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i missed the actual head but. i mean there's there are good photographers and there are very good sports photography and in my career i have found that sports photography has a very good with their reflexes because they have to be a ninety eight when france won the world cup i was. working in asia covering a lot of riots covering a lot of violence covering situations where things happen fast you develop those reflexes is what. the picture was taken during the two thousand and six football world cup final between france and italy of course. the match was important in many ways and that's. who had. been the world cup winner in ninety eight one
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of france's most amazing players was competing in his last. four wire service if you cover a final it's not me alone in the stadium there's a team i think we would least ten twelve photographers in that stadium covering that i was very high up in the stands on the side and i've been told to do shoot anything except the classic football picture which is two people bowl. before the match i shot some of the spectators and there you have your the best i can remember has he done something about sudan so obviously he was already an iconic figure within french for. a full time i can say i had one single nice. picture from the from the game.
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it started with i noticed i noticed marking done quite aggressively in the box and. there's a lot of pulling. and they started speaking to each other so i kind of zoomed in and i thought ok maybe maybe something happens maybe there's some emotion so i'm i'm i'm one of the two of them of course nothing happens i didn't even i didn't even take a picture i mean nothing happens he done walks away walks almost out of my frame and then he walks back and i'm still somehow on the hot seat and suddenly he just that gesture and i just almost like a nervous react like a knee jerk reaction i just took one picture just one frame.
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it's the focal point of this the career. this final and this moment it's just it's all right there is kind of tragic occurrence the way. looking at his reaction you almost feel as though he felt. justified in head but in the hot seat and that he was trying to explain that to the referee. a month later i got a little email from he just saying oh your picture is the most downloaded picture of the world cup and feel ok well that's always gratifying thank you good good job but i would but then what happened at the end of the year. was that that's when i realized how popular the picture because when you look at the various.
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and you hear slideshows of course the picture figured most of them. a who had a whole career and amazing career coming to an end in one of the most spectacular ways possible of a world cup final where france could have really won. france got it done twelve years later meanwhile has done has won the champions league three times as a crutch now we are asking ourselves for this world cup. that's a nice one who is the player of the turn a man. like monty dates i'm going to go with him and i'll go with him not only you i mean he got the golden ball yeah i think it was deserved totally he deserved absolutely he
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was the driving force behind gracious run to the fine. yeah and i liked him too a lot specially i don't really remember one amazing scene of him but many really brilliant passes gore his goal against argentina that was beautiful that was drill and also his mental strength i just remember this game was it against russia when he missed the panel to shoot denmark down and i was and then again in the penalty shoot out he scored wow really. he deserved it but i also would like to mention ian has our. there is no doubt about it the top players and he was very good for belgium but i think in general if a moderate had a little bit more because what he meant for curation what he was able to do for
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that i mean just look at how much he ran for example just the stats on how much you ran how many balls you played in it just also that and you never know it was the ball it was yeah i mean he was he was great he obviously he's world class there's no doubt about it but then just what he just his presence what he did for croatia was i think enough to make him you know the best player turn to because use so valuable to croatia and just like a point of reference point for them all the time he scored i mean he doesn't score as much as you know other. fancy players but he gets the job done in every way very important for the team most important probably. wasn't the first time the tournaments best player walks away from the final without a win. last shot of the one nine hundred ninety four world cup was immortalized by a photographer. who was the thief. i was.
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and i. saw him look in the. these died a lot of. that picture was shot at the final of the war made thing made before it even that is helpful. the game was between brasil and the telly. of the game was tied in then the play had another thirty minutes and after thirty minutes the game. sold they had to go to penalties it was the fifth penalty so i was watching what about you and i keep with him.
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about your was the number ten was the debased known player need to leander wark up . i was at the right side of the goal and i had to colbert the kicker only in the keeper. when the kicker kicks the ball you have to wait you don't have to move you have to wait for him the reaction. so usually they celebrate bad if they don't celebrate you have to me very very fast that's why i have the picture of my job look in to the floor after missing the last penalty kick. i mean to shoot a penalty seems to vary inside but it's not. so what are the odds that the goalkeeper stopped the ball or you missed the frame.
