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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 25, 2018 9:00am-9:30am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin pakistan is voting and divisive parliamentary elections millions are casting their ballots after a campaign filled with controversy the military has pledged to ensure a free and fair vote but there has already been deadly violence at a polling station we'll go live to islamabad. a nation in mourning after wildfires killed dozens of rescuers in greece are searching land and sea for survivors after the fires left at least seventy four dead as the country's worst fire in a decade we'll bring you the latest from athens and in the tour de france french
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victory on a philippe when stage sixteen after an eventful day in the here and. i'm going to have you with us the polls have opened in pakistan's general election after a divisive campaign it is a close race between former cricket star imran khan and shahbaz sharif the brother of former prime minister not and was among the first to vote in the eastern city of lahore tens of millions of pakistanis will vote today it's set to mark the country second democratic transfer of power but will be fair the influential military has been accused of interference and of favoring overshirt reef and there's already been violence on election day that after a campaign during which more than one hundred seventy people including several candidates were killed. armed soldiers like these are some of the roughly three
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hundred seventy thousand troops deployed across the country not only are they guarding polling centers but are also helping with general security duties. their mission preventing incidents like this from occurring again this was the scene after a suicide bomber targeted the convoy of political candidates in the southwestern province of baluchistan one hundred forty nine people were killed in the attack that took place ten days ago. besides normal security duties officers have also been given expanded powers they can punish individuals for illegal acts committed inside polling stations. human rights groups are concerned they have already complained of the army's alleged interference in the electoral process. which is investigation get it out and all debacle and he can fund that and if it is it then there's
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a lot of game that you're looking at as the end of. the intimidation of journalists is believed to have served the campaign of this man former cricket star in one count of the movement for justice party the sixty five year old has vowed to track down on corruption. what it says about it for we will deliver justice to the masses regardless of them being a hindu all christian or sikh regardless of the being poor all from different provinces all from coffee to stock soup we're going to see great movie although his closest rival is shahbaz sharif brother of the ousted former prime minister novice or reef currently in jail on corruption charges. but in the head to head race between khan and sharif this man could prove to be kingmaker below while both it's a diary of the left leaning pakistan people's party
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a son of slain prime minister benazir bhutto he is looking to revive the fortune of his party. some observers have called this election the dirtiest in recent memory but for ordinary people on the street their hopes are far more grounded. the country is economically weak at the moment it is standing at the verge of bankruptcy one thing is sure that whichever government comes it will be faced with challenges but we hope whatever government comes it will recover pakistan from a fall. let's bring in conrad shoes in the pakistani capital islamabad following the vote for us hein iommi there been reports about a deadly bomb blast outside a polling station what are you hearing. yes we've been hearing these reports too i was just on the phone with a local correspondent who's actually at the site he's outside the polling station
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he said it's an incredibly chaotic people being evacuated he said the death toll is likely to rise there were helicopters circling above and it's incredibly chaotic it's a very sensitive area he said they were expecting some kind of violence some kind of blast and then in the end it happened now as we were saying you know pakistan's military has been accused of manipulating the election campaign behind the scenes let's listen to what pakistan's ambassador to germany had to tell me about the vote this would be the third consecutive polls to having or in a fully democratic dispensation and i have no doubt in my mind that this would be a free and fair pool there's a level playing field for everyone and pakistanis to choose the new government and in that would bring a new dawn for the country right now i mean from your experience reporting there how free and fair is this voice vote going to be
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or if it looks like we have lost our connection there to niamey conrod our correspondent reporting in islamabad we apologize for the quality of that line. moving on to some other news now greece has begun three days of mourning for the victims of the country's worst fire disaster in a decade fast moving fire swept through densely populated areas of the capital killing at least seventy four people and the death toll is likely to rise rescuers are still scouring for survivors meanwhile many have begun returning home to take stock of the damage. the day after disaster struck in the seaside village of monte. just survivors return to their properties to begin the cleanup their homes may be wrecked but still they know they are the lucky ones he said. the fire was just fifty meters away we grabbed our dogs and ran my skin you if you but yeah but fire
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was chasing us whoever managed to leave in time did so the person right behind me when i drove out didn't make it the fire took them and melted him out of it but today put the i get down to your service and to gain. in other parts of my t. emergency workers went about the gruesome task of recovering the remains of those who perished on a bluff above the coast twenty six bodies were found huddled together in the courtyard of a villa. in a show mothers don't carry on they were in groups of three and full of it looked like they were friends and families who are trying to protect themselves. or in the tsunami. it's not yet clear how many more the fast moving fire trapped almost seven hundred people from smoke filled beaches another one thousand survivors and six parties were found floating off the coast. but tuesday in the fires near athens were under control and teams were working to put
