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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 12, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a new political survey setting off alarm bells in berlin and support for germany's governing parties has plummeted to the lowest level ever recorded only one in four people are happy with chancellor merkel's grand coalition or her center left social democrats pardners well the news is especially better we explain why also coming out. today is the last day of campaigning for a highly charged regional election in the southern state of the very their traditional parties are also bracing for
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a political earthquake as voters turn in droves to smaller parties including the far right here. and communities in florida count the calls to one of the most powerful storms in american history hurricane michel. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us voters in germany are rejecting chance for all americans governing coalition in record numbers now that's the takeaway from a new opinion poll only days before a key regional lection in the southern state of bavaria now ahead of this ballot seen as crucial for america's government the latest survey by the pollster in for test the map spells potential disaster for the chancellor at the national level now if elections across germany were to be held today. this is who the surveys
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participants say they'll be voting for sounds american conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. bloc at twenty six percent that's down three percentage points from just last month september the social democrats the other party in the coalition are likewise down three points there now at just fifteen percent that's an historic low for them the greens in contrast a game three points for seventeen percent no change for the far right if the at sixteen the free market f.t.p. a ten no change for the left party either ten percent there. for more with me here in the studio is our political correspondent oliver sallust morning oliver i've run some incredible results here both merkel's conservative bloc and the social democrats down these are the worst results for them since the numbers began in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven what's happening to germany's once stable political system the party landscape as we've been knowing it for for the past decade it seems it's being turned upside down right now the social democrats just
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read out the numbers at fifteen percent on the social democrats used to be one of the strongest parties in germany that led former governments. we're used to these numbers for like fifteen percent from smaller parties but not from the social democrats the greens used to be their junior partner in the last as is p.v. led coalition they're even stronger than the social democrats right now the a if tea party the far right party who is by the way new in parliament stronger than the s.p.d. party so that's really unheard of and we're witnessing an increasingly fragmented party landscape that we've been knowing from other countries such as the netherlands for instance but not in germany so the fragmentation is now here at home in germany you know aspecific li about the current government voters issued a damning combination more than three quarters seventy six percent are quote dissatisfied were very dissatisfied with the conservative social democrat grand
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coalition only twenty four percent saying they are satisfied or very satisfied with the government's work. all over twenty four percent satisfied with the government very low numbers what does this tell us about attitudes right now towards politicians over a grand coalition as a government is an extremely unpopular option in germany and that's what that was already the case before the elections but that is a situation that is getting more and more extreme right now as we speak voters seem to experience a coalition that is more focusing on fighting each other over issues like migration for instance rather than having a clear political vision that are wasting lots of time for that and voters seem to be getting tired of that situation also there's a different increasing amount of voters who want a different styles want different leaders at the parties and we are witnessing this partially already just very recently the leader of the political group of merkel said you party was not reelected impala meant in the political group there he was
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a close merkel ally and certainly was the preferred option instead a merkel critic got the job there so we're witnessing also and then of the medical error not sure in the party what's going to happen after that something that is always the reflecting in the votes in the polls we are seeing today and you know when when you're saying that it's not just a question about voters we're just rejecting content but also rejecting style you know one of the questions emerging is do these numbers point to a problem for democracy here in germany well democracy itself is certainly contest a that's a phenomenon we're witnessing in all kinds of western democracies but as more and more reaching germany as well we could see that at these neo nazi protests that we've been reporting on in the city in the eastern city of camden for instance that attracted an increasing number of normal now it's non neo nazi protesters from the center of the political spectrum to support so the political extremes in germany
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are gaining support even the free press is accused of lying the sound is getting louder. in the political debate as well at the same time the government is having one argument after the other and that certainly result in a loss of credibility ok a loss of credibility than what you say not just reporting for the media as well the small parties of course benefiting from this we're talking about if the greens the flipside of the coalition slump is a resurgent green party and that's mirrored in the response to the polls next question how should the government act regarding climate policy now these are the results there three quarters seventy four percent think the government should do more twenty two percent think the coalition is acting in the right way and only three percent say it should do less on climate change. so what do you think is dissatisfaction with climate policy what's fuelling the green surge right now we have to go back a little bit and look at the current government and the coalition that was not
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merkel's first choice right before that there were called the talks including the green party we're talking about right now and the business friendly f.t.p. party then the letter pulled out of these talks and that resulted in a situation in which voters believe that the green party is credible they benefited from that situation they seem to be ready to take responsibility they're neither extreme left or right so they kind of like seem like a credible or like a reasonable alternative and then second. the environment is a very important issue for germans right now just very recently there were protests in a big forest in western germany that was supposed to be taken down by a energy company because they were trying to get league night coal from there in spite of the government promise to cut down on this kind of fossil energy in addition to that there are diesel bans imposed on german streets just after
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a very recent verdict berlin is going to be one of the cities where this is going to take place again the government promised to avoid that by all costs so merkel did all kinds of environments environmental promises she never delivered on them and that's a situation again that from which the green party benefits and saying that they can deliver on those issues all of herself thanks very much for that today. as we've been discussing voters in bavaria that's germany's biggest and richest state elect their regional parliament come sunday now in bavaria one party the conservative christian social union has held power for sixteen straight years but that could change w. reporters toward the very end of the election and filed this in-depth report on a region where politics is still very much about tradition. once a year the top figures and the varian politics gather to commemorate fancy words of stylists the man celebrated as something between the patron saint and godfather of
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modern birth area. germany's interior minister hosty who is here to infamous in berlin as the trouble maker in angola america's government here two calls for him to go are getting louder. stage premier marco pseudo wants to succeed both zero and his big tunnels. which should be no space for democratic party is further right than us the far right the campaign that strauss would have voted for them so he did for them to be here in lowered the very many voters have fled from the c.s.u. to the far right but the very in support for the far right a.f.p. is patsy making this a prime public to call battleground the room is. a parliamentary group please everybody here he had to consider if somebody could actually invest their money.
