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tv   Kick off - Bundesliga 201718 Season Review Part 1  Deutsche Welle  August 7, 2018 1:30am-2:01am CEST

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a warning label on music products. rock and religion a clash that brings many parallels to my. party to really so irreconcilable oh come on the devil rock n roll. starts aug nineteenth w. that. after the long hot summer break have you forgotten all about the industry well we haven't before the next season begins kickoff takes
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a look back at last season hamburg is no longer around what went wrong. how did shall come managed to conquer second place and is it a surprise that by and champions but was enough to make the giants happy electric off take you back. we've seen it before again by and celebrating being win this league champions the only one title this time because it would have been nice to see them off with a double you could do both even without it your client has bowed out of band on a hot new. york you think you the early season was a bit sticky. back to the beginning victory in the super cup after apache preseason then a winning starts the bundesliga but still that nagging sense of dissatisfaction. is true about. we did hear from so. relieved.
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after improve. on match day three by last hoffenheim the earliest campaign defeat since twenty eleven and with the us rivals dillman playing up a storm the storm clouds were gathering on high and you know. i think if you remember when you arrived in october we were five points behind the leaders of the time. simply not good enough to buy in a pause a company with. my state's case was back and i held. my task is to put together a team again for. no sooner said than done to clean sheet wins against freiburg and how the champions had found their groove climbing a sun. feeding then came the big points against the previous seasons runners up leipsic and away to don't inject classic i. know you guys.
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with that three one win by unspoiled was but you know. the only thing is we can be very very happy because through a fight points behind and the three or four weeks we have six points he is hiding his effect suddenly he was also scoring the man for the goal. for the. goals. also hits minutes again the midfield. so much that. every player here and he's won everything with fire and. health and i do mean four times he had spent over i was growing into the thankless task of deputising for the injured manuel neuer. a shot you'll never totally manage at the best keeper in the world. all the time. i'm stuck
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my i top of the table at the mid-season break for the twenty third time in the new year but i'm picked up where they left off a mystery guest now in a red streak of course. i thought you would see. i signed on a long loan from real madrid the colombian superstar soon to climatized a life in munich off the pitch at fan club meetings as well as the traditional october first visit and on it swiftly establishing himself as one of by and he creative attack is carving up opposition defenses with his super technique and quick thinking and revelling in his new advance playmaking role on the hike. thanks wanted to get at. your confidence which as he's been in football a long time i tried to learn from him every day he's a coach with a lot of experience to pass on to his players and that is it. and the players were
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evidently taking its home port. looks like you can tell by the football we're playing now. as demonstrated in the return meeting with tillman's immune i think you could do with i find bigots winning this fixture since nineteen seventy one with the ability in a starring role. at thirty five pence a new deal for the coming season. certainly proud buyers like a family. fellow evergreens iron robin and rafi followed suit as the show was its pretty special ten years in such a big club. with five games to spare buy and seal their sixth straight title another entry for the record books. i honestly can't rated highly enough couldn't answer that since they save the big party for the final match day. trophy
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time with the obligatory be a shower and now just one task left over that hopefully we can do the double for the club and for you know what i mean for the put the cup final on those went to frankfurt and the cocoa batch by an incoming coach looks made to measure for their relentlessly high ambitions big fish will go again next season and finish up here with more trophies. my stars shall a number twenty seven for by and another one for the record books but only one title left by and longing for a lot more. of. the good times have returned to shaka finishing second and back in the champions league plus one of the most remarkable revered obviates ever seen. gail's in curation in the heart of the broad district. where football is king dressed in royal blue. shark up back with their best season and
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eight years. of picture book campaign for the fans and that club. and a new coach dominica to disco shall could have become a model of efficiency possession not important pretty football unnecessary but stability tenacity the thirty two year old tactician worked his motivational magic on the team the fans the whole rule blue family. was to get a better time so the good times. the people here loves this club this is the difference between chalk and other clubs. a good season for shout has to include root district bragging rights over arch rivals. combustible hemisphere.
