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this is either being used or when you live from berlin it was the night of the moon turned red for people around the world are marvels at the longest lunar eclipse to take place this century we'll show you some of the stunning images of the blood moon also coming up. campaigning and winds down the head of them by a place first presidential election since being a era the opposition says it expects longest vote will be flawless we'll go live to harare.
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i'm honored to welcome to the program people around the world spent half the night with their eyes on the skies getting their fill of the longest total lunar eclipse of the century the shadow of the earth through the moon into darkness and turned red mars also put in an appearance in its closest approach to earth for fifteen years. even if it was past bedtime everyone came. telescopes improved ny let people get that little bit closer to the moon. but just looking up works to. those with cameras captured the heavenly body on film. in south africa people stopped in the streets reading with. the long list for all. sorts of get up to.
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the. bar trade it looks very different today look reground ground yards just look different in very different. in egypt outside the city of far you home leaving the artificial lights behind was an effort worth making. when we chose a place far from the city on purpose because the fatter way from the city we get the clearer the skies. in brazil the beach in rio de janeiro was a perfect spot to see the moon as well as mars nearby. it's beautiful very beautiful it was great being here and the moon was very beautiful more so with this telescope. it was bad luck for people in mumbai india six clouds left nothing much to see this is a very long it's of the longest eclipse of the century but. monsoon season in
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homage on the death of the family there's a very very thick local soviero very very disappointed. no disappointment for people increased their luna to live at a picture perfect performance. it's been called the most important election in four decades voters there are preparing to choose a new president and parliament it's. our first election since longtime authoritarian leader robert mugabe was as did from power last year opposition leader nelson chamisa has threatened to protest the long day's vote as manipulate says he's accusing the country's electoral commission of bias and a lack of transparency to make the faces a very close race against president and resentment and gaga who's hoping to win a full term of his own after succeeding mugabe holds when i got left with a very small need but many voters are still undecided as.
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correspondent. is in harare for me on the story a lot of the elections will take place on monday what is planned for today. there is a not planned for today and even more happening already right behind me there at the two rallies happening by both the center and p.f. the ruling party and the opposition m.d.c. i'm right now be at the stadium you see behind me is women and god is going to be addressing his voters the people of the supporters of this and of here shortly convincing them to really put the cross next to his name on monday and not far away from here chamisa will be of course addressing his supporters as well there are tens of thousands of people here sixty thousand people fill out the stadium and also to me says speaking we are expecting the same amount of people so will be a busy and exciting day over here so
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a very busy and very excited crowd there no nelson chamisa is challenging and resentment and god what's their message to the voters not on the. best candidates are really advocates for change and zimbabwe and this is exactly what the voters are looking for they're hoping for a free a less corrupt and of course economically it's. striving country difficult tasks to attain. mine god has promised he will move on from them in iraq he will make the country less corrupt and economically strong but remember he was part of the very government that has been responsible for this disastrous state of pecan to me and four by end oppression and we have to me so who has promised at the centralization of power and big changes when it comes to the infrastructure also a bullet train
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a very speedy one but he is no doubt not planning when he's taking the money for that so we shall see and of course he will be struggling with the economy as well. and let's not forget as well that's him bob wayne has had a long history of election violence and voter intimidation are we going to see a fair election this time around. what i can tell you is thus far these are for sure the most. and also transparent elections if they really will be is an entirely different question though what has been possible which has not been possible before is that the opposition can go out even outside harare to be compared to be addressing that supporters the intimidation still seems to be that although if it is happening it's on a more subtle level it's not as open and it's not as brutal we have international trade service here as well. but yeah of course l b it will be difficult still to
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retain fair elections melanie thank you very much reporting for us there from harare. now it is the villa stories making news around the world. officials in afghanistan say at least three people have been wounded after medicines a toxic training center for midwives in the eastern city of a lot of witnesses there say several blocks and gunfire was heard. there were no claims of responsibility so far as a human spokesman has called the attack terrorism. us television network c.b.s. says it's investigating allegations of sexual misconduct against its top executive in a magazine of course six women accused of sexually harassing them from the one nine hundred eighty s. to the two thousands only invest is the latest media giants become embroiled in allegations of misconduct he denies any wrongdoing.
