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this is g w news live from her left one of germany's best known soccer stars quits the national team exciting races a world cup winning midfielder knows it israel says he will not pull on a german short again after facing a barrage of criticism from a meeting for the turkish president his decision has kicked off a debate about racism and integration in germany. also coming up in the u.s. supreme court will soon decide whether to decriminalize homosexuality we need an activist fighting for gay rights. plus what do you do if you have to import almost everything you consume and you're not sure what the future holds we take you to the
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over seas of british territory in the caribbean and its words over the coming brits . are welcome to the shop german football star mesut ozil has quit the national team following the controversy over his meeting with turkish president. back in may it was ill who was turkish roots said he faced racism and disrespect from the german media for the encounter he was also criticised by the german football association after germany's early exit from the world cup. after a long silence finally made his feelings known in an epic three part statement on social media. said his meeting with turkey's president was about respecting the highest office of his family's country and his long awaited post didn't
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just announce that he was quitting the german site he heavily criticized german football association president for negative comments on islam and multi-culturalism . a photo of. their meeting in may the blue touch paper on a debate that has refused to die down in germany with being accused of helping one campaign for an upcoming election there's also talked only but football. team here on the left was also at the meeting and explained his decision soon after . preferred to remain silent which only brought him more criticism. if you're the kind i don't think any footballer should have their photo taken with any authority in rulers whether with vladimir putin as the tomatillos did or with the one like you do on an israel there are enough democratic politicians to be photographed webb could get. you can be missing a position lesson coming after germany's exit at the world cup group stage the
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debate bubbled up again germany team manager all of a bit of an f.a. chief glengall added fuel to the fire with clint hill urging israel to explain his meeting with their do on the ninety two times cut international did just that and his words of piled more pressure on the german essay. and to leave her talking from v.w. sports is with us to tell us more about the story hi alina so it's all in this letter he takes in the f.a. president going. tell us more about what he said there what the consequences are that mean what a way to break your highlands and he did not shy away from pointing out the racism you know on the double standards inside the dia b.'s so there is no basically feels that he is being used as a scapegoat for the incompetence of mine had can go the d.f. be president and it is also what i thought was a very telling comment is when says that people like grendel people with his sort of mindset that you know i'm german when we win when we're successful and i'm the
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foreigner the immigrant when louis and many germans with an immigrant background feel this way it's almost like that identity politics but you don't feel like you have a good enough view of a german enough and that's also not forget that gringo he is a former politician and in the past he has made negative and quite a few controversial comments about multiculturalism in and some in germany and it was all just feels a man of with his sort of reuse should not be in a position of power so most it is it was no longer going to play for the german team what does this mean for german football how big of a star has he been a huge i mean people also can't forget that there is a. it is a model of integration he won numerous awards in germany he was the go to guy and i think the bigger question now is what sort of impact will this have on future generations of germans with a migrant background because a lot of them might be now saying hey should really opt you know playing for germany or should i not because what is it if you look at the way the entire if you look at the way somebody a star like the way he's been treated somebody who is like
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a fall from grace it's like this is the way he had to end his career and i think this would also be really bad for the talent pool in germany if a lot of germans with an immigrant background decide not to opt to pay for germany or italy in her talking from did of you sports thank you very much. and the political fallout from steele's decision is being felt in turkey as well let's bring in dorian jones who's standing by in istanbul hi dorian what is the reaction been there to. what we've heard some tough words from some of the turkish ministers abdulhamid of the justice minister is said that mr do still have scored a beautiful goal against the virus of fascism while at the same time we've heard from the sports minister mehmet polo saying we stand in solidarity with. the turkish president of the. earth one has not said anything he's on the trip to africa at the moment but his spokesman
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a very powerful figure within the turkish politics was more restrained things have pitied those who support the claim to support tolerance multiculturalism have acted in such a way so it does seem quite restrained in this response in the past. and very tough language against berlin accusing them of acting like nazis we've heard none of that and the reason why is trying to rebuild relations with europe and in particular berlin last week berlin lift some very painful sanctions and on course aware that the precarious nature of the turks you're calling me it doesn't want a major bus stop with europe particularly in the international financial markets very nervous about. corresponding dorie jones for us in istanbul thank you dorian. now some other stories making headlines around the world police say two people are dead and thirteen more wounded after a mass shooting in downtown toronto the gunman opened fire in the city's greektown neighborhood on sunday night before being killed in a shootout with police a young girl remains in critical condition police say it is too early to tell