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that here like a lot of honor a study says a fifth after. their first meeting of a season threatened to end in a depart go to discos inform visitors found themselves being taken a pause for nail down a time what followed was a comeback for the history. books . shot. up. pressing and pressing. it's just. to. shut.
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up as it. does all remember this forever and so will the friends this is one of those games you never forget. this stuff is the team to come on mantra but it fits shocker well now that. maya. envelope gorecki and all the rest of the. district abi take i. see how. i. should. i come up.
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dorman's downs and now though once again the strutting his stuff at the shop ends this time with a trademark set piece rocket. so far has it really well yes i'm just delighted that i was able to help the same stuff to hold on to suzy. de mint a lot when was down to attitude individual players getting everything they have with. second in the table to memorable road district darby's and a long awaited return to the champions league it's been a picture book season in row blue for the fans and shall cut back among the bundesliga big. leipsic leverkusen and hoffenheim. three young teams who took the fight for the champions and europa league places down to the final match day.
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after a sensational second places newcomers leipsic kicked off their second bundesliga season with justified high hopes they went to dortmund and won but delightfully done just like for the x. you can find yourself. at home and they beat eventual runners up shall cut top dogs but i am also departed light sick empty handed. i think if he felt it was an important win by just because if i am back in the champions league next. but the red bulls also showed a less happy face this season like their home defeat to sell as well as kilo. and on match day thirty two beaten three no minds a fatal blow to their champions league hopes. into universe as a kind of hunching. serious of my day is the moment news is not so easy to keep
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recovering from sat back a little for six to five to. six place at the finish but leipzig aiming higher after two productive years in the club ralph pozen hopeful will not be there earth but. the europa league is reward enough believe it who is in this time around after the disappointments of the season before direct attacking football is back on the bahrain a menu served up by a gifted on song bill eager to entertain. where very motivated but the plan b. i know the court is going to percent behind us and we can't ask for nothing more. i go ahead breathe fresh life into the team and his first season in charge with many of the younger players really blossoming. still to see just. six. but as with leipsic inconsistency was
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a recurring issue over this season. since we had learned so we're not ready to be calling ourselves a club now that we also have managed to win three games in a row this season going to bring in the end the only missed out on the champions league by goal difference but fifth place is a finished living whose include gladly live with. match day thirty four parties own hoffenheim. should try to practice. their very own final and they want to three one against dortmund third in the table and into the champions league have some experience with the extra yard as the face of the place is the next and i'm rich said we miss our targets and i believe the second highest score is. behind
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byron with the lively frontline trio wreaking havoc opposition defensives. cuts. but. the. young and ambitious that's hoffenheim all around they've come a long way already. thanks. sleepy village of three thousand old souls in germany's south west now firmly etched on the european football match. the agony of relegation the tension of the playoffs hundred joy a promotion. who went down. who survived and who came
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up. it's a question of how much they get to come up on the. top and. they couldn't stave it off any longer the players coach and fans the end of an era and unfailing presence in the bundesliga from day one after an incredible fifty five years hamburg stay is over. and then boys disappointed it will take time to absorb this and it will be painful it's really sad it's when they come i say. three coaches try to prevent it marcus off the match day nineteen and then came back tough seven games no win by match day twenty seven christan teats was in charge and things start to look up. how i don't have the how but i have to work. to. keep tabs. on the
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medication for thirteen points from their last eight games but it wasn't quite enough. hamburger gone from the bundesliga the coach's task now is to get them back as soon as possible. because i'm going to need to do my grandfather for the show of trust i mean grateful to the management and also to the founders in it's a huge vote of confidence in myself and my coaching staff and the first one above in mind then i stop. matchday fourteen peter sturgess final game as coach of cologne three points from their first fourteen games of the season an all time record low for the when the city. pushed took its success a step back and almost impossible task coach cam players sense about giving it their best shots of the same. thing wants to kill like. that how much and suddenly their belief was back. needs
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a little opportunity from his end when a lot of these affect the finals and try to pull off a miracle in two can it was a big ass too big a deal on the back of a historically bad stuff aftermath a thirty two cologne where fishley down judicial system bitter bitterly disappointing thing for me should never about this happens when also toughest strength coach marcus and funk has joined from kiel while stars like us hector and tina horn are committed to operation founds back it's going to go ahead and we're going down as a collective ritual that's a huge part of why guys like marco herbut and myself staying at home. he did it again. the un religated will coach this time in charge of balls bugs and they were in the playoffs for the second year running.
