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if there is again france have lifted the world cup trophy for a second time did dish team beat croatia four two in the final in moscow setting off wild celebrations back home until i'm down of the last well into the night. the crash proration hopes of a convincing fortune when these four twice in each shot and although throwing should never gave up it was not enough threat for the world cup champion.
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a maverick and welcome to the program what a final bout was friends are the winners of the two thousand and eighteen world cup and nick mccann i climb from the fourth department is here in studio with me nick an extraordinary match between these two sides tell us more about it absolute is the highest scoring well cup finals and nine hundred fifty eight were brazil the sweden five two was an incredible game so many goals but let's see how france won the second world cup title. and early and one of these mall free kicks made its way past the croatian keeper but it was a croatian head that noticed it in mario man jew cage with an unlucky own goal to get from the lead. but the croatian comeback kings hit back in the twenty eighth minute through even perish itch he went from hero to zero though as a video review showed him handling the ball in the opposition box
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a soft penalty but nonetheless tucked away by i'm to one of these maul for his force of the tournament of a man in the second ha france extended their lead through paul pogba a long range efforts tucked into the corner of a killin and bump a repeat of the trick again beating daniel suba shit from far out for one from stan took their foot off the gas mario mind you could chase down a back possible hugo lloris to score an embarrassing mistake but the french captain didn't frown for long haul to the final score live blue when the world cup for a second time with smiles all round for either france have won the world cup and joining me now is detail correspondent in the sports department aleem attacking standing by only my looks like you've made some new very very happy friends. the highlight of a happy train see and like you said it's been twenty years since france one though
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was caught and most of these guys where some of them went even born some of them where do you remember one thousand nine hundred ninety eight by jury knew him they were only three years old that recruited you that are you know your great hurry of us ira i shouted out i am a bar and what does it feel like to be a world champion it's amazing rather yes there are the what i have the are far that's right thank. you for the you by your father got that far somehow come of ok and what did you think about francis performance. very much it was very it was perfect yes that's right i was truly truly marvelous for how you guys are so militant a group of us homers where you know a guy and everyone went crazy so it was just perfect yeah i don't think you'll find
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on the streets of france any upset fans at all today what do you guys spend on doing today how do you plan on celebrating i think we're just going to following people and go to shows that you say everyone that i brought up was god i was sort of from god it was the end or not only she has that i think frank said ross harris thank you only i'm a nick jubilant scenes as we've seen france has had a fantastic tournament a fantastic match but throughout could you say that you were expecting them to become world cup champions before that someone's i thought they'd win it but then after the performances in this in the group phase i thought this isn't looking particularly good they had the opening game against australia where they only just won two one then they had a one nil win against peru and the only neil milledge or this tournament against unlock it was after those three games one thought was going on with france but then they got to the knockout stage and they beat argentina four three an incredible great game similar to what we've seen today it's you know when that against uruguay
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and of course during the week they beat belgium one there which is only one nil is more one of the purest good fantastic football on display but all the goals of all to see that with the ones that we saw today for example so all in all especially with the performance today from stephanie deserve to be what happens again again for the second time the second time since one nine hundred ninety eight so they are world cup champions once again they'd be croatia on the way to their last title in ninety eight in the semifinals on home turf this time it was in the final and the stadium was in moscow but in both victories and both situation there is one important constant. i it's been twenty years since france tasted world cup glory a certain d.d.a. de sean was among the last race class of ninety eight they sure has coach les blue for the last six years in the former midfielder has brought in a new generation scandal and attitude free that wasn't the case with former squads that clashed with such as raymond domenech in twenty ten the france that has gone
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all the way in russia has been a highly disciplined unit with team success the ultimate goal players have been keen to make up for losing the euro twenty sixteen final on home turf. i know the taste of defeat in a final it's really not good very bitter i remember that defeat and it's really not good not approach this final like the euro's. after winning group scene and spectacular fashion fronts progressed efficiently through the knockout stage avoiding extra time in all three matches their players always working tirelessly in service of the team. d.d.a. de sean has been able to choose from an incredible wealth of talent his squad is not only the most valuable in money terms it's also the second youngest of the russia world cup with paul pogba somewhat empty and killian and bucky among six regulars who are twenty five years of age or under the future is bright for this