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you count calculated that. you are a sucker play at thinking why the difference or. do you think of the pictures there are few elements to see the crowd the resilience of a great team and roberto baggio who was probably the best player in the field looking at the four. yeah it was a very good picture i mean everybody told me inside the company and the we knew dad because we were checked in the newspapers and most of the newspaper used the picture but i didn't know that to be sure was used to bring tissues. i want to have one of those i feel. when you shoot a picture you take one moment of that personal life. that we never repeat in their life. and you take it and you keep it for you
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that's why for music passion is snow. dogleg i should have been sure somebody knelt . you have in paper in tomb dimensions. somebody. the raw emotions of world cup history saw are all joy and right which. one germany played one of the months in nine hundred ninety emotions boiled alive on. this photographer caught it all. off for not constantine yet for most of us it's quite impossible. as quintet is on. the stand as
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to what it is i guess. i got floods of late forties also holden done. and. even hidden in mumbai. i just didn't heiling wasn't the two. of the principal men under the bus and. most annoyances beneath isn't up to. the concert side. this new law abiding isn't an easy to test the board fifty one shots of yvonne you talk with in each his own. when he said i knew he wasn't going to understand me that it happened also kendall and i sat for tallent watch for talent walk to set
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a slow one thousand sign couldn't quite independent of the long run. they still. families to talk at. the scene earlier thanking her don't come. if you feel in your style on the. spot come on received this one supporter to host. lunch millions folks who stuck to the sky with. months are saddam's not a. few minutes been allowed on my scooter have them nonstop useful hoods over. one hundred dollars. to become the akbar solution involving speed tickets back in the us on. that's us indefinitely. or did you plan it up on top of that and you that invest it up to see. if i could
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stomach a vase that dusty didn't produce a lot i mean not normal i mean how does the basement businesspeople small. a sponge that is on. the fat and the others far worse off first bus that needs to lead us to reduce alarmist silis alex. to a man for the cause and how much i need to see him for the food yes q so last i didn't decide to move in with you up with your credit card if they hold. you fleeing to such as in this move in the hall small room just. as funny as if tends to. let me look up. i think look up i'm from. just one of.
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those who didn't know. what a. to the. best man at least i learned i can. fight so i'm school one. for washington d.c. she said to her mom who recently left him for them but i can smell that some of the commission building the hype over this body from shoe shopping to speech to compete . i think it a month under the guns and. this is. a muslim's no one will need to see. the two of them until i was in is a useful lesson was listening.
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but what was the last image from last sunday that's bottling whenas from france. all the plucky run asop from croatia we were in soccer rep for the final and experienced losers who celebrated like well champions but see for yourself. it's one hour to go to the final and the atmosphere here in the center of zagreb this electric you can hear australian english american english german actually gracious from all over the world came here today to be part of this historic moment. our very language that moment when they go to activate it oh scribes. one of the of us last year with us are gone and she just goes with rabbi ovadia and also this is hoping that it looks like up close of an idea mystical insight hey guys i got i got one question yeah what are these are water polo shirts or both this is cool it's a little it's well every year when did you become
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a fan of gracious. when japan crashed out analysis. still be russia open versus not in a final so i sold my tickets i then left the money i boarded the flight for a shuttle and came to spend one week here with my friends but what i also find remarkable about gracious success at the world cup is that not just people into a show or let alone japan now supports gracious but also people in the wider region for example listen to what this gentleman has to say buy as a clue what's going on says join us with you or check out this serbian sports journalist going to join sky b. i should not be have these are kind of months qutub would be to mention the relations between neighbors are not always good down here also because of the wars that happened in the ninety's but maybe it's a once again football can help bridge gaps and that will be beautiful thank you how was the only one i know france
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i was. the i my prediction for this game is for us three for the race. within fifteen minutes or so france scored two goals it's four one now how. i was the we go thank you how i finally know why they wear the water polo. oh ok then they read through owen was. a how i thank you thank you. but it's
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a little too much oh do this will you be able to do this. he just said second thanks i'll keep my nice akin to see it and he was nice don't you always like the easter egg roll over happy to friends well that was a really good question through a hearing just what. i mean. are you ok. just then we. could. go oh oh no. yes i still live in full swing my next much. saddle over. that's and i myself was so i'm going to feel. like i just don't get it so i was the ok i see you see also i.
