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this is the debate is live from berlin it's official imran khan has won pakistan's general election he's promising a new pakistan but first a former cricket star will have to seek out allies to form a coalition government. also coming up a pill that protects against china beat as infection rates around the world continue to rise we meet one man who says the press has freed him from the fear of catching the virus. also coming up will you be one of the lucky ones to catch sight of this the longest total lunar eclipse of the twenty first century begins tonight
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and it will feature a blood moon find out what's behind the spectacular astronomical look that. i'm sumi so much going to good to have you with us in pakistan the official results are in and they show that former cricket star imran khan has won the country's election his party will take one hundred nine seats in the national assembly compared to just sixty three one by its nearest rival khan is still short of an outright majority though so has to seek out allies to form a coalition government that process is likely to take several days. jubilation in islamabad supporters of a monk khan's p.t.i. party took to the streets to celebrate what they deemed to be a change in direction for pakistan as promised by the ellida.
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the we will run pakistan like it's never been run before but we will give it the government it has never had before. and we will start with ourselves we will be transparent and clean or sod. his supporters may be celebrating tonight but without an outright majority in one can still has potentially tough coalition talks in front of him and pakistan may still have to wait a while for its new government. a scenario that may prove difficult with the p.p.p. party of the chosen dari and the pm l. led by the brother of disgraced former prime minister now a sheriff claiming it wasn't a fair vote that. this is blatant rigging results based on rigging would lead to it repairable loss we do not accept it we reject it. but it's everyday issues that concern many ordinary pakistanis. main issue is
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education system and if a positive change can be made here i am very confident a change will come to pakistan that is what i'm planning on khan has promised a lot to the people of the huge number of votes that people gave him is because he can do what others feel to do for them he should deliver on his promises and he should do a lot for the masses he should deliver now or else his situation will be worse than that of love australia if. by she. a warning that for now at least is drowned out in the euphoria of victory. today he is not only conrad is covering the elections for us in islamabad i spoke to her earlier and asked her to bring us up to date. the big question is what happens today we've got two very important events coming up one is the press conference later on in the day of the electoral observer mission so whether they
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indeed call these elections for your fair will have a big impact on what the opposition parties decide to do another thing is a meeting of all the parties except for the p.t. where they discuss what strategy to take and as one of the high ranking peter mullan members told me yesterday all options are on the table meaning they might be able to move belie supporters depending on what they do so a very tense day and it remains to be seen what happens later in the day what about for iran cargo he's promised to tackle issues that are important to the voters but he is the candidate who was a favorite by the military in this vote so how much freedom will we have to do so with the military influence in politics. whether to do things that elected politicians can't touch that's foreign policy and defense policy but that's always been the case in the history of pakistan the one issue that he's was really central in his campaign which was corruption fighting corruption is very much aligned to what the military wants to see the military says there's too much
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corruption in the country they want that stamp out so he's aligned bear the other the other big issues like poverty alleviation election the electricity crisis i think he will have a pretty fair and free hands to tackle those issues what do you think are the biggest challenges that he faces as he seeks to take over the reins. well there are huge there's a myriad of domestic challenges including security the economy poverty alleviation but there's also the question of foreign policy the question of will pakistan and the u.s. improve their toys which were broken early old early on in the year when the u.s. suspended aids because of its because it said pakistan continued to support militants in the country and outside of the country there's also the question of pakistan's role with india with afghanistan and of course the question of how much . closer ties with china become so much of domestic and international challenges that the future probably future prime minister among con will have to deal with now
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i mean just briefly for cameron kind is also been criticized for making friends with islamic extremists in pakistan what role did this they play in this election. well actually they didn't do well let's hold it was a fear that very hard school islamists might do very well in these elections faced a field of a lot of candidates but a lot of people's relief they didn't do well at school or i did conrad reporting for us from islamabad thank you very much. now to some other stories making news around the world greek authorities have said a deadly wildfire in a coastal resort near athens was started deliberately the minister of public order said there were serious indications of criminal activity concerning arson at least eighty two people were killed in that fire rescuers are still searching for more bodies as residents blame the government for the high death toll saying it lacked an affective disaster plan. cambodia's prime minister hun sen has hailed his
