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this is deja vu news live from berlin pakistan votes in divisive parliamentary elections millions are casting ballots after a campaign marred by violence and controversy the military has pledged to ensure a free and fair vote but many have accused them of tipping the scales we'll go live to islamic. greece in mourning after wildfires killed dozens rescuers are searching land and sea for survivors after a fast moving fires left at least seventy four dead it's the country's worst fire in a decade with the death toll stuck to rise we'll bring you the latest from athens.
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tour de france french mint is really on a friday when state sixteen after an eventful day in the period. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us the polls have opened in pakistan's general election after a divisive campaign it is a close race between former cricket star imran khan and shahbaz sharif he is the brother of former prime minister now us and was among the first to vote in the eastern city of lahore tens of millions of pakistanis will vote today it is set to mark the country's second democratic transfer of power but will the poll be fair the influential military has been accused of interference and of favoring khan over sharif and there's already been violence on election day that after a campaign during which more than one hundred seventy people including several candidates were killed. armed soldiers like these are some of the roughly
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three hundred seventy thousand troops deployed across the country not only are they guarding polling centers but are also helping with general security duties. their mission preventing incidents like this from occurring again this was the scene after a suicide bomber targeted the convoy of political candidates in the southwestern province of the looters tom one hundred forty nine people were killed in the attack that took place ten days ago. besides normal security duties officers have also been given expanded powers they can punish individuals for illegal acts committed inside polling stations. human rights groups are concerned they have already complained of the army's alleged interference in the electoral process. on the investigation get it out and all the buchtel anti gun fund that it is it then there's
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a lot of game that you're looking at as the end of. the intimidation of journalists is believed to have served the campaign of this man former cricket star in one count of the movement for justice party the sixty five year old has vowed to track down on corruption. what it says about it for we will deliver justice to the masses regardless of them being a hindu or christian all sikh regardless of the marine corps or from different provinces or from coffee or stock supérieure bank now we know of his closest rival is shahbaz sharif brother of the ousted former prime minister no of us or reef currently in jail on corruption charges. but in the head to head race between counting sharif this man could prove to be kingmaker below why but it's
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a diary of the left leaning pakistan people's party the son of slain prime minister benazir bhutto he is looking to revive the fortune of his party. some observers have called this election the dirtiest in recent memory but for ordinary people on the street their hopes are far more grounded. the country is economically weak at the moment it is standing at the verge of bankruptcy one thing is sure that whichever government comes it will be faced with challenges but we hope whatever government comes it will recover pakistan from a fall. apart let's bring in conrad she is on the line for us from the pakistani capital islamabad hi niamey a polling stations have opened in pakistan what are you seeing where you are. yes facing off open for a couple of hours we've been to a couple of polling stations both you know trickling in we thought of quite
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a few voters and they seem to be divided supporters or as we heard in the piece p.m.i. lead and also from a quick imraan khan. yes but we are seeing is going underway in turning up at the polls now i mean we mentioned the lead up to this vote has been marked by accusations of the military meddling behind the scenes let's listen to what pakistan's ambassador to germany had to tell me about the vote. this would be deterred consecutive polls that we having are in a fully democratic dispensation and i have no doubt in my mind that this would be a free and fair pool is a level playing field for everyone and peg sunny's for the choose the new government and in china that would bring a new dawn for the country now i mean we heard the ambassador there but the voters you've spoken to do they believe this will be a free and fair vote. well and most of the journalists until