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france team as for d.d.a. deja he now becomes only the third person ever to win the world cup as a player and because each following in the footsteps of brazil's mario's i gallo and germany's front because. it always nani carette about joins me now from zagreb in croatia malony it's good to see how the fans react when france was winning one nail and croatia tied it up. this banksia i just still loving the entire tournament the game and the day post it was exciting. sexual harassment on t.v. . and six or ask me but let's continue and the fans here are really really happy with the results of the game although they came in second this is one of the biggest result that ever managed to get you know what. the fans here
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excited apparently so maybe i'll break in a woman who can speak about vocal what do you make of the game on the horizon. well happiness anyway because these thieves who make us feel like. you need more they gave us so fewer happened last summer the only time and even we were. wanted so much to be finally at the first place in the full ball at this second and silver is also really really great and. we thank them for. quite a think this was politically important as well do you think it was is the connectivity important as well what happened today a life of pain so important yet. i don't remember that gratian was so united actually. planning their off after the war start stop so
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now you really see that those people a brief like one that we really feel this our crowds and. we are happy just to that happy is probably the best way to summarize it doesn't. sell i think zagreb will keep on center grating tonight sponsible properly and but that. getting back to the studio. correspondent melanie. thank you melanie for your efforts. croatia now came close to pulling off a major surprise at this world cup though it has just four million inhabitants the balkan country has a rich sporting culture and fans there are football mad here's a look back at their world cup journey. world cup craziness was a regular feature of croatian life during the last few weeks. whether it's in the
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cities. the countryside or even a government meetings this summer saw virtually nonstop football partying across the small balkan nation. its images such as these that highlight why the croatian team has two nicknames on the one hand they are the cuts cost the checkered ones and they are also the fiery ones . troy should breeze through their group stage winning every match including the shock three nil demolition of argentina. things got much tougher in the knockout rounds though croatia fell a goal behind in each match but revealed amazing willpower to turn each one around . three times they went to extra time twice to penalty shoot outs and each time the fiery one showed they wanted to win more than their opponents but
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. they've shown character but even when we started our preparation six weeks ago i insisted on that in particular them. were a proud nation with character and we never give any of them listen. there's a fine line between national pride and nationalism especially in the balkans it's just twenty three years since croatia's war of independence from the former yugoslavia ended and everyone in the country is acutely aware of the cost of that conflict. not everyone who represents the croatian national team has been able to contain their nationalist leanings especially when it comes to social media. after the defeat of argentina defenders day on love friend and she meant that celko recorded themselves singing. a song glorifying croatian fascism. there were diplomatic incidents too
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such as a croatian shirt on display in ukraine's parliament. that followed a video of another croatia defender. who after beating russia chanted glory to ukraine. but that did nothing to dampen the celebrations. critias best ever world cup campaign has allowed its citizens to forget their economic woes and scandals affecting its footballers even if their players incredible will to win was not enough in the end. france are world cup champions after defeating croatia four two joining me in studio is a sports reporter nick mechanic klein and joining me from moscow is barbara moore where the sun was potentially shining on france but it's pouring rain right now barbara you were in the stadium for the final what was the atmosphere like then and
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what's the atmosphere like now when you're outside. right now it's going to be fun for you i have to say it was during the celebration that the rain started we had kind of a thunderstorm during the game a bit and that came down. everybody outside so we're all in the center and brits here and it looks kind of i mean i guess you fans that just go into what the future celebrating of course they're all the fans and but it's the old the phrase. cheering up and. that of racing at the very proud of the performance of that. there are plenty of gold six of them what did you make of the game barbara. but haven't they had from the perspective of brit mutual the spectator it was and i think it was it had all of its sports we had drama this. some of the story we had in pages on the page that we had these six goals including i cannot see and i don't go i think it was just