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out the last hot spots but officials warned the new blazes could erupt at any time in the tinder dry terrain. let's get the latest on this story we can speak to journalist george just a couple of he joins us on the line from athens hi george bring us up to date on the rescue operations and how the wind has been affecting the situation this morning. it's good morning lester patients are over growing at a fast pace. at sea and the land. squads are going from door to door trying to find any people who may have been inside either dead or alive in the hope that they will find some survivors however . it was gone almost forty eight hours since the wildfire that has killed seventy seven people in the very still no official least over missing person as we get some something like reports of some one hundred thousand people but there's still no
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official this case the weather has improved there's hardly any wind and in this small rekindling of the fire close to the tragic location over is under control george we saw a report that some people are returning home to tell us more about the damage that they're facing they're facing. a huge task over trying to clean up the body as they face destruction in the face. of this can be any infrastructure left very secure the services are pending and the big when you have to wait for two weeks for what is a day and. for any trace of the supply securing purposely is now under way and. there is also people are still looking for their loved ones to visit the tragic story of a father who has been looking for he's two nine year old twin daughters who he saw
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on t.v. talking rescued at sea my fishing boat they are alive and he's first of his searching for information from anyone to make i've seen them possibly in a hospital you know george among this tragedy there's also been speculation of the cause of these fires we've heard prime minister alexis tsipras suggesting that some of the places might have been started by arsonists what can you tell us about that . convict makes. or tragic actually very friendly any evidence of a boat out however if you suspicious started the fire started this way. we've overlooked or ways for that's when fires get started when another fire is underway it's going to. george you know how are greek authorities dealing with these relief efforts and helping people. they cover the ground.
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over relief for them. exempt. writeoffs there's also this concern i guess the authorities by people looking forward to speak or criminal negligence by the state. no evacuation plans by the state to help them but at least there is very. good over here not from the european commission about your money the d.n.a. the chris christie i mean there's a pretty huge corporation with. those medications because from neighboring countries right ga ga couple us a journalist joining us on the line from athens thank you very much for that update thank you not some other stories making headlines around the world in syria at least twenty seven people have been killed in a suicide attack targeting the southern city of psuedo the syrian observatory for
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human rights says it was the deadliest attack by the so-called islamic state for months a mexican editor has been playing at the beach resort appliance and condiment ruben past was the second to journalist on the playa news to be killed in a month past reported on crime in the city which is located in an area with a soaring rate of violence due to drug gang. boys from the football team rescued from a flooded cave in thailand have been ordained as novice buddhist monks there honoring the memory of the navy diver who died while trying to save them the boys had their heads shaved for the occasion and will spend more than a week living in a monastery. in laos rescuers continue their search for missing villagers in a flooded area after a newly built hydroelectric dam collapsed on monday one of the companies working on that dam said that an earlier an earthen accelerate dam at the project got swept away on sunday night after the after heavy rains more than six thousand people have reportedly been left homeless and let's bring in bangkok based correspondent freed
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explore he has more on the story for us if you can here is that how is laos doing with these rescue efforts well the authorities say that it's a very very difficult situation you have to know that this area where the disaster happened is very remote and plus we have rainy season right now and sars is asia so the few roads that actually leads to this disaster area they are muddy. they are too to pass and this really is a big big challenge for the rescue authorities firefighters and everybody who was involved they have some off some neighboring countries have offered their support stalin vietnam they might stop us. and also specialists to that area but of course it's a very very difficult situation for the authorities and we have reports that still three thousand people are waiting to be rescued so they are sitting on roofs they
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are sitting on trees the area below beneath them is flat it's and so but clearly it's a dangerous situation for them pretty rich talking about a huge number of people who've been affected here and we understand that the damage actually appeared in the hydroelectric dam the day before the collapse so why weren't villages downstream evacuated. well that's one of the question that is being race right now it's probably about twenty four hours before the disaster happens the democrats appear at the company sas and also the authorities say that the willage is downstream of the dam have been warrants. it's not clear how intensely intensively they have been won and how quickly this morning came if you look at the huge disaster now and the huge the huge mass of people that is affected right now it seems that the warning came too
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late wasn't intense enough and that's also what a lot of human rights or activists groups such as river international what they what they claim now and they criticize the government for that not laois has an ambitious plan to build a lot more dams has this disaster changed that. well right now and nothing indicates that other projects being stopped or that they will be reviewed. the thing is that this is a very important. for. the idea to become the battery of asia is one of the key element of the devil open plan of this very very poor country they have always been debates about safety issues environmental issues around these dam projects right now it doesn't seem or there hasn't been any statement issued that this approach that projects will be stopped but hopefully.
