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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 15, 2018 10:00pm-10:30pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin tonight a possible development in the disappearance of a solti journalist in turkey saudi arabia reportedly preparing to admit its own interrogators played a role in the reporter's death turkish install the investigators entered the saudi consulate in istanbul earlier this evening they were searching for clues following the disappearance of journalist because of all cash. we'll get the latest from istanbul in washington also coming up german police say a hostage taking in the city of cologne may have been
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a terrorist attack and the incident shut down the city's main train station plus one of the men involved in the september eleventh attacks is released from prison here in germany and immediately deported to his home country of morocco. and flash floods in southwestern france kill at least twelve people as heavy rains turned rivers into. several villages remain virtually cut off from the outside world. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us tonight to turkish police entered saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul searching reportedly you for clues following the disappearance of saudi journalists jamal. uniform turkish police and other officials believed to be prosecutors went inside the compound. several hours ago
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after being cleared by saudi authorities and outspoken critic of saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon actually entered the consulate almost two weeks ago he has not been seen since the investigation comes amid growing pressure from the international community regarding the fate of the saudi reporters c.n.n. is now reporting that saudi arabia is preparing to admit that casualty was killed during an interrogation by some of the officials that went wrong. and of course that is a new development in this story tonight we want to go now to our correspondent you leon she's in istanbul on this story let's pick up we don't know anymore about the report from c.n.n. yuliya about saudi arabia possibly preparing to admit that this was an interrogation that went wrong that became deadly for this journalist but let's talk about the consulate inside what are these investigators we assume they're still in
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the investigating what are they looking for. well brant this is of course a day turkish investigators have been waiting for they have been waiting for the saudis to finally give them for a mission to enter and search the saudi consulate the consul's a residence and to also ask some questions to employees and staff so this is the day this happened the turkish investigators a went inside the condition was that this is a joint turkish saudi probe and we've just heard from one person familiar with the investigation on the turkish side that they have been looking for forensic evidence and although the crime scene has been as he said polluted so it was very different difficult to find anything over there they say they secured some evidence but they still need to do further tests before they would go public this person was again
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speaking on the condition of staying anonymous so the the bigger question all day was of course what will this investigation team still be able to find as you mentioned it's been two weeks since jamal khashoggi went to missing and earlier today as if to you know make a point there very interesting the. cleaning crew went inside this building with a mops and trash bags walking past the journalists and everybody was of course wondering and debate started again over the credibility of this whole investigation but now that it started something has to come out some kind of forensic evidence may be or some statement and even maybe this reports that c.n.n. is reporting on now. it does beg the question why even a well this investigation to start now if two weeks. cleaning
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crews to go into what could be a crime scene. well maybe it is as c.n.n. reports the saudis are slowly slowly preparing for making a statement for such a report explaining the situation maybe blaming it as c.n.n. reports and i quote on on some rogue element someone in the saudi a killing team or a kidnapping team that then committed a mistake and killed him basically or the pressure has just you know become too much i mean the europeans france germany britain asking for thorough investigation in his disappearance the u.s. creating pressure as well so now like the world is basically demanding answers from the saudis they need to deliver and they conscious make this whole story this whole scandal go away a correspondent you know you handle the story for us tonight in istanbul and you think you were u.s.
