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tv   Kick off - The Great Final The World Cup Show  Deutsche Welle  July 17, 2018 1:30pm-2:01pm CEST

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so but he was my hero to do so so here everybody around the world. can speak. to. the one hundred first real sport the legacy. of football a simple game at the end france or the croatians will win the world cup two thousand and eighteen. kick off of the law at last world cup game france versus croatia we will talk about this game we will watch the game life and you out there are very welcome to join our discussion. let's take
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a look at the starting eleven of creation danny on one of the show it's your turn and then yeah flat go dial it right you are stuck at its height it as we question is always here. so i think he mother has run like sixty three kilometers this world cup the most people get the most out of i think of anyone to anyone and says it's actually is the most foul. but he put you know what you know where pacer and fung fought that's the way that's it i have to work also i think if parents can get down the wing and create trouble that's going to be a big key. your own no i think it will be you know pogba and confit so crucial to this team continue with his silent were always there being in the right place obviously very big threat we know and croatia obviously knows that he's very very dangerous if he gets faced that one v one he's going at you he
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can finish the kick off. read about and hope there are no v.a.r. . what a penalty kicks in like that which is a straight up but actually it was on this tournament it was really i didn't really bother me even v.a.r. i mean when i look at the oneness league the last season it was just a disaster. yeah because now it's not here it's new in the world cup so that's what you've learned much much better than in the bonus league has appeared as it's there you go i'm on that board i heard pale as it is there are rumors about the who goes to united because the whole thing will move in you love the this player. the first five minutes what what's your impression of. k.g. k.g. . here is our maybe the biggest question fan all type yeah. thanks only because the silva we have the queen but haven't you know he
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was the queen he was the queen and here is mike. hello where have you been. michael you need to chant right here when. you go for a place finisher of this year's world you want to see. your graduation is there just as sure that your we have to turn it around. but did you watch the first minutes yeah i've been watching in the production room. i think you were right when you said katie. superheating brochure my rock up the yellow cards yes game and then ok after that they have probably had the most falls and i was one and ok start and you know the my father you know that's a very good. very physical right very physical ok it's a war literally larry it's for them you know as george always had football is nothing but war and mine as weapons but minus the shooting. i always say well cup
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is better than world war. but let's not go down that route. oh no no i was like oh all ready did that go straight in no bounce ricocheting was it wow already great you know how charisma is claiming that somebody don't work their way to come back again knowing we would give the only person a pick france in the room with me so for. you tonight so that you know eighteenth minute. song is you know what it all go have review wait a minute. actually that's the perfect situation for creation oh you're going to be all over. the torment of the own b.s. as well if your own go ahead you don't like don't get it i think is not was meant to catch but said he was good in the. other grisman might get. it might think i was young for been doing about that yeah yeah that's unlucky
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that's. ok yeah months would catch on. i like the croatia sitting there not hiding yeah oh they're coming but they're coming back quite possibly. we know we're doing it can come back they've displayed that they are not even capable of showed it three times is that gold is in the air i don't smell it. i can't reveal my sources. come on. you're on the attack you're not that is it's. ok there is it yes. you have a gave the left a right it's a good laugh they left it you took you for. it was really nice very nice shot there
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and so he was so calm too because he was in the box there yeah many people were on him yeah not on him but you mean with the bat defense but though i took his time at that himself one hundred percent just smashed it into the far corner you know what and finish it was because they know i was outstanding first half has two goals that is quite unusual for a final absolutely you know you know oh. i think calling for him yeah. i'm sure looking on the replay i couldn't tell from claiming how the friends saying it was i didn't yet know randy see it work i didn't see how but maybe that was. kind of the hand has to be in an unnatural position on the line it depends if there was a clear who bought the because then the absolute all over no no no no no that was not a handball after all watching that mean just scored a goal you know notable of dropping his head was unnaturally actual it's
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a way of moving yeah but that there there that is not how you see it that this hand was just a little i don't know that he was. tricky like deliberate to me i don't know i don't know a lot you know if it does something like that we have to see how much can i do anything and i'm not saying always check in and yeah a position to see what the call is was it a part of the job when you come down if you jump in your hands go up your hands are going to come down i think he's trying to bring his hand that's you know i guess i've got to get down to the know why did he throw the ball i'm trying to give him the benefit that's the issue. the ball is coming his direction it's not a hand ball at the depth at all it touched his hand and saying all i know they call they're all in the group stage they call the worst can't be but they've already called oh you know my whole hand volcanism no not so easy because it's hang go there isn't any how i did down this is this is a career actually that is a way to dance oh yeah i know i always go so easy i think you know you have to know
