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this is the that the news live from berlin it's official iran khan has one pocket sponsor general election he's promising a new pakistan but first a former cricket star will have to seek out allies to form a coalition government also coming up together again but the trauma of the past three months is still fresh we need a father and son who've been reunited by u.s. authorities for hundreds of other children in maine and u.s.
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custody despite a deadline to reunite all families having how. will you be one of the lucky ones to catch sight of this the longest total lunar eclipse of the twenty first century it begins tonight and will feature a blood moon find out what's behind the spectacular astronomical love that. i'm swimming so much on the good to have you with us in pakistan the official results are in and they show the former cricket star imran khan has won the country's election despite a sizable lead khans party is short of an outright majority meaning he will have to seek out allies to form a coalition government the charismatic politician has promised to create a new pakistan and wipe out corruption but his victories dogged by allegations of massive votes working and intimidation. jubilation in islamabad supporters of a monk khan's p.t.i.
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party took to the streets to celebrate what they deemed to be a change in direction for pakistan as promised by the ellida. the pakistan like it's never been run before but we will give it the governance it has never had before. and we will start with ourselves we will be transparent and clean or sod. his supporters may be celebrating tonight but without an outright majority in one can still has potentially tough coalition talks in front of him and pakistan may still have to wait a while for its new government. a scenario that may prove difficult with the p.p.p. party of below all but chose adare and the pm l. led by the brother of disgraced former prime minister now a sheriff claiming it wasn't a fair vote thirty one this is blatant rigging results based on rigging will
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lead to it repairable loss we do not accept it we reject it. but it's every day issues that concern many ordinary pakistanis. main issue is very educational system and if a positive change can be made here i am very confident a change will come to pakistan. when i am planning on khan has promised a lot to the people the huge number of votes that people give him is because you can do what others feel to do for them he should deliver on his promises and he should do a lot for the masses he should deliver now or else his situation will be worse than that. and. a warning that for now at least is drowned out in the euphoria of victory. conrad is covering the elections for us in islamabad i spoke to her earlier and
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asked her to bring us up to date the big question is what happens today we've got two very important events coming up one is the press conference later on in the day of the e.u. electoral observer mission so whether they indeed call these elections for your fair will have a big impact on what the opposition parties decide to do another thing is a meeting of all the parties except for the p.t. where they discuss what strategy to take and as one of the high ranking members told me yesterday all options are on the table meaning they might be able to move supporters depending on what they do so a very tense day and it remains to be see what happens later on in the day no matter what about four in run time you know he's promised to tackle issues that are important to the voters but he is the candidate who was a favorite by the military in this vote so how much freedom will we have to do so with the military the influence in politics. over two things that elected politicians can't touch that's foreign policy and defense policy but that's always been the case in the history of pakistan the one issue that he's was really
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central in his campaign which was corruption fighting corruption is very much aligned to what the military wants to see the military says there's too much corruption the country they want that stamped out so he's aligned bad. other the other big issues like poverty alleviation like the electricity crisis i think he will have a pretty fair and free hands to tackle those issues what do you think are the biggest challenges that he faces as he seeks to take over the reins. well they're huge there's a myriad of domestic challenges including security the economy poverty alleviation but there's also the question of foreign policy the question is will pakistan and the u.s. improve their toys which will break in early zero on in the year when the u.s. suspended aids because of it because it said pakistan continue to support militants in the country and outside of the country there's also the question of pakistan's role with india with afghanistan and of course the question of how much closer ties
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between the become so for a lot of domestic and international challenges that the future probably future prime minister imran khan will have to deal with now we just briefly for cameron kind of also been criticized for making friends with islamic extremists in pakistan what role did this they play in this election. well actually they didn't do well at all there was a fear that very hard school islamists might do very well in these elections they fielded a lot of candidates but a lot of people's relief they didn't do well at school. reporting for us from islamabad thank you very much. now to some other stories making news around the world north korea has handed over the remains of american soldiers killed in the korean war which range from one hundred fifty to one hundred fifty three a u.s. aircraft brought the remains to an air base in south korea the handover follows an agreement reached by north korean leader kim jong un and u.s.
