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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  July 28, 2018 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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lunar eclipse of the century the moon going black and then appearing read a spectacular one hundred and three minutes we'll find out why it's so special about this astronomical event i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day. and also coming up on yang returns the possible remains of americans who died in the korean war we will speak with one man whose father went missing in action when he was three plus elections in ten voters and after thirty three years in power and a crackdown on dissent who can challenge the bully party a special report on a vote that critics say is a sham. since the main opposition party with the sole brother government late last year with its leaders either in exile or in prison cambodia is essentially become
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a one party state. but first of the moon on friday night has been treating sky watchers around the world to a spectacular sight the longest total lunar eclipse of this century the total phase when the moon has no direct light from the sun lasted one hour forty two minutes and fifty seven seconds to be precise now that is when the moon looked red a so-called blood moon it was the most easily visible in the southern hemisphere especially in africa australia india and madagascar although it's also partially visible in europe and in south america unlike with the solar eclipse viewers needed no protective idea to observe the rare display and from where it let's get more now from astronomer he is joining us from stood apart this evening so tell us why the red orange color for the moon can you explain to our viewers how that happens.
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good evening when no moon eclipse takes place the earth is exactly between the sun and the moon so you would think that the moon should be in the shadow of the earth but the earth has here and the atmosphere of the earth throws sunlight the red light into the shadow so the moon looks threat and not only is it a beautiful color it is also the longest lunar eclipse of the twenty first century as we mentioned earlier the moon appearing darkest for around one hundred and three minutes why it's so long this time around. that's right it's one hundred and three minutes this time because the object of the moon is inclined what's the orbit of the earth you want to have a movie clips every full moon as you remember it's only two or three years two or three times a year now with this new eclipse the moon ghosts trite through the shadow of the
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earth and definitely the earth over the moon is of far away from the us so the lunar eclipse is one hundred to include minutes long this time. but the experience of the event i mean it really depends on where you are in the world right tell us more about that yes it's depends where the moon is of off your horizon not just ten minutes ago i was outside and had a look at the moon and here in stuttgart it's still a twilight zone the moon is the sky it's bright and you barely could see the moon in the twilight it's deep deep regret and i have seen some images from south africa where it's already really dark so there the moon is high in the sky and you can see it in in its rest color. the phenomenon is also special for another reason with the red planet mars it's also visible in the sky near the moon tell us
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more about that yes ma is the art of planets of the earth it's rue us the sun in two years as you know the one of only needs one year so it needs two years to see must as its best but it needs fifteen years to see to have. the smallest distance between the earth and the mosques and after two thousand and three this year mosque is at its closest to the earth and it's just for instance that it's this evening with them moon eclipse takes place and it's closest to us and most is only some decrease away from the eclipse moon now when people hear the word eclipse especially when observing a solar eclipse for example they think about you know those glasses that you have to wear in order to protect your eyes but there are no precautions right if they want to watch this particular eclipse you know except you nothing you don't need
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only eclipse classes you need to buy an ocular to see it really goes but you don't need a telescope or just your eyes and a good you to the south that you thought horizon you're from germany astronomer spend melter joining us from stud guard where we have all been observing this phenomenon very fascinating indeed some beautiful images that are coming in and we thank you so much for walking us through it and explaining why it's happening and why it's so significant. thank you. on now to greece where the authorities are facing increasing criticism of the way that they handled this week's deadly wildfires and why they failed to order an evacuation at least eighty three people were killed many of them on the seaside resort of east of athens authorities now suspect the blaze there was started deliberately. paradise lost of ad
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because eastern shore line the mediterranean sea claims as blue as ever but on shore so many of the homes and hotels that once stood here are gone. on monday the flames charge through here at sixty kilometers per hour almost everyone fled towards the bases only the firefighters have the mains to try and resist the flames often in vying. and this is the first time in. years of my service. seeing so much. of it sometimes we can do course it's something. to stop this investigators say the blaze took just ninety minutes to write down the mountain towards the coast many residents simply had no chance to a skype and while monday was extremely hard and we need grace the government suspects the worst fires were no accident.
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as you've all been informed. of the indications that we have and which authorities in charge are already investigating. lead to the conclusion that arson was behind the deadly fires. the police are also still trying to identify victims relatives of the missing have been gathering need their forensics lab the agony is compounded by anger at the government which they choose of botching the evacuation of residents one confronted grace's defense minister as he visited victims. no one notified anyone to fire engines didn't come the nothing you left just of the messy of god and all of. the residents would stick by monday's blaze were living in an area known to be prone to fire greeks are now asking why authorities weren't better prepared and why so many perished.
