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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 15, 2018 2:00am-2:16am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a political earthquake in bavaria closes in the wealthy conservative german states have turned away from the c.s.u. and given their votes to parties at both ends of the political spectrum also coming up. maybe you did line causes in syria a demilitarized zone to protect civilians which you take effect on monday but there are no signs that hardline sizers have started withdrawing.
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i'm christine one blow welcome to the program german voters have scientology a call for change from the second stage of the very off to elections sunday project of results show i'm going to michael's conservative allies the c.s.u. has lost its absolute majority off to decades of dominance in the region the c.s.u. gain class than forty percent of the vote that's a drop of more than ten percent the greens also integrating huge gains now becoming the second strongest potty in bavaria the free vote is that's a coalition of independent candidates trailed them with more than eleven percent the far right a fifty is six into the various parliament for the first time they've jumped onto the scene taking more than ten percent of the vote to support the social democrats last basically they have to base support and dropped to less than ten percent votes for the f.t. p. and the left rows on the sly. now here are some of the reactions coming in from
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the winners and the losers off of the therion state election. dismay at a watershed moment the c.s.u. loses his absolute majority various unswerving oil tea to the party is over their opposition to uncle america's migration policy didn't pay off in the vault sometimes for months after we've had a bit of a painful result even if we still have to wait for the election night to end we accept the result with humility and we need to learn from the result we'll analyze everything closely one thing is certain despite some predictions despite some discussions despite some comments the c.s.u. hasn't just become the strongest party it also has the clear mandate to govern. for the greens there was jubilation. but there you are again needs a political party that solves people's problems rather than constantly causing new
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problems and that dear friends is why this result has already changed the very many many thanks for that. the doom and gloom meanwhile for the s.p.d. they lost over half their voter share and the leadership seemed in shock this is moving to need it's a video defeat. it means we couldn't convince the voters we weren't able to win the competition between the parties that has to be analyzed at all levels but there certainly wasn't support from the federal level on the contrary we weren't able to benefit from the policy dispute between the c.d.u. and the c.s.u. . for months the c.s.u. had question federal migration policy to the cost of coalition partners the c.d.u. and the s.p.d. the f.t. will no sit in fifteen of the sixteen regional parliament. they are what i
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say anyone who voted f.t. today in bavaria is saying that america all must go ladies and gentlemen i. the regional elections in hessen are in two weeks merkel's creaking coalition will remain for that long but the softening of support for germany's formerly strong conservatives is likely to feed the growth of other political forces. all right for more on this i'm joined by our political correspondent kate brady kate it's great having you in studio did this come as a shock for these traditional parties surely massive it really wasn't quite as much of a surprise as you might first think of course we've had a lot of opinion polls ahead of these elections and this really reflects what is an ongoing trend across germany and also in neighboring e.u. countries european countries at the moment and that is the erosion of mainstream parties and we're seeing both on a federal level and down in bavaria tonight that the support for the traditional
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main parties or the conservatives in the social democrats is really nose diving and instead we're seeing this fragmentation of germany's political landscape and we've seen people moving to what really are in the biggest and the fringes of germany's political spectrum so people many voters left the conservative c.s.u. who of course are also the very insistent party to merkel's conservatives many of them went to the to the right to the right to the far right but also the greens won a lot of votes off the back of the mistakes that were made by the s.p.d. the social democrats and the c.s.u. the conservatives were talking about the very this is one of the wealthiest states here in germany indeed in europe as well. but people there is still unsatisfied with their government's work why is that all these are raiding interesting point actually that this isn't really connected to the economy it's all which of course
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often drives votes is and it was very interesting that if you look there's always an in for a test poll came out this evening that shows sunday evening now which actually listed migration which was an issue which kept coming up time and time again during these election campaigns voters actually listed that as the fourth most important issue in terms of what affected how they voted instead they were more focused on issues of domestic issues. education and housing and environment and it's parties like the greens who have really they had quite a strong campaign in really getting in touch with this kind of nisha now a days really of making sure that they were addressing the issues which people really care about but of course this movement away from these main parties is now a european wide trend and our chief political editor of the cook and she was down in bavaria on sunday evening and she actually spoke to marcus vague about exactly
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that and he of course is the leader of the europeans european peoples party in the european parliament we can look. probably have european wide the pregnant patients we have european wide from left and right rising populism and even extremists in the nationalists and on the floor that's why germany is not an island in such a political framework and that's why we have to give an answer but the clear answer must be to show people a vision to show people a future intonation for what they want what they have his challenges and that they live on the table and if he can give a positive ions as if he can convince of his good visions then i think we can be still a successful was a sees you too late to change its rhetoric which at times was a space is the similar to the far right if. the migration thing is all over your old one of the dominating issues nobody can can award a debate about migration but what you have to do from now on is adult about the results what we achieved what we did but diminished in the last three years of the two thousand and fifteen its achievements on the turkish border on the military and