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president donald trump at a meeting in singapore in june. cambodia's prime minister hun sen those hailed his success in eliminating what he called traitors ahead of this weekend's general election he made the comments at a rally in phnom penh on the final day of campaigning the. election promises to be an easy victory for one second after the supreme court dissolved the so serious opposition party in november. greek authorities have set a deadly wildfire in a coastal resort near athens was started deliberately the minister of public order said there were serious indications of criminal activity concerning arson at least eighty two people were killed in a fire rescuers are still searching for more bodies as residents blame the government for the high death toll saying it lacked an effective disaster plan. and in poland thousands of protesters took to the streets to rally against a new law that gives the government greater powers over the country's judiciary the last actively allows a ruling peace party to take control of the country's supreme court protesters claim this violates judicial independence polish president signed the measure into
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law on thursday. in the u.s. more than one thousand eight hundred children separated at the border with mexico have been reunited with their parents but hundreds more are still waiting despite a court order deadline to reunite all the families that deadline x. expired on thursday the trumpet ministration ended its policy of detaining migrant children separately from their parents after widespread condemnation aleksandr phenomena reports from texas. after three long months there were picked to go over omar domingo and he's eighty year olds are in there appear a bit shy and nervous but determined to tell their story here in the catholic shelter in son who. when they told me there are going to separate it was so hard it hurt me so much
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because truthfully he would never separated from me. and. i felt bad because i didn't see here yes. they fled when duress hoping to find a better life in the u.s. they didn't cross the border illegally the father says they presented themselves to immigration seeking asylum and were separated like many other migrant families and the president's drums zero tolerance policy after the expiration of a court's deadline to reunite all families some parents are still waiting to rejoin their children at detention centers like this one in texas even though the government says it's on track to reunite all eligible parents the longer c.i.s. immigration lawyer she's worried about her client a mother who is still waiting to get back together with her child when i spoke with
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there and this was about i think it was yesterday she had spoken to her child going almost on three weeks so she's of course very concerned doesn't know what's going on very upset very mad and she's one of many mothers that still in that in that area in that situation. says the administration's policy is not what her country stands for well it's totally inhumane obviously in an unjust. it's racist we have a refugee law here apply and we should be able to assist the people. omar dominus says he never lost faith that in the end here in oregon the will be reunited now they plan to travel to kentucky dominus hopes he'll be granted asylum and find work to support the rest of their family back in the us omar and his son are happy to be together again but hundreds of migrant kids remain in custody some may never see
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their parents again that's the shocking for result of tromso iraq tolerance policy . all right to a new record for facebook it has suffered the biggest ever one day loss in dollar value for a u.s. company the social media giant showed a staggering one hundred twenty billion dollars in market value investors were disappointed by weaker than expected growth partly due to the affair effect of data privacy scandals facebook costs are also rising as the focus on tightening security and improving content. the tour de france entered its third to last stage with garang to thomas holding a reasonably comfortable lead in the overall standings the course gave sprinters the chance to shine on stage eighteen meaning the yellow jersey holder was able to take a back seat. a largely flood stage provided a good platform for the tools breakaway specialists and five riders julie took
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advantage of a hundred seventy kilometer cool trip tree surveys to. but says is often the case the peloton soon caught up with twenty kilometers to go the sprinters were ready to take over. a mass sprint ensued with arnaud de marte producing a perfectly timed dash to the finish line it was the first stage win for a french team at this year's top meanwhile garonne thomas tightened his grip on the lead is yellow jersey but he's expecting a tougher run in the pyrenees mountains on friday they're expecting the worst really just the guys try to go in the early break attacks movie and song and obviously the final climb and. so we're just going to be cultured vigilant thomas goes into the final two competitive stages with a lead of just under two minutes. now when the moon rises tonight it will treat us to the longest total lunar eclipse of the twenty first century the total face when
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the moon has no direct light from the sun will last for one hour forty two minutes and fifty seven seconds that's when the moon will look red a blood moon but why and how well fast the moon herself for some answers. your satellite your moon i circle you in an eternal dance but i try to surprise you from time to time with an eclipse. an eclipse is when your planet moves between me and the sun blocking the direct light that otherwise makes me surfer it only happens when i'm full every twenty nine and a half days doesn't happen every time because i see you in a slightly slanted path. when the sun. and i are aligned and i get two different shadows from the earth. you call the larger the penumbra it's the less intense the smaller one is darker it's the human brain i don't always
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travel through both but when i do you see me in a tall. lunar eclipse that's when i'm even more amazing than usual i'm red. it's your atmosphere splitting the sunlight heading my way into colors. short blue light waves. longer red light waves are bent in words and i the only ones to reach me turning the red. lunar eclipse is not so rare but on the twenty seventh of july it will be the longest of the twenty first century. i'm beautiful come take a look. and we just have time for a minder of our top story here and e.w. official results show former purpose star imran khan has won pakistan's election by a sizable lead and despite that he doesn't have enough seats to form
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a majority government meaning khan will have to seek out allies to form a coalition. or that she will have more debut news for you at the top of the hour. let us draw when we know is the percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship listening. audience.


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