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it's going to be a penalty if you might give it. ok and yeah says a penalty yeah. oh come on the market but that was how the question is who they convert. you convert them to moving it take it he's going to get his money then these months the nerves are going to come from come from comes on the must always look like he's he's crying in a second you know he's always like those he was has won and we are in this quote because you're a man or so i let the press then you know i didn't lead or going to get him again i never thought i would go five the school to five of those penalties is always the time to me but what i don't like is i'm not so of course he is he's a gentleman. he's he's got to look at him and this time i'm very much but. the years before how to love he's not my strong and i think he's going to miss i'm
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going to how i feel if you know what i mean i think this abbas is going to say i'm going to not use that i'm not going to go. take that left footed right take that left but. it's thirty eight minutes game to watch this celebration felt like it was a celebration and every night that i didn't see it now we have. oh. it's from a game called what is what is what is this place is he and i came to that again and watched as somebody does it a surfer thing you know when i look at our prediction they have all the answers from ford. on out already but i'm wrong i ran. yeah i am in the ladies emily is unless there's a miracle one for the. first half is over to one is the school or france is up front well that was
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a really really good haul off. yeah i'm just crazy it doesn't out of this game at all. i mean they might be losing but they look very much in control of themselves i think racquets it has been has been working in many different parts of the going forward. is. ok before the game second half starts we have connection to our man in zagreb he is hopefully yes he's on the screens if. i also have are you guys doing well we are we're fine we're very and like yourself yeah where did you get that. he was forced to yeah yeah well you can buy this everywhere actually and everybody on this square actually has a craze for jersey and they haven't sold out but i bought. it on hamas leaders i think will see that as a german of nine is about how islam will do the people still believe in their team
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. this is a very much believe actually because there was one that was down in the last three games and no two one is not that bad for them what happened during the. absolute phrase like a new year actually flares going up firecrackers it was really madness then unfortunately for. the croats here france scored again but obviously the mood here is pretty high still and asked and i said believe that they can win this thank you thank you guys have a good rest of the guy and i don't talk to you later i tell ye by my second half is on the way. he says grabbed it i think in this final. is a good one which so far is no no no no no no no no don't. think i go hope a school it's. so fantastic oh it was the final was if you first
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if you don't try just ask me where you saw it right here and right from cern that way to the well i think. and he says kind of just right just on the strike if a wrong card as they called on the opening of the gates now it's again now no more pressure. opened it up a little bit no i think yeah that's. what they do best which is. yeah. i mean i'm happy for popov because he's had a really really great tournament and sometimes goes on to the right because of about paper i mean the bow comes that hair and it's he misses it saw him in the way as a composer writes. his place in yes a lot of the tennis that was very nice. bought well yeah as one of us would say that really has lots of core a chart. see much of them i think game but you know he just score
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a killer play for croatia that's a great goal started the attack that was result in school he played the fault line up and then he finished instantly you know look at this he's better like that rather than playing in a free system a restrictive system that oh my goodness ok. old . do you have a good one how are you sure you don't bomb pay you can we i'm not a long oh yeah ok oh no he never had never used the word hate no no i'm just saying the book is going back to front nobody who knows. the way and price shot has to be really california thing i mean those thing is the question is do for on site mercy on them and luli not. disrespectful to set a record they're trying to sell records now hi i'm going all right so you change
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your i get i get yes can you hear us. now it's really good i met a sports bar in the center of the city like people it seems to me are kind of cheering for both sides i've been speaking to people who are four stories out of some people said you know it's crazy when time means that russia will have been kicked out by the world champion and also they're kind of the underdog here but a lot of people are also for france these guys next to me have actually sat on france as well many years from france and no no no they have that answer and was ok but are you are you surrounded by locals or other lots of tourists. it's mainly russians there are definitely a few who are there on the spot the crowd is already already made all right not really but. they're coming back. across the only thing and i thank you talk to you later by. good morning i mean minutes
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ok i did actually say everything is possible. what i look at the. race oh i got to be you know he is talking that he was trying to be cute i guess yeah. yeah again right here i'm sorry that you didn't understand what was doing what was that he got hearing i would revolt and think that my game ain't over until it's over and come i'm sure i'm sure we talk now with questions i think. that paul is that the spirit is there still hope question as well when. we're in zagreb and after the four one people started to go i'm going to ask around a bit actually if there is still hope you know you are synonymous with it if you must not it is in. there from hungary to do it.
