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this is news coming to you live from bali and more suspected letter bomb still enough in the united states police according to a new york city post office where a suspicious package was addressed to full my intelligence chief james clapper investigators also search a postal facility in miami for clues to the screening of attempted bombings me get the latest from our correspondent. also coming up
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a turkish court sentences the german man to was six years in prison for membership in an outlawed kurdish militia his family says he was in turkey on a hiking trip. last irish voters just someone with a time stop on a religious glassful meal. wrong person leaders. called a small market. going to hold a referendum on a goal that even the catholic church says is obsolete. and the number off the super rich grows again and mcc. one country is set to replace the u.s. as home to the most millionaires. play. kind of a warm welcome to you i'm. authorities in the united states have found two most
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suspicious packages as a nationwide search to find the perpetrators intensifies a police bomb squad were called to a post office in new york city where workers discovered one of the passengers on friday morning you are looking at live pictures coming to you from new york now these packages were sent to a u.s. senator and a former director of national security both prominent critics of donald trump the discovery stick the number of bombs intercepted this week to twelve. listen straight go to our correspond maya srijit in washington maya what do we know about these latest explosives which were discovered today. well the latest is that these two more brings the total number to twelve all of the people who were targeted with these packages have ben are spoken critics of
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president from in the past two years year and a half we also know that the packages themselves are rather small they're about six inches long and about fifteen centimeters long and what we've heard from the f.b.i. so far is that they contained a white powder and glass and a detonation device now the investigation is so open we don't know who is sending out these package if it's one person or several people but it's also still unclear as the investigation goes on what the motive was it's unclear whether or not these were live packages if they were to actually explode or the f.b.i. has said that they are not treating them as hoax devices if they were alive they could kill a person although they would not bring down a whole building or a city block or anything nearly as big as that so there's still a lot of open questions as the investigation goes forward or they have narrowed down that it's likely that at least some of these packages are coming from certain
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you know mail sorting system outside of miami and florida and my one here talking to us we're looking at live pictures coming to us from the u.s. not just more about the apparent targets of these devices cory booker and. do they fit the pattern that we've seen so far of people who have been targeted for these devices. absolutely sir james clapper is the former director of national intelligence under president obama as i said he's been an outspoken critic of president trump a sense the president took office and also interestingly he is on the advisory board of a group called the committee to investigate russia which is a group that is dedicated to educating americans about how much russia has infiltrated the democracy so we can see why the president with all his opposition to these investigations that are ongoing into the allegedly meddling that russia theoretically had in the u.s.
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election we can see why the president would not be a fan of clockers the other one is a process with a more prominent target cory booker has been a very prominent senator from new jersey for several years and he's also considered a front runner for the twenty twenty democratic presidential nomination he's been very outspoken very progressive very left and very anti trump. thank you very much for bringing us up to did with the latest from the u.s. . says if we push for concrete steps result the syria conflict during a four nation summit tomorrow a government spokesman said the leaders of turkey france germany and russia are expected to call for the drafting of a new constitution to syria. the demilitarized zone around the northern rebel held province an agreement reached between russia and syria last month.