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this cat house if you now leads to the fact that some of the projects are all projects will have to review their safety measures and fredrik as relief efforts continue what are neighboring countries doing to help. well right now i just heard that countries like vietnam they offered help holland also offered help they offered for example to send their helicopters which is quite beneficial because it's a very real road area and there are many roads so as far as we know the lao authorities are in contact with the neighboring countries also without korea send helicopters and this is because the. korean company has been shareholder of the dam project so of course the korean government and the company also trying to help those people now right correspondent fred explore speaking to us from bangkok thank you very much you.
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now there was no shortage of drama on tuesday in the tour de france stage sixteen was briefly interrupted by a protest with several riders requiring medical attention farmers tried to block the road with bales of hay police attempting to control the demonstration inadvertently sprayed several lighter writers with pepper spray but the peloton continued after a brief delay. the first peyronie's stage of this year's tour at two hundred eighty kilometers took the riders from carcass on to barnyard. after a scrappy beginning a large group formed up front. on the climb to the cold day port a day esp a mountain pass felipe jill bear attack and reached the top first on the descent however he misjudged and went over a low stone wall. after one hundred eighty kilometers the tour entered spain as the riders made their last climb of the stage britain's adam gates lead. on his tail
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was giuliani. less than ten kilometers from the finish line disaster struck yates hit the deck on his final descent giving freshmen giuliano felipe the chance to whiz by in win his second stage of the two was the day to as a president you know a lot of pain in my legs i think everybody but. i can admit even. for the second time today the overall ranking remains unchanged get right thomas of team sky retains the yellow jersey. now we saw some sports monaco to look at you know who is the best footballer in the world will be finding out soon enough because the sport's governing body fifa has released a short list of nominees for the best award of brazil's neymar money he didn't even make the top ten if you can believe that christiana rinaldo one the accolades in
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the past two years will have his former club reigning champions league winners rael madrid now croatia madrid midfielder luke she actually won the golden ball of the world cup best player he's also nominated a few world cup champions are in the mix including rising star killing them buffy and i'm twenty six months the winner will be announced on september twenty fourth in london. and shortlist for the best men's coach award has been released and a handful of them were at the summer's world cup in russia the favorite is the coach of the world cup winners france. made it as well for leading croatia to its first world cup final in russia england's gareth southgate was also named on the shortlist after guiding the national team to a first world cup semifinal and twenty eight years and german liverpool coach jurgen klopp is nominated while the winner will be announced in london also on september twenty fourth. virtue of the game if
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you can her nature of the game is making a sort of game all right monica now it is time to talk some business a little actually but was very interesting to follow all the sports to me thank you for letting me join. or we want to ask you about holiday fewer europeans because it's the summer season and people are going away if you want to fly and if you want to use ryan air sumi then that's going to be tough because right now stuff a going on strike for two days in a row the walkout will affect more than six hundred of ryan as almost two and a half thousand daily flights that's today wednesday and to more with us today staff in spain portugal italy and belgium will participate in the walkout the airlines pilots are demanding more transparent systems for promotions and transfers while captain crew hope to push through better working conditions such as higher salaries and we cross over now for the very latest to our correspondent who's been issue is hopefully standing by madrid. international airport course if you can heard here me there you are just briefly bring us up to date with the
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situation where you are. well the operations here at madrid brothas airport started this morning quite smoothly the first flights ryan air went out without any problems. now there's some struggle because suddenly ryanair had to cancel a flight from madrid to pisa people behind me are queuing up to ask for information for a solution but it seems that today there will be no solution ryan does not have any space left to react and so these people. very probably have to stay here on the ground there are thirty one flights scheduled today from madrid now at least one is canceled but we are still in the morning time and there are flights throw the whole day and we have to see what's going on you know it's a could be