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ok hungary believes grayson comes back that's that's very nice. very jack you know . so he said it's going to be four four actually. it was close it was toast oh yeah yeah that coming we're coming back says about the out he says i really could not stand stay there stay with him that's who they'd like there thank you and watch it with us please he's our man. and only enough you have a great fan here to talk to you leon you know what are you doing. you still watching football are you where do you. i mean hopefully. he. will hold on. almost. now. so still sit in the room about i don't know your presence here is really good here and all my. kicking ass
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bleeds final minute you always feel that you can see the exciting faces here i am waiting to get a. ticket to go to sunday sticklers. is a couple of you for not coming across about malcolm fraser yes of course a mining accident now is history so it is the underdog in this game and me too you guys just want to play. germany not. go on. board ten boxing. does that say for the next. for the next. just tell germany and germany germany out and please.
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if you see me think that it's time when you first how nice it is going to dominance how clearly you're getting a little thank you very much family i think we have a new world cup winner right at this moment. here if they hear and. see that i could exceed suwannee said mike i mean it's pretty close but i think yes yes yes you could take that one congress the nation's . finest all russian. i think those are mainly what happened to the russians. and still are. yet. when you have you. played a lot of fun that he's the only family. i mean one day he got his siblings to.
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exist. and you will be as we like is monitoring what. abby well france is well champion two thousand and eighteen. congress relations congress lation long done well deserved yeah absolutely deserved. a very nice game nice to watch i'm still a little bit i feel sorry for a show must say no i'm not happy with that real i mean fans was very good gracious yeah the scores too high and might not be as indicative of the game and how the game actually was examined think the first have was francis two goals you know it was missing out on the ball sebastiaan can you hear us we can see you at least yes i can hear you salt how i can hear yeah how i was i was what's up in
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soccer. i'm not sure if i heard your question but i believe you believe everybody is super happy here when they're singing one of us got to put about three it up which means gracious a world champion it's not that they are drunk or something it's just that they're so so happy that their team made it to the final at all they say i could do it in a ghost cordial but now i mean my head. yeah. that's what she says she says that the first of the worlds actually there is no one is. that some. time zone i mean is. this for poor business that's just this but all he says we're winners and really biggest respect to the guy is that's what he said thanks so so that's what you just heard everybody is super happy here thirty thousand people are just celebrating here on the elijah square here in zagreb and the party is going to be long that's the atmosphere that's that's quite surprising to me. well i hope you join the party
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and thank you very much for being inside and have a good time. thanks very much. ok thanks very much and that's rather nice curriculum that a friend by the way from all of us ends up going to yes my my my not there yeah. there you go but any chance the background there i'm struggling to think of a better welcome and pure entertainment has been great it's been great it's been really really good goalless yeah i've exciting my how did rochelle many surprises russia yeah yeah. and also you on this day maria's go to guy who's going to crack as a crack. only on his back what is a lot on. the one to see the ceremony now.