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seven years of war in syria at least three hundred fifty thousand killed and a country in ruins now the rebel stronghold it live faces a siege the next humanitarian crisis is imminent. it is the last part of syria not under the control of president bashar al assad many of his opponents have fled here but it is only a question of time until his troops and his allies retake the region in northern syria. turkey and europe fear that a majority of the three million people living here will try to flee initiating another refugee crisis preventing this will be the main goal of the political summit in istanbul. the syrian conflict is dominated by foreign powers mainly russia iran and turkey they have different interests at stake and support different sides in the conflict with weapons logistics and personnel russian president vladimir putin is president assad's closest ally russia has been taking an active part in the war since two thousand and fifteen putin wants to strengthen russia's
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military presence in the region syria is its sole access point to the mediterranean sea president hassan rouhani of iran is the other major assad supporter from day one to iran has supported damascus with advisors weapons and troops syria in return provides iran with a crucial route to the hezbollah militia in lebanon. oh you're your turkish president rich one would like to topple assad and qatar has supported various radical rebel groups from the start and since january turkey has had troops of its own in syria one of at of on its goals is to limit kurdish influence in the region . during advance recent visit to berlin german chancellor angela merkel agreed to this weekend summits russia iran and turkey have used the syrian conflict to reestablish their positions as regional powers in the middle east. but reconstruction will require western money perhaps giving leaders like merkel
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additional clouts. is launching the situation from beirut in lebanon until eleven itself as an estimated one point five million refugees most of them from syria what are the expectations concerning the summit in istanbul. well the war has been going on for over seven years so over time expectations are certainly change from this summit different people have different expectations broadly those who are afraid of going back to syria those who fear that they might be apprehended even executive or treated as traitors now expect from the international community and by locking in western nations like germany and france which respect human rights just get an assurance from russia that if they go back in when they do then they're not arrested then and there's not there's no action taken against them for leaving syria they're not considered as treatments and then there are many who say that look we still need some sort of political
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reconciliation was the war was all of this was the uprising really for nothing and that hinges broadly on what happens in the deal between turkey and russia has dust up but is it going to work in the longer run the report mentioned that something that should be discussed in the summit tomorrow and that's very important to the refugees here as well as they would like to know or is there going to be any change whatsoever i've been in contact with the precision army leaders that i have personally met in turkey now even from the rules and they do express some people they express. that something perhaps would come about but all of that clearly is now on. now how likely is it until the prance germany turkey and russia can be brought to the same page on this they have different and often competing interests in the region that's absolutely correct while there is much that divides them there are there also are common issues that's why these countries are together and russia border east trying to send a message to the world and they are. quite statesman like here by bringing all
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these countries together the bottom line for russia really is european money they want european funding all of the build. cities that have been completely demolished in the in the war and that's what they would try to get out of it so it serves their purpose to have germany and france on the table germany for one has not intervened in any capacity militarily at all in this it in conflict they will this meant they will take steps when it comes to political reconciliation so there is a lot of dividing them but what unites them is the fact the border germany and turkey do not want a new we were refugees italy has to work for them in fact they would like refugees already in these countries like germany and. back but back then depends on the conditions that have to be available for the syrians to pull back that would mean for the reconstruction and for germany and france is very important that before maybe they have some sort of a political reconciliation emerge so all of these broader issues are also going to
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come up they are going to be discussing setting up a constitutional committee in the summit to sort of begin the process of however large or small this political transition can be religious bridges have to read and see what emerges from that summit in turkey until bora thank you very much for your analysis and talking about turkey of course there has sentenced a german man to six years in prison on terrorist charges patrick reichert was arrested on the turkish syrian border in march authorities accuse the twenty nine year old of being a member of a kurdish militia group known as a y p g a group which ankara classifies as terrorist his family denies his allegation and say he was simply hiking in the region. for the veil it is destroying our correspondent in istanbul joel first of four going to give us a little background about this case. yes
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patrick j. was on holiday according to his parents and he was detained very close to the syrian turkish border. claim that he was seeking to cross over the border to join this syrian kurdish militia the white p which considers a terrorist organization linked to a kurdish insurgency inside turkey. was sentenced to over six years in prison for being a member of this organization earlier this month he was jailed for another eighteen months for being captured in a military exclusion zone although that sentence was suspended. he does consider the point out that they say many foreign nationals have been seeking to join the syrian kurdish militia and they have to tame then jail them in the past and this is the latest case of which ankara says the turkish lore applies to everyone be it foreign nationals or turkish citizens and wrists of german nationals until it is
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a hugely sensitive issue between the two countries or the latest verdict go inside to german economics minister. visit to turkey to what extent could this latest case be another setback in german. what it certainly won't help relations and i think it will be very embarrassing for sure in his visit he spoke about the importance of human rights although he did not name turkey specifically or any concerns in has over turkey's human rights record but this latest jailing of a german citizen is one of a number of german citizens that are being held which i consider as political and there has been a great rupture in relations in the past over the to take particular high profile german journalist and issue for example was brought relations what was the breaking point what they thought seem to be a realisation on both sides that they need to work together and we had been hosting the turkish president last. for
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a full summit and we expect the german chancellor to come here on saturday to attend a serious summit this on the lines that turkey is seen as a very important country in particular for controlling refugees entering europe and doing the back tricky and the stanley did ninety's allegations of terrorism saying that you know he was just a tourist hiking in the region given all of this how safe is to visit as briefly if you can dorian. yes well i think for most german citizens visiting turkey it is still a popular tourist destination if they'd like any turkish citizen tweet or use social media for any criticism particularly of the president or they have any links to kurdish groups at all consider those terrorist organizations or showed any support on social media or even in germany for those groups then they are at risk like any turkish citizen and they could face jail or prison if they come to light of these activities. in istanbul thank you very much for that update from there.
