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this is deja vu news live from berlin and it's official imran khan has won pakistan's general election he's promising a neil pakistan but for the former trick its top will have to speak out and that is to form a coalition government also on the program natural disaster also me to say they think this big deadly wildfire was deliberately but the government is also facing criticism over its response our correspondent is in the want to correct a community with the latest. coming up and really you will be one of the lucky ones
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to capture the sides of. the longest till the lunar eclipse of the twenty first century begins tonight and it is a feature a blood moon kind of what's behind the special astronomical event. held on a warm welcome to you i'm honored cheema in pakistan the election commission has officially declared cricket legend and charismatic politician imraan khan the winner of the country's election in non-con supporters are celebrating the victory the results showed that beattie i possibly fear to win an outright majority i need to form a coalition to govern even don khan's botching the pakistan tehreek e insaf has won one hundred fourteen out of two hundred sixty nine seats were.
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counting nearly complete his nearest rival shahbaz sharif from the government pakistan muslim league one sixty three. chorus for a near me conrad is covering the spikes on the elections for us and joins me now from the capital islamabad the official results are now in iran can this be declared the winner of the election what is the opposition saying we'll accept the result. well last night they were still saying that they were thinking of mobilizing the masses and taking to the streets but today things have calmed down i mean the main parties the way in now probably opposition parties are meeting here in islamabad they'll let us know tonight so what their plans are but i've got the feeling that things will remain calm that they've realised that the pakistanis actually support imran khan that there isn't too much scope for protests and that the pm a lender has already come out saying that they won't boycott the government so i've got the feeling that things will move ahead and that things won't get too violent
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to hear. more about imran khan is a rather unusual figure in pakistani politics a cricket star known for a jet set lifestyle and now a politician promising change. indeed has gone through quite a change hasn't he started off as a playboy he's also a national hero his team won the night in ninety two cricket world cup but definitely made him one of the most well known pakistanis but he shifted his playboy lifestyle work to enter politics about twenty years ago he turned conservative if you also embrace islam most so soft has a soft spot for the taliban so quite a change there from playboy to socially conservative corruption politician who's been on the sidelines of pakistani politics for more than twenty years now and now says chance to prove himself and to show what he actually wants to do for pakistan and only what can pakistan's neighbors expect from iran carve.
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i think that is the big question the question why everyone's asking themselves i mean he's got a soft spot for the taliban you said it's time just maybe sit down to work on peace talks so the question is how you positions himself when it comes to afghanistan another major issue is india pakistan's tribal that is what they fought together what will he do when it comes to india in these victory speech which he gave yesterday he he was conciliatory heat turned down the rhetoric so we will see but to be honest if terms of foreign policy is the army pulls the strings here so how much leeway he will have remains to be seen but in the end it's up to the army to decide what pakistan's foreign and defense policy is new macondo out in the saga thank you very much for that update. they've been having your up to date with some other stories making news around the world north korea has handed do with the remains of american soldiers killed in the korean war which range from one hundred fifty to fifty three a u.s. aircraft brought the remains to an address in south korea the handover follows an
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agreement reached by north korean leader kim jong un and us president dr trump at a meeting in singapore in june. in poland thousands of protesters took to the streets to rally against a new law that gives the government greater powers over the countries to do sharee the law effectively allows the ruling p.i.a.'s party to take control of the country's supreme court protesters clear in this valley judicial independence coolish president underage signed the measure into law on thursday. in the us an out of control wildfire is tearing through the northern california's shasta county one person has been killed as the flames burned through the building and knocked out power supplies the fire is now threatening homes on the fringes of the city of reading. and sting in the u.s. . officials there have reunited more than one thousand eight hundred children
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separated from their parents on the trump administration's hardline immigration policy but hundreds more children are still waiting despite a court ordered deadline to reunite families that deadline expires on thursday. visit washington bureau chief alexander for naaman travel to texas where she met a father and son who were among the lucky ones. after three long months they're back together omar domingo's and his eight year old son are in there appear a bit shy and nervous but determined to tell their story here in the catholic shelter in son who. when they told me they're going to separate us it was so hard it hurt me so much because truthfully he's never been apart from me.
