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biala gassed. managed by a truck on. the line from berlin forest fires raging across the northern hemisphere amid the record hot summer flames are in golfing forests and threatening lives from california to sweden in greece residents made homeless tell the w the government failed to warn them of the impending danger also coming up campaigning winds winds down at zimbabwe's first presidential election since the mugabe era the opposition says it
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expects monday's vote will be flawed to get the latest from. people around the world marvel at the longest lunar eclipse to take place this century we'll show you some of the stunning images of the blood moon. and welcome to the program soaring summer temperatures and many parts of the northern hemisphere have left firefighters battling massive blazes in the united states two firefighters have died after struggling to bring an inferno in northern california under control dozens of homes in the city of reading have gone up in smoke and the blaze has not yet been contained and in europe sweden's largest fire emergency in a century threatens to ask even further tens of of thousands. actors are still
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burning with authorities warning that high winds could worsen the situation in the coming hours in greece there are big fires that are being called some of the continent's deadliest in decades and it's causing great anger to a bitter raul has broken out over who's to blame after ninety people lost their lives always charlotte charles impel is there and has this report of your son this is the place the nothis once called in his wife to take on the second fuel now blackened and burned for as a scotch by this tragedy he's now joined the growing chorus of voices angered authorities for not doing enough to limit the scale of this disaster could on human level that of the effort of yes no one kid to notify the residents to leave their homes. initially we could see the fire far away in the mountains. the little items which the houses in five minutes nobody informed us that we were in danger. he takes me up into his home now
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filled with memories of the night he had to run for his life with. his calendar still marking the day at the finest with this. case tells me that he's happy to be alive. living directly on the beach he and his wife were able to flee to the safety of the sea so many who lived in land once they're lucky. enough this is house is one of many buildings here in monte built illegally along the waterfront on the night of the fire was buildings like these that block the route the people desperately trying to flee to the safety of the sea walls like this one made access even harder essentially leaving people trapped in lands to bend to the depths if they did then manage to reach the corridors like this one they go on to the waterfront they often then found that there were no steps leading down on to the beach is known ago fell to her death just a few meters from him. people here now want and says why were these
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pleas safety violations ignored by the government for now though all authorities can do is assess the damage. so nothis is lucky his house is still habitable most of the inspectors say they're doing all they can to help residents like him try and rebuild their lives and kind of go off but i doubt the engineer will register the damage and submit the repair estimate to the ministry for approval i want to stress that the state is present we here and we're helping people we're with them all of us should have a vision to bring the country back to his feet just like alexis our prime minister has said is most people get to. withdraw and so last this doesn't know when he'll be able to return home but now he can only wait and hope that authorities can provide the support to this community so desperately needs. as i'm bob wins prepare to head to the polls they'll be casting their vote for someone not named robert
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mugabe for the first time in a generation it's the first election since the former president was ousted from power last year orders will decide on a president and a parliament on monday ahead of the vote opposition leader nelson chamisa is accusing the country's electoral commission of bias and a lack of transparency he. also threatening protests seem to be manipulated he's up against president emerson and dog law who's hoping to win a full term after replacing mugabi polls show manning hog wild with a small lead but many voters remain undecided. correspondent is in harare for us adrian you're at the emerson men and campaign event what is the promising the voters and is there any indication that his links to mugabe could potentially hurt him here. trying to portray himself as a reformer as somebody who wants to change the governing party that has been running the country since independence for thirty eight years now and he's been
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actually showing some positive signs of the direction he's been touring the world trying to tell investors that the bob was open for business they should come here this is the news in buffalo also within the country there were some changes you can see much less security forces in the country right now there's a better freedom of speech so this has really changed in the time that he took over from president mugabe but of course some people remain skeptical because you have to remember that he's been part of the ruling elite of the political class for a very long time he has been minister in various positions on the mugabe has been he was his vice president at one point so his critics of course say he's not a reformer he's just part of the old game god was challenger is nelson chamisa word as he sees them bob weighs future. we just came from the from the final really of china which is just a few kilometers from here thousands of people also there very good moods because they're hopeful that for the first time they have
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a very good chance to indeed win these elections is a pentecostal preacher he's also a degree in law and he's a very charismatic person who knows how to get people beyond himself he's a very great speaker and a lot of his critics have a say he uses big words like pushing infrastructure for what like bringing unemployment's to an end of the economy but he doesn't really come up with a concrete plan how he wants to do with it remember zimbabwe's really broke the economy is completely down the country is heavily in deficit and does not know which every cell wants to take the money for him to really go forward with all these ideas adrian zimbabwe has had instances of election violence and voter intent intimidation in the past are we expecting to see fair elections this time around briefly if you can well look this could be the first time in the history of the country that we could really relate to flee have a free and fair elections they has been some minor incidents especially compared to