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border that we really reduce the numbers of illegal migrants to the european union dramatically so let's talk about success stories that is a base for winning back the trust. kate what does all this mean for germany's national government here and then this is certainly going to send traumas back here and this isn't the first time another test of merkel's power and the head of that conservative and social democratic government local is looking ahead we do have more state elections coming up in hessen in just a couple of weeks and that will again be another kind of a take of the temperature another litmus test for exactly how german faces a feeling right now and that really could have even bigger effects of course running up there in tests. as one of merkel's biggest longtime allies said that would be a huge blow to her if her conservatives in the state of has then lost that majority that is a while so definitely one to watch right that is if you want to watch and we will be watching that here and. that's all cars fun and political class when kate brady
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thank you for your time. now some of the other stories making news around the world e.u. officials say breaks of negotiators have not yet sealed a deal on britain's divorce tens this despite india's speculation filled by a surprise visit to brussels by britain's brits at six a trade that strongly crop and a meeting often besiktas from the twenty seven other member states officials say talks will resume at wednesday's e.u. summit. and two of the most contentious figures within the roman catholic church have been made saints by pope francis both pope all the sixth and the murdered salvadoran archbishop mero were canonized in a ceremony at the vatican among the crowd with thousands of pilgrims from el salvador liver america is a national hero. and police in germany say three people including a child audit off a small plane crashed through a barrier into
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a crowd noko media say the pilot lost control of the aircraft when trying to land near the town of afula several people were injured. to syria now way a deadline has paused for the creation of a demilitarized zone in the northern edge of the province was supposed to be established by monday as part of a deal agreed to by the end russian last month but it appears the rebels have not left the zone now the agreement was meant to prevent a government assault on the rebel held area which the un ses could provoke a deeper humanitarian catastrophe. syria's last major rebel stronghold is just a few kilometers from here an uncomfortable thought for. in twenty twelve he fled from islam is fighters in this town singe are in the south of it live province now the syrian army has regained control after bitter fighting what remains is rubble
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sadness and anger against the islamists. how could there be reconciliation with the people who killed my relatives and forced me to flee how could i ever sit down with them that would truly be a bitter pill to swallow. singe i was once home to thousands today there are just two hundred residents most of them loyal supporters of president assad no one here really believes in a political solution with the islamists they believe military force is the only language the islamists understand even if it means death and suffering. and then you might be tempted you can't trust them they're liars i don't want a political solution i hope the army takes control of the whole province such that he can have some peace of their own are. these men are ready for action at all times they are part of the christian militia on the front line in southern it live
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they are under its control and their mission is to defend christians against islamist fighters the islamists are supposed to withdraw by monday along with their heavy weapons at least that was part of turkey and russia's deal to created de-militarized zone here but the christian militias leader says the islamists are actually reinforcing their defenses rather than withdrawing. holding the ceasefire that was agreed to by the islamist militants are digging trenches and building bunkers war we wouldn't normally tolerate that is but our orders are not to intervene for now things are quiet on the frontline the ceasefire has bought some time but not trust and president assad supporters don't want to see his victories against the islamists stop at it live even if it means risking heavy casualties.
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sports now and novak djokovic continued he's maust a full run off tennis as he beat croatian born to church to win the shanghai mosque is this pounced on charge his mistakes to barry's shot a shot at winning the first sit. at the match points in the second his opponent had simply run out of steam enabling just a bitch to take the second and decisive say sixty four. in the. it's the serbians eighteenth win in a row in what's been an amazing season so far now at the ironman world championships in hawaii of the defending men's and women's champions both took home and that the title the two also did so in record fashion but in the case of the men's champion the action didn't stop at the finish line the german tried for
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another positive result it had little to do with sports and it looks like he beat out the competition there to. the fortieth the iron man world championships also became the fastest ever leading early on in the women's competition was britain's lucy charles who set a new world record in the swimming event. but then switzerland's daniela got past her in cycling at the one hundred five mile mark the swiss then held on from there also excelling in the marathon to take first place with charles settling for second and how give germany coming in third. in the men's germany's patrick long it was trailing until the final running stage that's also perhaps because he had been stung by a jellyfish just prior to the competition and wasn't sure if he could compete but compete he did and how finally making his mark late on and beating the previous race record by almost nine minutes he then dropped to his knees to propose to his girlfriend. long also became the first
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athlete in history to finish the competition in under eight hours that's it watching t.v. news live from berlin that is it for now but you can get the latest updates on a website that states if you don't calm all follow us on to that thank you for watching. it was all consuming conflict for. thirty years turned. to. the field to determine its outcome.


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