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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 11, 2018 7:00am-7:02am CEST

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and. i should. point out i've only said what i thought of going on what are the funding. for. the german car maker volkswagen has faced judges and company shareholders in the first major german hearing against the company the court had to adjourn to a convention center in order fit some fifty lawyers dozens of shareholders and public spectators shareholders want billions in compensation they say they should have been informed earlier about u.s. investigations into possible diesel emission cheating. more than two and a half thousand protesters have marched through the town of kirton in eastern germany following the death of a twenty two year old police say the german man died after an altercation with two
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afghan migrants who are now in police custody a post-mortem showed the cause of death was acute heart failure not directly linked to his injuries. but the united states has threaten to slap sanctions on international criminal court judges national security advisor john bolton says i.c.c. officials could face financial sanctions and even criminal charges if they proceed with an investigation of alleged war crimes committed by u.s. soldiers in afghanistan. a gas tanker explosion in nigeria has left thirty five dead and injured hundreds more the explosion occurred again station in the northern state of no. this is the second such explosion to rock nigeria this here. at. the diesel very finely reaches the german courts
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a test case against false charges now on the way p.w. loses it could be forced to pay billions of euros in doubt. and i'll just tina struggles to stay afloat but what does the plunge of the past so mean for people who've been banking in dollars for decades. also coming up today just golf bash has been heavily polluted by the country's falsified industry now the e.u. is stepping in to help with. is the business. the german city of folks wagners headquarters of course has begun examining whether the comic should have told shareholders sooner about the emissions cheating scandal that might open the door for.


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