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this is deja news coming to you live from berlin its official in the wrong column has won pakistan's general election is promising a new pakistan but follows the game of cricket star would have to speak out and lies to form a coalition government also coming up on the program together again in the form of the past few months is still fresh we needed a father and son who's been real dotted by us the parties but hundreds of other children remain in u.s. custody despite thanks party of a deadline to reunite the ford family. and cambodians head to the polls this
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weekend but do they have any really choice other than prime minister who instead who has ruled the country for more than three decades corresponding reports from comprende. plus in the next thirty minutes and we'll give you all the luck he wants to catch sight of the new almost total lunar eclipse of the twenty first century begins tonight and into the future the so-called blott morning find out what's behind the special astronomical event. hello and welcome cheema in pakistan the election commission has officially declared cricket legend and politician imraan khan the winner of the country's election. all celebrating the victory but results showed that his p.t.i. party. to win an outright majority at least to form
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a coalition to govern iran can spawn to one hundred forty to sixty nine with counting nearly complete his nearest rival shahbaz sharif from the governing pakistan in one sixty three series. chorus for a near me congress is covering this pakistani elections for us and joins me now from the capital islamabad the official results are now in iran can has been declared the winner of the election what is the opposition saying will it accept the result. well last night they were still saying that they were thinking of mobilizing the masses and taking to the streets but today things have calmed down i mean me parties that when now probably opposition parties are meeting here in islamabad they'll let us know tonight what their plans are but i've got the feeling that things will remain calm that they realize that the pakistanis actually support
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imran khan that there isn't too much scope for protests and the pm melendez already come out saying that they won't boycott the government so i've got a feeling that things will move ahead and that things won't get too violent here. more about imran khan is a rather unusual figure in pakistani politics a cricket star known for a jet set lifestyle and now a politician promising change. indeed he has gone through quite a change hasn't he started off as a playboy he is also a national hero his team won the one thousand nine hundred two cricket world cup that definitely made him one of the most well known pakistanis but he shifted his playboy lifestyle once he entered politics about twenty years ago he turned conservative few also embraced islam mists was soft has a soft spot for the taliban so quite a change there from playboy to socially conservative anticorruption politician who's been on the sidelines of pakistani politics for more than twenty years now and now says
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a chance to prove himself and to show what he actually wants to do for pakistan and only in one car with a coalition partner to govern us some analysts say he's a bit soft on the religious right who to pick someone from their water is options. well that is true he does need a coalition party the religious right actually didn't do that well the religious islamist party sorry didn't do that well in the elections there are independent candidates that he's likely to try to get into the coalition government the question is whether you forms a coalition government one with one of the two main opposition parties the two established parties the people's parties the muslim league otherwise he will have a very strong opposition which may to might might make governing quite difficult. and the world can pakistan's neighbors expect from iran. i think that is the big question the question that everyone's asking themselves i mean he's got a soft spot for the taliban you said it's time just maybe sit down to work on peace
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talks so the question is how you positions himself when it comes to afghanistan another major issue is india pakistan's tribal that is what they fought together what will he do when it comes to india in these victory speech which he gave yesterday he he was conciliatory he turned down the rhetoric so we will see but to be honest in terms of foreign policy it's the army pulls the strings here so how much leeway you will have remains to be seen but in the end it's also up to the army to decide what pakistan's foreign and defense policy is new macondo out in the sabah thank you very much for that update. let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world greek authorities have said a deadly wildfire in a coastal resort athens was started deliberately the ministry of public order said it was serious indications of criminal activity concerning arson at least eighty