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listen take a look at some other stories making news around the wind and i know it's great because the greek island of zakynthos has rattled western greece and damaged buildings the quake hit overnight in kind of force of six point eight according to the european a seismological center is that global growth is cooling investors are worried the tech giant strong runs on revenue could be coming to an end that's despite amazon posting its best ever quarterly profits at income of two point nine billion dollars represents a ten fold increase over the same period last year the figures were bolstered by the amazon web services subsidiary outlook for the crucial fourth quarter which includes christmas fell short of expectations its chip price has slumped. and stalking google's parent company alpha bit has also fallen by as much as five percent of the disappointing third quarter earnings the company's twenty seven point two billion dollars in revenue failed to meet market expectations google's
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advertising business grew slower than expected from july to september while costs rose internet giant is paying more to distribution partners of its search engine like smartphone maker apple that means it has to generate even more revenue from its ad business and let's take you to the fact that stock exchange puts a standing by both companies opposed to bet a year on year profits but investors a ruthlessly ditching them and not just ditching them but also the big besides the big tech players other companies as well is there a pattern forming here. yes brian and i mean the tech companies are especially in a certain way because they've been providing such stable growth but where they have in common with a lot of other u.s. companies reporting earnings right now is that the growth outlook for guidance isn't very positive they're not so keen on looking into the future. in the third quarter the u.s.
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economy is still doing pretty good businesses are pretty doing pretty good. they're worried about what it's coming up. the tax reform in the us or the tax break is sort of fizzling out and also increasing worries over the trade with china are are pushing businesses down there for an f. acting business is ok simply for us at frankfurt stock exchange. if you've been waiting for the ideal of philippine resort island of barra kite to reopen you'll be happy to know that it is officials shut down half a year ago not because of a tsunami or tornado as the president put it himself tourists and businesses had turned the paradise into a cesspool. has officially opened for business after being unusually quiet for six months. dancers and drummers on the island to welcome back visitors. as
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tourists arrive for the official reopening of baracoa the government is hoping to be able to provide them with an image of a changed island control the rifle strict rules against beach front parties and strangely regulated businesses are supposed to provide the blueprint for sustainable tourism in the rest of the country the government is hoping to be able to walk the line between preserving the island and providing enough economic opportunities for the community and that line has already proved difficult to walk the closure of the island and its new rules have especially been hard for small businesses making it big though the effect on us is that we struggled we made very little money and my staff suffered i couldn't feed the so they left. while small businesses maybe left asking what they would do next to tourists may just become a more exclusive get away. business coming your way later on in the show including doing business in brazil post-election let's wait and see thank you very much meant
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. in ireland blasphemy is still a serious crime that carries heavy penalties but like many of the country's religious traditions that may change soon irish voters are heading to the posi to elect a new president and they also meet also decide whether blasphemy laws should be removed from the constitution the issue is uniting most catholics and atheists one man has been fighting the law for years here's his story. the christian dog is an evil maniac for giving babies bone cancer jews are of their father the devil all i said was that peace of halliburton was good enough for jehovah blasphemous statements like peace could come at a high cost literally up to twenty five thousand euros to be precise michael nugent head of atheist alent is complaining in dublin shopping zone he's informing irish voters about a long standing law that could soon be history if you say anything that is grossly
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abusive or insulting in relation to matters held sacred by only religion and cause over age by doing so that's a criminal offense the native dubliner has been fighting the paragraph and islands constitution for years. he thinks it should have been removed a long time ago. it's a mediæval crime it's been i didn't work constitution and one hundred thirty seven when ordered was a very cop of the country like now and it was programmed into our laws just ten years ago so it's a mess for any number of reasons and the sooner that we get rid of it the better. but since the law was implemented no one has ever been convicted of blasphemy even the catholic church called the law or taters. an audience church in dublin sees one simple reason for that. there's no need for such a goal. god doesn't need to god is not mocked.
