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interesting answer there down iran from. the power source on the street w. . this is d. w. news live from berlin a new move in the tussle over the man suspected of being a some of bin laden's former bodyguard know he's been freed from prison in tunisia for lack of evidence so we'll return to germany whose governments have previously deported him also on the program. natural disaster off the grid for farmers who say this week's a deadly wildfires will stop in deliberately but the government is also facing criticism over its response to the abuse and the worst affected community but the latest turn. everyone can support is celebrating his victory in
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pakistan's general election we take a look at his rise from sportsmen and international jetsetter to perspective prime minister. plus tonight is the night of the blood movie the longest total lunar eclipse of the twenty first century is visible across much of the globe tonight we'll find out what's so special about this astronomical event. i forget welcome to the program a judge in tunisia has ordered the provisional release from jail of asama bin ladin alleged god seen here is a court hearing in germany the man known as sami had been living with his family in the western german city of bochum since two thousand and five he was deported to his home country of tunisia earlier this month now a court has decided there is not enough evidence to keep him in jail. political
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correspondent simon young has been following this story welcome simon tell us more about sami and what his release could mean for the german government. well phil some here he is a national forty two years old he's been living in germany in balkans since two thousand and five and he keys by german authorities as you said of being a former bodyguard of al qaeda chief the some of bin laden which he denies but they also say that he continues to pose a and is the missed terrorist threat which is why they were keen to deport him back to his native genius here which is what happened two weeks ago at that time a german court actually ruled that he couldn't be deported because there was a danger he might face torture in tunis year but when that decision was issued he was already on the plane back to tunis now if he were to be released and sent
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back to germany what would it mean for german the german government i think it would be a big headache for them because they like to see this man dealt with in tunis syrian state so he was living here for some time is it is he likely to want to come back well i'd imagine that he would do his family is here and since there is an investigation continuing into his past affairs in tunis year maybe he'd feel more comfortable in germany but it would appear that the judge's ruling in that decision today in tunisia made no reference to banning him from traveling but despite in addition to the fact that there's an investigation continuing the authorities have also confiscated his passport we're told so it seems unlikely that he'll be able to travel at this time simon young thank you. now to greece where they are forces are facing increasing
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criticism of their handling of this week's deadly wildfires people want to know why they failed to order an evacuation at least eighty three people were killed many of them in the seaside resort of mattie west of athens georgia suspect the blaze that was started deliberately. paradise lost of ad it is a central line the mediterranean sea claims as blue as ever but on shore so many of the homes and hotels that once stood here are gone. on monday the flames charge through here at sixty kilometers per hour almost everyone fled towards a bitch is only the firefighters have the mains to try and resist the flames often in vying. and this is their first time in thirty years of my service. seeing so much. of it
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sometimes we can look course it's something. to stop. investigators say the blaze took just ninety minutes to race down the mountain towards the coast many residents simply had no chance to escape and while monday was extremely hard and we need grace the government suspects the worst fires were no accident. in the metro i would like to stress that we have serious indications and findings of criminal activity namely arson. the police are also still trying to identify victims relatives of the missing have been gathering need their forensics lab the agony is compounded by anger at the government which they choose of botching the evacuation of residents one confronted grace's depends minister as he visited victims. no one notified anyone to fire engines didn't come to nothing you leftists of the messy of god and now. the residents worst hit by
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monday's blaze were living in an area known to be prone to fire breaks are now asking why authorities weren't better prepared and why so many perished they don't need correspondent shell that tells them pillars in the coastal town of massey which is worst affected by those fires welcome charlotte an investigation has begun what are you hearing. that's right well we've heard now that the government as we had in that report do you think that also made in response to that these fires here in multi was started deliberately the reason that they gave is that they found that the problem is with down in thirteen separate locations they were thought to have started at the same time the government now authorities are analyzing satellite footage trying to find out exactly how they were started there is some criticism they can skepticism about this idea that austin may have been responsible we spoke to one woman who is the bankruptcies just hid behind me and she was saying that she simply doesn't see
