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tv   Europe in Concert - Sarah Connor Germany  Deutsche Welle  October 13, 2018 3:15am-4:00am CEST

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how is your view of the world. where i come from but oh is that clear to cisco it's just like with chinese food doesn't matter where i am as always reminds me of home after decades of living in germany china's photo is one of the things i miss the most but that taking a step back i see states that need to differentiate knowledge many of the words purse as money go nations that exist to add up part of the war haven't been implemented in china that's new but i'm not a child it's a cold wondering if they're going to save it but if you don't have a ride to learn how to set it is this is that job a job out of the my how i see it and the why i love my job because i tired to do it exactly it is an hour a day my name of the uninsured and i work addict up you. will
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do some good. in it no clues to business moves don't push it smooth. is the good. in me did it. bit. come come. live the tower. may see in season come on the sun's. coming come. this is not on his. hands.
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sprawled. slovaks be. eaten by. the. slums all over the. cause. is a. dead heat. in the. us in the same way as indeed. it is.
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down the road but the focus needs. but that's plain. good in minsk up good. luck on the boat. was. made in c. and c. . on the sun super. sub hour. is not just. a buffer zone. it is not the fault of the. jets. can't sleep sleep.
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eat it not so hot steve come. stay. strong. enough come to. take a long haul my big come back. did
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you. see yeah it says speed. it. was love love love. to give up the sun the last speech. believe it i meant it if. you buy this is a clue. again with. our. lives
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i doubt that it. was a seat. that was. you know was. not the sun. but. it. was. the highlight. was it.
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the. sun the. cuts. the. sun the. guy. comes of it. begin. in view and she.
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also seems to know the. sun's new show sooth was. the same strong can go. to mistrusted it was flat and the sun sun beat a beauty. event someone must strive still a face not first hit the spot it was sucked out by. me to want to finish. so. is in service you don't. create. this is this still this dumb moves to this mind it was but. a machine gun still fits.
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he has to do. our jobs. she has been submitted. best dress. and. mine and i'm. his and conduct like one. hundred i'm a person hold me. i'm sitting. on the phone. i'm not should serve. to feed you don't. even own stuff. just some money get. the smile. sucked.
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ystem you. mention. his insults. diana i'm going. to say. nothing man who's doing the business. stuff but. oh i. am. and i was good. soon the. new. bank unknown. to. me. seemed to be done
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as believe me it's funny. to me. to see him so keen shoot me i've done my job since to see you then come straight back. to live on the big baby goods out of the city to live a good many would love to do it but the facts. would. take a bit. of a big gulp soon but we're gonna do it because they. can't get enough. votes to find a good game. yes
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it's a. ton of something to say. to you that i'm gonna say. what you've done every time you. use me on the piece which a. young man oh my mum's good. luck to suddenly. blow up the. sun. take. a load. of super.
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long. slow to. come up. get up but. they come. up because they can't because of the hope. for a. better such as soon. as you get back again would love. to keep the most this is. called the. job of a car bomb stock little kid. luck.
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the bad. luck. the bad the bad. luck. the be. the be. the be. now become the come to. sleep in the suit. you the comes to the beach for someone.
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coming to. his place of the field no. luck so this is the beginning of the beloved tom. good luck. leave the club. the band. play. the ball up. the too close.
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up. when. you get. up. thank you thank you sir are you. come it's just my opinion. that i did not say whatever.
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on the. back of michael jackson from an. eyewitness accounts of a time fellow. member of you did write a song. good job. to me. i mean.
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you. love. love. with. you. nancy.
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reagan. self love. you mean. you. must. not.
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oh do you. believe that. i. was. so. many. years. well i don't. know many t.-h. in the rain. and love.
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as you are my kind. of. passion. you're feeling. for sun. and you know larry are two. to three. he. was doing. she.
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could said. you know many. ways to you from sarah. so maybe. it's rain. forest. a big. easy to vote. in way injury. wrong. to our. people when we move rather strongly. to wire as their. primary job.
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it was. not. easy. for them. live long.
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blues blue. as yan. thank. you so. thank you. for some good thank you. thank.
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god cohen. he.
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says. drink. lots of. venice. and british. only say. see dish it seems. to fit soo fat. so. in this form of. an issue. it's not.
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just. an. issue come. soon. to us if you sit still spin the shit in them to drink in. the. movies and post it and save this shit and it's fucking fish and bits of food bit. next. to. you sumit.
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that into somebody cooked the mission of money loaned into the. fine seeing which. they supplied. so firmly you must leave he was asleep that's fine. by then to some. big say. be dispassionate and be good from the chinese this is a weakness it's all up to. the
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ego's thought was the son. the goods are the stuff inside gaza the scene of a. gun there goes to. the study the boom that. subsumes the bullets didn't plan something was playing with. your new hire just to. cause problems. for
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those months and months until the you maybe give the buyer much blame. i'll. goals. to. cut. back. on the shuttle to the to.
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come closer. to me he was leaving. me for. us i wasn't. you are.
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missing mom. and murmuring and me. and young. full. of fish. those. people. even if we haven't caught. it it our money was. in the. earth. and it. was.
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useful. safe for. horses for a little. bit of. it.
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was. the. mood of the gulf. believe it. was you know.
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as i said man. for anything as was her beloved. who. instance. then don't know what. the it was son got. the money like i'm going to get
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a rise against our. mood. swings for by. me to be. i like. the way he comes in mine. tell me in trouble too going to. see him learn. to live.
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by moses hands then moved. to. kansas city. come. to me as will be a. chance to cause a. bit more fun. a. lot.
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more. to.
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the battleground is not a known europe's biggest salt water and the new. name is close to when i was taken on the industrial fama. they had to watch as their natural paradise was destroyed by agribusinesses. down fighting for them to do for. thirty minutes on double.
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that's not going to survive this night hide your identity. we are scared we are very scared we have to stay and it will be up to fight for this fight against. bangladesh what is the true face of the country look like. freedom independence a separation of state and church that used to be important but for decades political infighting here has hindered progress and islamized extremists are gaining more influence god given all we call for the name of law for the law islam democracy and the rule of law are on shaky ground. and of discontinuous. of this should be. pretty. not fixed. bangladesh the dawn of islamism and exclusive v.w.
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report starts october eighteenth. a delegation from saudi arabia has arrived in turkey as. part of an investigation into the disappearance of journalist jamal khashoggi who was last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul according to the washington post turkish officials made recordings they say prove she was tortured and murdered inside.


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