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a disappointing day there for a lot of travelers but i believe that they were negotiations going on between those different parties overnight what's the latest there. where they negotiated during four days they left the room this night without any agreement or. sticks to irish labor regulation. the reapers entity for the thousand eight hundred crewmembers who are operating here from spain they want the company to respect spanish legislation so there is a clash there is no agreement so they split off the strike is going on and the interesting thing will be no water the next steps there will be some protest here in barajas and other spanish airports someone from it. to the passengers and
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the labor unions want to sue you for not respecting the right to strike because. all the one thousand eight hundred crew members of forced to be on standby in these thirteen bases the labor unions already announced they will find other solutions other actions and creative actions so-called to put pressure on. ok markets finished their reporting for us from the ryanair strike and acid impacts people traveling from madrid thank you so much. the european commission president is meeting today with u.s. president on a trump at the white house it's a bitch to head off a looming transatlantic trade war but ahead of those talks donald trump renewed his call for completely free trade the u.s. president fired off this tweet calling on both parties to quote drop all tariffs
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barriers and subsidies that would be finally be called free markets and fair trade to trump right here on twitter. but for now how washington is threatening to expand its terrorists to costs a slap in the levees on steel and on the minium the e.u. has responded in kind matters has this look at what's at stake. it's a tweet that struck brussels like a thunderbolt trade wars are good and easy to win that's the message the american president sent over the atlantic on march first a week later came this announcement today i'm defending america's national security by placing tariffs on foreign imports of steel and aluminum they you managed to get a temporary exemption but china was ready to retaliate one we don't want to trade war with the us or with any other country but if china's interests are damaged then
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we'll have to take measures to defend our interests. on april second china announced punitive tariffs on one hundred twenty eight u.s. products while the e.u. still try to convince trump to change its mind. there president the president will decide we had an exchange of views on the current state of affairs of the negotiations we have to deal with common global challenges regarding our freight regarding so important security issues it's impossible to make any trade war but it was all in vain on june first the u.s. also introduced tariffs on european steel and on the menu the e.u. commission's response came swiftly this is a birthday for the word twit and the knowledge in the next coming hours counterbalancing measures what they can do we are able to do exactly. the same on june twenty second the e.u. put levies on jeanne's peanut butter whiskey and motorbikes trump in turn is now
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considering whether to impose half the levies on european vehicles so can the president of the european commission find an exit door from an all out trade war i asked any you expert i don't think they used to trying to go shit with mr trump i don't think this is the right time for that and quite frankly i don't think that would help what is important is the fun of the system and tools as they exist and try and point out the obvious naming a trade was a very very damaging younger as no concrete proposal to take to the us its primary goal is to calm tensions with washington for the first time in decades global free trade looks like it's under serious threat it's unsettling unless of course you are convinced that you will just win trade wars aren't so bad. facebook is setting up a subsidiary in china and the internet giant finally of tainted license to do business in the country where it's a social media platform is blocked facebook says it's establishing
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a takeup to support chinese developers and startups the company has created similar initiatives and other markets facebook's main business model has recently come under pressure due to concerns over privacy and data protection. and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. pakistan has begun voting in parliamentary elections the poll pits the policy of the ousted prime minister against former pickett's top iran khan the military has been accused of favoring khan in the bunch. you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin well coming up at the top of the hour. move.
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