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not everyone agrees. the islamic cultural center thinks throwing out the blasphemy class will threaten the freedom of all people. we have a wide diversity of various communities residing in our land this kind of. referencing in our legislation is not to defend religion but it is to defend respect among people of all faiths and people of no face still it looks likely that my community and his group will finally get their way recent polls show that just twenty percent of likely voters i'm favor of keeping islands blasphemy laws. and from what i have a. religious to fans and in this modern doco welcome martin. rarely talk about blasphemy laws in europe is i would want the only countries which has them while
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the other countries they have it is it is not actually a fairly common stock shoot and you find it in many countries across europe i mean paul and swung might expect but also we to leave germany actually hasn't a blasphemy law article one hundred sixty six of the criminal code denmark are then of course no spain italy etc so i mean it's a fertile common thing it's very rarely persecuted but it is there and the storm and another new time it can be actually activated and gives a recent piece in austria where this blasphemy law was again back in the spotlight can expand so it's actually a case we just came in front of the european court of human rights and it's an activist of the extreme right that has dreamed a lecture referred to mohammed for marrying a shot they drove six and consummating. consummating marriage at the age of when a show was nine called him a better file this actually resulted in the fighting and that fine was challenged by the lawyers of this activist it went all the way to the european court of human
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rights and the european court sided with austria saying that in fact syria if expression did not protect a right to insult the prophet of islam this itself is actually a very curious case because generally speaking you're a constitutional level sort of a regional level has actually held that in fact we can make fun and we can say things that are perhaps offensive about religious figures or religious concept and religious positions but let's take a look at what exactly the european court of human rights said the basis of to judgment and it's the basis of the judgment was the codify of the domestic court carefully balanced her rights to freedom of expression with the right of this to have their religious feelings protected and serve the legitimate aim of preserving religious peace in austria. now hearing that martin it sounds imminently sensible and reasonable and that you have freedom of expression but it comes with
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a certain degree of responsibility of not letting the feelings of other people if you accept that that how do you define best for me well i think that intuitively one would say of course we want to be respectful to others and to other sensibilities the program lies in the fact that what constitutes religious offense is actually a very delicate and very difficult to track down standard take into consideration that for instance homosexuality is considered to be a massive form of offense to many religious sensibilities divorce women studying women having access to sort of positions of power and very certainly we would not be put in the position in which our cords are actually ruling. or christianity have the right actually to ban women or abunimah sections from a public sphere because they are actually offending the sensibility of religions positions so in general what we understand is that these are things that need to be negotiated but i think it's also understood by the european draco dramatical
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machine that this had been battles fought over a very long period of time and a lot of blood has been has been shed and much of a beef you know that you have in this referendum in ireland where it should suggest a majority is in favor of abolishing this about for me you will which i do think it will be willing mean it seems that this follows the trend of arlon becoming more secularized than a summit or this last twenty years there was church has really a hemorrhage of of people at the pews at the very same times very curious that as arlin moves in their region of secularization we have a major european jewry to go buddy moving in the direction of preserving the principle of blasphemy nostra so i think that these two things are quite hard to actually you know put into on the same plate one must say that given what was said in these in these in this sentence in the european court it's very likely that blasphemy laws and blasphemy proceedings with stay with us for a long time to come ok masinga religious affairs correspondent thank you very much
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pleasure. you're watching the news coming up ahead japanese prime minister shinzo is on his first official state visit to china despite tense relations in the past two biggest economies are now pledging closer cooperation. and business presidential election is shaping up to be a photo finish we take a look at what the results could need for foreign business instead. of a special notion of find all just taking place in berlin to raise money for a new museum of exile in the city job another from our culture desk we'll have that story feel. it's a lot it's coming up you're watching the news coming to you live from but remember you can always check out our website for one does deja dot com you can follow us and to protest as well as on facebook other back with you shortly so don't go away
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anywhere if you can stay with us. live from. kuwait fall into fountain time saif to helping qur'an chancellor. of germany on in pakistan. and she eradicated leprosy here almost singlehandedly. protests she's rufina to this day. fall. off karachi. in forty five minutes too long to dublin. we make up over three quarters of africa the end of the two pipes we all of the civil service are. being wants to shape the continent's future to be part of it and join our
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youngsters as they share this. there's. the seventy percent plus left for africa shark who've been fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world of what appears has come out women. they do. more towards smart stayed in the gym recently in dangerous time the time to look for my. sleep. carefully. don't. be. too difficult. to. discover the. lead.