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north korea has handed over some of the remains of american soldiers killed in the korean war which raged from nine hundred fifty to nine hundred fifty three a u.s. aircraft brought the remains to an air base in south korea the handover which coincides with the sixty fifth anniversary of the wars and follows an agreement reached by north korean leader kim jong un and u.s. president donald trump at their singapore summit in june where north korea promised to work toward denuclearization and return the remains of american troops well here's what donald trump had to say earlier today. i want to thank german general or. even his word everybody you know that is coming. i don't want to thank german care for. their media for it was only a promise he made to me and i'm sure that he will continue to fulfill that promise as they search and search and search and downs joins me now on the line from boston
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he heads a group for the families of korean and cold war p.o.w.'s and m.i.a.'s ricks father went missing in action in north korea back in one nine hundred fifty two we thank you so much for joining us to speak with us this evening and we would like to know how you how the families that you were speaking with feel today. well that's kind of a loaded question but thanks for asking it. there you go a lot of years a lot of decades just kind of guarding against. hope you know because it's so hard to come by and the answer is so hard to come by that there's a lot of excitement with the what might come from this certainly some family members are going to get closure it'll take a while because a dennis cation process is also long so this is not something where boom it's happy and then you're done and i don't. dodging around there is
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a very complicated thing to. discuss but there is hope how is that there is hope absolutely and you know perhaps. you know we can hear the emotion of course that that is associated with all this and even if you just look at the numbers for example i mean you can see how staggering it is because you know it's been reported that the remains of fifty five individuals have been returned on friday but there are still thousands more still accounted for so i mean it's really quite staggering and i'd like to ask you more about that hope that you that you are taking late that there are you hopeful that they will ever be recovered in the in more substantial numbers. yes i think that in order to go forward in anything you have to have that hope otherwise you're not going to make the steps to make it happen. in large periods of time we didn't have that hope and so now there is an opportunity there have been opportunities in the past the doors that opened and you
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know things happened and people guys came home and families found closure and then the door closed and the majority you know had to sit and wait again this is another opportunity where doors opened and you know some families are going to get closure now whether it stays open so that we could really get in there this could have all been settled a couple decades ago if it had been addressed in a humanitarian way rather than all mixed up with politics. so if that door stays open you have to call to new cast members both german cam and president trump. so if they hold true with their surprising ways of just kind of casting aside all the things that were holding holding us back in the past and say let's just really do this but that that there's no that's going to be new ground to have that happen . you were really kind in the run up to this interview you actually sent us some
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personal photos and i'd like to if you know show them to our viewers if that's ok with you you actually showed us a photo of your father how and we understand that he was twenty six when he went missing in action one of these photos that our viewers are now looking at it has you sitting on his shoulder as a small boy. and you've also told us that you've actually been to north korea to find answers to the many questions that you have and we're wondering how you were treated by north korean officials when you were there. just by the officials we met. we met with the vice foreign minister we tweeted find it was a negotiating saying i went with the british as center for global engagement former governor bill richardson says he is company and we got in there and we sat down with the vice minister and we made our pitch and they were for the remains that are coming back now we just. the administration at that time didn't back us up.
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and so now this is this could have been us two years ago. but the people in general that we dealt with while we were there were just wonderful we were treated. like kings it was kind of interesting because out of one side when you go to the museums or something like that you know we talk about american imperialism and all the. crimes and everything that are committed and then were ushered up in front and sat down in front of everybody theater so it was those kind of economy there are the words come out but the intent isn't there we were treated wonderfully everyone was very friendly and open to us and we do hope that you know this gesture that we have seen today that is the first of many and that you and the thousands of families who are still searching for answers that you do indeed get them right down as we mentioned you're the head of a group for the families of korean and cold war p.o.w.'s and m.i.a.'s and we thank you so much for joining us on the significant day to tell us
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a little bit about what this means to you. thank you for bringing it there was a tension. the european union monitoring team has described pakistan's election week showing quote a lack of a quality that meant that political parties did not compete on a level playing field the announcement came after pakistan's election commission declared imran khan's p.t.i. party the winner but although it won most of the seats the p.p.i. failed to win an outright majority and must now seek coalition partners to form a government. supporters of pakistan's cricketer turned politician imran khan celebrating what many at least a few years ago had thought impossible an election victory for a turnaround matched only in prominence and impact by this the when he secured us pakistani cricket captain against england in the one nine hundred ninety two world
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cup. with a reputation as a celebrity playboy column long struggle to be taken seriously in politics after founding his p.t.i. party in the one nine hundred ninety s. for years he failed to translate his personal fame into votes. the breakthrough came in two thousand and thirteen when the p.t.i. became a third largest party in the national assembly the surge and support partly down to young urban voters wanting change that desire just is palpable now. population is almost two hundred one million currently and over seventy percent of the people live below the poverty line so for the country to progress the lives of these people need to change we need the lives of people to change so those images of them that. there will be change in the country we are satisfied with imran khan
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because he is a relatively new leader and has a fresh approach i'm hopeful he will take pakistan forward. people like me is very difficult in pakistan these days if iran can deliver what he promised in his speech it will be beneficial for the country and for the masses. while his supporters celebrate khan's critics accuse him of fraternizing with pakistan's powerful military and intelligence agency and welcoming him to his party politicians he formally called corrupt for them he is simply a puppet. and the election observation mission in pakistan has said. while polling day itself was well conducted the lead up to the vote suffered from curbs on the media and a crackdown on the former ruling party and naomi conrad in islamabad has been speaking with the e.u.'s chief election observer observer michael gala. i'm here with the head of the e.u. selectorial mission who just gave a statement mr garland we've seen
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a lot of cracked whistle crackdown on the media in the run up to the elections an unlevel playing field would you say that the elections will free and fan we are never reducing our assessment to these two nice words that fit of course in a headline for a journalist but the process is more complex there are the legal aspects that the legal framework has definitely been improved thoughts of the confidence in the election commission they have been very communicate if they have contacted civil society organizations and relevant stakeholders so in this area we have seen definitely an improvement but the election environment that was definitely marred by. a situation where the press was. particularly precious and certain journalists and certain media outlets that was different from twenty thirty that was the question as well i have to say such environments lead then to an overall assessment that we that the twenty third. better in
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regard to their environment also has. meant all. a certain direction towards a former ruling party that that was perceived by many as as targeted. ways and means to the particularly. prospects there's been a lot of talk that the army was behind this meddling you do you point your finger to indeed can you point your finger as an observer well in pakistan when people speak of the as temperament they mean the military establishment that is for the international. when they come to establishment put an automatic it in no is meant. in deed today is this. there is this hint without any of us of course being in a position to to give evidence and it's also not our road was as observers our roads observers is to assess what is the atmosphere and if everybody tells us.