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two people were killed in the fire risk uses to searching for more bodies as residents blame the government for the high death toll saying it lacked an effective disaster plan. in poland thousands of protesters took to the streets to rally against a new law that gives the government greater powers over the country's judiciary to norfolk to be allows the ruling p.i.a.'s party to take control of the country's supreme court protesters claim this violence do just independence polish president . signed the measure into law on thursday. ecuador's president has said ricky leaks founder julian assange must eventually leave the country's embassy has been holed up in ecuador's embassy in london since two thousand and twelve he sought asylum there to avoid extradition to sweden to free. questioning about allegations of sex crimes. north korea has had to do with the remains of american soldiers killed in the korean war which range from nine hundred fifty to
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one hundred fifty three a u.s. aircraft brought the remains to an air base in south korea the handover which coincides with the sixty fifth anniversary of the end of the conflict and it also follows an agreement reached by north korean leader kim jong un and u.s. president donald trump after singapore's summit in june. for more let's go to reuters correspondent josh smith who joins me from the south korean capital seoul george is the return of these remains a direct result of the turnaround in relations between washington and pyongyang. the return of u.s. soldiers remains was in fact one of the four bullet points specifically agreed to in a statement signed by both trump and north korean leader kim jong il at that summit in june of those four it's perhaps the most concrete and attainable one and one that both sides really wanted to me progress on after the remains are flown here to
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south korea there will be another ceremony next week at a base here before they are flown on to hawaii during which there will be a long process of conducting d.n.a. and other tests to try to determine exactly who these remains are and this issue rich has been said to the two sides for decades how significant this is very fact creation off the remains of us so we just now. look course for the american families potentially involved it's a very emotional and important issue and one that of course haunted him for decades now for the trumpet ministration is something that allows them to point to progress with north korea and it's something for pyongyang that also allows them to show that they are willing to work with the united states while also potentially not addressing some of the more so many are issues including the nuclear weapons
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program and so now at this point it's something that will potentially put pressure on washington to reciprocate in some way with some kind of concession of its own or the remains of many more u.s. soldiers often in north korea can we expect to see for that reback creations in the near future. it is something that american officials are hoping will happen north korea is believed to have at least another one hundred fifty or so set of remains already recovered that they could hand over in the near future and american officials are also interested in restarting actual missions in which american investigators go into north korea and actually search for many of the americans who have been lost there. josh smith so south korea thank you very much. thank you. in the u.s. officials have reunited more than one thousand eight hundred children separated
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from their parents under the trump administration's hardline immigration policy but hundreds more children are still waiting despite a court ordered deadline to reunite all the families and that deadline expires on thursday the washington bureau chief alexander phenomenon traveled to texas where she met a father and son who are among the lucky ones. after three long months they're back together omar domingo and his eight year old son are in there appear a bit shy and nervous but determined to tell their story here in a catholic shelter in sun who on. when they told me they were going to separate us it was so hard it hurt me so much because truthfully he was never separated from me.
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and are in adds i felt bad because i didn't see him and. they fled when durance hoping to find a better life in the u.s. they didn't cross the border illegally the father says they presented themselves to immigration seeking asylum and were separated like many other migrant families and the president's drum zero tolerance policy after the expiration of a court's deadline to reunite all families some parents are still waiting to rejoin their children at detention centers like this one in texas even though the government says it's on track to reunite all eligible parents the mother sea ice immigration lawyer she's worried about her client a mother who is still waiting to get back together with her child. when i spoke with there and this was about i think it was yes. she had spoken to her child going
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almost on three weeks. so she's of course very concerned doesn't know what's going on very upset very mad and she's one of many mothers that still in that in that area in that situation. says the administration's policy is not what her country stands for well it's totally inhumane obviously in an unjust. it's racist we have a refugee law here and we should be able to assist the people. omar dominus says he never lost faith that in the end he and or when the will be reunited now they plan to travel to kentucky dominus hopes he'll be granted asylum and find work to support the rest of their family back in the us omar and his son are happy to be together again but hundreds of migrant kids remain in custody some may never see their parents again that's the shocking for result of tolerance policy.