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a motive why someone might think she's set spoilage this area deliberately she said one theory of course is that people might do it to try and burn down woodlands to try and create more space the building properties that she said that simply doesn't stand up as a motive she said a lot of houses are standing was standing empty here before the fire people were unable to sell them the idea that people were looking for more space to build more properties just isn't cool as opposed to say there are still so many questions here that have been left on that greece's opposition has accused the government of iraq and some failing to protect people given the lives lost there in much the i wonder how people that react. there is rising public anger here in greece as you heard there in that report the defense minister was confronted by one local as he came by here that a lot of the people that we've spoken to they say that they are just happy to be alive don't forget a lot of people are still looking for relatives there are still people missing the
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people have lost lost loved ones lost neighbors there is just relief from the survivors that they are still here one of the criticisms though that's being leveled at all sources from people here is exactly how houses behind me were able to stand now the problem that we have here is that this house among a number hit was built illegal a awhile ago and it blocks the routes along the beach so people were found that they were all able to reach the safety. the waters that essentially blocked the exit route for them many of them were traps the fact of the poles there in front of them along the seafront means people simply couldn't escape some people then breached the cliff just on the waterfront and then fell to their deaths just because they couldn't find steps leading down to the beach so so many people here also see exactly why the government wasn't able to do something about that why this sort of house was able to stand for so long when of course it's really contributed to the scale of this tragedy and briefly if you mind charlotte how do people now
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start to move on from this. well people just living hour by hour at the moment as i said there's still trying to find a lot of the missing people are trying to salvage what they can from their homes but they do say that they've been conned a little bit by the fact that government has promised to office and money to help contribute towards salvaging their homes whether or not so when they receive that money they're not yet sure but they are hopeful that something will still be offered by the government so much else until in massey thank you. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world clashes have broken out between palestinian worshippers of israeli security forces and the al aqsa mosque in jerusalem israeli police said worshippers began rioting throwing rocks and fireworks after friday prayers palestinian news said police prompted the violence by attacking worshippers. north korea has handed over the remains of
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american soldiers killed in the korean war of one hundred fifty to one hundred fifty three u.s. aircraft have brought the remains to an air base in south korea the handover follows an agreement between north korean leader kim jong un and us president donald trump of the singapore me to get into. sex workers have interrupted former u.s. president bill clinton's speech at the aids twenty eight hundred conference in the netherlands protesting against a recently passed u.s. law designed to crack down on online sex trafficking the protesters say the law makes their jobs more unsafe. but european union monitoring team has described pakistan's election week as showing a lack of equality that meant political parties did not complete compete on a level playing field you know when it came after pakistan's election commission declared const p.t.i. party the winner but though it won the most seats the p.t.i. did not win an outright majority and thus now see coalition partners to form
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a government. supporters of pakistan's cricketer turned politician imran khan celebrating what many at least a few years ago had thought impossible an election victory for a turnaround matched only in prominence and impact by this the when he secured us pakistani cricket captain against england in the one nine hundred ninety two world cup. with a reputation as a celebrity playboy con long struggle to be taken seriously in politics after founding his p.t.i. party in the one nine hundred ninety s. for years he failed to translate his personal fame into votes. the breakthrough came in two thousand and thirteen when the p.t.i. became the third largest party in the national assembly the surge and support partly down to young urban voters wanting change that desire just is palpable now.
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population is almost two hundred one million currently and over seventy percent of the people live below the poverty line so for the country to progress the lives of these people need to change we need the lives of poor people to change so that's a major one on the growth of that. there will be change in the country we are satisfied with imran khan because he is a relatively new leader and has a fresh approach i'm hopeful he will take pakistan forward. like with people like me is very difficult in pakistan these days if a man can deliver what he promised in his speech it will be beneficial for the country and for the masses. while his supporters celebrate khan's critics accuse him of fraternizing with pakistan's powerful military and intelligence agency and welcoming him to his party politicians he formally coolidge corrupt for them he is simply a puppet. observer observation mission in packets. one has said that while