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success in eliminating what he called traitors ahead of this weekend's general election he made those comments at a rally in phnom penh on the final day of campaigning the election promises to be an easy victory for one sen after the supreme court dissolved the soul serious opposition party in november. and in poland thousands of protesters took to the streets to rally against a new law that gives the government greater powers over the country's judiciary the law effectively allows the ruling p i ask party to take control of the country's supreme court protesters claim this violates judicial independence polish president signed the measure into law on thursday. that north korea has handed over the remains of american soldiers killed in the korean war which rob raged from one nine hundred fifty to nine hundred fifty three a u.s. aircraft brought the remains to an air base in south korea the handover which coincides with the sixty fifth anniversary of the war's end follows an agreement
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reached by north korea's leader kim jong un and us president donald trump at their singapore summit in june. let's get more of the story with workers correspondent josh smith who joins us from south korea's capital seoul where he's covering the story hi josh so sixty five years after the end of the korean war these remains are now being returned to the u.s. so is this then a direct result of the summit in singapore between u.s. president trump and kim jong un. it is the return of u.s. soldiers remains was one of four kind of specific bullet points to two leaders agreed on and of those look that's perhaps the most specific and so it's something that the white house definitely was hoping to show some progress on and it's something that north korea is able to do while not touching perhaps some of the more sensitive issues like its nuclear weapons program and so this is a key area that those charged with looking to make progress on to show that they are trying to work together and president trump is hailed this move as
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a great moment how significant is this. it definitely helps him fend off something of a narrative that's been emerging of a lack of progress in the wake of that june summit as you mentioned this is quite an accomplishment something that comes after years of deadlock the last time something like this really happened was back in the nine hundred ninety s. early two thousand and it's something that the obama administration tried to get going again in two thousand and eleven in two thousand and twelve and that fell apart before it even started over disagreements with the north koreans and so this is definitely something that trump has been. praising and we can definitely look forward to him citing this as an accomplishment in the future and josh i think we're going to see further repatriations. that is something that the american certainly want the north koreans are believed to have at least another hundred
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fifty or so sets of remains that they believe may be american troops that they could potentially hand over the united states is also interested in perhaps starting joint missions in which american investigators would actually go to north korea and find more soldiers who were left behind there reuters correspondent josh smith is speaking to us from seoul thank you very much. thank you. the u.s. says hundreds of migrant families separated at the border have not been reunited as a court order deadline to return more than two thousand children to their parents expires the trumpet ministrations policy of detaining migrant children separately from their parents has been widely condemned health professionals in the us are sounding the alarm about the potentially long term damage being done to young people at a vulnerable time in their lives. the lucky few reunited after months of
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not knowing whether they'd ever see their children again. and for others even this moment soon turned to heartbreak after being separated for so long as some parents said their children didn't even recognize. the difficult reunifications we've seen so far have highlighted just how hard it's going to be to bring these children back together with their families and how much damage has already been done by the trumpet ministrations original policy of taking them away from their parents. dr lucy is one of many pediatricians warning of the damage these separations may have caused already she told me extreme stress from such an experience can result in lifelong health problems the younger they are the more vulnerable they are so we see changes in their stress hormones you see changes in their brain development the long term that also can manifest as mental health illnesses so p.t.s.d. anxiety depression kids who've experienced toxic stress actually have higher risk
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of suicide as they get older then the change in the hormones actually causes physical changes in their body so an increased risk of heart disease of diabetes of liver problems increased risk of cancer so why are migrants from central and south america willing to take their chances on exposing their children to this kind of future i think these families would say that they didn't have a choice i have patients a mom who told me that her ten year old son was asked to join a gang and if he didn't that he would be killed have another patient who's a teenage girl who is repeatedly abused and was worried about getting kidnapped and trafficked so on these parents take their kids and other belongings in the middle of the night and they flee they're not thinking that they have a choice now many who thought they'd a skate the worst for a better life in the united states are facing even more trauma. a major international conference on hiv and aids is wrapping up in the netherlands
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experts agree the fight against the epidemic isn't over last year around one point eight million people were newly infected by the virus and rates of hiv infection are rising in around fifty countries health officials have long stressed the use of condoms to prevent hiv infection now there's a new medication known as prep that can significantly reduce people's chances of catching hiv. emanuel is a professional musician and he's hiv negative to keep it that way he relies on prep a medicine that can stop people catching it safely he has to take the great day to stay protected. for a fly on have sort of not till about two years ago i just use condoms. is always risky situations for calling i started to mistrust condoms than i had about prep and it really sounded like a savior. but this is the. i know that. until