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subscribe to. documentary to. play. you're watching the deputies coming to live from berlin i'm going to touch a pleasure to have your company on top stories the most respected letter bombs have to end up in the united states a twelve suspicious package was found at the new york post office a nationwide hunters on the way to track down those responsible for sending explosive devices to prominent democrats and critics of president obama. and a turkish court has sentenced a german man to over six years interests and he said that patrick a was a member of an outdoor to eclipse militia this time when he denied the allegations and say he was simply on a hiking trip in the region. japan's prime minister shinzo is in china on
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his first state visit by. japanese leader in the early seventy s but after sometimes difficult relations in the past the leaders of asia's two biggest economies of baaing close of cooperation in the future. being chinese president xi jinping reaffirmed their commitment to free trade and free and fair trade underscoring the new spirit of partnership. and unlikely friendship born out of a change to the status quo shinzo abyei and she's in pain two rivals coming together at a time when global alliances are shifting as trade tensions with washington heat up the leaders of asia's two largest economies and nouns to shift in their bilateral relations. users are under the new situation our interdependence has been deepening. your thought we should take this historic opportunity and make it the
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new direction of our relationship. with. abyei talked of taking trade with china to a new level and hinted at resolving their longstanding differences how. japan and china need to work together and contribute to what the world expects of us. into this award the peace and the stability of the region and that as the world is getting. ties between the two nations deteriorated over a territorial dispute in the east china sea and the series of military confrontations but now they're putting on a united front signing two point six billion dollars in business deals. this is about more than money though japan and china also want to tackle a range of issues including north korea's denuclearization. has invited to
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japan right next year. not of german politics and german chancellor angela merkel's conservatives are bracing for yet more punishment at the ballot box this weekend and that's when voters and the state of hessen whose capitol is frankfort elect a new legislature big losses a full cost of what michael c.d.u. and the opposition social democrats do weeks ago meccas bavarian and i as a c.s.u. slumped to their worst election result in decades. frankfurt germany financial hope an economic powerhouse and the biggest city in has the southwestern german state governed by angler merkel's conservative c.d.u. and the green party after twenty years in power the conservatives are bracing for huge losses as has heads to the polls. but this time around the stacie election
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isn't only about local politics how hesse's four million voters cast their ballots on sunday could have huge repercussions in berlin not least of all for german chancellor angela merkel despite projecting an image of stability on the campaign trail and has a marker has every reason to be concerned her conservatives are at a record low the worst case scenario would be if her close ally and has a say premier focal bouvier what pushed out of office months of squabbling and debates over migration and personnel it federal level have overshadowed the has a state election it's built on sunday the vote is about has. then we'll talk about berlin. i think this is important because the has the state government and this is credited for a couple few showed how one can achieve great results without quarrels and. about this despite. feeling. even in hesse's catholic conservative stronghold of
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fulda disenchanted voters are leaving germany's traditional parties to find political pastures new both at local and national level germany's green party and the far right alternative for germany party or a f t a cashing in on forma c.d.u. voters. this reality of voting a.f.d. because they really present an alternative to the power obsessed politics of america who put saving the euro before the interests. ordinary germans do you turn then moment talk on i'm inclined at the moment to vote for the green side because they say what they want and what they don't want. i'm a classic c.d.u. voter but i'm rethinking that now i'm thinking about voting for the greens. has a state crimea foca who fear is all too aware of the exodus from germany's traditional
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centrist parties on sunday that could cost him his job. to be honest the parties that make up the grand coalition and this goes for the social democrats as well as the conservative c.d.u. they've got a difficult job in this campaign fighting off this feeling of discontent which actually has nothing to do with us. but has a state election could indeed have everything to do with the future of germany's federal government the question then is how long it can last after yet another stress test. but regardless of sunday's result losses for the conservatives are endeavor to bull which means yet more difficult days ahead for chancellor angela merkel. so from recent elections in germany to round two of national elections in brazil brazilians to head to the bulletin founded to choose between two candidates in a runoff presidential election fernando had done from the country's left wing
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workers' party and the far right frontrunner jad abumrad sonando most members of congress have already been elected and they includes a very influential youtube stars social media reporter for you has more on that welcome to because so you tube is turning into politics in brazil what dilla small so they're all part of this group called m b l which is a movement a bit as they leave their it's portuguese for free brazil movement which was funded in two thousand and fourteen and it says it's not a party but rather it's a movement a conservative movement where most of the young members are supporters for example of bill snares a right wing political views and the group's leader is a twenty two year old you tube weary and it category is now the youngest person ever to having been elected to the brazilian congress there's even a chance that he could become the congress speaker which will that the him that's