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secretary of state mike pompei it was on his way to saudi arabia to discuss the case with king solomon president trump said that he is sending pompei zero after he spoke earlier today with the salty leader take a listen. we are. going to leave nothing on covered with that exact became firmly denies any knowledge of it. he didn't really know maybe i don't want to get is it is fine but it sounded to me like babies get a big row killers oh no we're going to try getting to the bottom of a very serious what is was a plot to dial. our we want to take this story now to washington d.c. our correspondents stuff and siemens is standing by good evening to use stuff on this possible breaking news story that saudi arabia reportedly planning to admit to that its interrogators were part of the killing of this
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journalist has there been any reaction in washington to this report. no not so far not until now or as of yet there's no reaction from the white house the white house ministration or from any of the parties democrats republicans g.o.p. senate or house whatsoever. this c.n.n. reports. relating this on to sources that the saudis may be prepared to admit to a enter a geisha gone wrong makes the president of course look at a little bit outdated with his alternative narrative that maybe roque killers or somebody roe was involved in this but we'll see this is so far still speculation two sources c.n.n. is claiming they have now let's wait what this will come out of there right this is definitely a developing story for respondent jeff on the money on the story for us tonight in
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washington stefan thank you. oh police here in germany say that they have not ruled out the possibility that a hostage taking today was motivated by terrorism it happened at the main train station in the city of cologne in western germany police stormed a pharmacy inside the station to free a hostage who'd been held for two hours now the assault by special security forces left the suspect seriously injured we understand that the hostage had light with us police combed the station for clues about what could have been the suspects mood. to. what makes us think it was more than a hostage taking is that he had flammable liquid and among other things several gas canisters. over the small ones used for camping and this was an area where he was holding the hostage. two of the gas canisters were strapped together with duct tape and then the. all right we're going to take this over now
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to our correspondent david martin he is in cologne believe me do you david what we just heard there from police you know that gives us more information and some clues into their thinking what else do you know about this suspect. well as we have that the fact that they found so many gas canisters and fire excitement suggests that this could have been a much more serious incident had police not intervened sooner what we also know is that the suspect claim to be a member of the jihadist terror group diag the so-called islamic state police still trying to confirm what's behind those claims and we also know that following the incident police found a identity documents belonging to a syrian citizen who was living in cologne they're reluctant to say whether those documents belong to the suspect although they do admit that that is the likelihood
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and we understand the suspect was allegedly involved in another incident at the train station earlier today what happened there that's right sir just before the hostage incident the suspect threw some sort of flammable or an explosive it believed to be among. cocktail into a frost food restaurant also located inside cologne central station a witness told me earlier that she saw two victims run out of the phosphate restaurant one of them a teenage girl whose was whose leg was on fire she was on fire up and up to her waist we heard from police after which that girl has since been taken to hospital where she's receiving treatment or do we use david martin a little we're forced to live in cologne david thank you. well germany's governing coalition is facing an uncertain future after under america's allies in bavaria
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suffered significant losses in elections yesterday the leaders of the country's three coalition parties are meeting to find a way forward after voters delivered what's been described as a resulting slap to the government as americal has promised to do more to win back voters trust. early in the morning after the bavarian state elections made one thing very clear germans are fed up with their coalition government. the old danish anyone who hasn't heard the warnings i must know that this was a dummy surely make up like it was an improper can and find on this and the one thing that is very good only at last is that things cannot go on the way they are always trying to carry consequences to see if it's ok that is mr vital i'm going to michael has been on the end of sharp criticism she sees mistakes made in berlin as a contributing factor to the loss of his sister party in bavaria. the us and i
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thought i'm good click looking back at the formation of the government in the last twelve months it's clear that people have lost a lot of trust in us but also goes for the union party used to see you and the sea as he'll where you would expect common ground. and that's why until now we have not been able to be clear about what the grand coalition has achieved jointly shmuck wonder but it was the social democrats who suffered most on the night losing half of their voters and the very are. the party leaders it's increasingly difficult to justify why the s.p.d. is still propping up a coalition government that's current events i'm asking what's going to do better my what must we avoid alice we don't have to try everything and the government's bad image links are contributed to the fact that issues that were it was under the populous didn't get through which to crime and didn't mention this to crime issues good to use in. a new poll suggested that eighty eight percent of s.p.d.
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party members would prefer to leave the grand coalition. now senior figures are wondering whether it would be better to stay or go. car is shorter what is clear is that just because the s.p.d. and its members had good reasons for joining a coalition not to leave the country at the mercy of the rightwing condom doesn't mean we will stay in at all costs ian paice. the liberals who only just managed to scrape their way into parliament are ready to capitalize on any collapse. is in. the grand coalition to for the hearts and everything that's in our area. and. the debate continues to send up behind the scenes to come the next state elections and hasn't in two weeks time things could well come to a head. you know as we just heard there voters go to the polls in the state of has and later this month if the polls are right germany's coalition parties the s.p.d. and the c.d.u.