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what the country went through and pasta elections this is really minor and a lot of people are very optimistic that monday might go well and that we will not see any major hiccups a drink reporting from harare thank you very much. now some of the other stories making news around the world officials in afghanistan say at least three people have been wounded after militants attacked a training center for midwives in the eastern city of jalalabad witnesses said there were several blasts and gunfire there has been no claim of responsibility so far and a government spokesman called the attack terrorism. and just in egyptian court rather has sentenced seventy five people to death including senior members of the outlawed muslim brotherhood they were charged with security offenses and a mass trial related to a two thousand and thirteen protest that turned violent it's now up to the country's top theological authority to review the ruling though he usually approves
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the court's decision. u.s. television network c.b.s. says it's investigating allegations of sexual misconduct against its top executive in a magazine report six women accused les moonves of sexually harassing them in the one nine hundred eighty s. to that you thousands he denies any wrongdoing. thousands of people have taken to the streets of baghdad and other iraqi cities are the latest protest against corruption unemployment and the lack of basic services the on the rest comes while politicians try to form a coalition government after parliamentary elections in may. of italy's new populist government turning away rescue boats migrants trying to reach europe are increasingly setting their sights on a new destination spain a country says it has rescued nearly a thousand people making the dangerous mediterranean crossing in the past two days alone a dread says the european union will have to do more if it's to stem the flow of
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new arrivals. the coast of southern spain is within sight. it's the end of a treacherous crossing of the strait of gibraltar. what you're seeing is a group of migrants reaching european soil. and they're among the many who arrive on spanish beaches every year. we don't know where they ended up but we do know they're lucky to be alive. so far this year at least fifteen hundred have died in the mediterranean sea their route to europe too has changed with spain now the preferred entry point we can say is that the first indications we're getting from spanish authorities is that it is the west african. migrants that were most prominent crossing into libya in the past couple years who seem to be choosing spain as their route now. the number of undocumented migrants arriving to the spanish coast so far this year is almost as many as the total for twenty seventeen
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most are rescued at sea and brought to ports like this one in the town of thirty five. it's here in the port where they were initially held before being moved to overcrowded immigrant reception centers. in a meeting earlier this week with france's president emanuel micron the spanish prime minister said the e.u. needs to do more if it wants to see a fall in the number of people arriving illegally on its shorts in luck will be to feel. cooperation and development is very important a requirement is to socially politically and economically stabilize the countries of origin of the border protection shuteye of dignity and respect for the human rights of migrant people if you know we need to strengthen our cooperation with countries of origin and also with the transit countries those. back in southern spain it's the end of an exhausting journey for these migrants and the beginning of
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an uncertain future in the european union. the penultimate stage of the tour de france is underway as riders test themselves in a time trial over thirty one kilometers still wearing the yellow jersey is thomas a briton with a comfortable lead he also didn't hold back in friday's mountain stage finishing just behind stage winner primo schroeder of slovenia extending his lead to more than two minutes if thomas keeps his good run in the time trial and he's likely to clinch his first tour de france title in sunday's final stage and paris. has become the first woman to lead a team to victory and around the world yacht race skipper wendy talk and her serenity coast team won the clipper two thousand and seventeen two thousand and eighteen with another woman led team coming in second twelve identical yachts returned to liverpool england nearly a year after leaving for the race which covers forty thousand nautical miles tough
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was followed by nicky henderson a british skipper who let her team to second place. people around the world spent half the night with their eyes on the skies getting their fill of the longest total lunar eclipse of the century the shadow of the earth through the moon into darkness and turned it red mars also put in an appearance and its closest approach to earth in fifteen years. even if it was pos bed time everyone came. telescopes in brunei let people get a little bit closer to the moon. but just looking up to. those with cameras captured the heavenly body on film. in south africa people stopped in the streets with pretty little security but all this for free. so it's opened it up to about what. it was pretty. hard to read it looks
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very different. you know really ground ground so yeah it's you know it's like definitely very different. in egypt outside the city for you i'm leaving the artificial lights behind was an effort worth making. when we chose a place far from the city on purpose because the feather away from the city we get the clearer the skies. in brazil the beach in rio de janeiro was a perfect spot to see the moon as well as mars nearby. to deal with the beautiful very beautiful it was great being here and the moon was very beautiful more so with this telescope. it was bad luck for people in mumbai india six clouds left nothing much to see this is a very long gets of the longest eclipse of the century but. one single season
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a homage on the big ben they have there's a very very thick local sylvia all very very disappointed. no disappointment for people increased their luna to live at a picture perfect performance. you're watching her back at the top of the hour with more or you can get the latest any time on our website that's b.w. dot com about equal often in berlin thanks for watching. i. am not proud and they will not succeed in dividing us not succeeded in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters. made for minds.


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