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got a very if he becomes a congress speaker that would of course turn him into a pretty powerful figure in brazilian politics and so we're seeing that this group there is very successful on social media partly thanks to you tube like cats and weary and this is their you tube channel for example that has now more than one million subscribers and they also have a lot of other followers across other social media platforms so really a huge followership and reportedly the group is also house of the funding for this group comes exactly from ads on platforms like their search and their you tube channel and for you what is driving the success with voters well clearly this group knows how. to know how to use social media they know how to use these channels to target young audiences but what's also interesting is that they are also very much inspired by right wing populists in the united states and the leaders of this group
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themselves they say that they've been studying strategies used by right wing media like breitbart in the us during the two thousand and sixteen election and they have been trying to replicate those strategists in brazil now and we can take a listen actually to part of the speech by the leader of this group can category where you can hear the similarity with the narrative and the tone often used by right wingers in the us take a listen today we're going to talk about political correctness that curse disguised in a thousand and one good intentions that is supposed to conceal dictatorship on public debate jokes are being patrolled every day expressions are being patrolled honestly if you agree that you don't agree with the left's narratives you're going to be patrolled to do. so we are seeing him there expressing concerns about political correctness and what's allowed what is not allowed in the public debate which is something that is also debate we're seeing in the u.s. and in other countries and then of course this group is also using social media and
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specific for example using a lot of me means to talk about political subjects and that has proven to be very successful and they're good for them very limited madan very popular right for the budget from a social media does thank you i took he wanted elections in brazil ben joints of anybody what does the president election mean for foreign businesses exactly a lot of investors are asking so themselves exactly that is the nation ready for this weekend's run a photo it's also bracing for economic doom and this is just one of the many reasons brazil has one of the most generous pension systems in the world but with demographics changing cannot afford it use of feeding the hands of routine reports . rush hour in sao paolo in brazil biggest city many people work far more than eight hours per day some start at a very early age so they can retire at fifty five and then continue to earn seventy
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percent of their final salary for the rest of their lives for decades that's been the norm in brazil. it's what says that was hoping for after working as a teacher for more than thirty years an accident before retirement led to her salary being cut now the sixty three year old gets less than the minimum wage and now i have no money no it's inhumane to have to live on a minimum salary everything is getting more expensive with inflation and all that and people keep on getting a salary which i want to live on so it's very difficult. with less than two hundred dollars a month she can barely afford more than her rent and although she bolsters her income by selling handicrafts she feels desperate about the future. tale with a i have no idea what to do i have faith in god that he will open up doors for me
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but i really don't know it's very. you know they have they. moved into this. life expectancy is increasing in the country it's a demographic change with leading to fewer younger workers supporting more retirees and addition to the recent years of limited or negative growth and the very generous pensions granted to the public employees present is rapidly heading to a point where it was no longer be able to meet its pension obligations. in twenty seventeen the government ran up a deficit of more than sixty billion dollars in order to cover pensions despite this unsustainability an overhaul of the pension system is politically difficult to achieve. usually their government and. remembers the problem only when there is no crash of a loved one. and not because you need to have
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a good system in order to people feel more secure and more comfortable within the current system. and so all the time that they kept try the reform always the scene this ain't so cutting expenditures and not being brought by the in a better service. the issue of pension reform is complex and controversial and neither of the presidential candidates facing off in this sunday's election runoff have clearly addressed it however it's one of the most urgent challenges the newly elected congress will face in twenty nineteen. what about the situation for foreign investors in companies as team is managing director of germany's chamber of commerce in sao paulo who do you think would be better for a businessperson ottawa or a dad. i think first of all the election is not over yet so both of the present all of the candidates say of tracing the same challenges it