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recently the medicine cost as much as eight hundred euros per month in germany alternatively it could be ordered some illegally as a generic struck a broad recently the price of the medicine fell to fifty cures the reason the manufacturers peyton will soon expire demand is high. as had so few honest prep it took my constant fear away nor only in the bedroom but in everyday life it helped me get emotionally intimate again. before a song every potential partner was also a potential danger and a person said to get far the combination of improved hiv therapy and prep has already produced positive results say supporters of the new treatment. is in yet still under the lens and we are now certain that prep can definitely stop new infections in the u.k. the new infections have dropped significantly and we can see the same thing in san
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francisco we can have these successes in germany as well and we therefore you can do it. but the before pill also has its disadvantages doctors say especially if it leads to a decline in the use of condoms the prep. for the high front the prep protects against hiv but it doesn't protect against syphilis are going to rear or other sexually transmitted diseases. teacher use the most difficult to treat and the most severe of these sexually transmitted diseases that's what prep protects against the pap for emmanuelle means freedom freedom from the once life threatening disease called hiv. to sports now in competitive european football was already back under way less than two weeks after the world cup final rb leipzig made light work of swedish club heck in the first leg of their europa league qualifying round new signing matteo squeel was the star scoring
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a sensational strike in lang and i catch an assist to help leipsic record a four no victory there turn like takes place in court on august second. the tour de france entered its third at last stage with thomas holding a reasonably comfortable lead in the overall standings the course gave sprinters a chance to shine on stage eighteen meaning the yellow jersey holder was able to take a backseat a largely flood stage provide a good platform for the tools breakaway specialists and five riders julie took advantage on one hundred seventy kilometer course from treece a base to toe. but says is often the case the peloton suit caught up with twenty kilometers to go the sprinters were ready to take over. a must return suv with producing a perfectly timed to the finish line it was the first stage win for a french team at this year's tour meanwhile garonne thomas tightened his grip on
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the lead is yellow jersey but he's expecting a tougher run in the pyrenees mountains on friday expecting the worst just the guys trying to go in the early break tuck's maybe on top of the and obviously the final climb and. so we're just going to be culture vigilant thomas goes into the final two competitive stages with a lead of just under two minutes. in tennis tops a dominant team of austria has powered into the quarterfinals of the german men's tennis open team you see in the grey here had a little trouble defeating australian john millman six two six two on clay the twenty four year old was runner up in this year's french open and looks in good form looking ahead to next month's u.s. open the next race is chile's nicolas harry for a place in the hamburg semifinal. now how fast can a camel run a city in southern iraq oh well mean find out find out every july at the festival
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of the camel as locals aim to hold on to their heritage to be a bent tourists enjoy the chance to see some camel racing and it's exactly what it sounds like riders racing atop of camels going up to sixty five kilometers an hour through the sahara societies in the region consider camel racing to be an expression of their culture and they say it deserves to be maintained with plans to further develop the competition. now the world is getting ready for the longest total lunar eclipse of the twenty first century the total face when the moon has no direct light from the sun will last for one hour forty two minutes and fifty. when seconds that's when the moon will look red blood note let's look at our map and there i think sure you can see at what time the eclipse will be visible in which part of the world and where and when it will be visible as a partial or a total lunar eclipse and when you see the blood moon but let's hear more from someone who knows best. buy
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a moon or your satellite your moon i circle you an internal but i try to surprise you from time to time with an eclipse. an eclipse is when your planet moves between me and the sun blocking the direct light that otherwise makes me surfer it only happens when i'm full every twenty nine and a half days doesn't happen every time because they are bits you in a slightly slanted path. when the sun the earth and i are lined up i get two different shadows from the earth. you call the larger the penumbra it's the less intense the smaller one is starker it's the human brain i don't always travel through both but when i do you see me in a total lunar eclipse that's when i'm even more amazing than usual i read. how it's your atmosphere splitting the sunlight heading my way in to cover. charge blue
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light waves are scattered. longer red light waves are bent in words and are the only ones to reach me turning the red. lunar eclipse is not so rare but on the twenty seventh of july it will be the longest of the twenty first century. beautiful come take a look. right time for say the first monica as britain's exit from the european union is drawing closer concerns are growing well yes i don't know how much. they can grow through me they've been there for such a long time but now certainly a poll for the times newspaper shows that a majority of britain now favor a second referendum on brics it this is the european union's chief negotiator has cast doubt on british hope for a deal to leave the block by october deadline michel baronies that the e.u.