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there is this. there is a kind of interference in the background towards media towards candidates and that is somewhere some walks connected to the military establishment that is the scene of that is that the atmosphere that just set for such an election. the un is urging cambodia to ease tensions in the south east asian country ahead of elections on sunday on the final day of campaigning on friday cambodia's prime minister hun sen addressed a huge crowd of supporters and and hailing his success in eliminating what he called traitors he was referring to his government's decision last year to disband the main opposition party. now that has effectively left cambodia with lots of
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options on the ballot paper but no credible opposition prime minister hun sen who has ruled the country for thirty three years with the cambodian people's party is expected to easily win another five year term so how does he stay in power for so long one hundred send was a former commander of the camera which killed more than three million people during its reign of terror back in the late one nine hundred seventy s. he later switch sides to spearhead a rebellion against the regime and when the coverage was toppled back in one nine hundred seventy nine hundred send was made foreign minister by the new vietnam backed government six years later in one thousand eighty five he. became prime minister of posts that he has held ever since. now the senate is taking an increasingly hard line on dissent last year he launched a sweeping crackdown tried many opposition leaders in jail and silencing his critics this crackdown has drawn international condemnation and calls to boycott
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the polls so what can we expect on sunday well our correspondent heartache is in tembo d.f. for a closer look at preparations for an election that many observers regard as a sham. knows the odds are stacked against him just three months ago he founded the khmer will party because he wants to make a difference but in cambodia politics is a minefield and kong money cartridge carefully we don't want to. be very challenging with the government. and solve all the problems especially the the political deadlock between the. ruling parties and the opposition parties kong money cause father and his two older brothers were members of cambodia's main opposition party this year in r.p. now they are banned from politics in a government move to purge its political rivals. twenty parties competing in the
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upcoming elections but the race is already decided since the main opposition party was the sole by the government late last year with its leaders either in exile or in prison cambodia is essentially become a one party state. sen has held power for thirty three years in election times especially he cultivates his public image as a caring leader but human rights groups accuse him of systematically cracking down on critics there have also been repeated accusations of voter intimidation something that government firmly denies the allegation is allegation. the people we go our base to tell them that people have a right. to go to row not to go to vote. like who has had to learn the hard way that taking sides against the government is dangerous in cambodia after his boss discovered he had joined the opposition party he lost
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his job now he follows the senior peace call for an election boycott had an. angry and upset because something i know. something i want to have has been taken away from me i'm disappointed that. we want to have a big opposition party in cambodia can scrutinize the government and criticize its mistakes so the governments can reform and promote the development of the whole country. is not the only one who thinks that way i meet lamone hey a supporter of the band opposition and a well known critic of whom the senate is ruling party he says any party contesting this election is giving it an air of legitimacy that it doesn't deserve when the people have no principle and take part in this election.
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and free and fair right from the stack and still they join. i. finish. kanani car naturally disagrees as they asked people to boycott elections which is to me a little bit. contrast to the principles of democracy which. people is the change that it does through elections now to ask people not to participate in the like germs on. the whole that there will be change so i don't think that will work the only. possibility is that the people will have to go to world and vote for a new leader he knows no do leader will be elected this time around but he wants to prepare his party for future elections and for
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a time after scent. of the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you can find us on twitter either at t w news my handle is at sarah kelly don't forget you can use our hash tag the day well that's all for the day and the end of a week which ended with a blood moon in the night sky we leave you now with these images and joy have a great weekend.
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faster. now of. dance know how to bring the easter. bunny the most unfair. on and not. just. iran. is one such an isolated thing after seeing now the major power in the middle east. airlines influence continues to grow politically economically and above all militarily. does
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iran truly want peace among the countries opponents of their doubts to isolate. iran from theocracy to the core stars of august attacks on t.w. . some the. everyone and welcome to the final show of our special edition of euro max today we are testing will power here's a look at what's coming up. fitness fanatic how your own max reporter hendrick belling fares at survival training. the perfect way for surfers from all over the world.


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