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will be very difficult choice to come downtown or public president on the other hand investors this point so they don't waiting for the signal to reach the president elect it will send out to the business community and then i think they will be very quickly ready to invest again and larger scale what about something like corruption that keeps many companies away who's better equipped to fight something like that well the promise of mr wilson out is to. fight corruption as has it been of other governments but at this point everybody knows there's there trust us going on and all of jailing politicians jailing. also. i think the. corruption issue is a process of ruby improving over time but brazil has life so i
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think. investors are ready to invest when the conditions are favorable ok bill improving over time doesn't sound all that optimistic how much hope is there that there will be change what business is saying to you about investing in brazil. well they are quite confident that whoever will be the next president he has a lot of prove himself and send other sick notes are favorable for the business community so most of the companies which are member of our chamber they are here for more than a hundred years you see this is not a new some callers one of the largest german and best known concentration overseas so it's just a matter of time that things were. conditions should be fruitful now and i'm very confident i was tim is managing director of germany's chamber of commerce in power we'll see how that election turns out this weekend thank you
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meantime the world's billionaires now twenty percent richer than they were last year as according to a report by swiss bank u.b.s. and horses p w c the number of billionaires is rising as well two thousand one hundred fifty eight people around the world have managed to accumulate over a billion dollars of personal wealth. for some billionaires the only way is truly up. japanese tycoon usaca mizar will become the first private passenger on a trip around the moon on the set to take off in twenty twenty three on board a space x. a rocket developed by ilan musk while the price of the ticket has yet to be revealed it is assumed to be astronomical meanwhile the number of billionaires with the spare cash to follow my salary into space continues to grow according to u.b.s. his annual report on the super rich they hold an average of four point one billion
4:46 pm
dollars in wealth north america remains the global leader in the number of billionaires six hundred thirty one in western europe slipped to third place. second spot now belongs to the greater china region which includes hong kong and taiwan china proper is home to more than three hundred billionaires most of them self-made. at the turn of the millennium china had only one billionaire but u.b.s. now expects the country to overtake the u.s. in the near future the country's billionaire boom has been fueled in particular by its mushrooming tech sector. jack ma was still working as a teacher when he founded ali barbara ninety ninety nine. and twenty fourteen the online retail company claimed the title of the world's biggest ever i.p.o. . ma use. to a woman of substance that is very bent a woman of substance in ethiopia where the fundamentalists form in the country's
4:47 pm
first female president salih is also africa's only current female head of state the unanimous vote in favor for it comes as days off it's been no makers approved lot the once few gender balanced cabinets with women making up a full fifty percent off ministers reform as a hoping that the change at the top will help the country better will equal and prosperous society. ethiopia's first female president gets an enthusiastic welcome from members of parliament works out days an experienced diplomat she's expected to serve two six year terms as head of state for the east african country home to the continent's second biggest population it's a largely ceremonial post but the new president wants to use it to champion gender equality she believes it's the key to the country's future prosperity when you sit with your in my presidency my main focus will be to maintain peace by mobilizing
4:48 pm
the women of. peace loving men and all the peaceful peoples of the world. earlier this month if you appears prime minister ahmed appointed a new cabinet half its members are women female ministers now oversee the crucial defense trade and industry portfolios it's a fundamental change for impoverished ethiopia where domestic violence remains widespread and polygamy persists in some areas and activists say it will take more than just changes at the top to bring about a more equal society women's political participation to me as well as beyond a cabinet positions its participation at all levels and the participation of women who have never been in politics before women as voters women as candidates women as members of civil society and opinion makers women in media all of this works
4:49 pm
towards women's meaningful women's political participation ethiopians are hoping their new look leaders like newly sworn in presidents day can lay the foundations for political reform and a brighter future. a very special auction of fine art began on thursday here in berlin and continues today all the money raised will go to what's a new museum planned to honor people who were exiled from germany during the nazi era robin murphy to discus here to tell us more welcome robin and what is odd folks belong to one man indeed they do spent should. a rather well known collector here in germany and the large parts of his collection he's ocean off to fund the beginning of this museum if you buy i mean it includes drawings and etchings by the likes of rembrandt spectrum and there's lots lots more and he's being collecting
4:50 pm
for nearly sixty years he's seventy six years old and he's decided to do something good with it and get the ball rolling financially for the museum he says and i quote some people have your old villas my passion is this museum so the ocean suggests they say let's see how it's going to fall. so how much of the old fritz worth when it's in the original ad of mental. fifty six thousand for frederick the great. going twice it's gone the painting had a reserve price of thirty thousand but right almost twice that sum the passion moniker is just one of three hundred pictures under the hammer from the private collection of bent schultz for the collector it's not easy to say goodbye five hundred years of art history are on sale from brehm brands to pick.