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and are in adds i felt bad because i didn't see him. they fled when duress hoping to find a better life in the u.s. they didn't cross the border illegally the father says they presented themselves to immigration seeking asylum and were separated like many other migrant families and the president's drums zero tolerance policy after the expiration of a court's deadline to reunite all families some parents are still waiting to rejoin their children at detention centers like this one in texas even though the government says it's on track to reunite all eligible parents the longer c.i.s. immigration lawyer she's worried about her client a mother who is still waiting to get back together with her child. when i spoke with there and this was about i think it was yesterday she had spoken to her child going almost on three weeks so she's of course very concerned doesn't know what's
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going on very upset very mad and she's one of many mothers that still in that in that area in that situation. says the administration's policy is not what her country stands for well it's totally inhumane obviously in an unjust. it's racist we have a refugee law here apply and we should be able to assist the people. omar dominus says he never lost faith that in the end he and orrin the will be reunited now they plan to travel to kentucky dominus hopes he'll be granted asylum and find work to support the rest of their family back in the us all maher and his son are happy to be together again but hundreds of migrant kids remain in custody some may never see their parents again that's the shocking for result of tromso your tolerance policy . greek authorities have said a deadly wildfire in
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a coastal resort in athens was started deliberately the minister of public order said there were serious indications of criminal activity concerning office and at least eighty two people were killed in the fire risk you're searching for more bodies as residents blame the government for the high death toll saying it lacked an effective disaster plan. correspondent shot of joins me now from the coastal town of mott the which is most affected by these wildfires sean to tell us more about these latest findings of the investigation into these fires. and the flies on monday they have been a lot of speculation that also may have been yesterday was the first time that authorities that they have found the indication. they find you did not find was dodging different locations around things on one.
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day now just behind me to see whether you have that she said she didn't think that . they should. she that she felt that the government was trying to find a. fight that played out what she said she said you could see in most. of the fun she had. going to down. here you. see that there's so many. uninhabited on. why anyone. until we have heard reports that there's been some criticism of the government's handling of all this disaster what can you tell us about. we've got to remember i mean people here don't have electricity and televisions
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radios they aren't really hearing very much about the goings on that and that should. be remembered is that many people here are still missing loved ones when you think there are many people having to help i guess by. action trying to get that d.n.a. this is the bodies of the victims just. on i guess. just trying hour by hour a lot of the anger is coming from outside to finish it back out because i was dating my wife and people asking how is it that they weren't given an evacuation. for example as well how feeling like this one just behind me. down one of the big problems on the fly was the buildings. see the stage what you were trying to run too many of them like the one behind. me looking right here to see six people you
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find. your so many questions heating on how buildings once. down. and the ability of marty in greece thank you very much for that update hugh. when the moon rises amounted to treat us to the longest total lunar eclipse of the twenty first century the talking phase when the moon has no direct light from the sun will last for one hour forty two minutes and fifty seven seconds that's when the moon will look red a so-called blood moon why and how that's awesome moon herself for someone says. i am. your satellite your moon i circle you in an eternal dance but i try to surprise you from time to time with an eclipse. an eclipse is when your planet moves between me and the sun blocking the direct light that otherwise makes
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me surfer it only happens when i'm full every twenty nine and a half days doesn't happen every time because i hope it's you on a slightly slanted path. when the sun the earth and i are aligned and i get two different shadows from the earth. because the larger the penumbra it's the less intense the smaller one is stagger it to the younger and i don't always travel through both but when i do you see me in a total lunar eclipse that's when i'm even more amazing than usual i'm read. how it's your atmosphere splitting the sunlight heading my way into colors short blue light waves are scattered gold words longer red light waves of bent in words that are the only ones to reach me turning me red. lunar eclipse is not
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so rare but on the twenty seventh of july it will be the longest of the twenty first century. and beautiful come take a look. at the it's comparatively european football is already back underway less than two weeks after the world cup final rb lab segment lights one of three this club ahead can in the first leg of the european league qualifying round new signing a martir schooner was the star scoring a sensational strike to help leipzig record a four nil victory of the return leg takes place in gothenburg on the second the forest. you're watching i do debbie news coming up ahead really is foreign investment too much of a good thing our reporter says how chinese casinos are changing cambodia. doesn't it monica shortly but don't forget you can always get debris news on the go
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