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polling date self was well conducted by the lead up to the vote suffered from curbs on the media and the crackdown on the former ruling party is no we comrade is in islamabad and has been speaking with a huge chief election observer michelle golland. i'm here with the head of the e.u. selectorial mission he just gave a statement mr garland we've seen a lot of cracked whistle crackdown on the media in the run up to the elections an unlevel playing field would you say that the elections will free and fan we are never reducing our assessment to these two nice words that fit of course in a headline for a journalist but the process is more complex there are the legal aspects that the legal framework has definitely been improved all of the confidence in the election commission they have been very communicated if they have contacted civil society organizations and relevant stakeholders so in this area we have seen definitely an
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improvement but the election environment that was definitely marred by. a situation where the press was. particular precious and certain journalists and certain media outlets that was different from twenty thirty that was the question is where they had to say such environments lead them to an overall assessment that we that the twenty third. better in regard to their environment also has. meant all of. a certain direction towards the former ruling party that that was perceived by many as as targeted. ways and means to particularly harm their prospects there's been a lot of talk that the army was behind its meddling you do you point your finger to indeed can you point your finger as an observer well in pakistan when people speak of the as temperament they mean the military establishment that is for the
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international crowd one day to establishment put in automatically no is meant. indeed there is this there is this hint without any of us of course being in a position to to give evidence and it's also not our road was as observer. rose observers is to assess what is the atmosphere and if everybody tells us. there is this. there is a kind of interference in the background towards media towards candidates and that is somewhere somewhat connected to the military establishment that is the scene of that is that the atmosphere that is set for such an election. they're watching d.w. news live from delhi still to come tonight is the night of the blood moon the longest total lunar eclipse of the twenty first century we'll find out what is so
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special about this astronomical event. in while back here on earth the u.s. economy is growing at its fastest rate for years elvis can tell us will the u.s. is posting second quarter growth of four point four percent the commerce department said that the expansion is being powered by a rebound in consumer spending and exports and firm business investment analysts believe president trump tax overhaul may have encourage consumers to spend extra money in stores they appeared to be confident about the future of the economy as more and more durable goods were sold like washing machines or refrigerators late last year congress passed from one point five trillion dollars tax cuts to boost economic growth. as a brand i hope from the frankfurt stock exchange down an impressive figures but how did the markets take it. well trading is done here for the weekend the route of
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execs close actually with the six weeks high here at the level of trust thousand eight hundred and sixty points the next goal here off investors will be again the thirteen thousand point well given the fact that also trading on wall street was receiving the latest g.d.p. figures quite well a slight plus there this has given cheers also here a little boost before the weekend but let me tell you the biggest relieve this week was the meeting between u.s. president donald trump and john claud the news that at least for the moment a trade war between the u.s. and europe is off the table was a huge relief here for investors a lot of these rather splendid figures were published in the us donald trump of course went to face the t.v. cameras immediately basking in these numbers and attributing them all to himself of course so let's have a very brief listen to what the president said rate in over thirteen years and i
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will say this right now and i'll say it strongly as the trade deals come in one by one we're going to go a lot higher than these numbers and these are great numbers. is that true is is that all he's doing is really sustainable. well he certainly did get some credit for this latest development this tax reform you mentioned it gave the economy a boost created jobs increased the consumer spending but what is also very interesting many export oriented companies in the united states seem to be really in a rush lately they wanted to get as much business with china down before they will get hit with very high tariffs so this is another reason why the g.d.p. is that strong this is most likely going to mean that also we could see more interest rate hikes by the fed in the united states something that was criticized lately by the u.s. president for the copen frankford thank you.
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missed in the u.s. where twitter shares plunged seventeen percent in early trading that's after the short messaging service said the number of monthly users was down by one million in the second quarter and its expects a further drop in the near future because the numbers are declining as twitter intensifies efforts to fight spam fake accounts and hate speech straight to purposely rules in europe have also made business harder twitter is the second major social media firm to report a decline in the uses facebook just yesterday reported the biggest ever one day loss in dollar value value for u.s. company with says dropping nineteen percent a new emissions test for cars is causing massive delays at fox fox news having to throttle back production of some models and is also being forced to stockpile vehicles already made the problem is that those vehicles cannot be sold until the vehicle types are certified for road use by the authorities. this v.w.