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whether the shooting is terrorism related gunmen in the northern iraqi city of air bill have attacked the building that houses the region's provincial government officials say two attackers entered the building after shooting guards and have been exchanging fire with security forces one of the attackers has reportedly carried out a suicide bombing inside no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. in afghanistan dozen people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack near kabul airport the blast narrowly missed the country's controversial vice president i believe rashid dostum would just returned after a year in exile crowds have gathered to watch as a rival a group connected to the islamic state has claimed responsibility. and japan's ongoing heat wave has reached a record temperature of forty one point one degrees celsius and city just north of tokyo weeks of extreme heat have killed at least fifteen people and hospitalized over twelve thousand the heat wave is also complicating cleanup efforts in the west
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of the country after deadly floods last month in india activists are challenging a colonial era law that criminalizes gay sex the country's top court has been hearing arguments against the law and is expected to hand down its decision over the coming weeks our correspondent sonia found the car went to the northern city of luck now to meet one man who has been fighting back at great personal cost. a nineteenth century muslim. a refuge for gay men like a spot of over ten years. it's a place they can be free from society's ski's in a country where the law criminalizing homosexuality known a section three seventy seven is routinely used as a couple to hound people it is making their lives hell they are there fears everyday affairs blackmailed extortion rape harris men beating
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forty percent of them just commit suicide just because of the fear that they would be outed by the police or the by the community because it is still seen as a criminal thing i did notice that only too well he runs be awareness programs among the working class gay population and activity fraught with risk in india several years ago he and his colleagues were thrown into prison they were charged with conspiracy to commit sodomy and possessed so-called obscene materials. it was a shock because what we're trying was trying to save lives and we're being imprisoned and that was a horrific because in jail for initial candidly we deny drinking water the they've been beaten up regularly and that left so many scars. others lost most of the state because of the beatings and the poor hygiene in prison he was shunned
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by his friends it took years before he dared to enter the station again but he hasn't given up the fight he's now one of the petitioners pushing india's stop court to decriminalize homosexuality among the gay community the poor are the most volatile little thing in guevara without go along with the gong no one at this workshop can see six wants to show their. husbands and fathers some of them the sex workers only then would it lead to dumb about for sadie a look at the response or pressure on me to get married as a man you're expected to do that and run the family more liberal have a diagnosis no one in my family or my neighborhood knows i'm gay if they did they'd call me a faggot. my family wouldn't accept me anymore as a. added spends long us at the office he draws strength from the state and his family especially his mother who has been hugely supportive. in the
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evening out of swer. he goes to public talks with homosexual men can find sexual partners and yet remain anonymous in the shadows the risk of contracting each id is high and that's not the only danger of men when they're approaching their customers . will trade them off putting them in the gale on the under the pretext of section three helen seven. and and using that pretext to blackmail them extort money rape them and that and why me feel that the law should go with it if while it's obvious that fundamental rights do exist. horace india's supreme court is expected to deliver a verdict on whether the dole is constitutional. the so just hope in the gay community. that they may finally be able to step out of the shadow.
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now lawmakers in cuba have approved a draft constitution that supporters say will modernize the nation while the leading political force remains a communist party the new document has removed the aim of building a communist society the draft constitution also recognizes private property and could even open the way to same sex marriage here's more broad put on the net. on historic reform the cuban parliament approves the first update of its constitution since one thousand nine hundred seventy six. we confirm that we have a draft constitution and that after popular consultation and the referendum will strengthen the unity of cubans regarding the revolution in. the new constitution allows for a controlled opening up the few commie the party for reform is strong the recognition of private property rights. and the open we already have here paid employment and
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private property ownership we have to recognize this objectively this is the reality we have to accept and regulate. the goal is to develop a form of socialism that is no longer strictly communist other constitutional reforms include limiting the president to two terms creating a prime minister post and addressing l g b t discrimination which is long been systemic in cuba. but that has been the one of the only cause the making changes that are important for the country given the historic moment we're going through it's been sixty years since the revolution change is necessary. yeah it was time to do it we're proud that it's being done. now it's up to the cuban people to vote on the new constitution a referendum will be held in november. british prime minister theresa may is making another attempt to win over her cabinet to her vision for brags that she's called
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her ministers together today for a special round of talks economic growth and trade post breaks that are expected to top the agenda but britain's divorce from the european union will also have a profound impact on thousands living outside of europe the small caribbean island of anguish is one of fourteen british overseas territories residents there say they didn't have a say in the bronx and felt a some on the island now see the result as a chance to push for independence from london as part of our road to break that series. visited angola to gauge the mood. as ship docking in britain six thousand five hundred kilometers away from the british mainland we're in one gorilla one of britain six overseas territories in the caribbean people here have to import nearly everything even their drinking water and this port is their life and so flying. is not only because this is the