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are said to suffer further heavy losses all the talk about the fate of this government i'm joined tonight here at the big table by patrick since borg he is a member of the c.d.u. that is i'm going to conservatives and a member of the german parliament it's good to see you again. i have been in bavaria yesterday and president and your sister party got only forty one percent never seen that before that low. and now you're looking at in just two weeks time having another unprecedented loss in another state how much longer how many more hits can you take before you say we're no longer qualified to govern i think the results yesterday were quite bad it was unsatisfying but we'll see different results it has been because we have a good government there from c.d.u. and the greens they did very good work in the last years so i think the results for the city will be much better than we seen last sunday for the see if you will explain. to our viewers what's the logic there then if you have if you have not so
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bad results in one state after you've had horrible results in your largest state how can that be a good development of course the performance in the berlin of the grand coalition was not that good in the last month we developed step by step the issues in a coalition treaty but nevertheless we had lots of our views we had different opinions in the government and that's not so. something the voters like we heard last night after the vote in the bay area from all of the parties there was the blame game and what i when i noticed all of the parties is they wanted to blame the government here in berlin the federal government. can't the chancellor can't she do something there to stop that can't she basically fire her interior minister who has been the thorn in her side in the very a the whole time i think the strongest thing i'm going to medical can do is convince her ministers that's the strength that she has so in the end she still have the strength does she have that power now in her
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fourth term i think so i think so she has and we have a good coalition treaty and we've solved a lot of problems we have a new master plan of migration interior minister has to work and elaborate step by step so there's a lot of work in front of us we already did many steps so i think the coalition has this package of work in the next month so it should be better not arguing not dispute they should work and that will bring our situation to a much better condition the master plan on migration it was presented before the elections in bulgaria and yet you still had these huge losses in bavaria so why do you think been has been in two weeks' time you're going to have results that you can be proud of i think the problem is not that the must supply migration the problem problem was we don't have unity in the coalition between our social partners socialist partners between the conservative party and we have to bring this unity back to our coalition and then we'll see better results i think the
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issues that we work on a quite good the current government we know that there is after the first two years of this government there is a kind of a time mail where you reevaluated things is that going to be the time when america is going to parachute out and maybe the government as we know it now will and is that is that what we're. aiming for i don't think so nobody in the coalition has got an interest in ending this coalition ending this government because the socialist party they are something around ten percent twelve percent thirteen percent it depends we are in the situation where we have to strengthen our positions so nobody in this coalition has got really an interest in ending is just in the whole parliament and the federal parliament just the ultra right wing party has got an interest in it when the world looks at the development of politics in germany we hear time and time again is germany still reliable is it still stable is
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it the rock of europe definitely i think germany is still playing a leading role in the european union we're bringing things forward in the my ration issue for example we supporting the commission by its plan step by step i think we are taking a lots of burden sharing about the issues military issues we discuss on the two percent targets of the nato in the budget next week so in the end we are doing our part in the european union but on the other side i think our government our coalition has too much discussions about the important issues and that has to be ended ok what should start happening tomorrow in your opinion do ensure that this government does not collapse tomorrow we have to show that we go to work do our things that the voters voted us for and we as a party where we concentrate in the elections and hasn't so we want to show that this government there in the state of hessen has done
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a good work in the last years i think photo wolfie has done a very very proper job in the coalition with the greens for both parties i think it's very very important that the voters will recognise that in the elections in two weeks or will we will hold you to wait and see what happens in two weeks definitely this is a very as always we appreciate you coming in talking with us and you. germany has released an accomplice in the september eleventh attacks on the united states from prison and deported him to morocco now when he. was arrested back in two thousand and one and was sentenced in two thousand and seven to fifteen years in jail this was for his role in the deaths of two hundred forty six people on board the hijacked airplane that was used one of the planes that was used in those attacks german authorities say that he will not be allowed to return to germany until he's at least ninety years old. on nine eleven two thousand and one al-qaeda terrorists took control of four passenger planes full of civilians and
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threw them into the world trade center and the pentagon a fourth crashed into a field in pennsylvania roughly three thousand people were killed the terrorist attacks were the largest ever under us soil they were put into action by a group of young men in germany which became known as the hamburg terrorist cell one of the most money amata sadik the moroccan student was the only man to be sentenced in germany in connection with the attacks it took more than five years of trials and appeals for germany to convict him he was sentenced to fifteen years for being an accessory to the murders of two hundred forty six people aboard the hijacked planes and membership of a terrorist organization sadik never denied being friends with the hijackers but says he knew nothing about the nine eleven plans he was brought from this prison in hamburg to the city's airport for deportation to morocco he's banned from returning to germany until his ninetieth birthday by the authorities who still deem him
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dangerous back home in morocco his wife and children are thought to be waiting for him. obvious here now with business news. a lot of americans ever thought that they would see institution a retail institution is bankrupt here and it's a very painful story actually for many of us including me who knows this very emblematic store circe there one storm in a retail chain there changed how americans shopped and lived has filed for bankruptcy the one hundred thirty two year old company has been struggling for several years and is drowning in debt the final straw was a one hundred thirty four million debt payment due monday sears holdings the parent company of sears and kmart is among dozens of prominent retailers to be clear bankruptcy in the amazon era. think of sears as the amazon of the last century its mail order catalogs were a sensation introducing many americans to mass produced goods for the first time.