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a very exciting part of the game lots of action on the pitch fantastic shot really final word i think we have seen that with all the men to see if that's ahead today it was said to be to be a trial it's pretty electric so i think what it was great i'm very happy i was able to. make i'm going to come to you now watching the scenes of the celebrations and the trophy being lifted by the french players to talk us through this extraordinary match it was ups incredible as you mentioned number of times on so many goals the highest score files in one hundred fifty eight so kicked off in the eighteenth minute you see here a free kick from one whose money but it's actually a deflection from my mind you can see you're sitting right here deflected is the goal one though france is even perish which then minus a wipe with a taste of the one one the phrase you hear is quite the sublime goal but as barbara just mentioned there was a questionable penalty decision and it was with a v.a.r. he sits with a humble in the penalty box on his month stepped up to make it two one for france in the thirty eight minutes and saving soha time just as many goals in the second
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tough. for pro-gun fifty nine minutes making its three one two fronts just outside the box and then of course the last france goal coming from the play has just been announced as the best jump at the tournament killing them by make it four one but that was not its a force for asia made it for two it was more of a mistake from who were raised in the french goal than the sublime shot from i am and you kitsch but numbers were not mine now force has been well champagne for the last hour so forcing business is nothing new deal for him the other player at the sun has also one of the award is a look at moderates who play the question he's won the gold bull he is and that's when it's best player for the moderates everyone of course is right now talking about france but we do have to talk about look at moderates and the croatian side they were an underdog throughout this tournament even when they made the final not many people gave them a chance how great is it for football that a nation the size of croatia was make able to make it all. away to the final of a world cup the smallest nation to ever make it to the walk a fine of this four million people in croatia of course about the same size as by
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land that say same population but in incredible the it's such a small country after everything they've been through we were talking just recently about the wars in the one thousand nine hundred five huge thing to make it to the semifinals in one thousand nine hundred just three years later and of course this is now their best of a performance at the world cup or any tournament to reach the final what you saw here you got such fantastic players were mentioned much muggeridge but of course as you know rocket science is plenty of players in this question of course quality was so so good but we've been talking about team play and how good individuals play well as a team and that same question of showing it's not been the individuals who have been shining force one which is the best player it's one of them but it's been the way they played as a team and fought for each other three times in the knockout stage they've come from a goal down to then advance the next stage of his years on penalties but still you need to have a certain mental discipline to be able to do that later on so fantastically fantastically well it's just going to mention all the extra time when it comes to you barbara now barbara when you're watching this game was there any indication that the croatian team was simply just tired out.
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no i don't think so and i must say everybody just very impressed that's three times that over the every day for to us bring us yet you might have seen that i have been a little tired but i don't love her you're. seeing right there so for the people here it just remains that tracy st thinks she brought strong insurance and that seemed all the time to authentic despite everything like this the fact that you are so every disappointed. if they were not price or they were not so unusual for you when's that you got behind this place for them to stay with the rest of this for a. take i'm going to come to you as we wrap up the coverage of the world cup right now what were the best moments of this tournament there are so many miss those days of a we've had and i mean you've seen from things records broken and finding the winning
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a penalty shoot out but i think what was incredible to me was when they're winning this group they lost six one to england when they scored that one goal the way they celebrated it was as if they'd actually won the world cup and sells for those also other teams like japan and senegal who found it at the stadium lots of the games with japan team. at the changing room and leaving me with small cars saying thank you very much for the longest be here is so many good things come together the world cup and it just really does brighten your day is march of the world cup and just football nick mechanic life and you always sports in studio and barber more joining us from moscow thank you both very much. to other news now u.s. president donald trump has labeled the european union one of his nation's foes because of differences on trade trump was speaking to u.s. broadcaster c.b.s. ahead of a highly anticipated summit in finland on monday with russian president vladimir putin and trump touched down in the capital house thinking a short time ago you're right from scotland where he spent the weekend playing golf