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only board so. if for whatever reason this port closes in on. angola and itself took my clothes no. most of the goods come in via the e.u. or more precisely from a port just fifteen minutes away on the french island off some of. the neighboring islands have close ties but no breaks it is threatening their relationship. we find to be insulting because it will be affected directly angola someone who bought i mean our soft water for years. and we are concerned that you know that doesn't present a situation by the president in the negative so local radio host a.j. hammer is angry that and will lead to not have a say or bracks said since residents could not vote will break that affect us he and some fifteen thousand other islanders will lose their passports should london come up short and it's been to secure
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a good break sit deal and will its residents worry that they will be among the biggest losers and will and should have had an a chance to participate in the backseat and that no other people should decide on going on state but then britain has been. increasing home micro-managing which i think is it fair to us. that mean we have no say because if you take the economy of angle and you take the budget of angle it has to be approved by england so we are just puppets in the end the whole thing yet another ways britain. is less involved since hurricane devastated last september many homes still in ruins the state's coffers are empty and the planned reconstruction is funded by the e.u. it is also agreed last largest provider of development aid with much of the money earmarked for you kate. after a break said it is unclear whether london will step in to help. with
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a kingdom i would say ninety percent of the people that i talk to who are british so have a clue that it is a place called angle so you know i really think we have a i don't think they'll be big on the agenda of the british government. as one of the issues that they speak about and we don't have the quote your frustration our exit has reached the point where the worst something really ends are calling for independence from britain d.j. hammer is for it. you'll be able to fend for yourselves because the british government is doing well and that's there's no i'm not sure i'm not sure we're getting on you know a free. most and williams would have voted to stay in the e.u. the islands depends on close ties with its e.u. neighbors in the caribbean just why many here would rather be a part of the european union than of britain in the way. that report is part of our special series road to bricks and our correspondents are
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travelling around europe the u.k. and beyond looking at the full impact of britain's decision to leave the european union you can find more special coverage about the hopes for breakfast and its challenges on our home page at the dot com. to sports now and the german grand prix in hockenheim ended with a miraculous win for formula one defending champion lewis hamilton the briton started the race in fourteenth but took advantage of heavy rain to battle to an unexpected win but it was a hugely disappointing day for ferrari sebastian fettle in front of his home crowd . everything seemed perfectly set up for sebastian fettle at his home grown pretty . sorry driver dominated after a good start and looked on course for a maiden when talking high. yet further back lewis hamilton was in attack mode the briton fought his way through place by police this maneuver
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taking him six hundred then don't came the rain the truck became slippy his fettle soon for those. skid into the barriers ended his race and the german to coach his frustration on the steering wheel. beneficiary none other than his arch rival hamilton the world champion hit the front and held his nerve before celebrating his surprise triumph in germany style. i would never have thought that you could do something like that today but i just kept pushing i kept believing and it happened so i really manifested my dream today so the big thanks to god somewhere it's well the fight for the title remains close with the next votes coming in hungary where fettle will be desperate to get back. to show mom is of the semis and magnus court nielson has won the fifteenth stage of the tour de france and kaka song making it two wins in a row for the estonia team meanwhile the race favorites team sky's gerunds thomas
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and chris froome were content to take it easy ahead of three tough stages in the pyrenees mountains. stage fifteen from new york to cock a song was once again decided by a breakaway group with a day off followed by an onslaught on the peyronie's beckoning the favorites once again conserve their energy the peloton around the overall leader garron thomas and defending champion chris froome controlled proceedings allowing free rein to the breakaway group of twenty nine. after a ride of just over one hundred eighty kilometers as magnus caught nielsen sprinted to stage victory. but it is ago already said that this was the stage for me and that i should go out in the break well when and. perfectly and i'm so happy the main contenders coasted home shortly thereafter before the tour hits the peaks thomas leads froome by one minute thirty nine seconds that could all change after
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three stages in the mountains. tempers and business news now and a warning about growth monica exactly a warning that already has triggered some reactions to me all prices fell today on increasing concerns about fuel demand after finance ministers and central bank governors from the g twenty want to that trade tensions pose a risk to global growth now in the statement the g twenty called for dialogue over trade disputes but they didn't mention the escalating trade conflict between the u.s. and china by name so far the two sides have each impose tariffs on each other's goods to the tune of thirty four billion dollars on friday u.s. president donald trump threatened even more duties on imports from china washington has also angered its allies including the e.u. by imposing tariffs on steel and many of the next move the u.s. is considering a new tariff on our top parts that could hit the e.u. and japan that will also impact suppliers in the united states. well and