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was just honest ok. ok finally i rely on you to walk a little but would be so because i was hoping for was going to reflect. you know. the thing you know we have a lot like oh you know. you know biggest painting of what was right for my story so now hiding it was nice you think that what happened yesterday during the final was crazy i mean just look at what's happening today and the team will come here in one hour and i don't know how many people you can fit on the square but the med how was. i was.
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so behind me is the man who was the coach of christ and. nine hundred ninety eight i missed the bloody when they came in tired let's see what he had to say for the currency was a while that was i actually wanted to do an interview with him but i had not i know that whatever first i was so fed up i was just an echo was what make me feel good if anything was yes some of them it's good stuff i might not see. it was yeah it was going to die i mean that's i. mean here are a little bit i do a very good i did that because they were able to get one guy thinks the world would
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be rebuilt equal the world we're going to do you know if he really was you woman was going to yell for help but it was the reception of the creation team bus just as joyful and impressive as the simply fantastic celebration of the day before i even told a radio reporter that the germans can learn one thing from the collections for sure i think so much in my records but we have been waiting like for already well for did you feel right from the airport to the sense of where. it was hot now i don't think you're right but the people here are thinking and thinking and thinking and saying. thank. god it's a real shame though that this wild partying was overshadowed in the end by the presence of unsung national missing or thompson young took the team's bus at some point in the company of them to zagreb smain square this is probably exactly what crazy does
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not need if it wants to build on the positive energy did not. team success in russia set for. the country just a day after the celebrations was heavily divided again whether the singer's presence was right or wrong many people on the main square decided not to sing with him sending a clear message that they don't want to go back to the past sunday but don't want to see their joy hijacked but why did the team not protest on the pitch there is so much better than the us thank you i am we see you soon let us know what you think as well down below and thank you for watching yet. football is a simple game twenty two men she's a ball for ninety minutes and at the end.
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consuming too much fossil fuel. driving too much. fine tune. with the result that the piece is moving up increasingly focused. important facts unknown figgins all about climate change. ego and africa thirty minutes on the c.w. . iran runs an insulated city now a major power in the middle east. to ron's influence continues to grow politically economically and above all militarily. does iran truly want fugues the
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country's accountants who have their doubts iran from geography regional superpower starts aug fifth on d w. begun beethoven and. his work in the goddess fortuna. the munster and famous play. beethoven fixed upon the twenty. we make up of what we watch as of half of the fund of hedge funds we ought to summon services. they want to shape the continent's future to. be part of it enjoy enough in youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges. to seventy seven percent. platform for africa charge. wouldn't be fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world of
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work here's what's coming up. on d w though they do use the film superheroes on a mission such an attempt to sound smart women spawn smart talks smart strange and legend of theirs and by no means missed out on a brain creasing doing dangerous stuff the fuck. makes for mine. this is g w news live from berlin germany chancellor angela merkel faces the press
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today after the toughest of years in her long time at the top migration is likely to lead the agenda at her annual summit news conference just weeks ago it almost topples her fragile coalition government but after more than twelve years in charge mccall has again shown her staying power will have a preview of that news conference for you in just a second. also on the program sweeping struggles to contain dozens of wildfires the flames have forced villages across the country to be evacuated. and growing thomas in the yellow jersey rather than chris froome and that is tightening to start his grip on the two false long busting victory on the right. hello and welcome my name's christopher bring it thanks for joining us it's been
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a very very tough year for chancellor angela merkel here in germany off the painfully long coalition negotiations to form a fourth government she's now just emerged from weeks of bitter infighting with hardliners in her own conservative alliance that brought her administration to the brink of collapse survives of course but she has been seriously weakened so when she faces the media here in berlin in just a few hours time for some a new. conference there will be a great deal of anticipation the vexed issue of migration is expected to top the agenda as it continues to exercise the minds of politicians both here in germany and elsewhere in europe relations with the u.s. president all trump on the prospect of a global trade conflict are also likely to be prominent. and for more on all that let's bring in one of our political correspondents now hans brandt good morning hans migration continues to haunt chancellor merkel what might