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a tickle analysts i've spoken to a very clear that this is not a free and says those on the on someone has been reading the elections the coverage of the pm l.n. is very much different it's very hard generalists of talk to receiving intimidating phone calls but on social media if they get too much coverage to know us to read policy it definitely is a free and fair playing field in the run up but the big question is does that make a difference because let's remember that faith inc the pakistan of a feudal. terror of both and sold a lot of people vote for whoever that village strongman tells them to so the big question is whether this meddling whether this insufficient really makes a big difference outside of they educated classes in the biggest cities hands and i mean just very briefly if you can looking at the candidates why does the military appear to favor imran khan. that is the very big question i mean it's now us aris has been improving or try to improve relations with on tribal india that one of the
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explanations it's also one of the another explanation is heard a lot is that the army is sick of the corruption imran khan is telling him for his anti corruption say that might be one of the explanations but it's really in a guessing game because it's incredibly hard to get the army on record to w.'s not only conrad reporting for us from islamabad thank you very much thank you. let's catch up now on some other stories making headlines around the world boys from the football team rescued from a flooded cave in thailand have been ordained as novice buddhist monks they're honoring the memory of the navy diver who died while trying to save the boys had their heads shaved for the occasion and will spend more than a week living in a monastery. in laos hundreds of people are missing and many are feared dead after a giant hydroelectric dam collapsed it happened in the remote province of pool in the country's southeast more than six thousand people are reported to be homeless after several villages were hit by flash floods with greece has begun three days
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of mourning for the victims of the country's worst fire disaster in a decade fast moving fire swept through densely populated areas near the capital killing at least seventy four people and the death toll is likely to rise rescuers are still says scouring for survivors meanwhile many have begun returning home to take scope of the damage. day after disaster struck in the seaside village of monte. survivors return to their properties to begin the cleanup their homes may be wrecked but still they know they are the lucky ones he says have been in them a day the fire was just fifty meters away we grabbed our dogs and ran my skin you if you but yeah but fire was chasing us whoever managed to leave in time did so the person right behind me when i drove out didn't make it the fire took him and melted
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him out of it but did it with the i get down i guess it was the beginning. in other parts of mighty emergency workers went about the gruesome task of recovering the remains of those who perished on a bluff above the coast twenty six bodies were found huddled together in the courtyard of a villa. in a show mothers don't carry on they were in groups of three and full of it looked like they were friends and families who are trying to protect themselves. or in the tsunami. it's not yet clear how many more the fast moving fire traps on monday night authorities expect the death toll to climb further many survivors only found safety by the sea the coast guard and other boats evacuated almost seven hundred people from smoke filled beaches another one thousand survivors and six parties were found floating off the coast. but tuesday in the fires near athens were under control and teams were working to put out the
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last hot spots but officials warned the new blazes could erupt at any time in the tinder dry terrain. let's bring in journalist george just a couple of he joins us on the line from athens georgia bring us up to date on the rescue operations and how the wind is affecting the situation this morning. good morning after the rescue operation. for the. frantic away people are trying to find any survivors on the shore and off shore on land and i can see but it's very difficult to find any people anymore after more than thirty six hours from that great disaster the weather has been quite helpful because various hardly anyone in the area where we are located right now a few kilometers away it looks like it's going to be sunny with
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a few showers later in the day but the rescue operations are going to head door to door in the hope. some hope that someone may still be there and can be tested and george tell us more there's been speculation as to the cause of these fires. there have been rumors that the fire. started on purpose but there is nothing concrete about. either fire only the west side over of a capital because there has been of one person detained a suspect for arson however very little bit of this one has got to be there so we get the forces that are on the president in the area journalists georgia church a couple of joining us from athens thank you very much thank you. european commission president shanghai juncker is meeting today with u.s.
