canada says almost all of the new rules have already come into effect anyway rendering the protest pointless but rome argues it's time someone stood up for a tele an agricultural produces. farmers and cheese is just one of many italian regional
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specialties but only a few of these have a name is protected by an official seal. italy fears for the survival of its agricultural sector the main reason why the new government says it doesn't want to ratify the agreement negotiations between auto and brussels have been going on for years the agreement was finally signed in twenty sixteen but needs to be ratified by all twenty eight e.u. member states. canada and the e.u. trade goods worth more than sixty billion euros annually with the removal of tariffs the volume is expected to rise by around twenty percent but from the beginning there have been protests many fear that seater will allow large corporations to become ever more powerful most e.u. countries have already ratified the deal italy's refusal comes at a difficult time for europe as it tries to actively present itself as a champion of free trade thoughtful fans will have to wait until sunday's world cup
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final to see who will be the new world champions but the battle of the brands has already been decided and the winner is nike sports my competitor added as have bet on sponsoring the german spanish and argentinian national teams and we all know how about and nike though has the last laugh both teams in the final will be wearing the company's iconic logo. no matter who wins the world cup nike is claiming victory at least among sports outfitters along with their colors the french players will be bearing the swash as well the croatian team the final marks a milestone for the company we've had three of the four teams break the semifinals and then two of our teams made the finals which is the first time. we've been in the game of football for over twenty years and it's the first time that we've ever had it all night the final with both teams were in the. nike says the kits from
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both teams are selling like hotcakes but it's not just about the presale spike for nike but the longer term boost to the brand that could prove helpful for the sports apparel maker at a time when it's trying to make. we see china overall as a tremendous growth opportunity for us as a company that we believe sport and the ourselves support will help us accelerate our business so one of our biggest opportunities is to have. the chinese consumers connect with sport and football will play a critical role in that that's less than good news for adidas which has had the firmest foothold on the market around football for decades it's rivalry with nike is only going to get more intense and extend long after the world cup is over. his on wall street for us yeah so looking ahead to the footballing final on that sunday american sportswear make a nike is clearly doing well but what's the state of play across.
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you know well i mean if you look at the big u.s. advertisers they probably had a closer look at the t.v. ratings and they were certainly pretty disappointing rating in comparison to the last world cup in brazil are down thirty to forty percent many reasons for that one that the u.s. american team did not qualify but then also the time zone in brazil at the last world cup was much more convenient for us viewers then this year's world cup in russia but what we also shouldn't forget it's not just all about t.v. ratings a lot of people here are also watching the games online some of them but they're mobile devices i saw it myself often in the subway where people even watch some of the world cup games or maybe the ratings overall are and that bad but certainly for companies like mcdonald's or budweiser beer or higher ratings they would have been better but then we also shouldn't forget that we are talking about global brands so it's not just all about. us viewers when it comes to those u.s.
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corporations and their advertising and apparently a global viewership of about three billion people well let's move on now to a mixed picture for banks in the u.s. what happened to the whole post tax reform who we were expecting ends. and yet expect haitians were sky high but if you look at citigroup for example the sun some analysts are saying that city was able to actually believe earnings expectations was partly due to the tax cuts from u.s. president donald trump and on the other side they did miss the revenue expectations overall what we've seen is that there was a little bit of weakness in the credit and mortgage business the clear winner was j.p. morgan they had. or they announced record earnings and then we had a third go they missed the earnings and the revenue expectations saw the banking sector actually traded in an overall very upbeat week that we saw for u.s. stocks. thank you very much have a great weekend. u.s.
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authorities have lifted a ban on american companies selling goods to china's second biggest mobile phone maker zed t e faced bankruptcy after it was caught making false statements about violating the u.s. sanctions on iran and north korea the commerce department removed the ban shortly after that he paid a four hundred million dollar bond to a u.s. bank as part of a settlement reached last month is a month also included a one billion dollars penalty to the u.s. treasury in june said he relies on united states components for its smartphones and networking gear was forced to shut down last resort aeration after the ban was introduced to me from. the european commission has launched an in-depth probe into a proposed merger between german conglomerate siemens and french rail transport company alstom of the competition concerns the company's agreed to merge their rail operations in march and expansion aimed at staving off growing challenges from chinese rivals but the european commission is worried they might get too big and
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threaten fair competition within the trade supply business. and that's only business when i'm going to have you back over to say thanks to a former bodyguard of the late al qaeda leader a son of a lot and is at the center of a tussle between the german government and german court first the government appointed him back to tunisia and the court ordered them back to germany the court says his removal bridged fundamental principles of the wall of law. the chartered plane. headed to. confirm that sami a was returned to tunisia and handed over to tunisian authorities he was accompanied by four german police officers on the flight.