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a message be on that issue today. well yes indeed and it's quite surprising in some sense that migration is still sort of still such a central issue because the number of migrants reaching germany and even reaching europe has gone down drastically since its peak in late two thousand and fifteen and the restrictive policies that angle america's government has been implementing in the last months and years have also led to a much much more severe dealing with asylum seekers refugees and migrants and germany so in a sense many of the demands that the opposition has made have been our fact max made by an article about the agenda is driven mainly by the right wing populist alternative for germany party which is now the biggest opposition party in parliament and also obviously within nuckols own government there are conservative coalition partners from bavaria including the interior minister horse there who far
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who have also been pushing her on that agenda on the migration issue and in fact that dispute is what led to an almost led to a collapse of marcos government just a couple of weeks ago so migration indeed is a central issue merkel i suspect will be saying look many of the demands have been matched the number of refugees is being reduced there is not really much to discuss on that matter anymore hence in recent days we've actually seen the chancellor trying to shift the focus away from migration to other pressing issues and we're likely to see more of that. yes of course she will do that and if we look at the other issues that are in the offing or that are not in the offing that are on her agenda things such as the transatlantic relationship with the united states would tween germany the european union and the united states under president on all trump which is often obviously become very tense very fractious very acrimonious and it seems that trump has in fact taken
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a particular dislike to uncle americal herself and to germany so there she's been facing quite a lot of quite a lot of attacks in fact direct attacks from donald trump and these are issues of foreign policy the issues of trade involved there are issues of defense policy involved so all of these major areas they are major decisions to be taken very quickly. who really has a very full agenda and i haven't even mentioned all the domestic policy issues that she's also discussing at the moment and very briefly metal is of course a consummate political survivor do you see her eventually regaining some of her lost or thora to what we've seen in this dispute within her coalition most recently with her interior minister that she came out on top and in fact that the interior minister came out we can go out of this dispute so that was another demonstration of mao calls survival tactics of national survival instinct but we have to say it's very likely to be her last term in office so everyone knows that she will
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eventually at the latest in three to four years time hand of office to somebody else at the moment she still managing to manage that process in the way that she wants to do it always good to talk to you once brant one of our political correspondents. and we will be bringing you live coverage of course of chancellor merkel's news conference later this morning it starts at eleven thirty central european time that is just over an hour from now. with much of europe sweltering under a heat wave at the moment even regions the the i. circle a feeling that sweden for instance is currently fighting around fourteen separate wildfires those wildfires are threatening villages in causing big problems in a country more accustomed to battling the slow climate change means this extraordinary weather event could soon become the norm. inferno near the arctic circle. four days firefighters have been struggling to contain
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a rash of wildfires scattered over a vast expanse of sweden from north of stockholm all the way to the arctic forests . this sense of it feels like we were in vain and it just burns and burns at the end we had to back up three kilometers because it became too dangerous of all it. multiple villages have been evacuated and officials estimate the fire damage at around seventy million euro so far at fault as an extraordinary heat wave that has turned much of the evergreen landscape into kindling. temperatures have climbed to thirty three degrees celsius in recent days conditions befitting italy more than sweden and so the italian government has sent help. biggest lead in the work we have ninety. six thousand feet of water about one second. in fact the effort to extinguish the
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nordic blaze has become a european task with further personnel and air support sent in from france germany and neighboring norway. sweden has dealt with wildfires before but rarely over such a large area now meteorologists are warning that with global temperatures on the rise fighting fire in the arctic could become an annual battle. let's turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world in the united states eleven people have being killed off a tourist boat capsized on a lake in the state of missouri several more were injured in the incident officials say more than thirty people were on the boat when it went over in stormy weather divers are still searching for additional victims. the white house says u.s. president donald trump will invite his russian counterpart vladimir putin to washington in the autumn imitation comes four days after their controversial summit in helsinki a meeting that provoked an uproar in the u.s.
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fight to publicly confront moscow's alleged meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election. a court in south korea has sentenced former president whom he to eight more years in prison she was convicted of illegally receiving funds from the country's intelligence agency and also for interfering in parliamentary elections has already received a twenty four year jail sentence on separate corruption charges.


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