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today donald trump. has lashed out against iran on twitter warning the country to never ever threaten the u.s. again or suffer consequences no country has ever suffered before its discuss that with our man at the front with stock exchange daniel cool so the u.s. has already imposed sanctions against iran what else can washington do and how is all that going down where you are. yeah that's a big question monica one thing is very sure and one trader was even asking if donald trump might have some problems falling as we falling asleep before sending out again one of the tweets first he was blaming in a tweet former u.s. president barack obama and then with a very strong rhetoric you mention it towards the iranian president rouhani this is reminding traders also of those very strong words that he was using about a year ago towards north korea of course now we know with north korea that he was
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even sitting down with the north korean leader traitors dow that this is going to be the case here also with the iranian one but i can tell you that this has been really affecting the trading day here in frankfurt already on friday we saw a shares dropping here because of trade and comments of mr trump and also today it seems that traders are more reluctant we are still here in the red this morning all right about on the upside because it's only the beginning of the trading week it's also the start of the earnings season and daniel tell us what can we expect. yeah it's going to be a very busy and also very interesting week here in the financial world big companies mostly also tech companies in the united states was also here in germany will be providing their quarterly numbers just to mention a few of them twitter alphabet amerzone many of the reports are considered to be promising which could mean that we could see a very much needed boost here at the stock market although the german business
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climate index will be released this week after it went down a little bit lately mostly because of trade for fears it will be very interesting to see which direction will be pointing this time well and daniel you'll be there for us at the front for the stock exchange to keep us in the loop thank you so much for now. china is the second largest online retailer is looking to enter the european market j.t. dot com is planning to open an office here in germany c.e.o. richard you told the german business daily hundreds blood to that the e-commerce giant will have a strategy in place by the end of the year to sell products directly to european consumers it's planning to build logistic centers in germany and in france you said his company would consider takeovers to help it expand and take on the likes of amazon. eugene ping has become the first chinese president to visit wanda it's his second stop in africa she aims to further promote china's role as
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one of the continent's biggest investors she and his wife painted were welcomed by wonder's president paul kagame nick and his wife visit comes ahead of an emerging economies summit china is heavily involved in building infrastructure on the continent including a new railway line in kenya that project as many critics. these animals roam freely barely seven kilometers outside kenya's capital nairobi but their own restricted lifestyle is in danger to kenya's contracted to china roads and bridges cooperation to extend and modernize the rift valley railway the first leg connecting mombasa nairobi was completed in twenty seventeen the second leg willing kenya to neighboring uganda and cuts right through the national park all that. noise on top of you is going to make the park the animals or maybe the beauty of production. and the park whereby animals can walk in and walk out.
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of it i'm afforded a few of the men and i know we're employed here conservationists have been fighting the railways since twenty sixteen to no avail construction after the second black began in march despite a court order halting the project. an elevated track perched on pillars will run across six kilometers of the park officials insist the animals will still be able to roam freely that it was supposed to be and more. area and there's a cordon before while but also as development activities in the country we cannot really say are we having a development. the rift valley railway is kenya's biggest. press truck to project since independence and the government hopes the fossil transport link will give the economy a boost. chinese railways roads and towns are up at least changing
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landscapes across africa i'm down to the writing the continents in the strand his nation they also summoned beijing sent florence. and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. germany's world cup winning midfielder. has quit the national football team said he faced racist and on to disrespect over a meeting with the turkish president type at a wound back in may. the watching the news coming to you live from berlin the more coming up again at the top of the hour i mean time don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web sites that state of new dot com thanks for joining us.
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on. our friendship and i turn. this year off right away while. you're away. sunning themselves. seem to be choosing is a favorite pastime of the lambs great series but it's a constant safety risk for new moms is there any way to protect these from. meeting creatures without disrupting a large diamond or. to borrow to do next d w.
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beyond a change has been sentenced a nice america but the neo nazi terrorists did not act alone. a full on as received lesser sentence say it's the full man who provided significance a pool if. you want a somewhat with them no tents. gemini's rightwing terror network the amnesty on trial. in forty five minutes on the. iran. wants an isolated theocracy and now a major power in the middle east. airlines influence continues to grow politically economically and above all militarily. does
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iran truly want peace with. the countries of homes of their towns isolate. iran from fiachra see regional superpower start aug first on g.w. to. allow and welcome to tomorrow today this time we're looking at the amazing things animals get opportunity and what we can learn from them. we make some seals who call them surely. from an all seed we had in london and catch up with some trouble some people. and we find out how bugs are helping scientists develop drugs for humans.


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