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cambodians are going to the polls on sunday in a national election but while there are many options on the ballot paper voters don't really have a prime minister who has room a country for thirty three years and has done his best to secure a victory the leader of the opposition to. the prime minister is becoming a dictator. and heartache takes a closer look at how the country is gearing up for elections many observers regard as a sham. knows the odds are stacked against him. just three months ago he founded the khmer will party because he wants to make a difference but in cambodia politics is a mine field and kong money cartridge carefully we don't want to. be very challenging. the government or the ruling party we want to politicize it to be able to sit together and solve all the problems especially the. political deadlock
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between the. ruling parties and the opposition parties commonly cause father and his two older brothers were members of cambodia's main opposition party this year in r.p. now they are banned from politics in a government move to purge its political rivals. there are twenty parties competing in the upcoming elections but the race is already decided since the main opposition party was the solved by the government late last year with its leaders either in exile or in prison cambodia is essentially become a one party state prime minister who has held power for thirty three years in election times especially he cultivates his public image as a caring leader but human rights groups accuse him of systematically cracking down on critics there have also been repeated accusations of voter intimidation something the government firmly denies the allegation is allegation it is the
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people we do our best to tell them that people have a right i'm going to go to ro not to go to war. has had to learn the hard way that taking sides against the government is dangerous in cambodia after his boss discovered he had joined the opposition party he lost his job now he follows the call for an election boycott. angry and upset because something. something i want to have has been taken away from me i'm disappointed that. we want to have a big opposition party in cambodia can scrutinize the government and criticize its mistakes so the government can reform promote the development of the whole country . is not the only one who thinks that way. i meet a supporter of the band opposition and
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a well known critic of and his ruling party he says any party contesting this election is giving it an air of legitimacy that it doesn't deserve. i'm free and fair right from the start. i'm still a joint. question. congo naturally disagrees as they ask people to boycott elections which to me is a little bit. contrast to the principles of democracy which. people. can change the election now they ask people to participate in a lecture. the whole that there will be change so i don't think that will work the
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only. possibility is that the people will have to go to world vote for a new leader he knows no do the wrong this time around but he wants to prepare his party for future elections and for a time after. parity of european football is already back under way less than two weeks of the world cup final our beloved lightworkers swedish club head can in the first leg of the european league qualifying round new signing mature school now was the start scoring a sensational strike to help live six record a four minute victory the return leg takes place in gothenburg on august second. top seed dominic team of austria has piled into the quarterfinals of the german
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men's tennis open team in british had little trouble defeating australian and john relman six two six two on clay the twenty four you runner and this is french open and looks in good form looking ahead to next month's u.s. open later faces chile's nicolas carey for a place in the hamburg seven five. how fast can a camel run well a city in southern rock or goodman finds out every july at the festival of the camel as locals aim to hold on to their heritage through the event to use enjoy the chance to see some camel racing and that's exactly what it sounds like right is racing atop camels going up to sixty five kilometers an hour through the sahara societies in the region consider calories in to be an expression of their culture and say it deserves to be maintained with plans to further develop the competition . now when the moon rises to recreate us to the longest total
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lunar eclipse of the twenty first century the total phase when the moon has no direct light from the sun will last for one hour forty two minutes and fifty seven seconds that's when the moon will look red the so-called blood moon but why and how let's ask the moon herself was a month. i am. your satellite your moon i circle you in an eternal dance but i try to surprise you from time to time with an eclipse. an eclipse is when your planet moves between me and the sun blocking the direct light that otherwise makes me surfer it only happens when i'm full every twenty nine and a half days doesn't happen every time because i barbecue on a slightly slanted path. when the sun the earth and i are lined
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up i get two different shadows from the earth. because the larger the penumbra it's the less intense the smaller one is darker it's the younger and i don't always travel through both back when i do you see me in a total lunar eclipse bets when i'm even more amazing than usual i read. how it's your atmosphere splitting the sunlight heading my way into colors short blue light waves are scattered gold words longer red light waves of bent in words only ones to reach me turning the red. lunar eclipse is not so rare but on the twenty seventh of july it will be the longest of the twenty first century. i'm beautiful come take a look. and we
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will get to take a look monica here in berlin yeah yeah later later this evening i probably have a nap before so that i don't miss it right and then business is no child attorneys take over the energy sector not here in germany certainly on rates or the german government asked for water to a bit from a chinese state owned company to take a share in a key electrical grid operator electric utility states a great wanted to purchase a stake in fifty heard. it's now the german government backed k f w bank will purchase a twenty percent stake in the operated instead but instead it has a strong interest in protecting critical energy infrastructure last year germany adopted legislation making it easier to veto the takeovers of strategically important companies i meet fears that china may be gaining access to key technologies through takeovers. all right a new record for facebook it's a suffered the biggest ever one day loss in dollar value for a u.s.
