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in fifteen years. you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin monica jones is standing by she will have our business headlines for you so do stay with the job news if you can and for the latest on our breaking news to go to our website d.w. dot com for the latest from me under such enough by for now. lose.
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brazil elects far right politician to show your boss so narrow as next president is stops as the tropical trunk but can he make brazil great again but. also coming up took his prison friendship tight added when he waits istanbul airport an expensive project over a new global aviation pop. welcome to a business brazilian linked stocks got a lift today boosted by the country's presidential election which saw the victory
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of controversial far right candidate share your bold so natural he announced economic reform in particular an overhaul of brazil's costly pension system and privatization off its state owned enterprises well now his supporters expect to deliver on his campaign promises just brazil sun samba and fun. the south american country is a symbol for parties and celebration that's the one side. but the other side looks different millions of brazilians live in poverty thirteen million of them are unemployed a rate of twelve percent the second highest in latin america and they're struggling with the ever increasing cost of living then there are the extremely high taxes which are supposed to flush money into the coffers of the state. but that's obviously not enough over the past five years the national debt has
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risen from around sixty percent of g.d.p. to a current level of almost ninety percent the reality which is already slipped by around twenty percent this year recently hit a two year low after years of recession the economy is beginning to pick up again. only very slightly. the incoming president has promised many things. he plans on selling state owned companies and using that money to pay off the state debt but the most important state owned corporations such as petro bonds and banker to brazil remain exempt. in addition he's declared war on massive corruption. for more on brazil's economy and how the new president elect plans to put it back on track i'm joined by model told the latin america expert at adecco bank he joins us in frankfurt good to have you with us so firstly in your own words what's the most urgent economic issue that both scenarios should tackle
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the most arjen issue economic side is just a consolidation thing we have strong debt levels are increasing quest from me and budget deficit is also quite high so you should reduce you should target those on the fiscal consolidation and the most important thing of course is the social security reform which has been tried by the last government without any without any results so what is it that he can do differently if the last government failed i think he is going to get more he's going to get more support right now he has these legitimation through the vote yes he's going to get more support but parliament is still quite fragmented so it's going to be a really important issue he is going to get to support he needs for his reforms now the markets of course reacted quite positively to balls and arrows election victory
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but how market friendly is he really. i think it's going to be quite market friendly he's already said that he is going to focus on the reforms on the economic side he's going to get quite technocratic team to do to target these issues but i think on the other side he's going to concentrate on the political side fighting corruption he's going to concentrate on improving security and deuce are also issues are important for most of procedures yeah i mean you mentioned it. to merit just had a very short presidency before that we had thirteen years of a left wing government under the workers party that looks like brazilians now you're in for a strong leader to bring back law and order jobs and security all of that sounds a bit like donald trump in the united states do you think that the balsam arrow can deliver. i think he has an important and important support from.
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from this legitimation he has the balls actually he has a call for change as i said was for donald trump but the on board thing is that we need in brazil this change on the political i'm on the economic side we need more strange that it was needed in the us and i think people voted for that. right now they're told to their latin america expert at dickau bank. talking to us from frankfurt thank you so much for your time. british finance minister philip hammond will present his annual budget this afternoon and he's expected to spell out how he plans to on a prime minister's recent mais promised that austerity is over after eight consecutive years of spending cuts it is thought that how learn to announce extra cash for roads the national health service and h.s.
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social care and broadband but bricks is good for thomas budget plans. in the southern english city of portsmouth residents are fed up with spending cuts some schools in the city have asked parents to support their running costs the pledge of british prime minister to resign made that the era of austerity is now over has been met with disbelief people here don't have high hopes for the new and bigger budget granddaughter that means how special they say cut back all the classrooms assistance now the costs of too big. to get to the doctors now you can't go home and it's ok to. destroy it. takes a resource just to fix one down to present no one even think that there are several in london finance minister philip hammond is expected to announce a budget today that includes higher spending. two billion extra pounds are expected
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to go to mental health services trading goods more than twenty eight billion pounds to be invested in major roads over the next five years but here in portsmouth many people are wary of broken promises. or lawyers a man often on this planet fifty forty years in office inventing facts and. they all are whatever house you were doorstep he's going to do with something or she's going to do something the man in the street is never factual. fifty eight percent of the people here in portsmouth voted for brags that the government says the new budget depends on the outcome of bricks negotiations with brussels in the event of a new deal britain would have to tear up its larger annual budget returning to austerity measures all over again. all two hundred million travelers a year and six runways turkey's new airport in istanbul is a mega infrastructure project of president recha type add one and he will open the
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airport today as turkey celebrates the ninety fifth anniversary of its establishment as a republic today's launch however will just be symbolic with only limited flights beginning days later the new airport won't be fully operational until the end of the year and the project has also been dogged by concerns about labor rides and turkey's ailing economy yulia han reports. the flight information both are already showing departure times but a few steps away the terminal is still a construction site is still moves new airport is opening even though not everything is ready. airport chief executive cataclysm salut is still very satisfied it took less than four years to build the massive project something he doubts others could match. this first is being build the turkish capital to. of course turkish banks and turkey is no hope
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and this is this is this is. pumping our self-esteem higher and i read it when i see this place we did it and that's that's makes me approach. it's an airport of many suppose that if it's europe's largest with an initial capacity of ninety million passengers a year this is just the first of four construction faces within a decade it's set to become the world's largest airport. with this app port istanbul hopes to become one of the world's biggest of the asian hops if you now fly long distance wire dubai prime for paris to london chances are you may soon be changing planes here instead but the project has come with a number of problems villagers say their land was exposed created environmentalist's oppose the clearing of future forests and many workers who helped build the project in record time say they face horrible conditions such as
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a lack of safety precautions fatal accidents and being paid late or not at all. jamal as their spent nine months working at the airport he says when he criticised conditions openly he was fired only children just in mid september there was a very bad accident again. seventeen people were seriously injured. and eyewitnesses even say some workers were killed. but anybody who speaks out about it could end up in jail it's been given that it may be the world's largest airport but it stained with the blood of workers. slew admits there was some problems but insists they have been rectified. that's.
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certain implements in in there. are measures. at this moment. provide it's. a better service to them and that's why from my perspective the issue is on the controls and and the brokers are happy. the c.e.o. says he wants to look to the future and not to the past there is still a lot left to be done that new app or even off to the official opening. that's a business update thanks for keeping the company. but
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