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has come all the way from both is because he knows that these reactionary elections are about much more than the back only. fear and xenophobia is a driving force for many here tonight. he comments many cuban imago actually in the longer let my kids out on the street on their own with what i see on t.v. or hear on the. radio. you just can't do it anymore this is for. help. the main issue is security here i have children and we're really afraid for our children. the figure of bavaria looms large over the ecto professed generally of politics free zone but the state election is mostly being fought in the name of defending what it celebrates best and variance hold most dear. thailand parties good quality of life. time outs.
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kinder and paying happy i took the fast. at the abbey of the two boys and visitors from around the world have been welcome for more than a thousand years machall is here today it's the only appearance with marcos she cause for confidence in being german as antidote to fear of others. because there are those and those who are no longer aware of their own foundations of course don't know how to integrate others and in this debate about islam i sometimes get the sense that some may have become jealous that others are living their religion while we forget ours. despite a strong economy the public are unhappy and turning away from the c.s.u. in both directions the green party candidates see themselves as living proof of a left wing alternative. and i believe the citizens of the very up down the politicians another spreading hate and fear. all has been hits afresh with the
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holes predict the greens could become the various second strongest political force and could join government for the first time in german post-war history this very an election campaign smacks of pro change said to me at the very least that's expected to blow away angle america or the interior minister. but it could also deal another blow to. oh grip on power. and we're following the bavarian election of course very closely in its aftermath you can get more news on our website dot com now for a look at some of the other stories today turkey has told washington it has all the video proof that a saudi journalist was murdered recordings allegedly capturing his torture and killing in the saudi consulate in istanbul show he was a critic of the kingdom's leadership and lived in the u.s. riyadh denies the accusations. rap star and trump supporter kanye west met the u.s.
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president on thursday delivering an extended monologue on issues ranging from crime to mental health in the power of male energy from promise to talk further with him on issues affecting the country's urban areas. and staying in the us where one of the strongest hurricanes on record has leveled neighborhoods in southern coastal states or in michael making landfall in florida killing at least four people there ripping homes literally out of their foundations some of the worst damage was a mexico beach where the hurricane crashed ashore but in the areas are hidden as well a reporter visited one of them where locals there have been counting the coast. eighty kilometers from the florida coast the small community of blountstown still felt the full force of hurrican michael's fury in the path of one of the most powerful storms ever to hit the u.s. mainland the town has taken a battering homes and businesses destroyed infrastructure in ruins trees down of
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course power lines are down and not just power lines power stations power transformers and that's a major problem even for a community like this you just there won't be any power for weeks maybe even months to come out on the highway traffic is reduced to a cruel as residents who he did the warnings to leave return to their homes on the coast evidence. the storm's destructive power is all around us homeowners are anxious about what they might find if you have any information all year long not really. it's a. chance that anything there as service. and i should about that were devastated of course you just bought a house. yeah unfortunately we closed on thursday just finished building it closed on thursday and spent one night in it and had to evacuate and this was such a fast moving storm we didn't even know about it until our daughter called us
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saturday morning and said are you guys ready for the storm. in southern florida this relief that the hurricane has passed but dismay at the scale of the clear up operation which is i need just beginning. this is due to the news live from berlin for me brian thomas the entire team thanks for being with us. first climbing listen to this grand arrives. joining a regular on her journey to freedom. you know we're interactive documentary. you know regulating returns home. don't come in tanks.


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