4:51 pm
munch and culverts. the collection is burnt short life work and it's being sacrificed for a new idea the future museum of exile in berlin a place to remember the half a million germans forced to flee from the nazis and into one door closes another opens and i believe the museum of exile project is even more exciting than my sixty years of collecting. russia after the museum will be erected on a vacant lot behind the former and how to bahnhof railway station it will cost an estimated thirty to forty million euros be financed through private contributions it all goes to plan it will be finished in twenty twenty four writers hein richman and alfre durban were among the many whose journey into exile began here at and how to bahnhof they were the fortunate ones one thousand six hundred people also left
4:52 pm
from platform one in transports to the terezín concentration camp and almost certain death. if you do in history when it happens happens very slowly the more we get to know about these wonderful heroic great people who lost everything and some who won everything nobel prizes and international impact one can only understand them if we look at them very closely. this is why a museum of exile is of utmost importance for all refugees but schultz hopes that his ocean was send a signal and inspire others to help up hold the legacy of those forced to flee the homelands. for good i did just that at this museum another right ahead tim miller who won the nobel prize for literature is also involved in this project she is she's actually the patron of the planned museum she feels very strongly about it because of a number of reasons i mean she has responsibility because her father for she was
4:53 pm
a member of the s s she herself considers herself a refugee because she comes from the german speaking part of rumania and escape from the child cesco regime in one thousand nine hundred seven came to live here in berlin also in a book she writes a great deal about the dispossessed so she really feels very close to this topic of exile and that the museum should be in. exceeded on that one goal because the exile was an unbelievable deep cut in this country a cut organized by the nazis. there or and because it was organized here in berlin . this is it began here so the museum should be here in berlin. and because the history of this country gives us the responsibility to do this while this sort of. i should also mention that a lot of creative people were exiled soul so she feels that's very important for
4:54 pm
her as well that's really the debt of history and today is the second day of the auction yes the first day went very well in fact the estimates were it was a hundred thirty percent of the estimate so yeah i know the big ones like the rembrandts are up for auction today they were expecting to raise five million it could be a fair bit more which really get this thing running and i think it's going to be a very good thing for another new museum for them absolutely as it historically debts to pay a wonderful idea thank you so much for being the story to us government from michael to this. you're watching the news coming to you live from london we have more news coming up for you if you win it's standing by should have the headlines for the premium with that she has begun by fill me in as well as from. a desk again sometime.
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the back. to helping come. and pakistan. she perceived here almost singlehandedly because. she's revealed to. it follows the angel of karachi. in fifteen minutes on the job of.
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read the real trial it resides. i come from there lots of people in fact know that the believe that it is the blood lines is democracy to me that's one reason i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can sense. the truth and the mission to put is fried chicken legs after the fourth of the fun and one i remember thinking at the time if the blood in broken for what happened is people come together and unite for a pool. but i do the news i often confront a difficult situation with more conflict between disaster i see despite my job to confront good leaders on policies and development to put the spotlight on issues that matter most hunger food security oppression martian isolation. a notch has been achieved so much more needs to be done and i think people have to be at the heart of solutions my name is
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a message she's on and i work at the devil. was a human cataclysm. the first global disaster of the twentieth century. the one. marks the hundredth anniversary of its. what is humankind learned from the great war. because it learned anything about. nineteen. not forgotten w.'s november focus. of the book that.
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this is the news live from berlin no more suspected lots of bombs turned up in the united states police are called to a new york city post office where suspicious package was addressed to former intelligence chief james clapper investigations also such a postal facility in miami for clues to the string of attempted bombings and look at the latest from our correspondent. the turkish called son.


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