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after meetings near london with the queen and the british prime minister. ahead of tomorrow's talks between trump and putin many fans say they're not happy either leader is in town and they're making their feelings known on helsinki streets. protests have got a head start on tomorrow's summit about fifteen hundred demonstrators have been marching through the streets of helsinki and more protest events are planned but up to two thousand security personnel had to be on duty to ensure the meeting go smoothly. there's a dime a dozen of course is always a challenge to ensure security at such a high level meeting but we've had quite a lot of experience of this sort of thing in finland just three weeks to plan it wasn't very much but we are well prepared for the card on store about. donald trump and flooding here putin are going to meet at the presidential palace this is far from the first major political event the city has hosted finlandia whole currently
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the summit press center is where the house call it was signed in one thousand nine hundred eighty five a milestone in reducing tensions between the then soviet and western blocs the signatories recognized the inviolability of national borders and pledged to respect human rights. represented finland back then he's been observing world politics for half a century. i don't expect very much from the trump putin meeting still i'm glad it's taking place even if not much comes of it it's important to keep talking when we see better days we can expect better results. as house and he gears up for the big match a small brewery has created a special edition lager to mark the occasion let's settle this like adults since taking office donald trump has spoken multiple times about his wish to improve relations with russia but is that his true intent and can he pull it off
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given the current political climate are washington and moscow correspondent claire richardson and your shadow have this look back at the trump putin relationship. relations between the united states and russia are at an all time low since the end of the cold war but u.s. president donald trump has said repeatedly that he wants to see closer ties with russia particularly with its president vladimir putin and he's been very nice to be the times i've met him i've been nice to him he's a competitor and somebody who's saying is you an enemy of my enemy now for president trump detractors all of this is evidence of a close relationship that could potentially be explained by a legit russian meddling and the twenty sixteen elections they say that russia's involvement helped to tip the presidency in donald trump's favor if putin likes donald trump guess what folks that's an asset not a liability now we can only guess what putin thinks about. the russian president holds back on making direct remarks about. it but it's clear that putin will be
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a well prepared for this meeting he will likely praise tom he will admire him for swimming against at the time and blame any problems on. the tram you see on t.v. is different from the real person he's very particular accurate he's quick to analyze he answers every question if our future relationship turns out like our meeting here then i'm sure we can find the necessary consensus with donald trump russia's head of state finally once a real reset for us russian relations the question is whether the president is interested in that idea in any case since you started he's too early relations between the two countries haven't improved in fact things have become significantly wars so he said one nice thing about me he said i'm a genius young the how trump is a colorful person he's very flamboyant here. i
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was a report from our washington correspondent claire richardson and our correspondent in moscow yuri or chateau with regard to the summit with putin on monday president trump himself says he's heading to finland with quote low expectations now to some of the other stories making news around the world in iraq police have clashed with anti corruption protesters as they try to storm a government building in basra several people are reported to have been wounded for the past week demonstrators in cities across the south have been demanding better public services and protesting a lack of jobs. haiti's prime minister. has resigned the abrupt move comes as a no confidence vote that could have forced him out of office after a wave of deadly protests of the seven people died during three days of demonstrations triggered by the government's bailed attempt to raise fuel prices.
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heavy rain and thunderstorms have killed at least fifteen people and caused major damage across china state media says more than two hundred reversed have flooded roads and railways are under water and bridges have been destroyed and thousands of people have been evacuated. to tennis now in novak djokovic has kept a fine two weeks on the grass in london by claiming his fourth wimbledon title the serb beat kevin anderson of south africa in straight sets to end a more than two year when le streak and grand slams eased through the first two sets and saved five set points in the third before rounding out his victory on a tie break. just a reminder of the top stories we're following for you it's there is again friends have lifted the world cup trophy for a second time. in the final in moscow it's france's first world cup title in twenty years. when has set off wild
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parties back home in paris hundreds of thousands of people have packed the streets to celebrate which will undoubtably last well into the night. with thirty two days and thirty two nations taking part in sixty four games and now the fee for a world cup is over for another four years so let's settle back and spend a few minutes remembering some of the many amazing moments of the tournament in russia. thanks. alex. thank you. thank you thank. you.
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