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would never allow a nonmember to collect customs duties on its behalf britain had proposed doing so as a way to prevent a hard border in ireland above and he said that could threaten the e.u.'s customs union and other key policies britain is set to leave the bloc next march so a deal needs to be in place by october to give national parliaments and elf time to write a fight. well and with bricks teaching up it's not just the political climate that's seeing growing divisions between britain and the continent the heat wave sweeping europe has led to long delays at the channel tunnel temperatures of over thirty degrees overwhelmed the air conditioning aboard some of the trains so cars are forced to wait for cooler carriages but the brits are facing the heat with a stiff upper lip and a continental treat ice cream makers say sales a soaring. if not quite a deal yet more like
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a truce but there is still a sense of relief in europe after u.s. president donald trump and european commission president as anclote agreed to try to take the heat out of the transatlantic trade row the german economy minister hail to the talks as a breakthrough that could avoid a trade war and save millions of jobs but the french government adopted a more cautious tone saying any deal must be limited and benefit both sides. the victory lap has begun in the farm state of iowa u.s. president donald trump celebrated his new trade deal. i mean basically we opened up europe and that's going to be a great thing for europe and it's good but it really going to be a great thing for us and it's going to be a really great thing for a pharmacy before trump and younger appeared in front of the press on wednesday business groups and members of trump's own republican party urged the president to avoid a trade war with results. so
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beans instead of card tariffs following their wins they conversation your promise trump the e.u. would import more u.s. soybeans and american natural gas trump in turn talked of lowering trade barriers it's a deal at the expense of others however trade flows will be rerouted meaning less purchase from china brazil or african countries. and that's exactly what sparked discussion at a w t o meeting thursday evening. the u.s. representative had a few things to explain to his chinese counterpart. for now it seems economic peace has broken out between the e.u. and us but a single tweet could up and did all. these get this is there's skepticism given the loss of trust over the past few months maybe even years we really hope yesterday's agreement will be adhered to. it's a chance for europe to catch its breath but the insecurity remains. a
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new emissions test for cars is causing massive delays folks plans to front the back production of some models and the comic is also renting parking spaces from august to stockpile vehicles that cannot be sold due to bottlenecks caused by the new tests or one option is to use balance long delayed international airport. this b. w. car park is full of its new cars waiting for approval the delivery of up to two hundred fifty thousand cars could be delayed and v.w. is even renting parking space to stockpile them. they have plans to use palin's new airport that hasn't yet opened all the company's own testing grounds costs said to be in the millions. v.w. is testing its cars around the clock against the new w l t p standard this new emissions test takes three times longer than the old one. we've been
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preparing intensively for this for two or three years for v.w. in particular it's just the sheer number of vehicles that's a problem we have to recertify about two hundred models before the deadline it's a huge undertaking because there was all. of the two hundred models v.w. has so far only had three certified to meet the new standard that takes effect in september carmakers b.m.w. and further down the line this bottleneck has forced v.w. to partly shut down production at its main plant involved spoke a spokes person says the slouchy hasn't affected morale for the amount of the mountain in four staff members are supporting the company it's part of their lives so it's a regulation that can be accepted on both sides after the first of september v.w. can't sell any new vehicles without this test so he needs to step things up. a new record for facebook it's suffered to the biggest ever one day loss and dollar value
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for a u.s. company social media giant shed a staggering one hundred twenty billion dollars in market value investors were disappointed by weaker than expected growth partly due to the effect of data privacy scandals facebook's costs are also rising as it focuses on tightening security and improving content. at the annual summit of the brics emerging economies has wrapped up in south africa. member nations issued a joint declaration in favor of multilateral trade a response to protectionist measures taken by u.s. president donald trump the five member nations russia india china and south africa also vowed close economic cooperation with one another brics members represent more than forty percent of the global economy. is a reminder now of the top stories we're following for you. official results show former cricket star has won pakistan's election this party has taken one hundred
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nine seats in the national assembly compared to sixty three one by its nearest rival that's not enough to form a majority government though. will have to seek out allies to form a coalition. north korea has handed over the remains of american soldiers killed in the korean war a u.s. aircraft brought the remains to an air base in south korea the handover follows an agreement reached by north korean leader kim jong or not and u.s. president and. you're watching news coming to you live from berlin well coming up at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's w dot com thanks for joining.
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us. kickoff life. they're ready to risk everything for a new life to marry no one family and see themselves as men in women's bodies. both are having a sex change. and both play soccer how does that affect their lives on and off the field. next.
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it's a pioneering ecological project field tested and or the winning. in garden city in northern iowa it's all about sustainable living. nice frankly over the want to in new york. city but he fell apart that will hopefully find the day to. go at ever got sixty minutes t.w. . iran. wants an isolated geography now a major power in the middle east. airlines influence continues to grow politically economically and above all militarily. does
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iran truly want peace. the countries of holmes have their doubts to isolate. iran from theocracy the cold start aug fifth on d w c. as i've said. it. was neither from. you. it's merinos first time playing for a men's team born as a girl marino has only played on women's teams before three months of testosterone therapy marino has the.


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