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car park is full of its new cars waiting for approval the delivery of up to two hundred fifty thousand cars could be delayed and v.w. is even renting parking space to stockpile them. they have plans to use palin's new airport that hasn't yet opened all the company's own testing grounds costs are said to be in the millions. b.w. is testing its cars around the clock against the new w l t p standard this new emissions test takes three times longer than the old one. we've been preparing intensively for this for two or three years before the v.w. in particular is just the sheer number of vehicles that's a problem we have to recertify about two hundred models before the deadline it's a huge undertaking as it was all. of the two hundred models the w has so far only had three certified to meet the new stand at the takes effect in september
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carmakers b.m.w. and a further down the line this bottleneck has forced v.w. to partly shut down production at its main plant involved spoke a spokesperson says the slouchy hasn't affected morale for the amount of the mountain in four staff members are supporting the company it's part of their lives so it's a regulation that can be accepted on both sides after the first of september v.w. can't sell any new vehicles without this test so it needs to step things up a gear. that's all your business for now a full edition of the business for you in the next hour now it's back to find out thank you so much more than eight hundred children separated at america's border with mexico have been reunited with their parents but hundreds more are still waiting despite a court ordered deadline to reunite all the families by thursday the trump administration ended its policy of detaining migrant children separately from their parents after widespread condemnation the w.'s alexander phenomena reports from
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texas. after three long months they are back together omar domingo's and his eight year old son are in there appear a bit shy and nervous but determined to tell their story here in a catholic shelter and son who won. when they told me they are going to separate us it was so hard it hurt me so much because truthfully he was never separated from me. so me. and our in ads i felt bad because i didn't see him. they fled one derives hoping to find a better life in the u.s. they didn't cross the border illegally the father says they presented themselves to immigration seeking asylum and were separated like many other migrant families and
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the president's drum zero tolerance policy after the expiration of a court's deadline to reunite all families some parents are still waiting to rejoin their children at detention centers like this one in takes us even though the government says it's on track to reunite all eligible parents the longer c.i.s. immigration lawyer she's worried about her client a mother who is still waiting to get back together with her child. when i spoke with there and this was about i think it was yesterday she had spoken to her child going on almost on three weeks so she's of course very concerned doesn't know what's going on very upset very mad and she's one of many mothers that still in that in that area in that situation. says the administration's policy is not what her country stands for well it's totally inhumane obviously in an unjust. it's
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racist we have a refugee law here apply and we should be able to assist the people. omar dominus says he never lost faith that in the end he and or when the will be reunited now they plan to travel to kentucky domingo's hopes he'll be granted asylum and find work to support the rest of their family back in the us omar and his son are happy to be together again but hundreds of migrant kids remain in custody some may never see their parents again that's the shocking for result of trumps iraq tolerance policy. and when the moon rises tonights much of the world will experience the longest total lunar eclipse of the twenty first century but total phase when the moon has no direct light from the sun will last an hour forty two minutes and fifty seven seconds during which time it will also look a so-called blood moon so why and how does this happen this report from the moon.
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i am lona your satellite your moon i circle you in an eternal dance but i try to surprise you from time to time with an eclipse. an eclipse is when your planet moves between me and the sun blocking the direct light that otherwise makes me surfer it only happens when i'm full every twenty nine and a half days doesn't happen every time because i barbecue in a slightly slanted path. when the sun the earth and i are lined up i get two different shadows from the earth. you call the larger the penumbra it's the less intense the smaller one is darker it's the younger and i don't always travel through both but when i do you see me in a total lunar eclipse that's when i'm even more amazing than usual i read. how it's your
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atmosphere splitting the sunlight heading my way into color. chart blue light waves are scattered old words longer red light waves and bent in words only ones to reach . turning the red. lunar eclipse is not so rare but on the twenty seventh of july it will be the longest of the twenty first century. and beautiful come take a look. at the new the moon had a german accent let me remind you of our top stories at this hour a man suspected of being a solid bin laden's former bodyguard has been freed from prison in tunisia for lack of evidence notice sami he was deported by the german government earlier this month in defiance of a court order. on former cricket so iran khan
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has been declared the. social benefactors tom's election his party has not won an outright majority so how to seek allies to form a coalition government. that's it you're up to date i'll have more for you to talk out and let me talk of course there's always that the website that's w. dot com yourself a good day. for .
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the you know. she called marsh. they're ready to risk everything for a new my. car you know when i'm young see themselves as men and women's bodies. close to having a sex change. and clothes play soccer how does that affect their lives on and off the field.
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more mice. is hanging by a train. trip to work can be a harrowing experience mining town of children in the republic of georgia has fallen on hard times and the local residents are having a tough time making ends meet. sixty minutes on t.w. . sorry joe just couldn't get this song out of his head. the musicologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. deep in the rain forest in central africa. to find their culture the state was only
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a promise to his son was sorely when john returned to the concrete and glass jungle of new york. the result of reverse culture shock. the prize winning documentary. from the forest starts aug ninth on w. s f it's all the undisputed. divison off and you know this is a fun. way to.


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