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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 28, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CEST

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this is deja vu news coming to you from berlin it was the night when the moon turned to brad's people around the world marveled at the longest lunar eclipse to take place in this century we'll show you some of the stony images of the blood may also coming up. in the way prepares for its first presidential election since robert mugabe relinquish power after more than forty years but the opposition already say it expects the poll to be flawless political like harare for the latest . and greets villagers return to their charge holding
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a town detail to these and the government didn't do enough to prevent devastating wildfires. i'm on those on thank you for joining us for the longest lunar eclipse this century has left people around the world in all called a blow to moon for its reddish color and places it was visible at different times in africa asia australia europe and even in south america as well as extra an extra trace the time that mars made its closest approach to earth since two thousand and three appearing big and bryce next to the main. yes it was the night ancient greek ruins got a fresh coat of beauty the night the moon was fully in the earth's shadow the night
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of the longest lunar eclipse this century. was. from a nasa observatory the splendor of the blood moon so called for its deep red color was in full view. was. it was it's no wonder these soldiers in brazil forgot their duties momentarily joining a group of star gazers on the beach to watch the celestial wonder. when we did it it was very interesting to see the beginning when the moon appeared when it became very clear i thought it was very pretty and i liked the planet mars even more which you could see right next to the moon being. the total eclipse lasted for nearly two hours while the partial freeze went on for about six. phenomena that occurred as the moon passed through the darkest most
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central part of the earth's shadow. not to worry few missed it though there will be another lunar eclipse in general next year but don't expect it to continue for more than an hour the next time a lunar eclipse will last as long as this one wouldn't be for another one hundred five years. being called zimbabwe's most important election in four decades voters there are preparing to choose a new president and parliament it's their first election since long time authoritarian leader robert mugabe was as stage from power last year but the country's opposition has accused the ruling sound of p.f. party of misconduct it's warned of voter intimidation use of an accurate electoral rolls and even free food handed out to voters opposition leader nelson chamisa has
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threatened to protest if monday's vote has manipulated he's accusing the country's electoral commission of bias and a lack of transparency chamisa faces a very close race against president emerson and god who's hoping to win a full term of his own after succeeding. polls show him and with a very small lead but many voters are still undecided. before the story now we're going to cross over to d.w. correspondent manicuring in harare melanie elections will take place on monday what's planned for today. it's incredibly hard to hear you over here because there is so much planned for here over today and so much going on behind me it's the last two rallies for both parties the ruling party at the moment the center p.f. and the m.d.c. there are thousands tens of thousands of people pouring in behind me to hear emerson monograph was speak we expecting him around two pm and to me says
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a rally was also happening very close by so it's really both parties addressing their voters for the very last time and encouraging them to go out and to put that name on the ballot on monday. ok so there's a lot going on there today now nelson chamisa is challenging and resentment. what's their message to the voters. well both candidates are really promising change on every level when it comes to the economy which is of course in their distrust in a horrible state. where they're promising a change when it comes to human rights they're promising that they will tackle corruption it's a difficult task to fulfill both though if you think about it one and gaga has been part of the very administration of the very group that has been responsible for oppression beating down people for torturing them if they didn't agree with what
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the party was doing and also when it comes to the economy he was of course part of the very very administration that is responsible for the economy to be in such a horrendous state and the hole that mugabe has dark is quite a deep one a difficult task to climb out of it when it comes to jimmy said he is also an advocate for change he is saying that he's going to be centralized power that he's going to give more power to the different color to use here to take their own decisions he is promising to open up the country to make good to do in improve the infrastructure here to come up with spaghetti roads and with a bullet train all promises that he might not be able to take because he's he's not really explaining where he's getting the money from there is no consistent plan of how he's gonna attain what he has promised here so far so we'll see but they're both promising a lot they're both promising change how much change they can actually attain
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difficult to say so a lot of promises there are no less can say considering that zimbabwe has had a long history of election violence and voter intimidation do you think that we're going to see fair elections this time around briefly. well so far because the fairest most transparent and least violent and elections or election campaigns thus far that the country has seen if they all really fire is another question though what i can tell you is that we have the longest ballot paper in history there are twenty three candidates on the ballot paper the opposition party has been able to go even outside harare to do complains something that was not possible before you do hear some reports of intimidation going on but they are definitely not as widespread and systematic as if they had as they
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have been before the biggest question is though if the military is going to really exact any results if the opposition wins when not sure if they will not maybe intervene so we'll have to see about that thank you very much for the cure reporting from harare. to some of the stories making news around the world. in afghanistan there have been several explosions and gunfire reporters in the eastern city of tire near the pakistani border officials say the blasts went off near a facility used to train midwives there's been no immediate word on casualties. and houses of residents have been forced to flee was far is in different parts of the u.s. state of california the blazes have killed two firefighters and are still burning i should control hundreds of homes and businesses have also been destroyed a serial arsonist has been charged with intentionally starting some of the fires.