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my job. was. like that says. some of it to the team stuck together and struggled through again that's my solution not a happy ending to their worst ever going to sleep in season three coaches for the wolves and love at dia eventually one in the clear now alongside new sporting director york he has to take them to a better place. we've come through this situation all the stronger it can help us to grow and i'm confident it will get the. party time. and new and back to football institutions back in the business league after a summit meeting at the finish with the bundesliga two times on the line. took the honors and return to the pointlessly got after five years away. to
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number one the weight has been one year less now their fans can look forward to top flight football once again to big clubs with a wealth of tradition welcome back. for young players who took the lead by storm for talents on the rise delighting us with their skills trickery and outstanding goals. all stars ascendant in twenty seventeen eighteen cannot agree bailey voyage and bruma. with his people from the. onload from bahrain for the season the twenty three year old germany international was particularly productive after the mid-season break fourteen games and directly involved in twelve goals on the break going to get the goalkeeper softly bit sad. i want to.
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bring her that's it for you to. ten goals for the season plus five assists a better return than either of you betty oh rob and his potential rivals for starting spot a bun this coming season says cannot bury a key contributor to huff mimes late surge in the champions league. because the young talent from kingston jamaica lit up the foot in this league with the full front line package technique close control pace and some simply sublime finishing. things but. i have. nine goals seven assists he was directly involved in over a quarter of let me tuesday's goal. by. me but he's got. the piece
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of. opposition defenses learns to be very wary of his deadly left foot and with bailey spectacular systems leverkusen took their place in the europa league. body is one of. the top of the goals and assists shots for surprise package frank but the twenty three year old wide midfielder has exploded on the bundesliga scene as both provider and scorer. to say spent five goals to his name all clinically dispatched with his reliable bike a fast dynamic and first a tile down out of the flight voice in the fast lane to the top next season the journey continues with top.
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twenty three years old and another explosive wide midfielder bruma really came into his own down the home straight twenty eight appearances and his debut win this nigga season. was linked to. the portugal international back three of his fully goals for leipzig after the mid-season break. really going to show i think sometimes i sometimes think. that i simply. swiftly settling down in the bundesliga the left side especially this made nine starting appearances over the second half of the campaign helping leipzig to a sixth place finish and then another taste of european football now three ballyvaughan from bruma full fast rising stars with all it takes to reach the very top. look
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cool spectacular simply sensational they are some of the season's very best goals. coming. up. but something. spectacular. led me. to her promise she kept up. the plane. was up i just gave up. i.
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this can't. possibly. climb the fence play. play play play play. play. play at large at reuters plus. the goal. is.
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to play the same. six. strip. clubs. to explain. eleven bits of. such.
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strong objects. the but that's not exactly. next week for part two of season recap. of. the book. the big.
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artificial was really connected to life. the prize winning documentary. the forest. is not w. . the united states's re-imposing sanctions on iran three months after president donald trump pulled out of the twenty fifteen international nuclear deal iranian president hassan rouhani lashed out at the sanctions which take effect early on cheese day he accused washington of launching psychological warfare and slammed chump's call for direct talks. in indonesia searching for survivors and distributing emergency aid after sunday's earthquake at least hundred nine.


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