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had lived in germany for over twenty years most recently in the city of where he was accused of radical islamist preaching the social democrat politicians has been following his case for years. he was a dangerous islamist who also served as osama bin laden's bodyguard he's responsible for the radicalization of many youth and the surrounding area so i'm glad the deportation has been carried out. a court overturned the deportation order because the threat of torture in his native tunisia the ruling reached the authorities too late. his lawyer filed a complaint and now another court has issued its ruling a court decision shows the deportation to be grossly illegal and infringing on basic principles of the rule of law this means some e.a. will be flown back to germany at taxpayers' expense immigration authorities may
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appeal this new decision. of a. hunger strike has appealed to russia's president vladimir putin to pardon him and twenty fifteen. to twenty years in prison for conspiracy to commit terror acts he denies the charges and has been on a hunger strike. he may still be able to walk but a sense of is visibly weak he's lost fifteen kilos says sense of cousin natalia complement she's the only relative to have visited him in the prison camp in russia's arctic and the only one to maintain regular contact with him around the world artists and creative professionals have been expressing their solidarity with the ukrainian filmmaker and performing his works renowned authors and politicians stand behind him in moscow activists have been staging protests throughout the
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world cup and in kiev supporters have been following sense of hunger strike with rallies at the mine done the city's independent square on friday they came out to mark the tel maker's birthday i knew what she was the most of these protests are extremely important otherwise international politicians won't know what's happening and without information no one will be able to solve this problem you need anybody to shut. oh yeah cause for a sense of this release these rallies also aimed to highlight sense of main demand with his hunger strike he's pushing for the release of all ukrainian political prisoners in russia saying it's high time that russia and ukraine arrange a prisoner swap there have been initial talks between russia's president putin and ukrainian leader poroshenko but with today's rally in key of what demonstrators want above all is to show and x. sense of their moral support.
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there are just two games left a player for the twenty eighteen world cup is consigned to the history books by sunday night we'll know who the new world champion is but before the big final there is the minor matter of sore place belgium and england will battle it out on saturday they faced each other in the group stage and belgium one on one but tomorrow's game promises to be a bit more exciting. belgium were demoralised after frost stopped them from reaching their first ever world cup final but just four days later the red devils need to shake off that disappointment and get ready for saturday's third place play off. this if you could simply feel it so. that's what. you have to do to restart the time. it's just part of the life of you know you lose to the next week you win so no four means we didn't put them to
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be food. belgians best performance at the world cup was in one thousand nine hundred eighty six when they finished four for this time they want to go one better and only england stand in their way. and the three lions manager is raring to go or not scared of anything away from the big bad wolf really we have high motivation to perform we have the chance to win a medal. at a world cup which only one other english team has ever done the england manager is not planning on making many changes in saturday's clash so with both teams almost at full strength fans can expect a cracking match in st petersburg. anti-press or tennis news now kevin anderson is third of the final at wimbledon after an epic battle against john isner as like best between two big hitters anderson finally broke a deadlock to take the first set twenty six games to twenty four it was the longest grand slam semifinal in history lasting six hours and thirty six minutes.
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and all we have time for is a quick reminder of our headline this hour u.s. president donald trump and first line in a long and then taking scene with britain's queen elizabeth at windsor castle near london trump has been mostly avoiding the british capital for tens of thousands of people protesting his visit. to washington i mean here's a line from berlin we'll have more at the top of the hour and don't forget you can always get the latest on our web site it's to w dot com i'm sarah harman thanks for watching.
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oh. such. language is a british overseas territory but it didn't get to vote in the brics it referendum. on its citizens are overwhelmingly opposed to leaving the european union saying you want him to trade with neighboring caribbean territories now angle is considering changing its relationship with britain. in sixty minutes d.w. . the fast pace of life in the. digital shift has the
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lowdown on the web showing new developments and providing useful information on the way to use phone lines and interviews with makers and users. in forty five minutes. sarno just couldn't get the song out of his head. musicologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. and found that deep in the rain forest in central africa and to look to the left was a baby. boy and the one fitted. money little. he was so fascinated by their culture that he stayed. with only a promise to his son meet someone only the jungle and return to the concrete and
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glass jungle of work. the result reverse culture shock. the prize winning documentary from the forest starts aug ninth w. . the donald trump wrecking ball hits the united kingdom thousands of people and one baby trump a loon talk to the streets to protest his visit but the drama playing out in the streets of london had nothing on the drama that was unfolding backstage shortly before his meeting with the british prime minister trump took am at her hard fought rex in agreement paving the way for a press conference like no other.


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