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eventually sears became the largest retailer in the country and one of its biggest employers sears helped transform america's shopping habits drawing customers in their cars to the fast network of shopping malls shooting up around the country in the one nine hundred seventy s. but over the years sears has had more products than customers as it was outfoxed by specialist retailers which beating pricing convenience and it made a number of strategic errors including the acquisition of the ailing kmart shame it's not me in the place where people have been buying lots of things for a long time in fact probably the decade when decade ago when it came out and c.s. merged i remember saying to have stuff to make a hole and it's really been that kind of gradual dripping away of business. sears has been closing stores that are breakneck pace all year but it says it is looking for a buyer for the seven hundred that remain open. many observers now say that even
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a bankruptcy will fail to save the once trusted sears name and that the company is likely to follow a number of other recent us store chains into the retailers graveyard. for more i'm now joined by our financial correspondent at the new york stock exchange and it's good to see you yes well let's see the options for sirius is there any chance for the company to somehow bounce back under chapter eleven for example. well brick and mortar is certainly a business that is not easy to be in but it is not entirely impossible to get out of this bankruptcy process said some point what they're trying to do right now is to get rid of as many as possible profitable stores that will be a good one hundred forty store closers just within the next three months or so or they're
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already have closed about three thousand stores in the past seven years and that alone didn't do the trick good results of dependability on one of the biggest shareholders and former c.e.o. eddie lampert a hedge fund manager who have billions of dollars into sears but also he couldn't save it so it will also partly depend if he still will be willing to give spend more money so it is not impossible but it's certainly not going to be an easy task and instead use comes in as the latest retail figures are also being published what's happening in the rest of the retail sector right now. well it's surprisingly weekend that for a second month in the role we saw the retail sales only increasing by a point one per cent and so maybe that is partly due because of hurricane florence sitting there southeast of the united states we saw especially sales of
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bars and restaurants but also in department stores dropping quite a bit overall analysts are still pretty optimistic that we will see a pretty good holiday season with unemployment rate being almost at their lowest the raid in almost fifty years is quarter on wall street thank you very much for the analysis. i'm now going to hand you back to brentford news about the floods in france that's exactly right have you at least twelve people have died in flash floods in southwestern france streams became reaching torrens as the equivalent of several months of rain fell in just a few hours. when it happened it happened fast several months worth of rain falling in just a few hours ava night here in southwest france turned rivers to raging destruction . it started at two am raining raining raining.
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we heard rushing water i turned on the light and it didn't work it was dark as i get out of bed and my feet are in the water i go towards to kitchen and try to open the door but it's impossible i forced it open and then there was water up to my waist to go bush gore's close but such rapid rainfall took its immediate toll in francisco district at least one of the victims was swept away by raging waters while sleeping helicopters scrambled to help rescue people from roofs of their homes struggled with bad weather which made operations difficult some two hundred fifty five men and one hundred police have been deployed for the rescue efforts. it was really traumatizing all our neighbors who were in the same situation i called the firemen it really happened so fast when they responded there was like a wave that came towards our front door the entire house was flooded the waters rose to my thighs my thing to get me to do this technique derrius
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me flowing floodwaters have swept everything in the path of trees power pylons calls. the region is better known for its mediæval town's them for such flooding of biblical proportions the worst the area has seen in a hundred years. you're watching the news live from berlin after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around for the.
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plenty of families for freedom mothers sisters and wives on syria. traveling through europe to raise awareness of. their loved ones have disappeared taken by the syrian regime. my son's been in jail for six years and i don't know how. their bus tells the stories from the most i'm gone missing global three times a day to sixty minutes on the g.w. .
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i saw someone who survived might hide your identity. we are scared we are very scared we have to sustain and to move we are going to die from this i do consider. fun loving what is the true face of the country look like. mob freedom independence the separation of state and church that used to be important. but for decades political infighting here has hindered progress and islamist extremists are gaining more complaints paid off we call for the rule of law feedlot is law. democracy and the rule of law are on shaky ground.
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and discontinuous down by the should be. paid he. cannot exclude. bangladesh the dawn of islamism an exclusive report starts october eighteenth. they came away to interrogate but ended up killing saudi arabia is reportedly planning to admit that journalists. die in an interrogation that went wrong and what happened inside the saudi consulate in istanbul was it an accident or was a journalist in el spoken critic of the saudi crown prince was the silenced.


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