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we are actually talking about the greatest moments of the world cup in general and do you have a greatest moment. a greatest member of the world cup i mean obviously being english i would have to say that england winning a penalty shoot out was only an incredible moment i kind of got to the point that i thought it would never happen in my lifetime my i've gone nuts. i got a long time without seeing them through what i am going to never want to miss you know the world cup right the last time i'd seen up was ninety six in the euros but it never happened the world cup set up for me being in the stadium as well as possible stadium here in moscow that was certainly a big deal. other than that i think seeing russia beat spain was just huge for the noise for the atmosphere. the celebrations off with us you might be able to hear that fund. just going over the edge we might be about to get drenched all week we just saw and be getting the silver ball as the best younger youngest player of
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this tournament and and you know today it's got the golden ball i think you agree on that i think as does that that's certainly that margaret she won the golden ball he has been a phenomenon of this tournament he's been just completely something else obviously no one really expected question to get this far and he's been the principal reason that they've made it this far and actually get an umbrella for all of games is incredible. yeah getting the bread it's all going in the ground. now a hundred percent is going to come up you should proceed see the english still have problems i. was killing good enough to snare you woke up to the new place is a. place that it was africa versus croatia. as you know a great story of integration in france or it was in africa versus go away should it is a beautiful story you know the story is beautiful and they've got it. so yes you can
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say things we have no interest in you know coming to make sure this is television forget yeah go on how do you feel about the nice guy who was gaming his race you have big luxury gracious you think they're going to have luck but the gracious a better team in a good. sense you proceed because ball in the legs are you proud of the formants today you for out and also of course ever bring forward. she was like come back again this time it was against for us next time reviewing the bus would record work new generation coming because of big talent because of big players and small concert and i thought you guys are going to be ok you think you know he can cry guys and the rain is really start to come down now so i'm going to leave you because otherwise our cameras going to right nicely but you just seen some reactions from here in moscow and you had my thoughts so yeah what a phenomenal world cup what a great time we've all had said i see you guys thank you very much only return to
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the stadium it's very very good that they get the trophy now we are getting closer to getting closer they will be can read and do it we can't just pretend that you are holding the trophy here's what i'll hold on. the question the president gives hugs to. you talking everyone to be a good sport. you mean like hugging day i have. football players come on ships. will have hugs forty six plus the coaches want to see that i want to see this. well champion two thousand and eighteen frowned for the second time in their world cup history and welcome is all over and follow on fortunately also our shallow. oh i was young i was lucky it was all in a fit and that's let's make this leap
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a long curly. well those are some of that for sure thanks for your questions and comments of course i mean yes thank you guys thank you for as you know as i thank you thank you then yes thank you michael. thank you the only one of all could not all let me know. about a simple game at the end france win the world cup two thousand and eighteen. keeping
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fit can also make you snookums. if the music combined with a challenge for the mind. at least that's the idea with these games. performed better. and more intelligent.
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where the real talent resides. i come from there and lots of people in fact know than a billion pieces of legislation says democracy that's one reason i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can sense. the finishing the book is trying to get in the names out of the for the fun in one i remember. thinking at the time if the blood in the old can fill with anything can happen if people come together and unite for a cold something. but i do the news often confronted difficult situations for conflict being discussed down to the high seas response my job to confront was does on policies and development put the spotlight on issues that matter most hunger food security oppression martial niceties. a notch has been achieved the so much more needs to be john and i feel people have to be at the heart of solutions my
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name is on the touchy about. the city to be a news live from the european union and japan defied protectionism that signed a huge trade deal the ambitious pact to create the world's biggest free trade area embracing a third of the global economy and more than six hundred million people will be large and brussels and france are. also coming down he took the word of the k.g.b. . over the men and women of the c.r.u. outrage in the u.s.
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over president trump accepting president gooden's denial of meddling in the two.


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