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and there too those fires in greece which are among europe's deadliest this century the country's prime minister alexis to the press says his government takes political responsibility for the devastating wildfires that killed more than eighty people residents in the affected area near athens have criticized the government for failing to warn them about the danger but authorities point to indications of arson and say the situation was made worse by people building and legally in dangerous areas the reporter shot a child some pillow went to investigate. this is the place the nothis once called home he and his wife lived here on the second fuel now blackened and burned forever scarred by this tragedy he's now joins the growing chorus of voices angered authorities for not doing enough to limit the scale of this disaster could have hidden. the effort of no one kid to notify the residents to leave behind. initially we could see the fire far away in the mountains. or see the lines reach
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their houses in five minutes nobody informed us that we were in danger. he takes me up into his home now filled with memories of the night he had to run for his life. his calendar still marking the day of the finest. he tells me that he's happy to be alive. living directly on the beach he and his wife were able to flee to the safety of the sea so many who lived in land weren't so lucky. enough this is house is one of many buildings here in mattie built illegally along the waterfront on the night of the fire was buildings like these that blocked the route the people desperately trying to flee to the safety of the city walls like this one made access even harder essentially leaving people trapped in lands to bend to their deaths if they did then manage to reach the corridors
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like this one that go on to the waterfront they often then found that there were no steps leading down on to the beach is known a girl fell to her death just a few meters from him. people here now want and says why were these clear safety violations ignored by the government for now though all authorities can do is assess the damage. enough this is lucky his house is still habitable almost the inspectors say they're doing all they can to help residents like him try and rebuild their lives are going to go off but i doubt the engineer will register the damage and submit the repair estimate to the ministry for approval i want to stress that the state is present we here we're helping people with them all of us just have a vision to bring the country back to its feet just like alexis our prime minister has signed it is miserable you go it's all this was not. enough this doesn't know when he'll be able to return home but now he can only wait and hope that
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authorities can provide the support to this community so desperately needs. by the tour de france has been to the pedal to mid states today and arts and the from the sports desk is here to talk through all the action arts it's great to have you in studio and yesterday saw the final mountain stage three of the peyronie's did it live up to expectations well they say that stage nineteen this year's tour de france is the most exciting stage as you said it's up in the pyrenees mountains it's just over two hundred kilometers longer going up the mountain then you're going down steep the mountain downs downwards and reaching speeds of more than ninety kilometers an hour anything can happen and so of course all eyes are always on the man wearing the yellow jersey. thomas and of course he wanted to hang on to it and let's take a look at what happened on stage nineteen on friday that's. the decisive day so right as head through the peyronie's with everything on the line the first
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big winner of this stage was hung favorite julian aila phillipe the frenchman now has an unassailable lead in the race for the king of the mountains title. in the general classification leading thomas was under attack throughout slovenian right of primos rutledge raced into contention with a phenomenal performance which saw him cross the finish line in first place. and. i just really acquired a lot of times and finally went away then on the descent. thomas was in hot pursuit a final sprint gave him a second place finish extending his lead to more than two minutes. with just a single time trial state and the procession to paris to go welshman thomas has a first tour de france title within his grasp. so actually the two men advantage is this. head in his hand well i mean they're still stage twenty it's
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a thirty one kilometer time trial anything can happen i mean he would have to crash out badly for him to lose a two minute five second advantage over over a second placed thomas to rule and i doubt that that's something that could happen but what does happen what has been happening during this tour is that some people some spectators have been attacking members of the of steam sky because they're upset about things there about alleged doping and things like that i mean so security is going to be out there they don't want this to happen again so i would say if he's careful on the track then i would say that. thomas is going to make it and the sunday ride will just be a formality but have to wait and see the from the sports i thank you very much for your insights. and just a reminder of the top story that we're following for you. people around the world have marveled at the longest lunar eclipse of the century called a blood moon for its reddish color in places the cosmic spectacle locked search for
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