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president donald trump at the white house it's a bid to head off a looming transatlantic trade war ahead of the talks the u.s. president fired off a tweet here are calling on both parties to quote drop all terrorist barriers and subsidies that would be finally be called free market and fair trade the u.s. presence there on twitter that washington is threatening to expand its tariffs to cars after slapping levies on steel and aluminum the e.u. has responded in kind of these brussels correspondent karen has this look at what's at stake. it's a tweet that struck brussels like a thunderbolt trade wars are good and easy to win that's the message the american president sent over the atlantic on march first a week later came this announcement today i'm defending america's national security by placing tariffs on foreign imports of steel and aluminum the e.u. meant to get a temporary exemption but china was ready to retaliate. we don't want to trade
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war with the u.s. or with any other country but if china's interests are damaged then we'll have to take measures to defend our interests. on april second china announced punitive tariffs on one hundred twenty eight u.s. products while the e.u. still try to convince trump to change its mind the president the president will decide we had an exchange of views on the current state of affairs of the negotiations we have to deal with common global challenges regarding of trade regarding. so important security issues it's impossible to make any trade war but it was all in bahrain on june first the u.s. also introduced tariffs on european steel and on the menu the e.u. commission's response came swiftly this is a better day for the work which untreated unknowns in the next coming hours counterbalancing measures what they can do we are able to do exactly. the same on
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june twenty second the e.u. put levies on jeanne's peanut butter whiskey and motorbikes trump in turn is now considering whether to impose have to levies on european vehicles so can the president of the european commission find an exit door from an all out trade war i asked any you expert i don't think that you should try to go shoot with mr trump i don't think this is the right time for that and quite frankly i don't think that would help what is important is the fun of the system and tools as they exist and try and point out the obvious namely the trade was a very very damaging younger as no concrete proposal to take to the u.s. its primary goal is to calm tensions with washington for the first time in decades global free trade looks like it's under serious threat it's unsettling unless of course you are convinced that you will just win trade wars aren't so bad. as the head of the global globalization and world economy program at the german
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council on foreign relations she joins us in our studio good morning cloudy and rainy so trade for us are not so bad as we heard donald trump say there what's your take sheet more as a parent. i think and then there's no one can we can then not easy to when everybody is suffering so exactly the opposite is true ok so completely different perspective there what can the e.u. realistically expect here from this meeting between junk like euchre and donald trump after the president we have to remember called the european union a foal when it comes to trade. i know we have never heard that before because we have the teats of discussions in germany and we were always promoting that us as a partner that we share many values so to hear that we have photo and trade is something completely unexpected we cannot expect very much from this meeting because he is very interested in imposing tariffs he sees the european union union truly as a foe he really wants to you pinioning to treat to change its trade policy so what
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do you pinion union will try is to deescalate to calm the relationship and to be able to talk under more and neutral level we're not insulting each other but i'm not even sure that best that this will work out because you twisted already that he really likes terrorists and to do things the e.u. has treated us unfairly for decades so i'm not sure you were to change anything but it's another try to open up the dialogue again so that i like doesn't work we could likely see the us then impose tariffs on cars from europe for example how much would that affect the european union and germany in particular germany is an export oriented country and we are our kind astri is very central to our economy. has targeted germany since the beginning we have a huge straight surplus with the united states and he has targeted b.m.w. mercedes in the car industry he has threatened to impose tariffs that started already ready last year everybody is telling him that car tears over really bad
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idea that's not only germany that's the whole e.u. and the whole american come a cars themselves so they had a hearing at the u.s. department of commerce for basically everyone was telling him it's a very bad idea but he's very intent on doing that especially in fact before the midterm elections he won some major wins or show people that he cares for the u.s. industry so it's very very hard to distract him from that even though the majority of companies and people are against the copy because tariffs he said yourself are seeing a new era if you will of transatlantic relations definitely new rhetoric we've also seen the e.u. forging new alliances for example with japan are we seeing the start of a new global trade order. well we still have the w t o we still care for the deputy oh but time does not only threaten e.u. and other trading partners but also the multilateral organisation we have the problem with the appellate but if we have other problems in the context of the w d o so it is it is really under threat even though the you tries to rescue some part
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of this organization but what the e.u. does is we have a strong trading policy we are a strong trade partner and we will look elsewhere if we don't have the u.s. as a trading partner for an agreement we still trade with the united states we look for other partners who share our values who share our interests in free trade agreements our largest agreement now was completed with japan but this is not the only one we have and modernization of the agreement with mexico we have agreements with other countries we have agreements started with those two you know new zealand so we are really looking elsewhere outside of the united states right claudia smucker from the german council on foreign relations thank you very much for sharing your insight with us this morning thank you very much right to sports now and there was no shortage of drama on tuesday in the tour de france stage sixteen was briefly interrupted by a protest with several writers requiring medical attention farmers tried to block