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company social media giant shared a staggering one hundred twenty billion dollars in market value investors it is appointed by weaker than expected growth partly due to the effect of data privacy scandals facebook's costs are also rising as it focuses on tightening security and improving content. a few hours have passed since this massive drop in share price but i'm sure that investors are still digesting it down we'll call parliament on the front and stock exchanges in standing by the idea how can facebook hope to recover from that. yeah that's the big question but let me tell you monica it's the value and you mention that that is so significant here in this case because before the draw facebook had a value of two hundred twenty billion u.s. dollars now only one hundred and seventy five billion u.s. dollars mark zuckerberg he's going to awake and it was going to wake up in a couple of hours and he will personally have lost fifteen billion u.s.
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dollars poor guy but i still guess we don't have to worry about him and also not about the facebook value also because it's still one of the most valuable tech companies in the world all of this is a shock but mark zuckerberg he has been saying for months with this new strategy of privacy first they won't be able to deliver the profit that the wall street desperately wants them to deliver and the question of course also is how cool facebook still is because when you look take a look at the user numbers they were dropping also here in europe and now their focus is going to be on the other platforms such as instagram and whatsapp for example they also belong to the facebook group and they will hope to generate more money with them. and the other topic china state great we just talked about into the bid for a german energy network operator was blocked by germany how does that fit into this recent open markets and close of business relations talk. here you're right in this what the chinese will argue as well they're going to say well you guys always talk
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about open markets now you don't want to allow us to do this acquisition but of course in some points even a country like germany needs to be somehow protective and that's what we're also hearing from investors doing business is one thing but it's what it's about completely you know taking over a company gaining knowledge that something you know totally different we're also hearing that there's another exposition the german government is not happy about we're talking about life in metal a highly specialized company building machine tools also there it's most likely that the german government most likely won't approve this is made over as well and equipment from. thank you so much. a poll for the times newspaper shows that a majority in britain now favors a second referendum on breck's it this is the european union steve bracks of negotiator has cast doubt on british hopes for a deal to leave the block by an october deadline mischa about you said the e.u. would never allow a nonmember to collect customs duties on its behalf britain had proposed doing so
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as a way to prevent a heart of border in ireland a new set of that could threaten the use customs union and other key policies britain is said to be for block next march so a deal needs to be in place by october to give national parliaments enough time to ratify. and a new emissions test for cars is causing massive delays folks plans to throttle back production of some models of the car makers also being forced to stockpile vehicles that cannot be sold because they are still waiting to be tested fortunately berlin has one place they can go. this b.t.w. car park is full of its new cars waiting for approval the delivery of up to two hundred fifty thousand calls could be delayed and v.w. is even renting parking space to stockpile them. they have plans to use palin's new airport that hasn't yet opened all the company's own testing grounds costs said to be in the millions. b.w.'s testing its cars around the clock against the new w l t
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p standard this new emissions test takes three times longer than the old one. we've been preparing intensively for this for two or three years for the v.w. in particular it's just the sheer number of vehicles that's a problem we have to recertify about two hundred models before the deadline it's a huge undertaking because there was all. of the two hundred models v.w. has so far only had three certified to meet the new stand at the takes effect in september carmakers b.m.w. and further down the line this bottleneck has forced b.w. to partly shut down production at its main plant involved spoke a spokesperson says this largely hasn't affected morale for the amount of the mountain in four staff members are supporting the company it's part of their lives so it's a regulation that can be accepted on both sides after the fest of september v.w. can't sell any new vehicles without this test so he needs to step things up again.
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and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. official results show form of cricket start in brum khan has won pakistan's election his party has taken one hundred and nine seats in the national assembly compared to sixty three won by its nearest rival and that's not enough to form a majority government though meaning a con will have to seek out allies to form a coalition. you're watching t.v. news coming to you live from berlin wall coming up at the top of the hour and of course as always don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on the west sides that is d.w. dot com i want to johnson berlin thanks for joining us. on. the do.
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