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firefighters have managed to contain a large blaze inside the german capital for in the end it broke earlier this week and burned through some fifty hectors several munitions from world war two exploded to to the flames and drags in rural areas has left forests draw inflammable the summer in the warmest in decades there to those fires in greece which are among europe's deadliest this century families are due to begin burning the more than eighty people killed in the inferno the government in athens has said it assumes political responsibility for the disaster but the authorities point to indications of arson and say that the situation was made worse by people building illegally in dangerous areas to investigate. it's just that this is the place the nothis once called home he and his wife lived here on the second floor now blackened and banned forever scarred by this tragedy he's now joined the growing
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chorus of voices angered authorities but not doing enough to limit the scale of this disaster could get him over the effort of yes no one cared to notify the residents to leave their homes. initially we could see the fire far away in the mountains. the little items which the houses in five minutes i'm nobody informed us that we are in danger. for you she lost a lot. he takes me up into his home now filled with memories of the night he had to run for his life with. his calendar still marking the day at the finest which this. case tells me that he's happy to be alive. living directly on the beach he and his wife were able to flee to the safety of the sea so many who lived in land once i moved to know this is house is one of many buildings here in monte built illegally along the waterfront on the night of the fire was buildings like these
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that blocked the route the people desperately trying to flee to the safety of the sea walls like this one made access even harder essentially leaving people trapped in lands to bend to their depths if they did then manage to reach the corridors like this one that go on to the waterfront they often then found that there were no steps leading down on to the beach is known a girl fell to her death just a few meters from him. people here now want and says why were these pleas safety violations ignored by the government for now though all authorities can do is assess the damage. enough this is lucky his house is still habitable most of the inspectors say they're doing all they can to help residents like him try and rebuild their lives in a kind of golf but i doubt the engineer will register the damage and submit the repair estimate of the ministry for approval i want to stress that the state is present we here we're helping people we're with them all of us have
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a vision to bring the country back to its feet just like alexis our prime minister has such reasonable your do. with was not. enough just doesn't know when he'll be able to return home but now he can only wait and hope that authorities can provide the support to this community so desperately needs. crazes also one of the countries that's been most affected by europe's migration crisis of following the closure of the balkan raise my growth trying to reach europe set their sights on italy risking their lives to cross the mediterranean from north africa however with italy's new government turning them away migrants are now increasingly heading for spain. the coast of southern spain is within sight. it's the end of a treacherous crossing of the strait of gibraltar. what you're seeing is a group of migrants reaching european soil. and they're among the many who arrive on spanish beaches every year. we don't know where they ended up but we do know
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they're lucky to be alive. so far this year at least fifteen hundred have died in the mediterranean sea their route to europe too has changed with spain now the preferred entry point we can say is that the first indications we're getting from the spanish authorities is that it is the west africa and. migrants that were most prominent crossing into libya in the past couple years who seem to be choosing spain as their route now. the number of undocumented migrants arriving to the spanish coast so far this year is almost as many as the total for twenty seventeen most are rescued at sea and brought to ports like this one in the town of. it's here in the port where they were initially held before being moved to overcrowded immigrant reception centers. in a meeting earlier this week with france's president emanuel micron the spanish prime minister said the e.u.
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needs to do more if it wants to see a fall in the number of people arriving illegally on its shorts in luck will be to feel a little cooperation and development is very important a requirement is to socially politically and economically stabilize the countries of origin of the border protection should have dignity and respect for the human rights of migrant people. if you know we need to strengthen our cooperation with countries of origin and also with the transit countries those. back in southern spain it's the end of an exhausting journey for these migrants and the beginning of an uncertain future in the european union. well the penultimate stage of the tour de france is underway as riders test themselves in a time trial over thirty one kilometer is still wearing the yellow jersey is the current thomas of britain with a comfortable lead nevertheless he didn't hold back and fight as mention a stage either coming close to winning that as well. a decisive day so
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right his head through the pyrenees with everything on the line the first big winner of the stage was home favorite julian i love phillipe the frenchman now has an unassailable lead in the race for the king of the mountains title. and the general classification leading thomas was under attack throughout slovenian ride of primrose road lidge raced into contention with a phenomenal performance which saw him cross the finish line in first place. and. i just really cried a lot of times and finally i went away then on the descent. but thomas was in hot pursuit the final sprint gave him a second place finish extending his lead to more than two minutes. with just a single time trial stage and the procession to paris to go welshman thomas has a first tour de france title within his grasp. here watching video that is coming
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to you live from berlin we'll have more at the top of the hour and we'll leave you now with one of the lovely spectacular celestial vents the longest lunar eclipse this century straight. what keeps us in shape what makes a c. and how do we stay calm. my name is dr carson the i talked to the clinics let's. watch them at work. and they discuss what you can do to improve your health. stay tuned and.


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