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the road with bales of hay police attempting to control the demonstration inadvertently sprayed several writers with pepper spray but the peloton continued after a brief delay. the first peyronie's stage of this year's tour two hundred eighty kilometers took the riders from carcasses to barnyard. after a scrappy beginning a large group formed up front. for the climb to the cold day port a day esp a mountain pass felipe jill bear attack and reach the top first on the descent however he misjudged and went over a low stone wall. after one hundred eighty kilometers the tour entered spain as the writers made their last climb of the stage britain's adam gates lay. on his tail was giuliani other fully. less than ten kilometers from the finish line disaster struck yates hit the deck when his final descent giving freshmen julian alef a lead the chance to whiz by and win his second stage of the two. zero to the two
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as it were the president you know a lot of pain in my legs i think for everybody but. i cannot believe. for the second time today the overall ranking remains unchanged get right time is of team sky retains the yellow jersey. right time for some business news not with monica monica some trouble for european vacation or so certainly if they wanted to fly soon they because ryan air staff going on strike for two days in a row the walkout will affect more than six hundred of ryan as almost two and a half thousand daily flights on wednesday and on thursday staff in spain portugal italy and belgium will participate in the workout the airlines pilots are demanding more transparent systems for promotions and transfers while cabin crew hope to push through better working conditions such as highest salaries. for the very
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latest let's cross over to marcus burnished who is standing by for us at madrid. international airport marcus tell me what's the situation like there and there were negotiations last night how did all that play out well it looks like a normal day here in madrid people are coming presenters are boarding the airplanes even they're rowing up as you can see in the background ryanair counters there were flights canceled around this five four hundred for the two days of today and tomorrow but the people who are showing up here seem to fly can go to their destinations more than fifty thousand people were affected and the company says they were rebooked to other flights or they got their money back so what's the next step now if if you were a holiday maker i mean what are people telling you to do how is this playing out.
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well the problem here is the ministry of transport the spanish one puts a minimum services so the labor unions are quite unsatisfied because many of the impact they expected. were canceled really because there's no effect directly they are already thinking in the future they will take these two days of strike but after these two days they call it creative actions passengers who will fly from or to spain portugal or belgium have to be prepared that there will be sudden cancellations. there reporting for us from madrid international airport on the runway on strike thank you so much. but as we heard earlier the head of the european commission john clode yorker is in washington to meet with u.s.
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president donald trump today trying to stave off an increasingly heated transatlantic trade dispute trump accuses the e.u. of an unfair trade plus against us and when it comes to goods he is right in twenty seventeen the e.u. sent one hundred and fifty three billion dollars more goods to the u.s. than it imported in return but when it comes to services and you can scaly see this feel like banking insurance and the revenues of multinational corporations such as google and amazon the u.s. stocks up a one hundred sixty seven billion dollars surplus putting the trade balance in favor of the u.s. by an impressive fourteen billion dollars. there is food for thought when younger and trump meet later today and they should also remember that trade conflicts are nothing new but this time the stakes are especially high. when protectionist policies lead to a cycle of tariffs and retaliatory measures negotiations fail and
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a country prioritize its own economic interests to the detriment of others then it's a trade war in the past military conflicts often form the backdrop today the focus is usually purely economic either way the effects can be devastating. in eighteen zero six napoleon issued a european ban on trading with britain but rather than being brought to its knees britain sought new markets inside the america ironically it was the french economy that suffered because it no longer had access to the british marcus in eight hundred thirty nine a trade imbalance between britain and china and that the first opium war at the time china's exports to britain were far higher than it imports. by the end of the war china had become acquired colony of the western powers.
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the nine hundred thirty smoot hawley act duties on goods imported to the us it's a must to ease the fallout of black friday but affected countries responded with retaliatory tariffs and this isolationist approach ultimately made it harder for the us to recover from the great depression. after world war two many nations signed the general agreement on tariffs and trade that was followed by the establishment of the world trade organization global trade boomed like never before . now another trade war appears to be brewing us president donald trump's tariffs on imports from canada mexico the e.u. and china have led to anger retaliatory measures the w t o warns that if tyrants return to the levels they were just after the second world war around sixty percent of global trading will grind to
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a halt and will affect us all. and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. pakistan has begun voting in parliamentary elections the poll kids the policy of the ousted prime minister against former cricket's taught in iran khan the military has been accused of favoring khan in the vote. and to donald trump has called for the e.u. and the us to remove trade barriers as he prepares to host european commission presidential. in a tweet he said schultz dropped all cherish the areas. you're watching news coming to you live from berlin and more coming up of the top of the hour don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our website www dot com thanks for watching.
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